A few words about our first 25 years

man a creator: about the beginning of the School of Metaphysics

MAN AS CREATOR, a place to learn

a few words about our first 25 years

As the heart opens,
the heart opens.
One did not begin the other…
Love was there all along.

How many times
have you turned your head
to the side and kept on walking?

This is how the rose blooms
in the center of the desert:
Love is there from the start.
Paul S. Madar

A Blueprint for the Future


As it unfolded July 1, 1975 was “the first day of the rest of my life.”

That was the day I went to Patty Coleman’s second floor apartment in Columbia, Missouri, with my college roommate Erna Lindahl. It was the day I was introduced to the study of metaphysics the School of Metaphysics teaches.

The awareness that SOM – what it symbolizes and what it is – is the best vehicle for my life’s work came in stages. It was revealed to me over time. In fact, it is still being revealed to me in awesome, sometimes surprising, ways.

One of the wonderful benefits of witnessing and participating in 23 of those 25 years is the unique perspective time brings. I have lived long enough to see the waves of consciousness expand and grow inside and outside the School. I have seen dreams become a commonly discussed topic, so much so that when Bill Clinton was elected president a book of the dreams people had about him was a bestseller. 

Lifelong learning has become commonplace, even expected. People live several lifetimes – more than one marriage and family, several occupations, different hometowns – because the life expectancy has doubled. The change of physical environment requires the change in consciousness that incorporates the purpose of the conscious mind: learning, the gathering of experiences to produce understandings. 

The soul has evolved beyond being a religious concept to becoming a reality in the consciousness of American society – a harbinger of Spiritual Man. With organ transplants, cloning, and genetic manipulation, we are beginning to realize that we, the real us, must be more than a combination of gases and minerals and tissues and organs. Most believe they have a soul, some believe they are a soul.

Visualization is now in everyone’s vocabulary and it is taught to athletes and chemists as often as it is to artists. Meditation is now taught in hospitals, corporate headquarters, and churches across the United States. And recently, intuition is becoming a respected advantage in the business world as well as in the world of parenting.

I have seen the wonderful child called the School of Metaphysics root itself in the flow of man’s destiny. Spreading through the consciousness of an entire planet as it reaches toward the surface where it can be in the light of a new day. From the flashy beginnings of psychic readings through the great expansions and contractions that have brought forth the maturity of time well-spent, the course of study has always remained true to the mission of the School of Metaphysics – to unlock reasoning, for in reasoning the power of intuition is born and mankind becomes Spiritual Intuitive Man one person at a time.

I now see the first 25 years as a blueprint for the future.

We will, in all probability, be creating that blueprint for many years to come. You will see evidence of this here in our Silver Anniversary issue; in the ideas that manifested briefly, expressing themselves like shooting stars that illuminate the sky if but for a short moment. Expressing. Giving to the next creation. 

The creators always evolved more than the creation. They too were stars, moving to fill the darkness of space with their brightness. In twenty five years the School of Metaphysics has given the world thousands of teachers. All this in its first inbreath and outbreath.

Sometimes I hear the voice of Dr. Geraldine (DeMate) Hatcher, one of the founding members of SOM, echoing from the late ’70’s. More than once when the school’s teachers gathered in General Assembly she said, “Some of you will not be here next year, and we will miss you. But the rest of us will go on.” Time has proven her right. 

Her comment was taken literally by most, and the truth of it eluded them. 

The beauty of this fulfillment we call the School of Metaphysics is that it has a life of its own. It owns itself, belonging to no one and to everyone. “We are merely custodians,” Dr. Gerry would say. The school has had many custodians, many care-givers. Some of them are honored here. Each has nourished and disciplined the infant, giving love and teaching wisdom, guiding the manifestations of its growth and development enabling it to mature. 

The nature of consciousness is motion. The School of Metaphysics embodies this Universal Truth. It is constantly changing, evolving, expanding and contracting, harmonizing with Universal Laws. It is not the same as it was 25 years ago, or ten years ago, or even yesterday. This is the right time in the scope of humanity’s evolution for such a living, breathing endeavor of consciousness. Thus the School of Metaphysics exemplifies eternal life for it was, it is, and it is yet to be.

There has been, are, and always will be those who are ready and willing to evolve their consciousness to insure that this School is open and available to anyone who desires the mastery of consciousness called Enlightenment. This, time has taught me. 

Today, there are many souls incarned after SOM’s birth in 1973 who are now coming of age. Souls, like so many others before them, who now find themselves attracted to the School, because the urge within them to know has become irresistible. Many of these souls incarned because the opportunity to accelerate evolution is a manifested reality in our inner, and our outer, world. 

Surely God has favored our undertaking.

May peace be with you all ways.

Dr. Barbara Condron

©1998 Vol. 16 No. 3 & 4 From the Editor – 25th Anniversary Issue

copyright 2002 School of Metaphysics



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