Why teaching your child to mediate makes a difference

why teaching your child to mediate makes a difference



Why teaching your child to meditate makes a difference…..

an excerpt from the book Superconscious Meditation
by Dr. Daniel R. Condron

The Conscious Mind is the only one of the three divisions of mind that is not further divided into levels. This is because originally envisioned and created in the 7th level of mind, the physical existence, was meant to be a place where entities, that is, souls, could learn through observation. The seventh level of mind was designed so that souls could learn through receptivity rather than activity. Since the time of entrapment, the people of humanity, who are actually individual souls incarned and entrapped in a physical body, have needed to learn through action. While incarned in a physical body, the soul that is you learns through activity and action. The physical or 7th level of mind is the part of mind that works with and is dependent upon the five senses. When you smell the odor of a kind of food you have eaten before and enjoyed, you remember the flavor and odor and your mouth begins to water or salivate in preparation for the food. So memory in the conscious mind is intimately connected with and used in conjunction with the five senses.

After you learn to drive a car you can get in the car and remember how to start the car and drive it. The same is true for dribbling a basketball or using an ax to chop wood or painting with a brush or whipping cream with a whisk. You, the thinker, build your conscious mind from the time you were born. When the newborn baby cries it hears the sound with its auditory sense and gains a new bit of information. When the baby is fed or the diaper is changed the baby receives more information. In this way the conscious mind is built as information, experience, and knowledge is achieved.

The brain continues to gather information and experience to be stored as memory. By the time the child is 14 years old the attention of most children has been so drawn outward away from the inner self into the physical through sensory experience that the subconscious mind, the abode of one's soul, has been completely forgotten or covered by the conscious mind. This is unfortunate as the subconscious mind holds millennia of knowledge and wisdom just waiting to be utilized by the receptive and Self aware individual. The child can be trained from birth to use the physical body, brain, and five senses while still retaining the ability to draw on and to have awareness in Subconscious mind.

The first step in teaching a child to learn to use his mind to the fullest is to constantly give him attention, love, and teaching. Teaching to the young child is giving him the information about his environment so he can store the information in his brain.

Walk around the kitchen while holding the child. Point to a cup and say the word "cup". Point to a spoon and say the word "spoon" out loud to the child. This gives the child away to build singular attention while at the same time learning to identify objects in her environment.
Put one red dot on the wall. Point to the red dot and say the word "one". Then put two red dots on the wall and say to the child the word "two". Then do this with three dots, four dots, and so on in order that the child learns the concept of numbers and quantity while building the faculty of attention.

As the ability to give attention grows, show the child how to look at the second hand of a clock as it makes one revolution. This is the beginning of concentration.

Take the child with you to the woods where it is quiet so he may experience the quietness of a still mind. Make sure that everyday the child has a time when he is in a quiet environment.
A noisy environment produces ion the child a noisy mind with scattered attention. What we desire is a quiet and still mind for meditation.

By now the child may have learned to sit still for a short time. That is the beginning of meditation.

Certain children are born as child prodigies and geniuses. The understanding of music, art, science, and spiritual development has already been made a part of that individual's subconscious mind, their permanent Self, before they were born. This lifetime they are able naturally or have been taught by their parents how to draw out this permanent knowledge called understandings.

Ten, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, or even 70 years in a lifetime is not by itself enough physical time to allow for some of the magnificent inventions and creations bestowed upon humanity by certain geniuses.

Albert Einstein developed his famous Theory of Relativity after having a dream about riding a beam of light. Nikola Tesla, who far surpassed Thomas Edison as a genius in the field of electricity, invented the alternating current system of electricity which is used worldwide today and in the house or apartment you live in. While Thomas Edison was promoting a direct current system of electricity transfer which was very inefficient, Nikola Tesla gained his insight only after months of pondering over how to build an alternating current electric system and being told by his college professors it could never be done. One day after pondering on this problem for many hours he went for a walk in the local park. It was at this time while his thoughts were stilled and his mind was quiet, peaceful, and in a receptive state that the solution came to him as he stood gazing at the beautiful sunset not even thinking about the problem he was working on solving.

You see his conscious mind had been prepared and was receptive because Tesla had learned everything he could about electricity. All knowledge, currently available on earth concerning this subject he had mastered. At the time of gazing at the setting sun his mind had entered a condition of expectant receptivity which enabled his conscious mind to receive the higher knowledge, the answer or solution to his question in a flash of brilliance. Shortly thereafter, Tesla created the alternating current electric motor and generator which enhances our lives today. Meditation is your tool for drawing on the higher knowledge of the inner Mind.

John is a recent high school graduate who has been studying metaphysics for almost two years. He is pursuing full-time study at the College of Metaphysics, knowing what he learns here will aid him to identify his soul's purpose for this lifetime and will then help him fulfill that purpose with the choices that shape the course of his unfolding adult life. His meditations are deepening, and the accompanying realizations he is making are to be devoutly desired at any age.

The most profound meditation I have ever had was focused around the topic "inspiration". I knew that sometimes I was inspired to act and sometimes I wasn't. I knew how it felt to be inspired, the emotion and the power over yourself and your destiny. That is exactly what I imagine superconscious awareness to be, except all the time. I meditated on that for about twenty minutes.
My body was tired from long hours of physical labor, but I found it easy to let go of my physical body because I wanted an answer to my prayer so bad. I knew my meditation was deep because my whole perception of the world completely changed. I felt like I had something to give to everyone I talked to, and I gave that to them.

Meditation frees your consciousness. It enables you to have a fresh and new outlook upon your life. Old situations are seen in a new light. Comfortable patterns are challenged, habits rearranged. In the silence of meditation, what we have denied comes to the forefront seeking admittance, understanding, and release.

Those experiences that are not understood or misunderstood are stored in the conscious mind. Since these memories are not understood the individual is "unconscious" or not conscious of the ways he re-acts to these misunderstood memories. Some of the memories may have been completely buried in the brain to such a degree that the individual does not even remember the actual experience yet re-acts to similar or non-similar experiences in the present as if he was in the past. Thus, we have people re-acting to the strangest or most non-threatening kinds of interactions with excuses that never quite hold true.

For example, suppose a parent tells their child continuously, "you'll never amount to anything." The child may accept this statement as fact since it came from the authority, his parent. As the child grows into an adult he or she may continue to re-act with anger, fear, or avoidance to innocent and even helpful or friendly situations. They may sabatoge themselves without even being consciously aware of how they do it. This is the action of the unconscious part of the brain. Sometimes, strong individuals become so determined to override or overcome the limitations of their environment that they do whatever is required to change and grow. They question their own set of attitudes, thoughts, habits, and limitations. Identifying these limiting mental images they then go beyond them proving the falsity of these limitations.

The unconscious is not to be confused with the Subconscious Mind. The unconscious part of the brain is a function of the conscious mind and physical brain. The Subconscious Mind, however, is a division of mind and the abode of the soul.

In large part due to meditation, Damian is learning the difference between these two.

My greatest meditation experience occurred when I was at commitment weekend last October. The first night I was there we meditated as a group, chanting the Om.
Dr. Dan (Condron) would initiate the chant and we would respond as a group. After 30-40 minutes of chanting we entered into meditation. I experienced the most peaceful meditation I have ever had. I went to commitment weekend with many burdens and cares on my mind, however, in meditation that night I found peace and joy. It was as if all of my worries were small and frivolous compared to the deep sense of calm I felt during that meditation. I felt as if I were balancing on a wire or the edge of a cliff where I had all of the control and centeredness that I would ever need.
I'm not sure how long I stayed in that meditation, but I really didn't want to leave it.

All of any person's worries are small and frivolous compared to the deep sense of peace, calm, love, and light one can experience in meditation. However, very few people realize this fact so they remain mired in their muddy thoughts of limitation and fear and worry. The meditator is not bound by these limitations and experiences new levels of awareness and joy as meditation deepens. The meditator has access to store of knowledge, awareness, and wisdom, that the average person barely dreams of.

The one who is deeply involved in meditation learns to have the greatest balance in the world for they balance an outer, physical productive life filled with service to others, with an inner bliss filled, love encompassing, inner meditative life.

The best way to clean the fears, doubts, guilts, angers, and sorrows out of the unconscious part of the brain is to produce successes in your life. Go beyond your previously accepted limitations and by so doing, prove the falsity of your previous restrictions.

To produce success you must first imagine success. To produce greater successes you must image greater successes.

Most people only change when the pain of being the way they are becomes so great that the fear of change is less than the present experience of the pain. Fear is the greatest limitation because fear produces either a stopping of all forward motion or an avoidance of forward motion and an attempt to move backward. By teaching within one's mind to find the cause of the fear that cause can be changed and one's life transformed into a much larger and vast presentation of the Self.

With repeated expansion and movement beyond this fear-limitation the Self gradually or rapidly, depending on the degree of exercise of will power and application, moves beyond the fear limitation. Then this new, more expansive understanding of consciousness is added to the permanent soul growth called understanding.

Meditating on a regular basis supports and quickens the process of mental, emotional, and physical success. Meditation enables you to build understandings at a more rapid rate, for by learning to quiet the thoughts you are able to receive more from your environment.

If a person is talking to you, and your attention is wandering to something else, you receive little of what they have to say. If you give that person your fully attention, you receive not only what they have to say you also receive that person's essence, intention, and whole thought. This gives you useful, workable knowledge that you can apply in your life. You have received knowledge that adds to what you already have so your decisions are better and your life is enhanced.

The brain is not the same thing as the mind. The brain is a physical organ, a structure that the conscious mind utilizes in order to function in the physical environment. The brain may be likened to a computer that stores information for the conscious mind's day to day use. While the conscious mind is similar to or like the computer programmer or who directs the computer to do certain functions.

Brain pathways are built in the brain for the conscious mind to facilitate repeated actions. Brain pathways make repeated actions easier. However, brain pathways are always limited and raise a person very little above the level of an animal.

The Solar Plexus is the seat of the conscious and subconscious minds. It is the area in the nervous system where the incoming energies of the conscious and subconscious mind connect. If you are in a car and you go over a hill and the ground drops out from under you quickly as you go over the top of the hill you may feel "the bottom drop out of your stomach." Or if you are in an elevator and it moves suddenly you may notice a similar feeling. This is because the energies in your solar plexus have been disturbed, forced out of synchronization by external conditions.

The mind may be compared to a light bulb in the way light radiates outward. The light of awareness moves from LIGHT to I AM to Superconscious Mind, then to the Subconscious Mind and lastly to the Conscious Mind and physical existence. The physical receives the least amount of the light of creation of all the levels of mind. Similarly, a light bulb radiates light in all directions. As the light moves farther away from the bulb the light becomes more scattered and therefore dimmer. The same is true for a flashlight. The farther the beam of light moves from the flashlight the more diffused and therefore dimmer the light becomes.

The farther I AM moves from LIGHT the less awareness there is of one's true essence as LIGHT and less awareness of who you are as I AM. Until, finally, the Self having moved all the way out into the physical became engrossed in a physical body. The I AM is now engrossed as the conscious ego forgets where he came from and who he is. Most people have forgotten where they came from and who they are. If you ask people the question, "Who are you?", they will often reply, "I am a business man, a teacher, a farmer," or some other word that describes their profession or occupation rather than who they really are. Rarely, will a person say, "I am an eternal soul!" Even rarer still is the Self aware individual who can describe I AM to you, what their permanent understandings are, and the qualities of their soul.

A baby when first born functions from subconscious mind. The subconscious direction keeps the heart beating and breath working to bring oxygen into the lungs. These understandings are a part of subconscious memory and cause the physical body to function. As the child matures the conscious mind brings more and more of the body functions under conscious control and direction. This process of replacing subconscious mind use with conscious mind use and control occurs up to the age of 7 for most and 14 for some children. By then the subconscious mind is mostly covered over and the attention of the individual is completely engrossed in sensory experience. When this occurs the subconscious is covered over by the conscious mind and the individual is fully engrossed in the physical experience. The Self has forgotten she is a soul.

You have forgotten who you are and where you came from. Yet, by the age of 21, the end of the third seven year cycle, and the beginning of the fourth seven year cycle, the person finds out they still have a lot to learn. Whereas, as a teenager you think you know everything. The fourth seven year cycle is a time of striving to become compatible to and with your physical parents which is a reflection of the real inner urge to be like and compatible with your mental parent, your Creator. Due to this factor, individuals with a strong inner urge begin the search at this point to know who they are and how to cause their evolutionary and mental-spiritual growth to quicken.

The challenge for today's parents is to teach their children to meditate, to remember and interpret their dreams, and to practice and apply concentration in order that the doorway to the subconscious mind remains open as the child matures and develops his conscious mind. This process enables the individual to draw upon and utilize both the conscious and subconscious mind later as an adult. As the child ages he is then able to live his adult life as a genius making remarkable discoveries that benefit all mankind. These are the keys to having a world full of geniuses that lead humanity into a true Golden Age of Enlightenment.
(from Superconscious Meditation by Dr. Daniel R. Condron, copyright 1998 SOM, all rights reserved)


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