Intuitive Knowledge, Kundalini & Creating a Successful Life

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Intuitive Knowledge, Kundalini & Creating a Successful Life

Dr. Dan: The School of Metaphysics has, throughout all these years over a quarter of a century now, been able to maintain a level of quality of intuitive reports, a very high level because of the specific training and what we demand in that training. And the training is designed specifically to eliminate conscious mind interferences so the information knowledge and wisdom that comes forth is straight from the subconscious mind. I don’t consider it to be intuitive reports if it’s not. And that’s what we want is the straight stuff, so there’s no conscious mind there. If there is no conscious mind, there can be no conscious memory. And so it is specifically designed that way and that works very well that way.

Question: Can just about anybody be trained to do this, or are there certain qualities that you look for when you pick someone?

Dr. Dan: Over the years, I’ve trained over a dozen intuitive reporters to one degree or another, and there have been many more that I had attempted with. Most of them that I attempted with didn’t become intuitive reporters because of themselves. The training was the same, I was the same. If anything, I was better with each one I did and also as I went through the course work and evolved myself, so, is it possible for anybody to do anything? Yes. Is it probable that a lot of people would or could ever become intuitive reporters of this caliber? No. My experience is it’s one out of hundreds or one out of thousands. Even the high quality of people that come into the School of Metaphysics, not every one of them become intuitive reports. So, it takes a certain real qualities to do it, many qualities. But you know, one of the other things is, people don’t realize is, our course work is probably the best training that you could have to become an intuitive reporter or conductor. The first level of coursework, the first series, teaches concentration, will power, memory, listening, attention, meditation, and concentration, you learn to still your mind and teach relaxation and body recharging so you learn to relax and tense all the muscles in the body and learn life force and to live more and more off life force so you can still the body’s motions and the heartbeat and then you learn to focus your mind and then you learn to go within in meditation and then you learn to surrender your conscious mind and your ego through doing the exercises so that then it’s capable for you to operate more as an intuitive being and as a soul, let your soul come forth into your conscious mind. So that training is very important. The training starts the moment you enter the classes in the School of Metaphysics, really is what it amounts to. It is excellent for that. So, that helps a lot.

Question: And those lessons can be taken on a correspondence type basis?

Dr. Dan: Um hum. The first series of lessons can. We have got about, we figured up about 10 or so correspondence students right now from all over the place, all over the country and the world. You sure can. And then if you want to pursue, if you find it really valuable and want to pursue it, you know, then you can come to one of our centers to pursue it farther, or after you have completed the first series if you want to come to the College of Metaphysics for a year, that’s available too. So, there’s a number of programs we have available. Dr. Barbara, Dr. Laurel, Teresa and the different intuitive reporters we have in the school are very exceptional people and they are highly spiritually evolved people. So, it’s part of their natural urge to want to give in this way. And they have some understanding of it from past lives. Like, for example, your intuitive report talked about trust and how you build that quality of trust, so I imagine that you were in the classes, were studying in the classes for a while weren’t you? In the school, did you complete the first series? 

Answer: Just shy a couple of lessons.

Dr. Dan: I imagine if you were in the class in the School of Metaphysics and completed the first series and were in the second series and sometimes you wanted to train for that and pursue it you know where you were developing some confidence and security in yourself in teaching or in different activities we provide as well as doing the exercises, that you would have a pretty good possibility of being able to be trained for an intuitive reporter. Just based on what it says here and the qualities you have. I know that each of you, to some degree, probably will be too. I mean, to come to a session like this, you know, from far away as you did and meet like this as a group shows quite a bit about your Self as a soul and your strong inner, your strong inner urge to know the truth and know who you are and know what creation is all about and know how to develop your full potential and things like that. It says quite a bit for all of you. As it did come out in these sessions, in these intuitive reports. Any other questions? I would like to ask you, Ron, what you are going to do with what you received. 

Ron: I think I’m going to keep on going.

Dr. Dan: Remember, thoughts are things. You create your life, that’s what you’re doing with thoughts. So it makes sense to think desire thoughts and need thoughts instead of fear thoughts. There is nothing in mind that will hurt you. I want you to remember that. There is nothing in mind that will hurt you. I have never known any single, I have never known any student in the School of Metaphysics history and that goes back well over two decades and for me in teaching, all the people I’ve taught and other people, I have never known any student in the School of Metaphysics history, doing the exercises that was ever hurt by a greater use of their mind or by going into the inner levels of mind. None. 

Question: What about disembodied entities that would lead you astray, kind of thing that I’ve read about.

Dr. Dan: That’s the whole point of doing the exercises every day and applying it in your life. You build reasoning, you build awareness, you build will power which will is the mental muscle you use in the inner levels of mind. You use visualization which is the tool you use for directing yourself anywhere. So you have strength in the inner levels, so you don’t have any problems with those things. People that do drugs and ruin their will with drugs and alcohol and those types of things or have weak wills and don’t do mental discipline, those are usually the people that may have problems with those types of things or they live in fears a lot. Of course, you draw to you what you image, so if you image fears, you’re probably going to draw those fears to you. But that’s the whole point of the coursework, is to manifest desires and to raise and elevate those desires more and more to where you’re living you whole being and not just living your life with physical desires and you learn how to manifest them in the school too and create whatever you want out here, but you also turn the desires into inner needs and inner urge to be your highest, fullest being and potential. So I haven’t found too much problem with that. I’ve noticed a couple times that some people comment on entities and stuff in schools and even the one time when I was in our Palatine school there was a director that talked about that and stuff, but I always just felt like this is the School of Metaphysics and this is where I lived and things are going to be okay and I had a powerful enough mind, so nothing ever seemed to bother me. Most of those experiences people have is actually kundalini experiences and doing that kind of stuff, but it can be entities too. 

Question: Kundalini experience being what?

Dr. Dan: Kundalini is your creative energy that rises up the spine and sometimes people have the kundalini rise up the spine and then it moves around and ‘cause they’re not directing their mind and their attention, it can cause what is sometimes called poltergeist activities. And that can be entities, but it can also be your kundalini moving around. Which brings me to another point concerning kundalini. We teach kundalini energy and from time to time we have people that have read books on it and said it it’s dangerous and I have never ever known anyone in the history of the School of Metaphysics to ever have any difficulty, problems or get hurt in any way and I have known them to gain many benefits from the raising and the use of kundalini the way we teach it which is by the will and the imagination, not artificially forced. So you only get as much of it as you earned. Therefore you can use it productively. Which by the way, one of the intuitive reports, who has surrender? About surrender? Yeah, and it talked about the relationship of surrender to kundalini and chakras and stuff. So basically, you’re surrendering your limitations, surrender your conscious mind’s limitations, that’s what you are surrendering. Therefore, the energy, the creative energy, is free to flow. That’s really the essence of what was said there. Anyone else? Larry, will the question I asked be useful for you, about the hieroglifics thing? Do you think you might investigate that a little bit? 

Larry: I suppose I could go to the library and do some looking. But that’s something I’m not familiar with at all.

Dr. Dan: Well, you could start with Bible interpretation using the dream symbols and we’ve got a couple good books on that here.

Larry: I’m into both of those books now. I read one for a way and then I go to the other one.

Dr. Dan: And then you might want to shift to some other holy book and see if you can transfer dream symbols over and Bible interpretation to some other book, whether it’s the Bhagavad Gita or the Upanishads or Veda or any other holy book. And then, from the library, you can get books that now have, they’ve learned to translate what the hierogliffs mean into English words, American words, English words. And so you can read those and find out this glyph means that and this gliff means that and this gliff means that and this symbol means that. And the same with mind. And then you can say, “Okay this gliff or symbol means this. They’ve translated it, that means usually it means several words or a sentence or two. Now how does that relate to dream symbols that I have found are universal. How can I connect that with what the meaning of this symbol is and what the meaning of it is translated into English and how do all three relate. And does that connect any with the Bible I’ve read or the Bhagavad Gita and how do those all connect. So you build these connections everywhere of universality symbols and universal language and universal connections and universal meanings. That’s how you do it. It’s not that daunting of a task as you might think because a lot of the foot work has been done and you’ve already done foot work or leg work with learning dream interpretation and the universal language of mind so you basically plug that in to what other people have done in translating these symbols into English words and do reasoning from there, connect and reasoning. Well, you came a long way from England for this. 

Answer: Got a long way to go too.

Dr.Dan: Yeah. Got a long way to go. 

Dr. Barbara: This gives you something to look forward too.

Dr. Dan: Don’t we all.

Dr. Barbara: That’s the essence of hope.

Dr. Dan: It’s important to, a thought to consider is that there’s not an end to learning and growth, so thankfully, ‘cause that way we don’t have to get bored, do we? So, we can keep learning no matter where we are at or what level we are on. Even if it’s not on this Earth plane. We complete all the lessons in the physical, our physical environment, physical world, we still have these inner planes of subconscious mind, superconscious mind and beyond. We can always continue to learn, and that’s what we are here to do. Always keep continuing learning and while we are doing it to aid other people to do the same thing. So I consider a successful physical life when you’ve added to your soul growth and spiritual development, when you’ve added to you whole self, you’ve added to your understanding of life and awareness and understanding truth, love, life, goodness, and creation and that you’ve aided others, hopefully many others to do the same, so they’ve quickened their soul progression at a higher rate because of knowing you than they would have if they hadn’t had known you. I consider that to be a pretty successful life. I consider that to be a pretty successful decade. I would consider that to be a pretty successful year. I would consider that to be a pretty successful month. I consider that to be a pretty successful week. And I consider that to be a pretty successful day if you accomplish those things.


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