Raising a Healthy Child

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Raising a Healthy Child

by Dr. Sheila Benjamin

Anyone can receive an Intuitive Health Analysis. Throughout the years, they have been given for those with minor disorders and for the terminally ill, for those with medically diagnosed conditions and for those medical science fails to diagnose, for the elderly and for infants.

Parents are often concerned with raising their child in a healthy way. The Intuitive Health Analysis is an excellent resource for parents because it offers insight for raising a healthy child based on the child’s needs. Until the age of seven a child is like a sponge, absorbing thoughts and feelings from his environment. The parents, the siblings, and others of surrounding influence determine the attitudes the child forms in these early years. These attitudes formed early in life can influence the life of the growing adult to come. Once identified, attitudes which are productive can be built upon and those which are unproductive can be changed. The health is affected according to the attitudes received and held by the child.

Not long ago, a couple used the information gained in a Health Analysis to seek a cure for their daughter’s health problem. At the age of four and a half years, their daughter Mary had yet to speak words. She only made sounds. At times the frustration she experienced due to this language barrier would show itself in angry temper tantrums. Mary would jump up and down, crying, yet no words accompanied her actions. Equally frustrated and concerned for their child’s well-being, the parents did not know if Mary was mentally or physically disabled. Having had reports for themselves, the parents decided to pursue an analysis for Mary.

The analysis described Mary’s scattered attention which caused her to have difficulty effectively using her physical body. This inhibited the reception of information through her five senses. Recommendations were made directly to the parents with specific instruction to aid their child.

“It would be of benefit for those around this one to demand this one’s attention. This would not be in regards to an emotional demand, but in regards to intentionally taking an object and placing it before this one, causing it to move, causing this one’s attention to be drawn to it and held for periods of time. This could be accomplished through shapes, through colors, through sounds, through tactile experiences. This one needs to be drawn out in terms of this one’s thinking and use of the body in the senses.

We see that emotionally there is great frustration building, for this one is unable to communicate effectively this one’s experiences. There is not the information stored or the ability to communicate effectively and this is beginning to build great frustration. Therefore there are times when this one will cry or throw tantrums in an effort to express this frustration. Would suggest that those surrounding this one should not misinterpret this with their own imagination, but should recognize it for what it is and begin to teach this one what is needed in order for the types of communication that would be of greater benefit to this one and those around this one to occur.”

This information aided Mary’s parents in beginning to understand why she was not talking. She had a difficult time receiving information completely to learn communication skills. However, the cause for this interruption was still not clear. Mary’s parents asked specifically why their child was not yet talking and if there was any physiological damage that was interfering with the ability to use the senses properly.

“We see that part of this is due to incomplete information being stored and the suggestion has been given in that regard. Part of it is due to the way that the nerves are growing, particularly the function of the pituitary. We see that there needs to be more minerals in this one’s diet, particularly manganese, zinc, potassium, and iron. We see that the suggestions given to draw this one’s attention out and cause this one to focus will be of the greatest benefit mentally, emotionally, and physically. There is also a need for this one to learn how to use the mouth. Teaching phonetics or diction could be of help.

We see there is some pushing together of the cranial plates, particularly the crown of the head and the back of the skull. We see that there is a slight swelling that occurs because of the movement of the fluids in this area.” 2218914BGO

The pressure on the nerves caused partial reception of sensory information to the brain. Physiologically, Mary was handicapped by the mineral deficiency and the cranial plates putting pressure on these nerves.

For over a year, the parents worked with the information received to aid in the growth of their child. The mother worked with her child in doing exercises that increased Mary’s attention span. A chiropractor was consulted and adjustment aided in relieving the swelling and pressure on the brain. With regular treatment, Mary’s head plates began to hold a normal position enabling her body to receive complete information though the senses and store knowledge gained in the brain.

Mary now talks easily with her brothers and sisters, and any adults willing to keep up with her energetic pace. Now when she has difficulty communicating her ideas and thoughts she says, “I can’t say that” instead of throwing a temper tantrum. This opens the door to greater learning.

Intuitive Health Analyses reveal the parents’ role in rearing a child. Suggestions are often given to the parents to aid them in being a healthy influence during the child’s formulative years. The parental role is indeed a catalyst for the learning and viewpoints a child will experience as he grows older. The following intuitive reports were requested by a mother of two sons, ages six months and eighteen months. This analysis reveals that both sons are a reflection of those in their environment. The information in each analysis gave the parents suggestions for mental, emotional, and physical improvement. This first excerpt was for John, the eighteen-month-old.

“We see a scattering of attention. We see that this one is in need of being able to build the will and focus this one’s attention on one singular thing at a time. We see that this one is being bombarded by experiences and does not quickly catalogue them or store them as memory. We see as a result, much of this one’s existence is emotional, and we see that this one reacts to the environment readily.

We see that this one, most of the time mirrors whatever is being exhibited around him. We see that there is a need for fashioning the identity of this one, there is a need for stimulating the senses individually rather than collectively. This would aid this one in being able to collect information and store it.

We see within the physical body that the major disruption is within the digestive tract. There is a type of reaction that occurs in the stomach area which is similar to that of defenselessness emotionally. We do not find there is an actual physical disorder. There is too much acid at these times released too early that then mixes with food producing a plethora of acid causing upset. Would suggest this one be calm at the time of eating and the environment be calm.”

Further evidence of the environmental influence and the parental role affecting the child is revealed when the parent asks why the child almost always wakes crying and cranky.

“We see that this one is not in a bad mood when this occurs. We see that this is the only way this one knows of gaining the attention, and this is mental attention as well as physical attention. This is not an indication that something is wrong, it is the only means this one has at the present time to get what this one wants.”

The parent was also concerned about the child whining throughout the day for long periods of time. The analysis indicated there was nothing physically wrong with this child, rather the child had learned to whine for a specific purpose. The parents were inconsistent in giving the child attention, and the analysis revealed why he was developing the habit of whining.

“This is learned behavior. We see that it is this one’s way of getting attention. This one is learning how to use it in this way.” 7118911BGO

Both John’s and Bradley’s (the six-month-old son) analyses revealed similarities concerning environmental influences and the need for the parents to teach these children how to focus their attention and build concentration skills. Even at six months, Bradley’s analysis revealed how he is beginning to imagine himself as a failure.

“We see for this one’s mind to race. We see for this one to be able to take in information and want to do something with it very quickly. We see that many of the things this one does with it are not the result of a concentrated effort; therefore, this one fails often. We see that this one is beginning to build a pattern of thinking of the Self as a failure and we see that much of this has been encouraged by the environment. We see this one to find it difficult to be able to explain the Self and this is causing this one some disruption as well. Would suggest that this one learn to hold the attention for a period of time upon one thing. Would suggest that this one be stimulated to sharpen the memory and be encouraged to use the imagination. In this way this one would be able to use the skills to think more completely. We see this one is ready to reason, but is short on the skills for this to occur. This one has much motivation and this one has much drive, and it is from these things that the energy comes forth. It is up to this one to channel the energy, to direct it in ways that would be profitable to the Self.” 7118912BGO

When a child reaches the age of seven, although still guided by his parents’ patterns and influences, he is on his way to being an individual. At this age, the reasoning skills have sufficiently developed and the child begins to separate productive experiences from those which are not productive.

An analysis was requested by a mother of an eighteen-year-old who was suffering from nightly seizures. As a student of metaphysics, the mother speculated about the mental cause of this disorder, wondering if the physical condition could be treated wholistically. The mother was also concerned that her daughter might have a brain tumor or dysfunction of the brain. The analysis revealed that the seizures were physically produced by a build-up of too many toxins in the bloodstream that settled in the head area. This was mentally caused by a repression of the woman’s desires for self-expression from fears of not being accepted by others. The analysis gave suggestions for determining a spiritual life path which would increase the capacity to receive ideas from others. Physical suggestions included additional iron, magnesium, and potassium, as well as spinal alignment.

Having this information, the Conductor pursued more information concerning how the woman could better express herself on a daily basis. This led to inquiries concerning how she could determine a career which would be an aid to her health rather than a detriment. These types of questions whether initiated by the person receiving the analysis or by the Conductor aid in understanding and putting into use the information gained in Health Analyses.


Karmic Lessons to Learn

There are individuals who receive Health Analyses who are not experiencing illness. Rather, these people are curious about what information will be given in a mental, emotional, and physical analysis. Since we exist as physical beings for the purpose of learning, each of us have areas where changes could bring improvement. Many times we wait until we experience discomfort or disease before attempting to find why a condition exists in our lives. By understanding cause, we can insure a cure. Health or disease begins within our thinking. The physical existence is the place where we are able to build understandings and mastery. The physical world was created to serve us in our quest for learning. The perspective offered by a Health Analysis can aid us in accelerating that learning, making our lives more fulfilling.

Have you ever seen someone who is mentally retarded or someone with a physical deformity and wondered why God would have created such sorrow? I have, and in my search for truth have found that everything has a purpose. Congenital disorders are sometimes threatening and frightening. Yet from the soul’s perspective, there is much that can be gained from this experience. Health Analyses have revealed this many times. I have always been curious about why some people would experience mental retardation or physical disability. My curiosity led to a desire to aid these individuals which in turn led to my pursuit of a Recreational Therapist degree. While researching thousands of transcripts of reports, one stood out. This was a man born with cerebral palsy. Amazingly, the analysis stated very few difficulties in the mental and emotional systems. Difficulties in transferring the messages from the senses to the brain and in the nervous system being able to send transmissions from the brain to the physical system were noted. Learning how to visualize the brain and nervous system working properly was one of the recommendations for this man. The analysis suggested in order to do this, the man would need to learn to hold an image in the mind very strongly until this image could be transferred to the brain cells through the nerves enabling information to be relayed in a steady flow of electrical current.

Since this condition was from birth, the man asked why this type of body was chosen. The response was enlightening for it centered in the individual’s potential learning. The analysis emphasized how attempting to correct the physical difficulties rather than just allowing them to remain in the current, limited condition, would build understandings in the Self thus fulfilling karmic obligations.

What a new revelation this becomes! The soul or subconscious mind is like a puzzle which reflects the blueprint of our maturity to be Thinkers. The soul holds the understandings we have gained. Each understanding is one piece in the puzzle of our whole Self. To insure our continued evolution, the Universal Law of Cause and Effect operates in our lives as what is commonly referred to as karma. To understand what our karmic obligations are and to add understanding to our Selves causes all the pieces of our puzzles to fit together becoming whole and complete. A soul can choose the condition of a body to learn something very important to its evolution.

Not long ago, there was an innovative study of children with leukemia. Research doctors had the children visualize their red blood cells as soldiers fighting the “enemy” white blood cells. After a period of time, the experimenters discovered this play therapy of visualization aided in the healing of these children. Many people who receive Health Analyses share this type of innovative approach to wholistic health. One young woman, through her belief in the power of her mind and through her efforts is able to walk after being paralyzed for five years. Another woman, following the removal of a cancerous breast, used the suggestions in Intuitive Health Analysis to change destructive thinking patterns, healing her body of cancer without the assistance of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. What hope and respect can be produced in the mind of mankind when he realizes that through holding healthy thoughts firmly in mind the condition of the physical body can be altered. We can begin to see that the condition of the physical body can be changed when we learn the secrets of healing.

Years ago I was curious in a more common way. I was facing a major change in my life, preparing to move from my hometown in Chicago. I was also attached to my fears, stubbornly holding onto them. During a Health Analysis, I intended to ask questions that might assist me in this making this transition easier, and found the body of the analysis addressed my conflict.

“We see that there have been some changes that have occurred in regards to this one’s own image of the self, but there has not been the consistency of holding onto this or working in a way which will cause the results according to this one’s desires. Would suggest that there is much strength that this one does not utilize in a way which would cause forward motion and that because of the rigidity spoken of there is the tendency for this one to place attention on the inabilities of the self rather than the abilities of the self. We see that as this one begins the process of imagining changes for herself this one uses that of rigidity as a way to do this, therefore creating impossible ideas for her own self to fulfill. Would suggest that this one create a more fluid movement of the self that this is not seen as a type of passivity but as perpetual motion. This will be accomplished if this one will begin to initiate internal changes as well as external changes and to follow through upon them rather than being so sporadic. We see that in regards to the abilities of the self to gain a sense of confidence or trust there is the tendency once again to hold to the rigidity rather than to begin the process of experimentation on a consistent basis. This one places a great deal of attention on that of fear and that of anger. Would suggest to this one that as this one begins to utilize the imagination in a more constructive manner, this one will cease to need to become so angry and so put out by herself.” 715886GBM

This information gave me great insights into my Self. I had been toying with the idea of moving out of Chicago where I had lived all of my twenty-six years. Surrounded by people who had known me all my life, it had become very difficult to make changes in my expression and how I was received by others. The image that kept coming to me was of a seed which had all the possibilities and capabilities of being a strong plant, however the soil where it was planted was filled with insects waiting to destroy its growth. I don’t think any of my loved ones were aware of their influence in my life, and I didn’t think they were insects, but I desired a change and was beginning to realize that it was time to leave the nest.

Shortly after receiving this analysis, I moved to Tulsa some 700 miles from my hometown. I used the strength within me to overcome the common fears of loneliness, rejection, and failure. I remembered times when I would change jobs and be able to make friends quickly. With this in mind, I made friends in my new home. I also kept holy the image of who I wanted to become and began to practice being that strong, confident, and loving person. I knew no one in Tulsa was aware of the old me, therefore, the soil was fresh and fertile for my seed ideas to grow. By making this one decision to move, I learned the freedom you can have when you use your imagination.


A Second Opinion

Many individuals over the past years have used the intuitive reports as a second opinion, especially when faced with the possibility of surgery. Those diagnosed with life threatening diseases such as cancer or AIDS have used intuitive reports to determine if the treatment medically suggested is the best treatment to use. These individuals also seek the information a analysis provides concerning how they can create new and different attitudes that will produce health in the body.

Having a degree in Recreational Therapy and being in the health field, I know it is a common practice for doctors to suggest to patients who are facing major health decisions to seek a second opinion. More and more professionals in the health field are considering the information in these reports as such a resource. I believe as more and more physicians become aware of the information and completeness of the Health Analysis, they too will use this resource to assist in caring for those who desire wholeness and health. I imagine in the near future, health professionals will be using these reports as a way of obtaining valuable insight to make their careers more effective for patients and more fulfilling for themselves. I have seen progress taking place in the medical field for many years. Doctors are beginning to accept the influence a person’s attitude and thoughts have on the health of the physical body. Most doctors accept the basic truth that stress causes pressure and dis-ease in the body, even when they do not understand why this is so.

One afternoon I was in the office of the School of Metaphysics center in Berwyn, a suburb of Chicago. I received a call from a woman who had heard me on the radio. The subject of the interview included how nonproductive mental attitudes can cause physical disorders and diseases, and how someone could change these thoughts to ones causing forward motion in life thus healing the physical disorder. This woman had a vested interest in calling as she asked, “Do you think you can teach me how to heal myself so I can walk again?”

I paused for a moment, considering the depth of what she was asking. I first suggested she receive a Health Analysis because I knew it would give both of us information we could use. I also knew the Health Analyses were complete, truthful and objective, and her analysis would let both of us know if this was possible. We discussed how to secure an appointment, and we both awaited the day of the reports.

Joann arrived at the School driving her own car, but she needed help getting her wheelchair from the trunk of the car, and she needed help being carried up the stairs. She, along with others who were receiving reports, sat around the living room waiting for her turn.

I learned Joann had bruised her spine in a diving accident at the age of fifteen about three years before receiving this intuitive analysis. She had been told by most of her doctors that she would probably never walk again. To her surprise, the analysis reported that physically she could regain the ability to walk.

“We see that in the mental system there has been for a very long period of time desire upon this one’s part to have a sense of importance in regards to the self and in regards to a sense of productivity and creativity. We see that there has not however been the action taken upon this one’s part to produce in a way that would bring about a sense of importance for her own self. We see therefore there has been a tendency for this one to avoid taking the responsibility for the development of this one’s own sense of identity and the responsibility for taking the control of this one’s own power.

We see that there is much indecision being experienced at the present time and a tendency for this one to hesitate in moving forward or putting out effort in a way that would produce exact results that are desired by the self. Would suggest that this one cease removing the self as being a cause in this one’s circumstances and situations and begin seeing how this one’s thoughts do produce the resultant facts.

We see that this one has wanted to remove the self from specific circumstances and conditions that this one has experienced discomfort and lack of confidence in. We see that this one has lost sight of purpose for achieving upon the part of the inner self as well as the external self, therefore, there have been conditions in which this one has been forced to establish a sense of priority and a sense of perspective that will cause action by this one. We see however that there is also hesitancy in regards to this. Would suggest to this one that as long as the hesitation continues there will continue to be placed before the self situations which will produce forced change.”

Joann’s learning was to make decisions and act on them. She had practiced looking for her importance outside of herself for seventeen years. When life didn’t seem to give her a fair deal, she would play the role of the victim. Even though Joann was not at all pleased with herself, her hesitation in refusing to regain her ability to walk centered on her lack of purpose rather than physical disability. The Conductor of her analysis asked why Joann was able to tense and relax muscles in her legs while under hypnosis but not at other times.

“There was not a true desire for effects at this time because of the lack of purpose as has been related. We see a positive effect (due to) the recognition on a subtle degree that there is the possibility of movement. We see however that this has not been brought into this one’s conscious working awareness, therefore there is the tendency for this one to hang onto what cannot be rather than what can be. We see therefore this one relies upon states of mind that are not conducive to bringing about actual change. Would suggest that it will be through this one’s development of that which would be called will, conscious will, which will produce the results. This will be done in a way which this one gains control in a concentrated manner.” (531817GBM)

Joann was happy to hear that she might be able to walk again. With this goal in mind, Joann started learning how to heal her body by taking classes in applied metaphysics. She was in for the challenge of her life, because she needed to become honest in the ways she used and misused others in her life. I had the honor of teaching Joann when she began her studies. As a recreational therapist, I had met patients who were more physically limited so Joann could not play on my emotions as easily as she had done with others. This was her first obstacle to overcome, because now she had to pull her own weight.

I taught Joann how to set goals for herself on a weekly basis that would move her closer to accomplishing her desire to walk. They included many activities we take for granted: bathing without assistance, climbing up and down staircases by using her arms and buttocks, and having her wheelchair placed behind her driver’s seat so Joann could reach it without assistance. Joann faced herself with each step she took. She saw how she misused others to be in control. She could also see how determined and purposeful she could be.

One situation is still very clear in my mind as the turning point for Joann. She had come to class late, angry when I addressed her disrespectful tardiness. Feeding her anger was my refusal to assist her in moving her wheelchair over a curb. The entire class period, Joann found more situations to add to her anger. At the end of class I asked another student to assist in taking Joann downstairs. He obliged, even helping her into her car. I went to hug Joann goodbye, looked her straight in the eyes and told her she would never walk again because it was so easy for her to let others do what she already knew how to do.

The next week Joann was ready to face herself. She wanted to understand and use the suggestions in her analysis and was ready to cause there to be purpose in her actions. Now she was open to changing her way of thinking and her progress was accelerated.

Sometimes physical conditions have been accurately diagnosed by medical professionals. These diagnoses produce many questions in the mind of the patient that can be answered in a Health Analysis. Many times people ask about medications, wanting to know if they are necessary for the body, if they are harmful, and if there are more natural ways to cause healing. One individual who was taking the drug Dilantin wanted to know if there were any side effects or nonproductive effects from the use of this drug. The analysis revealed the following:

“We see that there is some difficulty that does occur in the liver in terms of toxins which this body has difficulty releasing. We see that this does help to create a balance in this one’s electrical system, but we see that the primary difficulty in taking this drug is that it keeps this one’s attention removed from the cause for the difficulty – this one’s having accepted failure within the Self, having accepted that this one will not be able to fulfill this one’s desire, and the subsequent anger that is built within self. Would suggest that this one work with some form of doctor or counselor if this one would desire to eliminate this drug, and that this not be removed all at once. By this one learning how to change the mental and emotional attitudes, this one could get to a place where this would not be necessary.” 72914LJF

This man asked about a grand mal seizure he had recently experienced and the analysis revealed this was caused by the build-up of anger noted in the excerpt above. Since the drug Dilantin was used to prevent such seizures, the man now had knowledge of how he could learn to use and express his anger and working with his doctor move toward a life free from the use of chemicals.

In most cases Health Analyses are given only with the consent of the individual receiving the analysis. In this way respect is maintained for an individual and his desires. When someone is unconscious or unable to make this type of decision for himself, a family member or guardian may request the analysis.

Analyses can aid family members and loved ones as well as the person receiving the reading. In the following case, a Health Analysis was requested by a man whose father was hospitalized for cancer treatment. The father was receiving chemotherapy and his doctors wanted to begin experimental treatments with a new liquid chemical. This treatment was seen by professionals as a final attempt to treat a terminally ill patient. The son wanted to know if this treatment was beneficial or detrimental. He also wanted to know if his father wanted to continue to live because he wanted to aid his father on whatever path he chose. The report highlighted a need for the father to recognize that although there were counteractive measures taking place within his body for healing, he needed to cooperate with those efforts. This would be accomplished by accepting his value and sharing with others what he had learned through his life. The Intuitive Reporter emphasized it is not the body that determines the time of death or becomes diseased on its own, rather the individual’s thinking and the goals determine the capability of producing health or disease within the body.

To aid this man in being able to heal himself and cause the changes needed, the Conductor of the intuitive report asked for the mental cause for the man’s cancer and why it had manifested in the lymphatic system. The mental cause was identified as apathy with emotional reactions of hurt and disappointment that there had not been something more to the life. The man was described as being oblivious to what he had accomplished through his lifetime. Suggestions included to recognize the lives he had touched, what he had learned, and to be more open and intentional about giving to people what he wanted to give to them. These attitudes would not be conducive to the production of cancer within the liver. It was noted that the lymphatic cancer was secondary to the cancer in the liver.

For the cancer to be healed, this man needed to create a more positive attitude and greater will for life. There were certain side effects that would come as a result of the new treatment because of his attitudes. The treatment alone could not cause life, only the man’s own attitudes could do this. The changes in mental attitude along with the treatments would cause a healing condition in the body.

With this information, the son accepted that it would be his father’s choice to either cause healing or to withdraw from the physical. This aided the son in being able to see there was a reason for this condition and that the control was in his father’s hands. When the Conductor asked for further suggestions for the family members, it was noted that when they gave attention to the body only, they did themselves a disservice and did not open up their minds to receive what the man had to give to them. It was suggested they overcome fears of being hurt and open their own thinking to receive whatever the man might have to say to them. The importance to their own learning of how they responded was addressed.

Modern medicine does have its place, but so often man looks for a miracle drug that will take away the pain without attempting to make internal changes in his thoughts and attitudes. The mind is a very powerful tool that has the capability of causing health as well as dis-ease. The Health Analysis can be used in many ways to aid you to be in touch with your true Self. They provide honest information giving you the control to make a difference in your state of health. –from Uncommon Knowledge copyright 1997 School of Metaphysics

Dr. Sheila Benjamin has been teaching metaphysics for two decades. She is a member of the Board of Governors of the School of Metaphysics and recently completed a four year term as president of SOM. Currently she teaches at colleges, schools, and universities between Des Moines, Iowa and Tulsa, Oklahoma where she makes a home with her husband.


©2002 School of Metaphysics

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