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Energy….In India it is known as Prana – all pervading energy that comes from God and permeates all of creation. The Upanishads explain it this way.

“As fire, Prana burns; as the sun, he shines; as cloud, he rains, as Indra, he rules the gods; as wind , he blows; as the moon, he nourishes all. He is that which is visible and also that which is invisible. He is immortal life.”
(Prasna Upanishads, p. 46)

This energy is part of everything and provides the impetus for motion in our universe and all God’s creation. This passage illustrates the nature of existence which is motion, movement. Universal pranic energy pulses throughout our Universe and whole Mind. All the energy one ever needs for creating is available to him. 

Man needs energy to live. The source of the infinite energy is our Creator and the energy is part of all things. Most of humanity draws energy from finite sources like food, water, air, sunlight and breath. The thought of living directly from cosmic energy (another way of referring to prana) is foreign to most people. Souls have walked the planet who are masters in directing prana. These are the people who can live without food and water, a seemingly impossible feat. Any spiritual aspirant who deeply desires freedom of entrapment undertakes disciplines in his life to master control of the body. The School of Metaphysics draws on practices that are well known in ancient India. Specific disciplines teach the student what energy is, how it flows, how to direct it and ultimately how to tap into infinite energy. The steps that we teach are universal. 

When souls became entrapped in physical form, thus forgetting how to live directly from cosmic energy, food became a main source of energy. Most people believe they have to have food or they will perish. As we evolve into Spiritual Intuitive Man, we will live and create directly from cosmic energy and less from food, water and air. 

Most spiritual practices include disciplines with food. This is because food is a very dense way of receiving energy. In other words, it requires a lot of energy to digest and assimilate food in order to receive the life force energy from it. Therefore a diet that is light frees one’s energy for other uses.

Fruit day is one of the first disciplines a student in the School of Metaphysics learns about the true source of energy. The practice of only eating fruits and vegetables and drinking juices and water for two days a week is simple. This is the first time most people must come to terms with the cravings of the animal body and master them. When this is accomplished less energy is needed for digestion. For the student, energy previously spent on assimilating food is now free to be used elsewhere. Through this the will is developed. Mastery of the will is one of the strengths of Spiritual Intuitive Man. Strong will is required to control and direct the human body with full awareness. Eastern yogi masters have such power that they can manifest any form at will — human bodies included. 

Infinite energy always is. As man’s consciousness is freed from earthbound, finite things like food he naturally is more aware of the energy that is and was always present. Many students report that they feel lighter and more energized during fruit day as well as immediately following it. Additionally, fruit day cleanses the body over a period of time. Ridding the body of toxins is important in order to create a spiritual vehicle for an evolving spiritual consciousness.

Fasting is very much a part of experiencing infinite energy. Jesus lived for forty days and forty nights without food. How? His schooling in the ancient secrets of directing life force enabled him to do so. Jesus is one of many men and women who have walked the earth that are able to live without food.

Many yogis and saints from India have mastered the flow of cosmic energy. This is illustrated by their ability to live without food. Following is an excerpt from Paramahansa Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi. He calls Giri Bala the “woman yogi who never eats”.

“Tell me, Mother, from your own lips — do you live without food?

“That is true . . . From the age of twelve years four months down to my present age of sixty-eight — a period of over fifty-six years — I have not eaten food or taken liquids.”

“Are you tempted to eat?”

“If I felt a craving for food, I would have to eat.”

“But you do eat something!”

“Of course!. . . nourishment is derived from the finer energies of the air and sunlight, and from the cosmic power that recharges your body through the medulla oblongata.”

“Mother, what is the use of your having been singled out to live without eating?”

“To prove man is Spirit. To demonstrate that by divine advancement he can gradually learn to live by the Eternal Light and not by food.”
(Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda, p. 536-37)

Giri Bala uses kria yoga to live directly off of cosmic energy. Her use of concentration and meditation, according to her own testimony, is how she is able to tap into the divine source of energy. Her life is an example of what spiritual intuitive man will accomplish in the next root race.

Life Force
The ability to draw prana into the body through movement and breath is known in many cultures as martial arts and yoga. This is how Giri Bala was able to draw prana directly into her body and live without food. Life force forms, as taught in the School of Metaphysics are an important step toward manifesting the Universal Law of Infinity. These forms teach the student how to breath in cosmic energy from the ethereal into the physical. This is a function that usually happens unconsciously, few people know the power of breath. What previously happened unconsciously is now practiced while the student is alert. 

The life force forms direct the increased prana that is drawn in through deep rhythmic breathing throughout the body. Coordinating the forms with the breath is vital for optimum results. In the School of Metaphysics a student learns how to do life force forms after the practice of fruit day for some months. These enable the individual to consciously draw in life force and direct it through the body at will. Drawing on ancient Indian techniques, these forms help to balance the energy flow in the body as well as drawing in more energy. This is a significant step in understanding infinite energy. What once was left to the subconscious mind during the unconscious state of sleep is now coming under command of the conscious mind with awareness. Dramatic results occur for those who are disciplined. Life changes are made that bring the aspirant more in alignment with their soul’s desires and the urge to act on these increases. Often students change jobs, make new friends or take risks they never imagined – like public speaking or teaching. 

This is an essential step toward manifesting full conscious awareness. One of the greatest benefits of performing the life force forms is that the student needs less sleep which translates into more conscious awareness, thus a step toward immortality.

Hong Sau
The next step in mastering infinite energy is hong sau. This teaches students that they can be breathless and still exist. This is an amazing idea for nearly all people. We are taught that we have to have air to breath. It is quite possible for individuals to exist without breath for extended periods of time. Different than the life force forms, hong sau is meaningful because the technique frees the student to live on mental breath or directly from cosmic energy.

The sleepless saint, Ram Gopal Muzumdar is great example of living directly from the infinite cosmic energy. In his own words he describes the state of infinite awareness.

“For twenty years I occupied a secret grotto, meditating eighteen hours a day. Then I moved to a more inaccessible cave and stayed there for twenty-five years, remaining in yoga union for twenty hours daily. I did not sleep, for I was ever with God. My body was more rested by the complete calmness of supersconsciousness than it could have been by the imperfect peace of the ordinary subconscious state. The muscles relax during sleep; but the heart, lungs, and circulatory system are constantly at work; they get no rest. In superconsciousness, all internal organs remain in a state of suspended animation, electrified by the cosmic energy. by such means I have found it unnecessary to sleep for years.”(Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda, p. 163 )

These kinds of stories fuel the imagination for the thinker. What will it be like to live on energy alone? If one person can do it then the potential lies there for all mankind to follow suit. This lends perspective to the human man dilemma called the “energy crises”. The idea that we could run out of energy is a physical minded finite way of thinking. Nikola Tesla’s visionary research was based on belief in infinite energy. 

I believe Spiritual Intuitive Man will have command of cosmic energy, I believe this is the energy that I Am will use to create universes anew when enlightenment is achieved. 

Developed intelligence through reasoning determines the amount of prana that is drawn upon in any creation. A mind disciplined in concentration and meditation is powerful because more prana is drawn in and used. Therefore, one who is focused and practiced in spiritual disciplines has tremendous prana in their mind and body.


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