Gems & Crystals! Something Old, Something New By Kathleen “Kas” Kautsch

Gems & Crystals


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Gems & Crystals!
Something Old, 
Something New

By Kathleen “Kas” Kautsch


Atlantis is the oldest legendary crystal oriented civilization. This advanced culture is believed to have used crystals to channel the cosmic energy. They were used for tele-pathic communicators to the God source as well as with each other, and also for healing and for generating a form of energy used in daily living.

It is believed Atlantis was destroyed because of misuse of sacred knowledge such as reading other people’s minds, or transmitting thoughts to control one’s action by using crystals.

The uncorrupted ones, it is thought, who wished to preserve sacred knowledge, programmed special crystals with information and rematerialized them into the earth. Their inner knowing told them that, at the right time, the crystals would be reborn. They would then attract the people who could attune and receive the wisdom. These crystals are marked with raised triangles on one of the termination faces.

Before the destruction occurred, many Atlanteans went to Egypt and Southern Mexico. There they built pyramids using crystalline theories. The shape of a pyramid is an octahedron, the same as a diamond, a formation of the cubic system.

Much of the crystal wisdom was lost in an effort to take it and keep it from misuse. Some knowledge was passed down through the ages, branching off from the Atlantean culture.

The Bible, in Exodus, mentions the sacred breastplate, fabricated with divine guidance. It was set with twelve jewels, specifically combined. The gems were: sardonyx, topaz, carbuncle (ruby), emerald, sapphire, diamond, ligure (lapis), agate, amethyst, beryl, onyx and jasper. It was to be worn specifically over the heart and it would endow Aaron with the power of God. 

The kings of India were advised to collect the finest gems to protect themselves and make them wiser. Mayan and American Indians used the crystals for diagnosis, as well as treatment for disease. Large quartz crystals were used by American Indians for seeing in special ceremonies. Cherokees used them to give aid in hunting and divining.

Today’s Uses:

Crystals are used to magnify and transmit energies Rubies, natural and synthetic, are used in lasers for micro surgery. Quartz crytals are used in ultra sound devices, in watches and memory chips in computers. They are also used in oscillators for controlling radio frequencies, in electronic equipment, capacitors to modify energy capa-city in circuits and condensors that will store energy.

One type of energy a crystal emits is called piezoelectric. It means having the ability to develop surface electric charges when sub-jected to elastic deformation (squeezed).

Crystal energy is for the New Age, the Age of Intuitive Man. Much information has just become available again. The sacred knowledge needs to be used for aiding in healing our bodies and the advancement of consciousness. 

Crystals are merely a tool, here to aid and enhance our lives, whether it be the physical beauty they impart, or the energy the emit. They are one of God’s wonderous creations for us to enjoy.

A horticulturist knows that a flower will grow in one type of soil or with one mineral deposit and not another. Other minerals must be added or neutralized to allow proper growth. So we, as do flowers, find ourselves lacking a vibration that would benefit our growth. We may be led by our inner guidance to seek some vibrational additive, which can be a gem or mineral.

This is not suggesting we cannot do this or any growth without the use of tools. It can all come from within ourselves. However, we can reach the level we desire faster with the aid of a gem or mineral used as an amplifier of our own energy. All of the healing and expansion of consciousness comes from within.

If all things are of the one universal energy and everything that physically exists is an external manifestation of energy, vibratory rate, or a combination, it is easily understood that each mineral has its own special proper-ties or vibrations. The bonding process of the crystalline structures, seven of them, create vibration to bond the atoms in the structure, so it creates the energy emitted.

To use this energy, all it takes is an open mind, a willingness to learn and listening to our own inner knowing that will guide us.

Kathleen “Kas” Kautsch is a gemologist, jewelry designer, goldsmith. She has studied the metaphysical properties of gems and crystals for 12 years.


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