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COURSE of STUDY, supplemental reading

A well rounded education means learning to read in the Universal Language of Mind. Timeless books, holy books and many classical writings are written in this language. With each reading their truth brings forth new wisdom from the reader. This oldest language is taught in our course.

There are several dozen books assigned as the student progresses, many more discussed or recommended, through the four cycles of School of Metaphysics lessons. Sometimes the books embellish what is being learned in the lessons, at other times it appears to conflict. At all times the ideas presented stimulate thinking and contemplation, introducing the student to the body of mankind’s knowledge of himself. As the mind entertains these ideas, the Truth can be accepted, integrated, and realized within Self.

Here is a sample of these consciousness-raising works….


Among the authors studied

Manly P. Hall

Annie Besant

Eknath Easwaryn

Rudolph Steiner

Alice Bailey



Max Heindel

Edmond Szekely



Among the titles

Jesus Lived in India

Holographic Universe

America’s Secret Destiny

Universal Language of Mind

Space, Time, & Self

Kundalini Rising

A Scientist Explores Spirit

Seven Schools of Yoga


The scriptures from the major religions of the world are interpreted in the Universal Language of Mind in classes. Here is where the greatest discoveries can be made in the nature of Self, consciousness, reality, and enlightenment. Among these


Bhagavad Gita

Tao Te Ching

The Dhammapada

The Upanishads


Zend Avesta.

More obscure texts such as the Essene Gospels and the Popol Vuh are also explored.

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