Intuitive Business Analysis By Leah Morris

One of my favorite things about being a student at the College of Metaphysics is the opportunity to entrain my mind with intuitive reports that are given for people all over the world right here at Headquarters.  Each report, whether it be an Intuitive Health Analysis, a Family Profile, or an Intuitive Business Analysis helps me to understand Creation and the Creator on a whole new level.

Each report that I transcribe is a piece of the Creator manifested through a unique individual.  Intuitive reports are an inroad to the depths of I AM, to understanding why we are here.

Like a telescope helps us to see the stars more clearly, intuitive reports give us an opportunity to See through one person’s unique consciousness, Universal Truths that help us to answer our own personal questions.  When I transcribe an intuitive report, I have the opportunity to benefit from lifetimes of effort that the individual receiving the report has put forth to produce understandings.  To receive this is a sacred and beautiful experience.

I was recently given the honor of transcribing an Intuitive Business Analysis which is much like a dharma report, a past life profile, and a creative mind report all combined into one.   The report audio was an hour long.

The question that is given to the Intuitive Reporter states, “You will examine the essence of this business through its intelligent design to its fruition.  You will relate the transference of energies both within this business and without offering suggestions to assist in fulfilling this company’s chosen mission.”

After entraining with the Truth given within this particular Business Analysis, I have a new perspective of the connection between mind, spirit, and the physical world.  All levels of consciousness are present in any given experience.  As we learn to use the mind and to perceive consciousness from within the inner levels, our perspective can expand to accommodate causal thought and creation.

One of the fascinating things that I discovered from transcribing this report was in regard to how the Universal Law of Attraction and the Universal Law of Relativity work together.

The seed idea for this business as given in the report, was created in response to a need to provide a sense of family, security and shelter to others.  The report describes a gap between the Universal ideal of family that the business owners hold in mind and the day-to-day practicum  of the business.  According to the report, the gap in the ideal can be fulilled by wielding the Universal Law of Relativity.


The report states,

“The expansiveness of the attitude of family and it being of a higher caliber than blood lines would be helpful.  This sense of family is not karmic, it does not contain the restrictions of karmic dictates.  It allows for the more expanded view of choice of other human beings as being relative.
In order to understand this company, there will need to be an understanding of the law of relativity applied to the law of infinity.  The reliance upon the law of attraction is a beginning.  To remain there, it becomes a weakness.  The expansiveness of extending the employee base to reflect the multi-character of humanity would be a place to begin.”

This stimulated me to contemplate the relationship between the Universal Law of Attraction and the Universal Law of Relativity.

In any creation, the seed idea is always present and is in a process of manifestation.  We attract the seed idea that we hold within our consciousness, whether we are aware of it or not.  When we have a seed idea in our minds that includes other people, such as this particular business, it is important to bring this essence all of the way out into the physical world through interaction and communication with others.

I began to ask myself, how can the business owners move from relying upon the Law of Attraction, which is limiting to the current expression of the seed thought, to expanding the business through the Law of Relativity applied to the Law of Infinity?

One way I practice aligning with the Law of Relativity is to consciously look for the connections, the patterns that exist with the people in my environment at any given moment.  The depth and breadth of the Truth that everything is connected can expand outwardly, traveling the roads of the past and leaping into future probabilities.  When the seed thought is clear and there is a commitment to it, expectation and faith become a powerful magnetic force.  Each of us are attracting the seeds within our consciousness all of the time.

It can be fun and exciting to ask, “I wonder why this person has crossed my path today?  I wonder if there is something they need that I can give them? I wonder if they or someone they know has exactly what I have been looking for to fulfill my goals?”  To consciously apply the Law of Relativity, I ask people questions about themselves with the intention of finding the connection or the commonality with who I am, what I am creating, or what I have to give.  This is a way to accelerate the manifestation of a seed thought into the physical world.

The Law of Attraction works based on our thoughts.  In order to apply the Law of Attraction to manifest our creative thoughts, we must bring the idea into the physical world through our choices and interactions with others.  The report also continued to say that no matter how in harmony with the Universe the seed thought or ideal is, without the commitment to it through Intelligent action, it will dissipate.

 In the business, there is a need to consciously connect with other people as family and in doing so, much more of the needs of the business can be fulfilled.  This is how to close the gap between the Universal vision of family that the business owners hold in mind and its expression in the daily practicum of the business, which is largely dependent upon the employees.

As this need is responded to, the business will fulfill many needs of the individuals within the realm of its creation, thus being able to serve a greater field of people.

To consciously wield the Law of Relativity is to expand the attention to choose and find the people whose spiritual needs for family match the vision of the business.   To rely upon what is currently in the environment for them at this point, is to be limited by the Law of Attraction.  The vision of the business is expansive, inclusive and connected.  The report gave many invaluable and practical suggestions for bringing this into fruition through action.

Relativity is about being able to see connections (how one thing leads to another).  In order to use it well, there needs to be a clear image and a conscious intention to connect with many others in a loving and caring way moving forward.  This ideal of family can be shared and taught to current employees in this business through the business owners’ example and the communication of their vision.  As this is acted upon, more people of like kind will be drawn to the seed thought through their connectedness with others.

We are all connected.  The Law of Relativity can work for us through the Law of Attraction, connecting one person to another, to another, to another, until there are many individuals who desire to create a common vision together.   For this reason, it is important to be present, awake, and aware in each moment.  You never know who is going to cross your path on the bus or at the grocery store.  The person next to you in line at Starbucks could be just the perfect fit.

When this occurs, a full, pure giving and receiving between the business owners, the business itself, and the individuals within it will be understood.

One who understands the mind and consciousness begins a creation with the end in mind.  When examining current and present creations, it can be helpful to ask, what is the seed thought that created this?  What seed do I desire to bring to fruition through this choice?  It is in this way that we can become conscious creators and aware of the Creator within.

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