The Science of Enlightenment by Dr. Pam Blosser

The Science of Enlightenment



Peace is my spirit
expressing, whispering
heaven in my ear.
Peace is discovering and
following my path to enlightenment.
The joy is in my footsteps taking me home.
Peace is being one with my spirit my God
Peace is eternally within my Soul.
–Tad Messenger


The Science of Enlightenment

by Dr. Pam Blosser

The superconscious mind, the highest part of our existence, interprets existence in terms of light and darkness. 

When we dwell in the light, in understanding, we experience truth, awareness, a sense of joy and unity with the rest of creation, that unity being love. When we dwell in darkness, in ignorance, we experience emptiness and separation from not only others but more importantly separation within ourselves. We long for the light because the light is our source of comfort, our source of wholeness, our source of life. We identify this longing as loneliness. The following exerpt is an example of this condition of longing from intuitively accessed wisdom. 

We see that there is loneliness within this one. We see that to a large extent this one is not even aware of this because this one has, for a long period of time, caused there to be a kind of outer expression of the self that keeps this one comfortable or coping with the ways that this one relates to other people and to the environment. We see however that the loneliness that exists is that this one desires deeply for there to be a connection between this one’s conscious self and this one’s inner self and highest self. This one has longed for this for a long period of time and this one is at present becoming more and more aware of the distance between the conscious self and this inner self which this one then interprets as loneliness. 
Would suggest to this one that rather than holding this against the self and trying to cover it up it is a productive step for this one to become aware of this deep desire that this one has longed for and has held within the self. We see that at the present period of time the awareness that this one is beginning to develop is the beginning of this one formulating a desire for enlightenment. Would suggest that this one embrace this and not hold this away from the self or pretend that this is not important for it is not only important but it is the cause for the movement of this one’s inner being and inner self. Would suggest to this one that rather than fearing that this one will not be able to attain this for this one to direct the mind toward discipline for it is in this one disciplining the conscious mind and learning how to cause it to be still that this one will have the first steps for causing this kind of connection and reacquaintence with the inner self. (5-20-97-LJC-7)


Denying this sense of loneliness or trying to cover it up pretending that the desire for wholeness is not important, are ways to remain in darkness, ignorance, loneliness and ultimately death. The suggestions of recognizing loneliness as the longing for wholeness and embracing this longing gives the individual the power and freedom to enter into the light. What would happen to our consciusness if we were to identify any mental and emotional pain as a longing for wholeness? The pain would become the medium for reaching wholeness. Pain would no longer be thought of as bad or even evidence of disease, but as a springboard upon which the individual could elevate his or her consciousness to that which is more expanded. 

The discipline of stilling the mind is the first step in causing the consciousness to be fully illumined. Enlightenment means light within. To be enlightened is to illumine the consciousness upon Being. Being is the constant, fluid and dynamic motion of creation. Creation is continual change, unfoldment and transformation. Creation doesn’t occur in the past or the future. Creation is occurring now, in the present moment. That’s why the discipline of stilling the mind is so important. It brings the consciousness to the now.

The most predominant characteristic about the present moment is that it is always changing. Being able to hold the mind still in the present moment means the consciousness is riding the wave of constantly unfolding creation. One who is enlightened is able to merge stillness and motion. They are no longer two actions but one in the same. It is through the tiny portal, where silence and action meet, that eternity is found.

Research in physics has found that when there is a change in a molecular system, the electrons jump to a different state. When they do, photons are given off. Photons are particles of light. So when there is a change in a molecular system, light is given off. Research has also found this to be true at the cellular level of the physical body.

Could this finding possibly be scientific proof of the light or halo that emanates from an enlightened individual? The mahatma or saint’s mind would be attuned to the everchanging moment, to the eternal now. Because of the intimate mind-body relationship, this constant unfolding of consciousness would be affecting the cells and molecular structure in the physical body. According to the scientific data this molecular change would cause an emanation of light coming from the body.

Life reaches for the light and needs light for its existence. All living souls long for union with the Source of Creation. All intelligent beings long for universal truth which brings their consciousness into the light. As we approach the next step in our spiritual evolution the longing for truth is becoming stronger as is the gnawing sense of loneliness, caused by our separation from truth. The growing discomfort, no matter how it is recognized, is the quickening inside that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. It is now, in this moment. What we must do is… be… still… and know… that… I Am… God… •

©1997 Vol. 15 No. 4 Thresholds Quarterly

copyright 2002 School of Metaphysics



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