Ley Lines of the Spirit by Dr. Daniel Condron

Ley Lines of the Spirit


from the pages of Thresholds



by Dr. Daniel Condron

On March 5, 2001, I rebirthed Tad Messenger. Tad has completed his year at the College of Metaphysics and is moving toward being a member of the faculty. I chose this rebirthing experience to share with you in this issue of Thresholds because it contains some very valuable and enlightening knowledge and experience concerning the College of Metaphysics campus, the land, the energy and the consciousness.

One of the terms Tad uses in his rebirthing session which I find necessary to define is Ley lines. Ley lines are the energy meridians of the Earth. Earth is a living being, as such has energy meridians much like our physical bodies possess energy meridians. It is these energy meridians of the body that acupuncture and acupressure open up when blockages have occurred thus healing or helping to heal the patient.

The ancients were aware of these ley lines and placed stelae at the acupuncture meridians along these lay lines of the Earth. Then they built temples where two or more ley lies intersected. This is exactly what we are now doing at the College of Metaphysics. We intend to build and place geometrical structures at the intersections of energy ley lines of the earth which are on campus. I have found these intuitively, as have others. They have also been located with dowsing rods as well as in this rebirthing session, as you will read.

In this way, we will increase the power and raise the consciousness and vibration of our College of Metaphysics campus and the world.

I started out breathing, then falling off the breath, sleepy; My extremities felt cold and Dr. Dan put a blanket over me that covered me up to just below my chest. As I continued to breath, I felt the blanket and thought of Revelation where the sash across the chest symbolizes use of superconscious not needing to use the conscious physical world any more and that is where I put my attention – all on the breath and spirit.

It was no longer difficult for me to breath intuitively, in fact it was invigorating. Then, I felt the Holy Spirit wash over me. My first thought was “welcome the Great One, the Christ”. There were no visions, just light and a feeling of great energy coursing through me. I twitched or twisted every once in a while to make my body a better instrument for the Holy Spirit to use. I surrendered to it. And I heard it say that our undertaking was blessed (the SOM). We were in the right place and preparing the way for the arrival of the Great One. I felt very grateful, happy, at peace (a great, deep peace) and smiled.

My consciousness was very alert. At one point I felt my hands go over my head as the spirit went through me. Once I noticed that my thumbs were touching my first two fingers like we do in healing; When the spirit had completely washed over me, I lay still with my hands lying flat, palms turned upward. I felt as if my whole being were healed. All the convulsing, twitching, and difficulty focusing on the breathing in the beginning, were all superfluous sub space chatter, limitations that keep me entrapped. When the holy spirit came into me I noticed I couldn’t help smiling and occasionally laughing.

When I was still, relaxed, filled with light, and healed, I savored it and then began a vision. At first, I turned into a butterfly, then an eagle. I soared above the Niangua River and noticed that the Turkey buzzards that soared along the river followed the air currents and a ley line. I followed the line across Hildebrand Ridge going west. First on the ridge, I saw one ley line going NNE, SSW intersecting the one I followed, right by a spot for our chapel. Then going west it intersected in two more places. One where John Crainshaw and I found and another, the biggest one right where the pyramid is. I saw the pyramid, its amber lights, its whole form as it penetrated the ground and air. Then I moved back, or upward to see how its energy interacted with the rest of the environment. As I did, I kept going upward very fast, out into the universe, seeing the planets, galaxies floating around. A thought appeared that with our pyramid, alien life would communicate and respond. It also gave me a perspective of how silly my limitations and physical entrapments are compared to the grand scheme of the Creator and of our mission.

Then I came back. I felt like I had been healed by a master physician, like coming out of a chiropractors office with everything in alignment, all my senses clear and sensitive. The next rebirthings will be much easier to get in.”

©2001 Vol. 19 No. 2




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