Essence of Intuitive Breathing by Dr. Daniel Condron

Essence of Intuitive Breathing


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The Essence of Intuitive Breathing
by Dr. Daniel Condron

In the past several issues I have presented enlightening experiences of teachers in the School of Metaphysics who went through Intuitive Breathing processes with me. In some of these they talked with God or their High Self or perceived the energy grid of the College of Metaphysics campus.

The following experience is just as powerful. In some ways many people may identify a similar structure of thinking in themselves. The essence of the following intuitive breathing experience is freedom. Freedom from the limitations of the past. Freedom to live more fully in the present. Freedom to be conscious instead of limited by unconscious guilt or condemnation.

This is Jay McCormick’s intuitive breathing experience.

This was my 8th intuitive breathing session. The was my most transformative session thus far. I began intuitive breathing stimulated by the very awesome spiritual visions that another student had with their most recent session, I was determined to be as fully open as possible and give myself completely to the breathing, follow it and ALSO have a really neat experience.

The breathing continued for about twenty minutes slowly building up to a crescendo. I began to experience tremendous tension in my left arm and a flood of energy in the upper part of my face. I began to feel a tremendous emotion coming out of me, from seemingly nowhere, but yes it was most certainly ME! I asked the best I could for Dr. Dan and the assistant to hold up their hands in case I felt the need to hit them somewhat hard with my fists. It was the only way to release the powerful emotion I was feeling. It as like I had to do it. I was breathing experiencing tremendous tension and outright pain in my left arm, and a seemingly un-reversible tension in my face. I continued breathing.

Tears began to flow, and I really experienced such a terrible-ness from a deep place inside me. In the midst of experiencing it I knew that I was releasing it. Letting it go for good. Whatever it was – I really at that moment didn’t know. I know myself quite well, however, what was going on right then I was not consciously aware of. I trusted what was occurring and went with it.

Then a phrase began to echo through my head, over and over, ‘I am not responsible. It’s not my fault. I am not responsible. It’s OK.’ over and over. It was like I was telling myself that. I realized that I had deeply internalized and summarily repressed a feeling of personal responsibility for my parent’s angry divorce when I was 14. In my family, we really didn’t openly talk about our emotions and what was really happening. I kind of shared a little with my mother but certainly not with my father. He pretended. He covered over what was really going on all the time within himself and didn’t really have much interest in hearing what you were experiencing or feeling either. He never openly confronted and talked about his own thoughts and/or feelings about himself. I also did the same with mine.

Only now, in this session , a deeply rooted thought – that I am responsible for my parent’s divorce – was washed away in the cleansing and purifying practice of breathing. It was astonishing to my conscious mind that it was really in me like that, I really did respond like that because I would have never thought that I did. I am curious as to what else lies in my mind that I can become conscious of and release.

After the session was over, it as like my entire consciousness was being re-shuffled around. I walked around in a half-daze, kind of wondering who I was! It’s like a block at the bottom of a stack of blocks is quickly pulled out and all of the blocks above it shuffle and re-capitulate themselves to fit their new configuration. What can I do now? How can I express? What do I really think about anything? Everything? It as an immediate core-level re-evaluation of myself at all levels. It just was the natural by-product of that release, the immediate freedom I felt. It was so wonderful. I was looking out of my eyes for what it seemed like the first time. I really felt reborn. I developed a desire to get to know myself all over again and for others to get to know me all over again! In the several weeks that followed, I kept a log of various things in myself that I noticed were different.

One of the things was that I was more emotionally expressive with greater confidence. Another was that my mental and creative energy flowed with such a refreshing ease that I began and still do enjoy life to a greater degree – I can ‘process’ my emotions more openly – I take a more active part in office and social gatherings – interactions with students and fellow classmates – I let people into my life a little more. If I am frustrated, then I don’t try to hide it – I have less insecurity about what people think about me and am more able to just be me in all situations. More spontaneous. I began to write as part of a book I am creating – the words flowed from my fingers as easily as when I wrote my 74 page science-fiction story as a child. It was like in some small yet large measure I was a little more free. For that I am grateful. I am grateful to God, to my teacher and assistant at the session, and grateful that I can bring more of me to my own learning, my teachers, students, family, friends, and everyone else that I meet. I desire to assist others to be free from unconscious thought patterns which produce emotional blocks, because with freely flowing emotion, great and wonderful creation is possible. Amen.”

There are seven levels of mind. Seven levels of consciousness. Our physical world is the seventh level of Mind. The sixth level of mind is known as the emotional level. The emotional level of Mind is intimately connected with our physical world. This is why we experience emotions as almost physical experiences.

The insight Jay gained through his breathing experience provided a means whereby his emotions could flow again as they are naturally meant to do. As long as the emotions are suppressed or repressed, the way to the inner levels of Mind, the Higher levels of consciousness, is blocked.

Jay is now progressing more rapidly than ever before in his soul growth and spiritual development. Because of this he is in a greater position to aid many more people to a greater degree than ever before to know Self and all of Mind.

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