Course of Study: 4. Fourth Cycle

The Fourth Cycle of lessons introduces the student to the principles which cause the laws of the universe to function. The impetus from which the universe was initiated, the scientific big bang and spiritual creation, is the pouring of transcendent energy into arrangements of space and expansion through the field of time.

–KL, female, Dallas, Texas
Everything has been worth it. Every moment spent in meditation. Every moment shared with another seeker. Every service to aid someone in need. Every smile, embrace, thought. The world has changed because I have changed. I reach in every moment for the completeness of consciousness I know I am capable of– the superconsciousness that connect us all. When I fall short, I am free to perceive why and adjust, coming back into the Light. More and more I remain there. More and more I know I AM.
As soon as this energy enters the field of time, it breaks into pairs of opposites of duality. The one becomes two. With two we discover three ways to relate; one dominates, or the other dominates, or the two are balanced. Thus the two opens the way to the three. Out of these three manners of relationship all things within the four quarters of space are derived and the multiplicity of creation is born. The revelation of consciousness pursued in this final series enables the many to become one.

Focusing on the origin of consciousness and its expression in the superconscious levels of mind, this series offers instruction in transcendent consciousness resulting in realization of the whole Self. Most people live but a fractional image of what exists. The quest to know what gives life, breadth, and depth culminates in the individual evolution as a creative center from which universes and all things come. Advanced instruction in meditation teaches the student to exist beyond vibratory creation, becoming the creator of vibration. The enlightened consciousness sees the diverse and the unity in everything, never losing the sense of form. Consciousness becomes reality for the master or mystic whether in waking or dream states. Knowing the secrets of visualization and the qualities of thought which govern higher energy transformation prepare the thinker to exist and live in all levels of consciousness simultaneously. The integration of awareness in every level of expression of energy produces the transcendent states characterized by the arousal of what is known in the East as Kundalini.

From the periodic chart of elements to the Biblical lineage of Adam to Jesus, from the DNA structure of the physical body to the mystical teachings of the Upanishads, this series explores quantum physics from its metaphysical origin. By uniting the precepts and reasoning of Western science with the yogic and intuitive teachings of the East, the student develops a universal consciousness of humanity’s shared purpose for existence.

When all requirements for this series are fulfilled, including an assigned dissertation, the candidate makes formal application for oral examination to the National Education Committee which award the Certificate of Completion of the Homo Doctus.

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