Man as creator: exceptional human function

man as creator: exceptional human function

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Exceptional Human Function

Last month, I touched on the new kids who are coming to our world – the Indigo Children. Recently I gave a lecture detailing more about that subject that Christine Andrews has made available in audio form. It can be ordered for $12 plus $3 s/h directly from us. And I hope in the new year to make a book called Raising an Indigo Child available as the need is very great for educating ourselves about consciousness so we can respond to their needs. 

This month I want to share with you what is happening half a world away from the U.S. 

In 1979, a group of Chinese scientists began exploring what they term EHF, exceptional human function. The first research group consisted of 13 boys, 26 girls, ages four to early 20’s. The group was comprised of 13 who can read with their ears rather than their eyes, nine with psychokinetic skill, four who could move objects, 11 with x-ray vision, 11 with mental skill faster than a calculator, five with telepathy, 13 with remote viewing capacity. 

Learning of this endeavor and where it has gone in the past twenty years reminded me of Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain a book about Soviet ESP research in the ’50’s and ’60’s. I have heard from several (former US military) people over the years that our own government has conducted similar investigations. The reality of developing consciousness does put the recent “stealing” of computer secrets in a completely different light. The old ways of espionage seem archaic. When you have a group of 20-30,000 people trained in EHF, like remote viewing, what remains secret anywhere?

The thrill is China’s Super Psychics (a book by Paul Dong and Thomas Raffill) is revealing the reality of subconscious capacity-shrouded in secrecy for centuries, now coming into its own. A phenomenal study I recommend to all of you. 

The link between Indigo children and China’s psychics becomes even more revealing when you realize, according to the twenty years of active developmental research, Chinese scientists have discovered EHF abilities seem to recede past the age of 25, weakening and disappearing.

Why is it happening in China? The 5000 year plus history of respecting and studying chi has left its genetic imprint. Air, breath, energy movement hone the body’s ability to an optimal level. For over 3000 years the Chinese have respected chi for health, healing and longevity particularly in the practice known as chi gong. Immunity, driving force, balancing yin and yang, sustaining power are benefits of chi gong development. For many the practice of chi gong is a way for psychic powers to become known. This is certainly true in SOM teachings and disciplines.

On May 5th of this year, humanity reached its zenith of materiality. It was a liberating few days! Ever since then the energy has been moving in a new direction. This movement will lead us to the unifying of the feeling and thinking worlds through the manifestation of heart. This is the science of compassion taught by every spiritual master who has walked the earth. 

It is time for all of us to evolve, to go there, for there is a big difference between a man who sets you on fire if you don’t do what he says, and a girl whose mere entry into room causes hundreds of tight flower blooms to open. The difference will be found not in matter or energy, but in the evolving consciousness of man into the Spiritual Being that is his destiny.

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