How Much is Your Education at SOM worth?

by Dr. Barbara  O'Guinn Condron

It's been a while since my primary experience was lecturing, doing radio shows, and talking constantly with people in big cities. I spent over a decade of my life invested in those experiences and the benefits are a part of my consciousness now. That's why I know it is important for you to be able to answer this question for yourself, and so you will possess a knowing, confident answer when others ask it of you.
Chancellor of COM, Dr. Daniel Condron, receives a newspaper called Investor's Business Daily. Every once in a while there is something he reads that he knows I would be interested in for my own knowledge or for our son's or our students'. Well, here is something I kept just for you.

I could talk about this in esoteric ways….how what I have learned through SOM is beyond monetary value because you can't buy it, or how I have brought to myself countless experiences and expertise in areas I only fantasized about in my young years, or how SOM has given me a way to fulfill my karma and dharma, and that would just be a beginning.
In this article, though, I want to talk dollars and sense.

The list in bold letters (below) was created by Investor's Business Daily based upon their "analyzing leaders and successful people in all walks of life. Most have 10 traits that, when combined, can turn dreams into reality." I teach our newest students to look at them in light of the concepts they are learning to put into action in their own consciousness and life through study at SOM. Everything mentioned here is taught in the first cycle of lessons!

1. How you think is everything. When did you first learn that thoughts are things? The power of Undivided attention, and how it works is taught the first week of class!

2. Decide upon your true dreams and goals. How many people know the equation for success in any endeavor? You know how the power of a 10 Most Wanted List works, and what causes it to work for you, for anyone.

3. Take action. How does a thought manifest into physical reality? This is how the power of concentration moves in your life. You learn the key to giving and receiving is with you at all times, in the power of breath.

4. Never Stop Learning. Being a student at SOM teaches you to become a whole, functioning Self, which means you grow into being your own teacher. Free, responsible, learning every moment. You fulfill the purpose of the conscious mind.

5. Be persistent and work hard. What is will power? How satisfying is it to know the energy you are expending reaches far beyond this time and this place? Fulfilling your karma is like a great exhalation.

6. Learn to analyze details. Visualization is a skill and an art that leads to command of the receptive and aggressive factors of creation. What about that Five Step, Five Day Reversal exercise for enhancing recall?

7. Focus your time and money. Concentration is a skill to be applied to your life, when it is you have command of this trait! Breathing teaches you how to value and use your energy efficiently.

8. Don't be afraid to innovate; be different. Chances are your student status in SOM attests to this one. Learning to perceive beyond the confines of the physical senses makes you a great innovator.

9. Deal and communicate with people effectively. From the Secret Sin and Harmony List to the Circle of Love and Healing to Class projects and SOM services, students are rich in opportunity to experience connectedness and learn the power of influence.

10. Be honest and dependable; take responsibility. What is that first certificate called? Respondere, Latin for responsibility. Learn well what you are taught in the first cycle of lessons and you have just completed a course Investor's Business Daily would endorse!

Congratulations on your great business sense! Now go out and tell someone the value of what you are learning!

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