Doug Bannister

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Doug Bannister has completed all the course work offered by the School of Metaphysics. Bannister serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors.  Among his responsibilities as VP is to advance the concepts of prosperity and abundance within the organization and with the students and teachers in the School of Metaphysics.  He is also an ordained minister in the Interfaith Community of Metaphysics, serving in Columbia, Missouri.

As an ardent proponent of wholistic practices, Bannister brings to the organization valuable life experiences gained as a youthful entrepreneur, service in the military, and as a successful businessman in concrete, where he was recognized not only his innovations in promoting the concrete industry, but also for his utirelous educational contributions to decorative concrete contractors and architects worldwide.

Bannister continues to seek to improve the environment around him and as a metaphysician, he understands that the inner and outer spaces are connected.  Bannister lived at the College and Headquarters of the School of Metaphysics for 2 ½ years and now drives there monthly for classes, meetings and projects.  The main campus and headquarters of the School of Metaphysics is located in Windyville, Missouri on 1500 acres in the foothills of the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Bannister is reviving an effort to improve the soil and grasslands there introducing   regenerative agricultural practices. He believes these efforts bring the physical and spiritual together in the most effective and practical ways. The experiences gained in working harmoniously with nature cannot be appreciated in the classroom.

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