Man as creator, manifested thoughts, zen consciousness of bookcrafting

MAN AS CREATOR, manifested thoughts, zen consciousness


by Ernie Padilla

When I first entered the School of Metaphysics I remember reading Arnold by Dr. Jerry Rothermel. This little pamphlet book had a green cover with a drawing of a hummingbird. It looked like a little kid had drawn it.

When I touched it I sensed something different. As I began reading it I felt as though I had returned home. I felt security, honesty, sincerity and love. I didn’t think much about it at the time. What I later realized is that I was receiving thoughts that had been impressed upon the pages of this book deliberately, not only by the author but by students who had collated, stapled and cut the pages. Soon I would have the opportunity as a student to learn the power of thought projection. Later I would teach students the power of their thoughts and to appreciate the art of creating hand-crafted books.

Many people today run around busy, having everything done for them- from eating out to pushing a button or taking a pill that will fix everything. We live in a society of what I call the instant generation. I want everything now and I want you to do it for me! The School of Metaphysics teaches the art of creation from mental conception, building permanent learning for the soul through purposeful thinking and the importance of physical activity. The school consists of individuals who care and desire to give to something greater than themselves. SOM Publishing is what it is today because of individual initiative and the willingness to work together with others who share a common ideal of learning and growing.

The art of crafting a book is much more than just getting something done to look good. Purpose is missing when we do things only to look good. Purpose and a common ideal is what makes all the difference in living a meaningful and joyful life with others. This is why I love the School of Metaphysics, SOM Publishing and the activities that can seem old-fashioned — because I have purpose. 

The whole printing operation of the School of Metaphysics began in the basement of the Springfield, Missouri school in 1973. Students printed lesson materials on mimeograph machines. Everyone in the school then got together and collated, hand-stapled and distributed these treasures of gold while projecting loving, caring thoughts to the pages. Books were also printed and pages cut on a large black paper cutter.

I remember seeing this huge paper cutter for the first time in the basement at the Springfield School. It was huge and made of cast iron. The paper is held in place by turning a wheel that presses a metal bar on top of the pages. There is a large handle that operates a huge razor sharp blade that comes straight down cutting the pages like a hot knife through butter. This cutter reminded me of what Benjamin Franklin might have used. Today we still use this black paper cutter in the Springfield school. Motivation by Dr. Pamela Blosser is the most recent book cut on this piece of history. Fortunately we no longer use a mimeograph machine and have evolved to using an offset press at our World Headquarters in Windyville, Missouri for printing our lesson materials, educational printings and the smaller pamphlet books.

The School of Metaphysics began to grow by leaps and bounds from 1974 to 1976. The School started with one building in Springfield, Missouri. Then new centers opened in St. Louis, Kansas City and Columbia. Students in each of the cities created Vibrations, the student newsletter, to facilitate communication. Vibrations helped everyone know what the rest of the spiritual family was doing and creating. Students, teachers and directors shared their ideas, made announcements, gave insight from the intuitive research, and drew enlightening cartoons.

Students at this time also wanted to supplement the lessons with books and share with people “outside” of the School what was being researched, applied and taught. As students and teachers were filled with exciting discoveries, they wrote new books and the ideas spread. 

In the summer of 1975 Ed Bean a student in the St. Louis School birthed a new idea. He wanted the school to have a magazine. He wanted to get our ideas of visualization, the power of thought, intuition and telepathy out into the mainstream consciousness. These topics were of the type that were beginning to surface in our western society. Ed talked to the president Dr. Jerry Rothermel, saying “all we need is $75,000.” At which point Jerry just kind of laughed and said “go get it”. When it was put back in Ed’s lap he began to realize that we didn’t really have to have $75,000. Ed realized he knew how to use the Universal Laws and the school could get equipment, printers, etc. donated since we are a not-for-profit organization. In fact within the next two years – four printing presses were donated! The students in the school had the talent and ability to typeset the magazine, put it together and raise enough money through ads to have it printed. SOM Publishing is the result of an individual’s desire to create, communicate and include others. Students learn how to apply metaphysics through these learning laboratories. Thus Ed initiated the beginning of the magazine you’re reading right now, Thresholds.

It was in 1980 that the School had its first perfect bound book, Going in Circles by Dr. Barbara Condron. We moved into the mainstream, opening the door to major distribution of books written to further what the School of Metaphysics teaches.
The School’s perfect bound books on dream research, Universal Language of Mind applied to the Bible, Kundalini and healing are a great way to get the ideas of the school out in mass and are available at any major bookstore. This type of publication enables the School to reach around the world in ways the school didn’t before. The School’s books have gone all over the world. There is somebody in every country who has some of our books. The books are being sold in Australia, New Zealand, England and Italy. Here in the United States Dr. Daniel Condron’s book Permanent Healing was picked up by a company called Things You Never Knew Existed. Thousands of copies were sold.

The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron is also a steady seller. The National Dream Hotline® has helped The Dreamer’s Dictionary get out to people all over the world through radio and television interviews educating people about dreams. Students and teachers at our 14 centers throughout the Midwest have been investing much time working with local bookstores to ensure that our publications are available for spiritually hungry people in their communities. Teachers have been invoking the Law of Abundance by setting up and giving lectures using the titles of our books. To date the school has published over a half million books.

The books being published by the School now have evolved to fit the times and to share the wisdom that is tried and true from twenty five years of experience in applied metaphysics. Dr. Barbara Condron has steered SOM Publishing throughout the 90’s. She serves on the Board of Elders of the School of Metaphysics and resides at our College of Metaphysics and World Headquarters in Windyville, Missouri. “The School now has over twenty-one perfect bound books. They keep getting better as the research goes on and as people gain in wisdom. It is really phenomenal what we are putting out now. In this decade the books on the intuitive analyses are not only educating people about wisdom but also are letting them know about the service. There are people starting to call and write in because they’ve read Work of the Soul or Total Recall. They want to know more about it or want to procure some type of intuitive report.

“Dr. Daniel Condron’s book titled Superconscious Meditation — it’s sublime. It really captures the essence of the work that the School has done in understanding the mind, the difference between the brain and the mind. The real way to enlightenment, the way to accelerate your evolution is through meditation. It is excellent. It is definitely a movement and evolution forward from the first book on meditation, Meditation the Answer to Your Prayers. That book was written 20 years ago and reflects the understanding at the time. Publishing gives us a real contact with our history. It is the means by which we can be in the company of great men. Anytime you read classical literature, it’s a great way to have been in the company of people you may have never known or will never know.” 

Even with the advent of perfect-bound books SOM Publishing will continue to craft the pamphlet style books that only students can do. The School will never pay anyone to print lesson materials. It is the sacred duty of the students who have always done this activity and who understand the course work and the importance of service, learning, thoughts, attitudes and actions.
The School teaches how to apply metaphysics. For this reason spiritual leaders, directors, teachers and students each month come together at the College of Metaphysics from all over the Midwest to learn and use metaphysics to write, print, collate, staple and most of all share themselves with each other and decide what direction of learning to steer Spiritual Intuitive Man and all of humanity in each of their cities.

These spiritual leaders know the power of their thoughts and decide before and or during this activity to work in silence or to discuss what they have learned. They know their thoughts are powerful and are experienced by the reader in infinitesimal ways. It is a very Zen consciousness of awareness by the people who are serving to educate humanity through doing this activity.• 
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