The Essence of Breath, the Power of Word by Dr. Daniel Condron

The Essence of Breath, the Power of Word


from the pages of Thresholds



by Dr. Daniel Condron

In this issue I will be presenting the results of an intuitive breathing session in which I rebirthed Terryll Nemeth. The session was given on March 17, 2001 at the Moon Valley Ranch. The same location at which all such sessions are held on the College of Metaphysics campus.

This session was Terryll’s fourth. She had been having wonderful experiences in the previous three sessions but had not said much verbally. Prior to beginning the fourth session I suggested that Terryll speak words as they came to her during the session. This was for the purpose of more fully manifesting and thereby understanding the growthful movement forward into enlightenment and the light of awareness that was taking place within her. For you see we, as human beings in order to fully integrate new learning into our consciousness, must bring our thoughts out from inside into our waking life which is our physical environment.

It is through giving, teaching, and sharing that we learn to receive on the highest levels of consciousness. So in speaking out loud the experiences she was having, Terryll was able to receive them back into herself thus producing a more powerful and lasting effect. In addition I was able to write these words down for her in order that she might read them later integrating even more fully into herself.

What follows then is Terryll Nemeth’s fourth rebirthing session.

“I had been breathing for awhile when the breath took over on its own. The voice that I had been communicating with the two previous sessions spoke to me. I was wondering who or what I was communicating with. In the first communication, the voice answered this question for me by revealing that it was the “I Am” my Lord God. This is the divine Self and inner teacher. He said:

See he comes amidst the clouds.
I Am he, know me.
Always know that I Am here.
You must know me.

Your time is now.
Not then! (This reference is to the past) Now!
Look forward,
Dwell now, dwell now.

I have a desire to be a loving individual, to radiate God’s love to others, to be a healing presence. I know I react to people sometimes and do not see them through the eyes of God, and I desire to do this. So I placed my attention on this desire and the Lord God addressed my concern.

Love is here. Love is the Key. (In me and the ever-present now)
In a smile, in a look,
In their eyes, in their gaze.
It is the path to their heart.
If you do not see it,
You must surrender to me.

I then asked how I could be in touch with God’s love, compassion and healing energy, which was manifesting as the chi or ki energy that was beginning to flow through me as it had in the two previous rebirthing sessions. My inner teacher answered:

You have it.
I am there always, there always.

I asked, “How do I know?” This question was in reference to the energy I was experiencing through me. I wanted to know how I could call upon the healing energy of God. The answer is:

Look for it!
Expect it.
Expect it always!
Expect it, give it, and you will know its fullness.

The energy came more fully through me. I was directed to put my hands above my head. Energy began to flow through my hands. I reached for Dr. Dan at my side, and gave energy to him. After a while, the energy began to flow more strongly. It flowed to the point that my hand almost went numb.

Then my hand eventually moved to my heart chakra, and energized it. Next, the right hand covered the brow chakra, and I wondered what was happening with it. I heard the words, “clearing, clearing,” and my question was answered. After a while, one hand went to my solar plexus area. During the energizing of the chakras, my inner teacher said:

Must expect, you must believe
And you will know.
Know my child, know, know,
Know, know, know, know.
Hold me always, always.

Expect, give and know.

I asked to know how love fit into these steps, and the Lord God said:

Love is already there, it is in this.
It is in this.

My hands and arms formed the prayer pose. As the Lord God said:

This is to hold me near.

There was a realization with this prayer pose as the hands were positioned over the heart chakra. It is symbolic of holding the essence, energy or connection with God near.

You have it, my child.
We are done, we are done.

I had perceived that God existed between the spaces in energy and thought, and I asked about this. The Lord God answered:

Yes I am between the spaces.”


We can all come to learn how to experience the Lord God. The School of Metaphysics teaches how to reach into the deepest levels of mind to know this. A major reason for Terryll’s tremendous and rapid success with this form of pranayama is she had practiced meditation, concentration, visualization, healing, life force exercises and causing a quickening of soul growth for over a decade before she began this form of intuitive breathing. We have found this to be true with many of the people who have been brought through sessions of intuitive breathing. It is another great verification of the great mental, emotional and physical benefits and growth and alignment of Self that comes from the mental exercises and spiritual disciplines all students of metaphysics in the School of Metaphysics perform.•

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