How Spiritual Development promotes Health in the Physical Body

Do you know that your dreams can tell you about upcoming illnesses? This is true because any dis-ease begins with prevalent thoughts and attitudes that set up the physical conditions in the body for illness or injury to occur. Your dreams will reveal the thoughts of the day that, if promoted and continued, will lead to physical ailments. These kinds of dreams are referred to as health dreams. This health dream illustrates how spiritual development promotes health in the physical body.

I am decorating my condominium. It is a nice condo in a fancy building. Some of the furniture is wooden with tops on that make a little room. I say I want to see the ceiling in part of the room but somebody else in the dream disagrees.
A worker (male) is backing my Lexus car out of the driveway by remote control. I’m in the car and hear it scratch the side of a brick wall. When I look to see what damage is done, the car is a truck and the car is in the driveway. There is hardly any damage to the truck even though there is a piece of metal on the wall that should have ripped the side of the car apart.
I then go back into the condo building where there is a party. Many other couples are there in a common area. I look on the table for the keys to my condo. There are only raffle stubs for the other people. I go to get my key from my wife in the other room. (JF, single male, Encinitas, CA)

In the first part of the dream JF’s remodeling his condominium symbolizes how he is changing the way he uses his mind, improving the structure of his mind. Improvements in mind occur when the individual is successful in self-discovery with activities such as meditation, counseling, or dream interpretation. JF is reorganizing his thoughts, but he is compartmentalizing them as symbolized by the little room the furniture makes. JF is restricting his improvements which is emphasized by his desire to see the ceiling. To discover what the ceiling represents we must research the meaning of an attic. The attic in a house represents the superconscious mind, that part of the Self most closely associated with the perception of one’s divinity; the ceiling symbolizes the separation between the conscious self and the superconscious mind. An unknown aspect of himself, the stranger, wants access to the superconscious, while JF wants the inner and outer to be separated.

The next part of the dream indicates there are ways that JF uses his body (car) unconsciously (male worker). These are causing illness (JF in the car, hears scatch). The improvements in the use of mind are affecting his body (car to truck), enabling him to become healthier (there is hardly any damage). This encourages JF to continue in his new line of thinking, consciously improving his mind thus strengthening his body.

What stands in the way of his mind development is an attitude of frivolity (party) entertained by many inner, subconscious and outer, conscious aspects (couples) of the self. This dream scene further describes why JF wanted that ceiling. JF is looking for the keys to his condominium – solutions concerning his mind exploration. What he identifies (raffle stubs) instead is how he tends to approach life from an attitude of risk. The dream tells him the key lies with his wife – his commitment to his soul progression.

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