A FAMILY of YOUNG SOULS, for children and their parents

FAMILY of YOUNG SOULS, for children and their parents


How we respond to the unexpected molds our own attitudes as well as our children's


& the Indigo Child


by Dr. Barbara Condron

Two days after the September 11th attack on the NYC World Trade Center and the U.S. Pentagon, six-year-old Hezekiah Condron drew this picture (left).

It is important that you know Kiah has been communicating through drawing since he was 16 months old. He always has a marker or some kind of small toy in his hands.  He is Indigo, as are all children born since 1995 and some of us born before then. 

   What does it mean to be Indigo? It means we are here to initiate the changes – mentally, emotionally, physically, and most importantly spiritually – that will stimulate humanity's evolution past this point of polarity, of war and peace, conflict and resolve, happiness and sadness, etc.  Indigos are connected, with one another, with you and I, with the Source.  They don't have to be told to be compassionate, it is already part of their nature. 

   A wonderful example of this is how they respond when one of their own is wounded in some way.  As if drawn by a magnet, they are drawn to the member who is hurting.  They offer their energy until balance is restored.  This is not in the manner that many of their parents would respond, overtly through shared displays of emotion, rather it is directed, attentive, energetic.

   I saw this at work last fall during a memorial service for a fellow teacher and friend, John Clark.  John had been a role model for his nephew, Martin who lives in New York City.  During the service, Martin had maintained a stoic front, trying to be strong for his mom and tough for the rest of us, battling his inner struggle of "why?"  Choking on his emotion. 

   As we walked to the cliff where we would scatter John's ashes as he had requested, Martin broke down.  He resisted his mother's attempts to comfort him, seeking the solace only being alone can afford.  He knelt under a cedar tree pouring his grief on is roots. 

   I projected love to him, allowing him the space to experience the depth of his experience.  Hezekiah, who was six then, said, "Mommy, why is he so upset?"

   "He misses his uncle, Kiah." I replied softly.  Then realizing Kiah might not readily connect uncle with John, I added, "He's realizing the John he knew is no longer here." 

   Kiah stood there for a few minutes weighing what he saw, and felt, then he walked toward Martin.  He circled him, as if weaving an energy web.  Briana (12 years old) drew closer to the boys, as well.   At one point Kiah came very close to Martin and stood there facing the rest of us, not saying anything.  It reminded me of someone at post.  He was protecting Martin's space, just being there.

   When Martin's sobs subsided, Kiah moved away, as if the call for help had been responded to and all would be all right now.  The purity of the moment was palpable.

   Indigo children have an amazing ability for they are connected.  They know no other way of being.  That is much of why they often get labeled by an unaware society as "hyperactive" or "unmanageable" or "attention deficit".  They are in reality none of these.  Rather they are so keenly attentive that the younger they are, they have no way of separating themselves from the thoughts and emotions of others.  They are too young to know this.  We, the adults who care for them, must be aware so we can offer wise counsel and guidance, helping them channel and develop the incredible potential and power of the human mind.  This is how an Indigo becomes a Mystic Child.

   Hezekiah was with one of the many teachers he lives with here on the College of Metaphysics campus when he drew this picture.  When he showed it to me he told me what it was.  "These are all the people and most are sad, that's why I crossed through the one in the middle.  There's the sword on the left and the heart on this side, and the cross down here and the spiral on the top."

   When I asked what the yellow was for, he said, "That's all the energy when the plane flew into the building.  And the pink is because they're all inside love."

   Then he went off to play. 

   I've thought about his drawing quite a bit, interpreting the images he created.  I think about all the children who are communicating their thoughts and feelings.  All the parents who wonder what their kids are thinking and how they are coping, and I just want everyone of them to understand how the mind works, how it communicates in meaningful pictures.  When you make the time to learn the Universal Language of Mind you can understand yourself, your dreams, your spouse, your children, you can even understand the men who flew those planes into certain death. 

   Just like Hezekiah does.

   Just like so many of the Indigos do.

   Listen to them.  Watch, and learn.  

Copyright© 2001, School of Metaphysics


©2002 School of Metaphysics


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