Learning the Lessons of Conflict, War, and Terror

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Learning the Lessons of Conflict, War, and Terror

The wholistic education being offered through the School of Metaphysics is a forerunner in uniting that which very much divides people in the world today. The two groups can most readily be described as people of a religious nature and those of a scientific persuasion. A chasm stands between the two and they seem never to agree. They are constantly at odds. The beauty of metaphysical study, and the application of causal principles, causes the mind to transcend whatever differences or conflicts there might be between science and religion.

It begins very simply, building upon the unlimited potential of the individual. Memory. Imagination. Attention. Each of these mental skills are taught, learned and strengthened. We, at the School of Metaphysics, teach adults how to use the power of their minds. We know one’s command of reasoning determines the quality of his life, success or failure, solitary or companioned, memorable or forgettable. It also dictates whether he is happy or sad, friendly or adversarial, at peace or in turmoil. A reasoner can rise above his original station in life. History is filled with such people. And now it is time for more of them, many more. The time is coming when the outstanding leader, the scientific inventor, the artistic genius, and yes the spiritual master, will no longer be the minority. The time is approaching for humankind to experience a surging of creative genius that will initiate an era of Enlightenment yet to be seen on this planet. This will require changes in education and in religion.

The world needs many spiritual teachers. Older, wiser souls must be willing to mentor younger, hungry souls, inviting the inner consciousness to come forward.  The School of Metaphysics has been preparing people to meet this challenge by studying, researching, living and teaching the development of consciousness. In the present educational system there are all kinds of attempts to instill in our youth and the youth of America concepts like respect. Respect for diversity, respect for other’s points of view. Respect for opinions. This is pervasive, not only in how we educate our youth but in how we live our own lives. The media reports and promotes the concept daily. They’ll say “arguably” the most important factor to longevity, “arguably” the best restaurant in town, “arguably” the smartest candidate for presidency. Listen for it, you’ll hear it. It’s always “arguably”. Nobody stands for what they believe in anymore. This is a result of the idea and how it’s been promoted of “respecting someone else’s opinion.” It’s difficult to teach something you know nothing about it. It’s very difficult to teach respect when you don’t teach concentration. From being able to focus your mind, you can understand what something is. Once you understand something, you can pay your respects. When this understanding is lacking, in place of respect you find fear. And what do we see in too many of our schools? We see children who are scared to go to school. We find teachers who are scared to go to school. Why? Because of drugs, because of guns, because of the threats of violence. Imagine, what will happen when we teach children how to focus the power of their mind.

What will happen when we encourage them to imagine rather than wait for a problem to solve? What will happen when we teach them to meditate; to find a place of peace within themselves? Where there’s love, where there’s peace, where there’s generosity, where there’s hope, there is no place for fear or hatred or anger or destruction. This is universally true. In many ways, in the educational system in this country, we have tried to secularize concepts that traditionally have been religious. We have tried to separate what we call church and state. When what the country was founded upon was a freedom to be able to express your sense of spirituality. Your sense of religion whatever it might be. It is freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. We find ourselves in a quandary, needing the spirit of the law while denying the spirit exists.

And so we come back to the School of Metaphysics because the School of Metaphysics goes where no government and no educational system has gone before. It marches right in the middle of teaching spirituality. Not as a belief system or as a dogma, but as a series of spiritual and mental disciplines that open the individual to genius, to the supernatural, to the divine. These disciplines that are based upon universal principles apply to anyone, anytime, anywhere. It does not matter what color you are, it doesn’t matter how tall or short, it does not matter how rich or poor, it does not matter if you are well or ill, it does not matter which country you are born in, it doesn’t matter what religion you follow. You can become a metaphysician. You can access the levels of your own consciousness. And from that, your entire life will be enriched. from the book Spiritual Renaissance by Barbara Condron, copyright 1999 School of Metaphysics 


©2002 School of Metaphysics

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