The Conscious Ego & the Creator’s Love by Dr. Daniel Condron

The Conscious Ego & the Creator’s Love


from Superconscious Meditation


The Conscious Ego & the Creator’s Love

by Dr. Daniel Condron

The word EGO means I AM. The I AM or identity that is you, your core essence, in using mind moves into first the Superconscious Mind, then Subconscious Mind, then the Conscious Mind. The attention of I AM moved through the levels and divisions of Mind until finally you become entrapped in the physical body and conscious mind. At this point the physically entrapped I AM is known as the conscious ego.

Therefore, every person has a conscious ego that is a reflection of I AM. The conscious ego has accepted the limitations of the conscious mind and physical body. However, there is a way out of these limitations of physical existence for the conscious ego is the motivator. On a physical level the conscious ego motivates you to achieve physical goals and accumulate or possess physical objects.

The average person allows their conscious ego to motivate them to achieve physical goals or to gather physical things about themselves. This does provide a certain amount of physical security but it does not expand one’s consciousness beyond the physical existence. This leaves the average person with the feeling that something is missing from their life. They experience a dissatisfaction, an uneasiness, and a feeling of unfulfillment in the life. Then this kind of person tries to accumulate more physical possessions or fame and finds they are still unfulfilled.

The more evolved person recognizes that all physical, sensory objects and possessions are temporary and therefore, strives to use them to the fullest and shares them with others. The meditator strives and achieves the greater and true satisfaction of knowing inner, Real Self.
As the meditator learns to dive deeper into mind he finds the satisfaction and fulfillment with life increasing.

One must surrender the conscious mind ego so the whole Self and the whole Mind can evolve. To evolve you must give freely to all and thereby become a part of all and have a consciousness that encompasses all. This is not possible as long as you have a wall of protection around yourself.

There comes a time in each person’s evolution when they must surrender their conscious ego. Each person must surrender. As long as you are fighting or defending yourself, offensive or defensive, you cannot receive for you have erected mental barriers of seeming protection around you. You are incapable of receiving the blessings of the I AM. You are not capable of receiving the blessings of the High Self or Superconscious Mind Self.

To receive the love of the Creator that uplifts one’s consciousness one must learn to receive. One must learn to let the walls of protection down and become completely open. This may at first seem like you are vulnerable. The very idea of vulnerability indicates you see your environment as your enemy. In mind, however, the Creator’s protective love is more pronounced. The deeper you go into mind the closer you are to the Eternal, the all-encompassing love of the Creator.

An English as a Second Language Instructor, Mari recalls a meditation experience that happened a decade ago as if it happened yesterday. And indeed in a way it did, because the impact of that long ago meditation enabled her to establish a communion with her Creator that has grown ever since.

My greatest meditation experience since entering into the School of Metaphysics was about eight years ago when I saw and heard the voice I’ve come to recognize as God’s voice.

I was very centered and calm. I realized I’d finally learned how to meditate after struggling with it for quite sometime. I felt a great transcendence and love and peace. I don’t remember the thoughts I heard, but it was clear and real and an answer to me. It was the time I felt I’d really broken through all my barriers. It was truly heavenly.

God is always near us and with us. A still and quiet mind is necessary to hear God. The deeper you go into mind the more you experience love and peace. Peace is a factor of unity, togetherness, and harmony. All these are a part of the basic structure of Superconscious mind. The mind triangle diagram has shown how the top of the triangle is narrower or closer together than the bottom symbolizing the closeness or togetherness, or unity of the Superconscious Mind.

The experience of Superconscious Mind is heavenly. In fact, Superconscious Mind is Heaven. This is why you can learn to experience heaven on earth. All the great enlightened beings of earth have experienced heaven while still in a physical incarnation. In meditation their mind would transcend, expand, and go beyond physical limitations and experience Heaven or Superconscious Mind.

When you experience Superconscious Mind you truly have broken through all barriers and it is truly heavenly. The next step is to learn to experience Superconscious Mind regularly and consistently.

Meditation is a receptive action. In the act of meditation you, the meditator, release your limitations and walls of physical protectiveness and travel deep within to be one with the Creator’s love.

In meditation, the mind expands to fill all creation. There is no need for exclusiveness or closing off to the love of creation. In deep meditation you receive the Christ Consciousness that is available to everyone on the planet that so few are willing receive.

As consciousness mind stillness harmonizes with Subconscious mind and then aligns with Superconscious Mind the Christ Consciousness becomes yours and you know your connectedness with all Creation. You understand your purpose. You understand your assignment for this lifetime and your love for God and all Creation expands into the boundless joy and bliss of full connectedness of existence in the Creator’s all-encompassing love.

You can remain locked up and limited in the conscious ego’s physical motivation and walls of protection or you can free yourself and go beyond time and space to the limitless abundance and expansive Christ Consciousness of Union. Then all of creation and everything in it is yours for you are a guardian of Creation.

You can have anything you desire. People usually get what they want. The problem arises because their consciousness is limited and they therefore, desire limited things that only end up restricting and limiting them. They desire things that aren’t good for them.

Cause your physical wants to elevate to inner, mental desires. Cause mental desires to expand to spiritual needs for soul growth and spiritual development.

The one who meditates consistently and correctly finds their consciousness lifted and their perception heightened so they gain greater understanding of the meaning life and their part in it. Then strive closer and closer and in a deeper way to become a helpmate in God’s Creation.


The Unproductive Ego

The conscious ego is intended to be the motivator for the conscious mind. The conscious ego is the physical or seventh level of mind manifestation or embodiment of I AM = EGO.
The conscious ego is productive when it is pursuing harmony and alignment with I AM. The conscious ego is productive when there is honesty with Self and others for honesty is a prerequisite for understanding truth, especially and including Universal Truth. The individual’s thoughts and words must match otherwise there exists an unhealthy conscious ego.

An unhealthy or unproductive conscious ego ignores the inner Self and has placed its security in conscious mind manipulations of others in an attempt to take, grab, and steal as many things, possessions, people, money, and objects that it can.

The unproductive conscious ego has forgotten who he is. Instead of existing as a spiritual being he acts as a cunning animal: a wolf masquerading in sheep’s clothing. Since the person with the unproductive ego thinks only in physical ways such a person only has physical goals and no spiritual Ideals. Such a person has accepted that their physical, sensory, experience is all there is to existence and at death he or she ceases to exist. Therefore, such a one wants to grab and take as much physical security or things that he can, right now. He does this in any way he can, honestly or not.

The spiritualized individual, the one with an honest, productive, conscious ego, recognizes they are a soul inhabiting a physical body. The body is temporary while the Real Self is eternal. Therefore, the spiritualized being gives his time, attention, and value to the True Self, the Eternal Self.

Every action taken in the physical day to day life is used to add to one’s storehouse of understandings and to build higher levels of awareness in the spiritualized Self. This is why two people can be doing the same activity for vastly different reasons. One person may teach for money while another teaches because he honestly and sincerely cares about other people’s learning, growth and well-being. One person may dig ditches to make money to spend it on sensory gratification while another person uses the money for soul growth to aid a spiritualized organization and to help others.

By a man’s actions and thoughts is his or her conscious ego known. The conscious ego is not always known by the words he or she uses, for people can memorize pretty words. A conscious ego, however, can not say these truths from the heart for they do not exist in such a person’s heart. They exist in the physical brain and its memories. The brain dies at the end of each lifetime while the heart is the center of understanding which is eternal. You the meditative being are blessed with having a way to come to know your true inner Self. You will learn to transcend the conscious ego to first know the subconscious ego then the superconscious ego and finally I AM-EGO. Then you will know I AM and will exist in permanent, full consciousness and awareness of your Creator and all of Creation. You will be cosmic and Universal in Nature. You will know all Universal Laws and Truths. You will know the Principles that create these Laws and Truths. Your Universal, Enlightened Love will pour down upon humanity like a golden shower of glistening, gold, raindrops and you will be a World Server, a World Teacher. You will receive and know the Christ Consciousness that is available to those who prepare themselves to receive it.

Cause your meditation to deepen each day as you grow in awareness. Be committed to your learning and growth. Cause your meditation to be the best part of each day; a fountain of water that refreshes you like nothing else. Let meditation be for you a stream of life giving water. While all sensory experiences are temporary and stimulate you only for a few moments recognized that the eternal creation gained in meditation gives you eternal joy, fulfillment, happiness, peace, satisfaction, love, and wisdom.

from Superconscious Meditation by Dr. Daniel R. Condron ©1998 School of Metaphysics

copyright 2002 School of Metaphysics



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