Course of Study: 3. Third Cycle

The Third Cycle of lessons continues the exploration of subconscious mind into the more subtle energies and consciousness of the nonphysical mind. Memory is developed in the inner levels of mind resulting in direct glimpses of past experiences. In subconscious mind the Akashic Record is found and can be accessed for learning and growth. Imagination in the inner levels develops “second” sight, vision of what is unseen by the conscious mind. The capacity to perceive lines of probability are refined as the means to interpret images is learned.

–SB, female, Tulsa, Oklahoma
The stillness of the pond is reflective of the stillness of my mind. Every once in awhile there are waves reflecting my thoughts. Every once in awhile there are rings reflective of my creations. Dear God, I pray that my mind remain still so that I can hear you in every person and in every form of creation.
For both intuitive memory and intuitive imaging, expertise comes in proportion to the desire and willingness to practice. The benefits in life run the gamut from knowing which person to marry and why to knowing how to bring agreement between your “head” and your “heart. In fact, the entrainment of the inner and outer self, the subconscious and conscious minds, is taught through this cycle. The student discovers his/her soul mate.

Dream work evolves becoming increasing lucid. The student begins to distinguish the origin and purpose of dream communication. Dreaming becomes a familiar means for access to subconscious levels of existence, and the need for sleep decreases as the ability to consciously assimilate experiences improves. Visualization evolves beyond a series of techniques to an integrated command of thought. Increasingly each thought is created consciously, with purpose, and previously imaged thoughts can be viewed, reviewed and sometimes altered on their way to physical manifestation.

The third and fourth stages of meditation are experienced as the student learns how to create the states of consciousness described as expectant experiencing and expectant identity. Stillpoint Focus™ applied toward the direct experiencing of subconscious mind empowers the student to know Self in ways not possible previously. Now the student can harmonize his own mind and harmonize his mind with others’ minds to deeper understanding, connection, and communication. The parent now knows the child, the husband/wife the spouse, the employee the manager, and so forth.

–DL, male, Indianapolis, Indiana
Metaphysics always made sense to me, but I was at somewhat of a loss in knowing how to apply it to my life. I understood many of the concepts, but it was only when I began to learn to tie all of these concepts together than life really began to make sense for me. Having actually taught this process of self-discovery to many, many people is worth all of the money in the world because I know that I am making a difference in their lives and in the world. What more can a person ask for?
Applying intelligence and energy toward creating balance and wholeness brings greater understanding of the power to heal. Freeing the mind to perceive existing causes and initiate new ones, opens the door to permanent healing. Pranayama (breathwork) is now integrated in the functioning of subconscious and conscious minds as a whole, functional unit. Talents previously taken for granted are now accepted by the maturing conscious mind and the individual’s dharma, what he has to offer the world, becomes clear.

In addition to lesson material and spiritual disciplines, advanced study includes a wide variety of reading material. In-class study of the world’s Holy Scriptures in the language of mind include the Dhammapada and theTao Te Ching. Application of what is learned occurs through service to the community and expanded teaching. A thesis and oral examination are also required for earning the Certificate of Completion of the Doctis Divinus. Upon successful completion of all requirements, formal application is submitted to the National Education Committee which award this certificate to qualifying students.

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