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Supporting the tenets of ICOM, individuals who have completed the Third Cycle of Lessons are eligible for ministerial training. Training is dual in serving the one and the many while serving our Creator.

The many are served through inspiration as a spiritual center for the community. The Interfaith Church welcomes everyone, and its ministers guide and attend the needs of all. Pastors bring together men and women, young and old, of all backgrounds, nationalities, and faiths. Here is communion of the brotherhood of humanity, respecting the uniqueness of each while celebrating that which unites us all.

Ministers are metaphysicians in the true sense of the word. They practice what they preach. Versed in at least four Holy Scriptures of the world, ministers have experience teaching all age groups. They are qualified to preside at life passages (dedications, marriages, remembrance gatherings) and offer individual counseling. Each minister serves as an apprentice for a minimum of a year and accompanies leaders of many faiths in their duties and missions to better understand those she or he will serve.

Psi Counseling Training is required prior to ordination. Here, what has been learned in the School of Metaphysics lessons is applied in the Four Expressions of Infinity: Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Energy, Infinite Manifestation, and Infinite Being. Psi Counselors offer inner guidance through interpreting dreams and intuitive evaluations. They balance energies through taraka yoga and pranayama (breathing practices, including intuitive breathing). They can assist you in aligning the outer mind with the soul’s intent through a series of entrainment movements. Often counselors guide seekers through a Life Bagua as a means for self revelation. This powerful tool is based on essential energies that manifest into our lives through home and family, life’s work and learning. These energies are directed by thoughts which are revealed in the bagua. Psi Counseling gives a depth to the ministry an individual can offer and freedom to the counselor.

Some ministers have a private practice, while others devote their lives to congregations. The choices are varied and defined by the counselor himself. Regular certification allows ministers the advantages of meeting with peers to exchange insights and learning.

Another form of Intuitive Ministry is the development of intuitive science. This is accessing and disseminating information, called intuitive reports, through a controlled use of subconscious mind. Requirements differ depending upon whether the applicant is desiring training as a conductor or as a reader. Both, however, require advanced study in metaphysics and teacher certification. The training program is followed by at least two years of laboratory and service work during which time the Doctorate of Divinity (third cycle) must be earned. For continued certification, reporters and conductors must attend a review seminar and receive evaluation by the Board of Directors each year.

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