Doug Bannister

20160416_204538a 200Doug Bannister graduated from Penn State with a BA in political science/history and a minor in religious studies.  He moved from his home state of Pennsylvania to Oklahoma in 1983 to manage a construction company. He found the Oklahoma City School of Metaphysics in 2006. He teaches the First Cycle and is a student in he Second Cycle. Doug is the Building Coordinator and passion to the OKC creations. Doug owns businesses involving decorative concrete, an area where he has mastery with the physical form and is learning to expand this creative ability into higher vibrations. He was recently honored as one of the Ten Most Influential Persons in the concrete industry for his educational efforts for contractors and with industry associations. Doug says that the last two years have brought more understanding, peace and love than any period of his life which motivates him to continue to grow with the School of Metaphysics as teacher and student.

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