MultiDimensional Mentoring

MultiDimensional Mentoring

MAN AS CREATOR. multidimensional mentoring


Unprecedented change is unfolding upon the Earth. Every living form is experiencing a restructuring that is aligning consciousness toward its destiny. We are awakening to our full potential as enlightened beings.

The Multidimensional Mentoring program is offered to qualifying candidates who have completed or are completing the Fourth Cycle of Lessons in the School of Metaphysics course of study. This amazing program unifies the wisdom of the world bringing it into the experience of your consciousness. Through applying what has been learned throughout the SOM course, candidates are able to unlock areas of unconsciousness bringing fuller illumination.

Multidimensional Living are experiences with the truths inherent in the yogic paths of Eastern traditions. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit yug meaning “union”. Union is that which leads the individual soul to union with God. As a School of Metaphysics student, the individual has made Kriya yoga a part of self, mastering the self through doing. This is consciousness, bringing great changes in attitude toward oneself and the world.

The Mentoring program unifies what the student already knows through the schools of yoga including:

Raja Yoga, devoted to the development of the latent powers in Man, gaining control of the mental faculties by will, attainment of the mastery of the lower self, and development of the mind to the end that the soul may be aided in its unfoldment.
Raja Yoga is threefold: The Raja yoga of Patanjali, Jnana yoga of Shri Shankaracharya, and the Karma & Buddhi yogas of Shri Krishna.

The Hatha Yogas, purifying mind, emotions, and body, are taught in fourfold: Hatha which includes pranayama (conscious breathing) and asanas (mental/physical postures), Bhakti, the yoga of devotion, Laya or kundalini, and Mantra yoga. Each yoga is explored through the unification of practices the student has already made a part of self in a way that engages all seven levels of consciousness, stimulates all seven major chakras, and mobilizes all seven substances in consciousness. This is a powerful program that transforms those receiving it.

Multidimensional Mentors and their proteges give the Spiritual Focus Sessions and teach the Full Spectrum Course. Both arean exceptional explorations of consciousness intent upon experiencing the Awakened Mind. Full Spectrum is a series of experiences leading participants into conscious clarity in the seven levels of Mind. Spiritual Focus Sessions are feng shui for your mind illuminating the flow of your consciousness through a Life Bagua. Multidimensional Mentors are experienced and skilled in guiding participants from every walk of life into new outlooks and viewpoints that make living easier and more pleasurable for the soul, spirit, and body.

Multidimensional Mentors have completed the Fourth Cycle in the School of Metaphysics course in Mastering Consciousness including at least one year of full-time study at the College of Metaphysics. Certification follows a year’s apprenticeship with a Mentor who holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics.


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