Intuitive Breathing by Dr. Daniel Condron

Intuitive Breathing


from the pages of Thresholds



by Dr. Daniel Condron

I have a mind that is always reaching to expand. I have an inner drive to know.

As Chancellor of the College of Metaphysics, I am constantly bringing out of my consciousness ways for the School of Metaphysics to grow, the Interfaith Church to grow, the College of Metaphysics to expand and for students to expand their consciousness at an accelerated rate.

Thus it was that Leonard Orr’s book Breaking the Death Habit came to my attention. I had noticed it once before in the bookstore but had not purchased it. The second time the urge was so strong I accepted the mental manifestation of my inner urge. I got the book, read it, and wrote Leonard Orr.

Writing authors is not new to me. In fact, I have taught students at the College of Metaphysics to write other authors of books we carry through SOM.

In the last year there have been three authors who have stood out in my consciousness. One of these three had Leonard Orr as a teacher. I could see the way this energy was moving me.

After receiving my package of materials including the 25th anniversary edition of Thresholds, Leonard Orr telephoned me at the College of Metaphysics. He said he would like to come visit us. The visit was arranged. Leonard finished the conversation by saying that he was pretty sensitive or intuitive having done rebirthing for many years and said his perception of the School of Metaphysics is “it is rock solid.”

Leonard Orr came to the College of Metaphysics. His student Marcia Roismann rebirthed me and then Leonard rebirthed me. I talked to my wife, Dr. Barbara Condron, and she agreed to be rebirthed. Then the process of rebirthing other members of the faculty began.

While Leonard and Marcia were here we offered them Past Life Intuitive Reports, Past Life Crossings and Health Analyses, and a Business Analysis. It was a great exchange of knowledge, wisdom, and experience.
This process continues. The exchange between our two organizations continues. Leonard and Marcia trained me to be a rebirther so that others could be rebirthed after they left. I believe it is enriching everyone involved.
Below is my wife Barbara’s first experience with rebirthing. I’m sure you will find it fascinating. I intend to follow it up with future articles in Thresholds.

“I entered my session completely open to whatever the experience would be. I handed myself over quite literally to my rebirther Marcia Roismann who had come from England to train with Leonard and who had accompanied him on his visit. Before we started, she explained in words what we would be doing. Following her gentle and skillful direction, was indeed an experience that fills my heart with gratitude, my mind with stimulation, and my spirit with awe.

The session moved in four distinct stages for me. This is what I wrote in my journal.

“I first noticed how the life force was withdrawn from my extremities, my hands and feet, as occurs in meditation. There was the tingle that sometimes accompanies this and then the numbness from lack of attention.
All the attention was drawn to what was occurring with the energy in the spine. This was chakra energy moving from root to crown to solar plexus and then broadcasting out. This was the natural movement on its own, independent of my conscious will.

When I shifted the focal point of breathing to the chest as Marcia directed, the energy would move from the solar plexus to the heart. I had difficulty transferring my breath center to the upper chest and out of the solar plexus because I was overcoming the inertia of practicing deep rhythmic forms of breathing (practices learned and developed at SOM) for 25 years.

Like a concentration exercise, I returned my attention to the flame whenever it would drift. In this case the candle flame was the upper chest area between my heart and throat. It was not at all uncomfortable but rather a wonderful change I embraced because it was enlightening.

I experienced four stages, dictated by when I would go deeper. At each stage I would reach a point of breathlessness and Marcia would pull me out to breath more physically again.

Stage 1: withdrawing energy from extremities and body. Out of body stage.

Stage 2: Energy movement along chakra flows from root to crown and incorporating connector of solar plexus or heart.

Stage 3: Energies in throat chakra. Sound of om with overtones, Kundalini up the spine. Stage 4: Energy out crown of the head into dream state.

I had the sense that this is Atlantean energy. Old energy. Prana. Perceived what I would later learn is the Earth Grids- its energy is relevant to Wesak, Circles of Love, 1993 Parliament of the World’s Reliigions, Observing this energy and plugged into it.

Aware and unaware of outer environment. Marcia left to go to the restroom and talked with someone (probably Leonard) in the kitchen. I was then aware that she went to her room. I returned to the body, unsure of what I was to do next. I reflected a moment before getting up, figuring we must be finished. Drank some water then Dr. Dan came into the house and we talked. Marcia returned, surprised I was up. I realized she thought I had fallen asleep and so had left me to rest.”

This was the first of many sessions. I am profoundly grateful to Leonard Orr for being who he is and for Daniel Condron for inviting him to come. And I am grateful to the powers that be that insured that my first rebirthing experience would be in the hands of the master. There is grace in that, that I am coming to respect more and more each day.Ô

I hope to combine many of our experiences and insights from rebirthing into book form this winter. What this form of spiritual practice is bringing to me personally, and to many of the teachers here at the School of Metaphysics, is truly awesome. Embracing this particular form of pranayama in our teachings is presenting itself as a natural evolution that will enable the School of Metaphysics to better fulfill its purpose for existence in the new millennium. As Leonard often says, “Mind and breath are the King and Queen of Human Consciousness”…maybe that’s a book title in itself!

©2000 Vol. 18 No. 4




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