INSPIRATION by Jay McCormick

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by Jay McCormick

Inspiration is the currency of motivation. The more of it you have, the more motivated you are. When a person is really in belief there is an excitement, a movement. When the belief is strong, inspiration is the result. The word inspire comes from the Latin spirare, meaning spirit, or breath. Something you take deeply into yourself, that feeds your soul. 

The stimulus for belief can come in many forms, from within us or from someone or the environment that helps paint a picture for us – the moment of activation, of seeing yourself capable of doing what it is that you desire to do. Ralph Waldo Emerson said “They conquer who believe they can” – the greatest victory is over our limitations and doubts. Real or imagined, belief occurs when you have formed a complete image of your mind. 

I was watching a television show on a person named David Blane who encased himself in ice for a period of over two days straight. He formed a clear image of himself doing this amazing feat and through his very clear image he got to the point where he got excited and pumped up and finally went into the encased block of ice. Going through something in your mind, over and over is key to creating a complete image. There is the start, the middle, and the end. They see themselves starting, they see themselves finishing and completing the desired activity all the way to the end. This example is certainly an example of inspiring physical endurance and mental stamina. While many may not desire to encase themselves in blocks of ice, getting inspired by an extreme act of what you desire can put into perspective your desired belief and be just the stimulus you need.

You see a group of people doing something you really, really, want to do. You are watching your favorite TV sports program. You see the team you are rooting for? You can be inspired that your team may win because they were behind and now are leading by several points, and you are inspired, ‘Yes!’ they are going to win! You form such a clear image in your mind based on what you have seen that you team is going to win. You begin to believe this to happen based on what you see and hear on the television. Such is the stimulus of the physical, such is the power of the mind. The power is not in the television. The power is in the mind. 

You also read about in the Bible of people overcoming great obstacles, going through all the human trials you find yourself going through, and using the Laws of God, the Laws of Creation to overcome their challenge. What is different about these Biblical stories is, that they involve more that just the limited self, the finite awareness of only yourself. They involve more that just one person, they involve an entire people, and entire nation, or with Jesus the entire planet and universe. 

Like David and Goliath, a diminutive Israelites defeating the biggest of the Philistines, doing something he has never done before, but drawing upon his present skills and past memories of success, that empowered him to image slaying an opponent much larger than him. It was for his entire people. His courage was stimulated from his strong belief. 

Within biblical and other holy works we can look to personal examples of a higher order to stimulate our belief. Let’s look at the masters, the enlightened ones like Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, or Zarathushtra for what they believed to be possible for themselves and the world. It is Jesus himself in the Bible that said “Greater deeds than I, ye shall do also.” Indeed entire religions have been formed after their presence on the earth. They have provided the enlightened foundation that men have later formed structures on that have brought overall enlightenment and healing for the individual, and thus for humanity. 

These stories and the heroes of them involve many more people than just the hero because they are e-volved. They have transcended the belief in a limited human fate and separate existence from God. They are stories of faith and belief, testimonials to the God-given power within us. They gave of them self in service to others, surrendering their own personal desires and often risking tremendous loss and even death toward their goal. That is strong belief. 

Elevating the perspective to looking at all the people as aspects of our self, these stories indicate that when many aspects of yourself are invested in causing change, in having a great need and desire, that anything is possible and inspiration can stimulate your belief for miracles to occur. 

copyright 2002 School of Metaphysics


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