SECRETS of SUCCESS by Jay McCormick

Secrets of Success



“To live in the presence of great truths and eternal laws, 
to be led by permanent ideals –
that is what keeps a man patient when the world ignores him, 
and calm and unspoiled when the world praises him.”

— Honore De Balzac




by Jay McCormick

Activating the Law of Believing & Knowing

“Keep your attention upon your ideals. Image your ideals already happening in your mind. Believing and Knowing that what you desire will become a part of your life calls into action a universal law that will assist in your ideal manifesting.”5

This universal law is Believing and Knowing. Like I mentioned earlier, energy flows where attention goes. When your mind is filled with fearful images of what you don’t want, or what is going to happen to thwart your plans, you are certainly going to create that. When you mind goes toward imaging what you want, you start the process of forming a clear mental image to be on it’s way to manifestation.

“By developing a strong will power – it can be your greatest ally in harmonizing with the Law of Believing and Knowing, the Law of Manifestation. Remember this simple equation for it is the scientific application of this law. Ideal+Purpose+Activity = Success.”6

Success may certainly be defined in a number of ways. Looking outwardly people, or inwardly aspects of yourself that are physically focused may say that making a lot of money, having power and position, a great girl/boy friend, getting good grades, having a nice car, or some other physical form of measure is surely the way to attain success. Using believing and knowing for manifesting these physical objects or physical-related things only will leave you empty inside and still searching for meaning. They are empty because if your only intention in their acquisition was the result itself, then you have received your own reward. When you build qualities within yourself along the way to attaining these physical objects, they represent much more to you that purely an outward indication of success. 

When you had to work at a paper route to pay for the first new car you purchased, that car symbolizes will power, desire, persistence, individual initiative, and a host of other positive qualities you built within yourself along the way to attaining it. The creation is more fulfilling, and you have more re-spect for what you have created. You have greater re-spect because you have seen, looked at again and again, what was required to create the desire and manifest it outwardly into your life. Manifesting physical objects is very easy to measure when they have been attained, because of it’s presence in your environment.

Manifestation of your object of desire is the final outward appearance of that thing or quality in your life. It means that it’s come out, in some way, shape or form. In the case of building a quality within yourself such as greater self-respect, self-value, patience, love, integrity, justice, serenity, or any other noble quality the process of manifestation comes in many stages.

Merely imaging what you believe and desire is not enough to manifest it. You must be motivated with the power of purpose, or what it is that is your motivating factor. Purpose can be thought of as the ‘why’ in the equation, the goal or ideal the ‘what’, and the activity the ‘how’. If you have a ‘what’ but no ‘why’ or ‘how’ you remain unmotivated with no earthly idea of how you are going to accomplish what you desire and image. I would call this a weak desire of the mind, or a wish. 

Activity consists of the steps that you take toward your goal manifesting. There could be one, or in most cases larger goals require many steps to accomplish. Many activities. The difference between the dreamers and the do-ers is activity. Take some activity toward your goals every day. The quicker that you can act toward your goals the quicker they will manifest into your life. 

Your degree of mastery of these elements determines the level of freedom you experience in manifesting into your life. Manifesting the desires of your life, the things you wish to have in your life. These things could be something in your outer life that you wish to create, an item or object of some kind, or they could be inner qualities that you are bringing out into your life from the very construction of your own thoughts moving a different way. 

Belief works best when you have a continual image held in mind – consistently. When you keep a still mind and maintain the picture of what you desire you set into motion the laws of creation. When you interrupt your thought forms with scattered attention and doubt, it becomes difficult to cause continued movement toward it, because your mind moves off of the object of desire, and you dilute the manifestation with other thought that prevents a full manifestation from occurring. Creations in your life that are more short-term in nature or immediately manifest – able are so because the belief is so complete and there are no doubts the experience is free to manifest. This is the only reason you experience them like that. The difference lies within your thoughts and your perceptions.


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