A Different Kind of Memory What do Indigos Dream?

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A Different Kind of Memory

What do Indigos Dream?

I have taught many parents how to interpret their children’s dreams. Knowing the language of mind gives you an invaluable window into your child’s consciousness. When Briana was eleven I asked her parents, who are both dream interpreters, how often she remembered her dreams. Her mother, Teresa, said she remembered about four every week. Teresa also thought Bri had an idea of what her dreams meant. I encouraged her to listen to Briana’s ideas and build upon them. When Teresa said sometimes it was like “pulling teeth to get her to express her thoughts,” I suggested she encourage Bri to draw or even act out her dreams. 
Description can be expressed in many ways. It doesn’t always have to be in words. By being a character in your child’s dream, s/he needs to tell you which dream-character you are and what you are doing and even thinking in the dream. This can be great fun for you both, and very enlightening. For the parent or teacher, whatever you have to offer a child about the meaning of dreams will be better remembered when given in this fashion. It teaches the young conscious mind to value the inner subconscious voice. In time, the dream language can be taught and used as an extraordinary means for Self awareness and Self reflection.
The School of Metaphysics has been researching mind for over three decades. In that time we have come upon profound Truths that are both universally and personally applicable. With a worldwide base, the conclusions about the purpose and meaning of dreams is well substantiated. The art and science of dream interpretation is taught in our classes, through correspondence study, lectures and courses at universities, and in books like Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery and The Dreamer’s Dictionary. We even sponsor an annual National Dream Hotline® the last weekend in April for those who have questions about their dreams.
What we have learned and are learning is described on the internet at two sites: www.som.org and www.dreamschool.org. Here the person who desires to learn will find hundreds of dreams and their interpretations in the language of mind. Articles, book excerpts, and personal accounts of the meaning of dreams in our lives are available at dreamschool.
Five years after talking with Briana’s mom and dad, Briana is one of the people who help make dreamschool happen. One of the avenues of her education here at the College of Metaphysics is apprenticing in the receiving and responding to dream questions mailed to us from all over the world. 
The internet gives us a means for worldwide communication, it has accelerated our research in all manner of inner level mind experiences, dreaming being by far the most common. Since the site went up in 1998, we have seen an increase in dreams from teenagers. Many of these reflect the evolution of consciousness taking place that is producing the Indigo child. Here is a taste of what you will find when you attend dreamschool. We called this email dream “Driving Mom’s Car.”
hi my name is s*.
i had this weird dream that i was driving my moms car around a track that is around the barn on the farm where she lives. i am 15 and i have driven the car around the track before for practise. anyways i was driving in the dark i had to fumble to put the headlights on ,then i reached one of the horses paddocks and i was scared thinking i would spook them, when i got past them i couldn’t see anything and i knew the turn was coming up , i panicked and turned the wheel from left to right over and over again but i could see the trees that were there but everything was dark and i couldn’t see where i was going .

Can you help me figure out what’s this mean please?
thank you 
S Female

Our dreamschool response is as follows: 
It is very helpful that you let us know your age and in a moment you will see why. This dream focuses on your thoughts and feelings about your physical body. There is some sense that you shouldn’t have freedoms or opportunities, while at the same time there is an awareness that the control you desire is revealing itself in a natural fashion. There is also the sense that the control is reckless, lacking information and experience perhaps, and there is a recognition that the will needs to be involved in order for you to have the direction of your body that you desire.
During the teenage years, the years of physical adolescence, more is changing than just the physical body. Your dream gives you insight into that more. The thoughts that your dream highlights are all natural and can give you deeper insight into your experience. There are many things that you have yet to experience physically and therefore understand concerning the many chemical and electrical changes causing your body to act and react as it does. Endeavor to be attentive to the changes, even to the point of writing down your observations and experiences. This will help you to link your thoughts to what is happening in your body. 
For instance, a day when you feel really good about yourself and what you are doing may result in an enormous amount of energy that makes you giddy and able to exist with very little sleep. A day when you are keenly disappointed by something that happened may put you in a tailspin not only mentally and emotionally but hormonally as well. Fifteen is a great age to begin becoming a master of your own mind and body. 
It would probably be helpful and highly instructive for you to pursue yoga, qui gong, or martial arts. These forms of discipline, particularly with a wise teacher, will serve you well in understanding the energy that ties the mind/soul to the body. This is what most teenagers are looking for in sports or dance activities which too often become physical only. You are looking for more, you want more (after all you’re driving your mom’s car), so make choices that will fulfill your desire.•

Hundreds of dreams are interpreted at dreamschool.org, many from young people who want to know. Their dreams are the experiences of the soul, the thinking being, whose mind expects to be used. These individuals are the mystic children – the Indigos, the psychic kids, those with amazing healing powers. Their abilities reflect in the quality and type of dreams they have. 
Some of their dreams like the losing teeth dream, getting married, and dying are among the most common dreams people of any age have. Others, like this next dream, reflect the exceptional abilities these children exhibit, naturally. From lucid dreaming (being aware that you are dreaming as it is happening) to out of body experiences, the capacities of subconscious mind are being discovered and explored during the dreamstate. In increasing numbers we are “awakening” to our inner life, often through our dreamstates. 


I find your website very interesting and have gained some insight from it. I have recently submitted a dream for interpretation and thank you for your feedback. I’d like to share a strange experience that occurred years back, I have only mentioned it to my parents and no one else because people would probably say its crazy. 
I went to bed and felt myself starting to fall asleep, when I suddenly felt “a force entering my body (invisible, I could just feel it and knew it was there and it was strong), I was frightened by this force because I had been taught by my mother (who is somewhat gifted and because of her religious beliefs refuses to develop this gift) that things of this nature are evil. So, as I felt this force entering (through my mouth) I fought it mentally – I recall saying oh my god what is this, no I am not going to let this happen, I kept saying no but the force entered and I found myself in a place (like a dark tunnel) that was the most peaceful and serene “feeling I will ever experience in life as we know” – I do not believe such peace exist. Then I started questioning myself, wondering if I had just died. I thought oh god am I dead? did I just die in my sleep? I kept saying I cant believe I just died in my sleep. I recall thinking if this is death then no one should ever be afraid to die. I felt as if it was like in a tunnel of some sort and felt as if I were floating, I couldnt really see anything but it was all pure feeling, I sort of wanted to stay in that peaceful place, but then just as it entered it left but this time through my chest – I literally felt a force leave through my chest (crazy right?). 

This was such a crazy experience I did not understand but the truth is that I was literally aware of everything at that moment. So, I never discussed it with anyone except my parents. I told my mother that such peace does not exist in this life as we know it. I just wondered your thoughts on this “experience” – it was not like a dream but an experience. I was completely aware of everything although I was in a sleep state, a “hyperawareness so to speak”. As I write to you I feel that sharing this with you makes me a little uncomfortable but feel that your group probably understands these type of experiences. 
Thank you 
RD, female

dreamschool response
We are very glad you appreciate the work we are doing and that you wrote us back. Yes, we have a great deal of insight to offer you concerning this dream experience. Here, at the School of Metaphysics we refer to experiences like this as inner level experience. This is based upon a model of consciousness that expresses itself in seven distinct and connected ways. We recognize 7 levels of consciousness, the physical level being the outermost. The physical level of consciousness is where the waking, conscious mind functions. The next four inner levels comprise the totality of subconscious mind (the remaining two are superconscious mind) where what we call dream experiences occur. 
When you sleep your conscious, waking mind is pushed aside. Your subconscious mind is free to do its work of re-energizing mind and body, assimilating the previous day’s experiences, and communicating wisdom to the waking consciousness. When the latter occurs, we say we remember a dream. Learning how to understand dreams is part of what we study at SOM.
Our broader study is of the whole Self, the complete mind that determines human consciousness, its past, present, and future. From this perspective we can say that you were experiencing the inner levels of subconscious mind. Others have reported similar experiences here at dreamschool and in thousands of lectures and radio shows throughout the US and worldwide. The movement independent of the physical body and the sensation of floating are characteristic descriptions of out of body experience (OBE) or astral projection. The tunnel is a universal symbol for entering into the inner levels of mind. The feeling of peace and awareness of the separation between this inner world and the outer world is also common for those who have expanded their minds beyond the limits of the physical body and life. The sense of complete oneness with everything is the consciousness of the Enlightened. You experienced it for a moment. It was real and you know it. Now it is time to respond to it.
This is why the School of Metaphysics exists. We teach how the mind works and how to develop skills and abilities in using the whole mind. Most people only use a small portion of their potential. They rely so heavily upon the physical part of self that they often do not even remember their dreams. You are definitely not crazy. You have an attentive mind and a desire to know your Self. You need to harness your curiosity so you can learn to reproduce and further your experiences. This will move you from belief (where fear can often delay, twist, stymie, or color the truth of your experience) to knowing (understanding from personal experience, the height of spiritual knowledge). By harnessing your natural abilities in ten essential living skills, you can open the inner worlds within you where truth, peace, wisdom, and interconnectedness define experience. 
Also….in regards to the entering and leaving…..this point of entry highlights your willingness to receive inner guidance and from what happened during your “dream”. The force was most probably the energy flows connecting your mind and body. Following the peace and awareness you gained from your experience, the exit was through the heart area, the resonator of understanding, the part of us where we know our connectedness with others. 
Keep in mind there is a reason for everything that happens. We just need to develop the perception to grasp it. It always amazes us, even after decades of living meditatively and teaching others, that the predominant beliefs in the world can be that you have to die to experience peace and awareness. It is that kind of thinking that devalues life to the point that it is okay to martyr yourself or someone else. 
We think the goal of life is the expanded consciousness that leads to Enlightenment for Self and for us all. Hope to hear from you again soon.•

The entrainment that comes from learning how to interpret the meaning of your dreams, then using your conscious waking mind to fashion an appropriate response to what you have learned, creates a complete cycle of energy in your own consciousness. It produces a centeredness, an inner calm and authority, that cannot be bought, borrowed, or bestowed. 
Entrainment is produced by awareness, one thought at a time. It is invaluable for each of us, and is what every child is seeking. Listening and responding to a child’s dreams tells you their innermost thoughts, the ones that truly count. They tell you about hopes and fears, desires and concerns. They tell you the level of soul awareness, and whether it is being nurtured or stymied. 
Children’s dreams can tell us when they are emotionally troubled, and often what about. They can tell us when they are undergoing a major life change, or fighting one. They tell us what the child is learning and how, or if, it is permanent or temporary. Young people’s dreams give daily guidance, serving as a compass through the sometimes churning waters of adolescence. 
Dreams are one of the most incredible resources available, one we can so easily access. All we need do is respect our dreams. Give them attention so we can concentrate enough to remember the details upon awakening. Then we can hear what that inner voice is saying. 


©2002 School of Metaphysics

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