Happiness Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Beth has been in and out of hospitals for severe depression for most of her adult life.  She had been unable to work causing financial difficulties.  Lacking energy, she found it challenging to get the most common household duties accomplished.  The medications she was on only made the lack of energy worse.

Her husband seemed understanding but she knew he was concerned about money.  She continually worried that she was not good enough for him, and that he would leave her.  This added to her depression and she retreated to her house watching TV, hiding from the world.

Every New Year’s Eve Beth vowed, “This year things will be different!”  She had goals.  She wanted to be able to contribute to the family financially and to be confident in her relationship with her husband and friends.  Despite her new, yearly resolutions she gave up in frustration because of medical difficulties.

Then, a friend invited her to a lecture on “Permanent Healing” at the School of Metaphysics.

“It was the first time I even considered that I could do something about my depression,” says Beth.  “I learned that my thoughts and attitudes play a big part in my health.  This is the first time I had hope that I could live a life without drugs and hospitals.  I signed up for class that evening, because I wanted to learn how to cause permanent healing within myself.”

“Many people dream of a better life,” says Dr. Laurel Clark, president of the School of Metaphysics.  Clark has been teaching adults the essential life skills necessary for a successful and fulfilling life for the last 30 years.  “People envision becoming healthier, more accomplished at a talent or skill, strengthening their resolve to break habits or develop new ones.”

According to USA.gov, the most popular New Year’s Resolutions center around improved health and wellness which include reducing stress, losing weight, stopping smoking and getting fit, along with improving family relationships and better finances.  So if wanting a better life is common why is it so hard to attain?  Ninety-two percent of people will fail to keep their resolutions according to PR.9 news network.  “By late February the will power to make the resolution stick is gone,” Clark says.

Clark sites three steps necessary to change self-defeating patterns and bring about productive change.  The first step is knowing exactly what you want.  The second step is learning to listen to the inner Self through meditation.  Third, learning proper perspective, knowing what to do first and how to follow through, teaches people how to accomplish all they dream of, says Clark. “Manifesting your dreams is more than positive thinking.”  She adds, “It is learning the scientific principles and universal laws of creation that anyone can understand.”

The School of Metaphysics course of study specializes in teaching the development of individual potential.  In the first 10 lessons, the individual learns:

  • the formula for success
  • how to develop goals
  • from every situation in their life developing the ability to see new possibilities
  • to concentrate thus improving follow-through on desires
  • inner listening skills through meditation and dream interpretation
  • a greater understanding of friendships and how to cause harmony even with those people they are at odds with in the home or at work
  • to meditate
  • the nature of healing and wholeness

In the first 10 weeks of study at the School of Metaphysics, Beth found a renewed interest in life.  She found a job that gave her flexibility in hours.  She started a walking program with a friend which helped improve her energy levels and she started meeting more people.

As her outlook improved Beth started talking with her doctor about decreasing some of the medications she was taking for depression.  “I’m very excited by what I’m learning at the School of Metaphysics,” says Beth.  “My husband has noticed many changes in me and is very interested in what I’m learning.”

She encouraged him to list a house that they had wanted to sell but needed a lot of work to fix up.  “Once we made the commitment to sell, we had a phone call the next day from a neighbor down the road that wanted to buy the house.  They wanted to fix it up for their newly married daughter and son-in-law.  We got more money for the house than we anticipated.  This allowed us to move into a new house that fit our needs better.”  Beth and her husband’s financial fears came to a fortunate end.

 Skills developed through the course of study offered at the School of Metaphysics are applicable in all areas of life.  Clark adds, “This course gives tried and true methods of mental discipline and daily application that anyone can put into practice to learn how to cause change.  Unexpected benefits include greater peace of mind, a growing inner security, and a happier and more joyful attitude about life and people.”

New classes are registering now. Look for a School of Metaphysics branch near you.


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