Christine Madar, D.D., D.M., Psi.D

Born in Aspen, CO and raised at the foot of Pikes Peak, Christine Madar comes from a lineage of four generations of university physics teachers, beginning with her great grandfather.  She is lighthearted when she says “I added meta to the physics in this generation!” She is also honored to carry in her heart the respect and value for education that was instilled in her since birth.  Christine has a gift for connecting people with the resources they need.





She has earned her Doctorate of Metaphysics, is an ordained minister in the Interfaith Church of Metaphysics, and
serves as one of the team of intuitive reporters for the School of Metaphysics. She received
her B.A. degree in Anthropology from Colorado College and her advanced training as a
massage therapist from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. She has recently been
studying the ancient art of Tibetan Cranial bodywork and is one of only fifty people in the
world to be chosen as an apprentice at this time.
Christine has long been fascinated by how the Law of Relativity and Law of Attraction works
in peopleʼs lives. In addition to organizing international delegations and major peace events
at the College of Metaphysics, she teaches the correspondence teachers. Since 2004 she
has coordinated the international publication of several SOM books as well as the distribution
and purchase of books for SOM Publishing. In 2002 Christine began working directly with and has interpreted hundreds of dreams, contributing to a vast body of
research in the Universal Language of Mind.
Christine, her husband Paul and their two daughters, Alexandra (9) and Vivienna (6), are
caretakers for property on the College of Metaphysicsʼ campus. They are living and breathing
life as a family of intuitive man and enjoy sharing this unique perspective with families from
around the world.
Formal Education
School of Metaphysics
Doctorate of Metaphysics, May 2004
Doctorate of Divinity, October 2001
Qui Docet Discit, August 1998
Respondere, July 1994
Interfaith Church of Metaphysics
Ordained Minister, November 2002
Psi Counseling Certification, May 2002
Boulder College of Massage Therapy, October 1992, honors graduate
Colorado College, BA Anthropology, May 1990 honors with distinction in Anthropology
Areas of Service and Other Interesting Experiences
School of Metaphysics
Springfield, MO 1994
Kansas City, KS 1996-97
Area Director
Kansas City, KS, Des Moines, IA and Columbia, MO 1997-2000
Indianapolis, IN, Louisville, KY and Webster Groves, MO 2000-2002
Columbia, MO 2011-present
College of Metaphysics and SOM World Headquarters
1995 COM graduate
Spiritual Focus Session assistant 1996- present
Staff and faculty member 2000-present
Intuitive Reporter 1997-present
National Dream Hotline Coordinator 2003, 2004
National Dream Hotline assistant 1994-2012
Dream of the Month Club director 2003-2007
Healing Class director 2004-2006, 2009-2011
Correspondence Study assistant coordinator 2005-present
SOM Productions assistant 1996-present
SOM Publishing assistant 2000-present
Coordinator of foreign contracts for translating rights of SOM books 2005-present
Portrayed Betty Williams, 1976 Nobel Peace Laureate in The Invitation, a theatrical
experience of Nobel Peace Prize winners 2008-2012
Coordinated the Living Peaceably pre-parliament event in 2009 in conjunction with the
Parliament of the Worldʼs Religions
Coordinated Music of the Spheres a musical celebration of the 2012 Venus Transit
National Board member of the School of Metaphysics 1997-present
Board of Directors, International Secretary 2011-present
National Representative at the 1999 Soul of Service II Conference sponsored by the
University for Human Goodness in Raleigh-Durham, NC.
International representative as the leader for the first Metaphysicians Delegation to India with
the People to People Ambassador Program in 1999.
International representative as the leader for the School of Metaphysics Delegation to the
Parliament of the Worldʼs Religions in Melbourne, Australia in 2009.
Contributor–Universal Peace Covenant, 1996
Contributor–Kundalini Poetry, 2001
Contributor–Lucid Dreaming: 100,000 Opportunities for Awareness ed. Teresa Martin
Contributor–Dreamtime: Universal Parables from Down Under ed. Barbara OʼGuinn Condron
Editor, The Moonʼs Effect on Dreaming
Speaking Engagements Around the Country
Idea Festival
Lexington World Herald
Missouri Business Womenʼs Association
State Conference for the Missouri Blind Council
Blue Cross, Blue Shield
Oasis Retirement Organization
Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Borders Bookstore
Continuing Education Classes
Public Libraries
High Schools
Junior High Schools
Parents Without Partners
A.R.E. Groups
Adult Sunday School classes
Singles groups
Television and Radio appearances
AP radio

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