Dr. Diana Kenney

Diana Kenney has completed all the levels of study available at the School of Metaphysics and is an ordained minister in the Interfaith Community of Metaphysics (ICOM).  She continues her own evolution through devotion to sacred service.  She works with the School of Metaphysics because its unique program continues to facilitate many people to a deeper understanding of self, producing peace, contentment and security.

She serves as the President of the School of Metaphysics, her term completing in 2023.  Diana also works directly with the schools in Columbia and St. Louis, Missouri.  She teaches first, second and third cycle classes and gives lectures, sermons and workshops for the School of Metaphysics and the Interfaith Community of Metaphysics.

As a minister, she uses a variety of modalities to aid people in healing, such as intuitive breathing, hypnosis and sound healing.  Previously Diana practiced law in Chicago for over 20 years.  


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