Course of Study: 2. Second Cycle

The Second Cycle of lessons explores the inner levels of the lower subconscious mind offering instruction in understanding and use of its abilities. Lessons in visualization explain the integral relationship between the waking mind and the inner recreative faculty. Expertise is built in transforming daydreaming into directed imagery for the fulfillment of desires.

–CA, female, Colorado Springs, Colorado



I am reaching into my soul, my spirit, I Am.
This sacred place of worship formed by earth, stones, trees and wind lifts my heart. 
I feel the vibration of creation resonating. Imagination is a blessing from God.
As I use my imagination wisely I know my reason to exist.

The creation of thought is defined and practiced as the essence of clear communication, and the student learns to project and receive thoughts with control thus becoming consciously aware of the power of influence, whether his own or that of others. Intuitive sciences including thought form creation, amplification, resonance, and reception are experienced bringing previously mysterious abilities out into the open. Through experiencing telepathy, clairvoyance, or psychokinesis on purpose, the student removes misconceptions he or she may have learned thus freeing self from the doubt and fear such ideas spawn.

Out-of-body experiences are investigated as the student learns to utilize the refined, inner level bodies as a vehicle for experiencing. Both inner and outer projections of consciousness introduce the student to existences beyond the physical body. One way this is practiced occurs during dream states, where the student learns how to induce, continue, and replay dreams. Command of what is commonly called lucid dreaming is gained and precognitive dreams are explored.

–KG, female, Palatine, Illinois
I have learned more about myself and how mind works in the past three years than in the previous 27 years of my life. This is an educational organization that aids people to reach their highest potential. One of the greatest things the school has taught me is the importance of service.
Further instruction in ever-deepening meditative states brings greater communion with the Higher Self and all of creation. The student learns to exist within, apart from the physical body and sensory experience, by harnessing the life force energies that feed the inner levels of the subconscious mind. Concepts of energy transformation as demonstrated in the lower chakras aid in understanding the relationship between creative mind and substance. This enhances the student’s ability to produce wholeness and health in Self and others.

In addition to lesson material and spiritual disciplines, advanced study includes a wide variety of reading material. In-class study of the world’s Holy Scriptures in the language of mind include the Bhagavad Gita, a portion of the world’s longest poem, the Mahabarata, and the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Application of what is learned occurs out of the classroom through laboratory work. Leadership skills are developed in several areas of service to the community where students live, and graduate teaching is a requirement for earning the Qui Docet Discit degree awarded at the end of this series. Students studying in this cycle are eligible to apply for full time study at the College of Metaphysics.

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