Universal Laws and Principles of Success by Kathleen Rainbow

Universal Laws of Prosperity and Abundance

UNIVERSAL LAWSprosperity and abundance


Universal Laws and Principles of Success
by Kathleen Rainbow

For anything to function effectively there needs to be some kind of structure. There are laws that govern our universe called Universal Laws. These laws apply to everything, everywhere at all times in our universe. These laws enable our universe to function in an orderly fashion. Without these laws there would be chaos in the universe. By studying, understanding, cooperating, and applying these Universal Laws in our daily lives we can lead the most successful, fulfilling, abundant, joyful, and healthy life possible.

Successful people have an intuitive understanding of these Universal Laws applying them consistently in their lives. These laws and how they work may or may not be consciously understood by the individual. Very often beliefs are taught to us during our youth by our parents or teachers. The Golden Rule — do unto others as you would have them do unto you — is an example of such a belief. Joe Batten, author of the best-selling management book Tough Minded Management, teaches the importance of this type of respect in his philosophy. We may not have given too much attention to how this Golden Rule works or have an understanding that it is a part of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect – that thought is cause and the physical is its manifest likeness — however, if it has made sense to us and someone whom we admire practices it then we probably have adopted it as a part of our own lifestyle.

Sometimes we may have been aware of a Universal Law from a young age even though it wasn’t taught to us. Some people have an innate understanding that there has been the existence of the Self before this lifetime. They may also have an innate understanding that there is existence of the Self after this lifetime, even though they have never been taught ideas of reincarnation. This was my own experience at about age three. This would be an understanding of the Universal Law of Infinity – that we are always at a point of beginning and ending. Any moment is a reflection of a stage in a process of continuity. A universal principle that is agreed upon by most successful individuals is that there is some greater power than themselves. They believe that there is a reason for everything that occurs in life, and often that they are guided by that greater power.

Those who truly desire to direct their own lives pursue the reason for the situations they encounter. They do not spend their time and energy blaming others, finding a scapegoat for their victimization. They recognize this is a distraction for them. They strive to identify the cause. By identifying the cause, which is always mental, they can then see how they have created their present situation whether it is desirable or undesirable. When the present situation is a manifestation of their desire, they can see how to reproduce this success. This is application of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect — identifying the causal thought — and the steps taken to manifest the desire which would be using the Law of Relativity.

Successful individuals have a “can do, will try” or “I can, I will” attitude. They know believing they can do something is half the battle. They know their attitude determines their altitude in any endeavor. But they’re not just thinkers or talkers. They talk the talk and walk the walk. They know that they have to get out there and physically cause their goal or ideal to become a reality. They have determination and don’t stop until they have reached their goal. They’re called the “extra milers”. They have developed their imagination and will. They can image what they want and then make the choices and put forth the effort until it is realized. They believe and know that success will be theirs. Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich said, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve.” Successful people never buy into the limitations of physical conditions. They know their imagination is much more expansive and powerful than any limitation of the physical experience.

Successful people know about the Universal Law of Duality. Duality is necessary for creation to occur. The positive and negative, male and female, or aggressive and receptive principles must be present to create. Successful people are creative people and know when to be aggressive and when to be receptive. “Any best-selling books have been Divinely inspired” Joe Batten put it. An inner idea was conceived in the conscious mind of the individual. How many people have ideas that have come to them, but fail to respond to those ideas? Many people lack receptivity to new ideas because they are insecure. They think that receiving something from something or someone outside the self weakens the self, could threaten or take from the self. Successful people respond – aggressive principle – to good ideas that they receive. They are not attached to the source of the information. The universe is their resource. They recognize truth from wherever it comes. They also express from the heart. They listen to their own thoughts and then communicate those thoughts honestly without adding to or taking away from the image that they perceive in their mind.

Notable individuals have the courage to pursue their dreams. They are not stopped by public opinion, people saying it can’t be done. The desire to learn and grow and realize their dreams is always strong. Against all odds they will commit themselves to what they desire. A perfect example is Dr. “D” Brown, the first black female surgeon in the south who grew up in an orphanage in New York. She was the only black child in the orphanage and at age five determined she would become a doctor. Resourceful and determined, successful people are always looking for good ideas and are open to receive from any source. They are always striving to be a greater individual than they were yesterday — a better parent, boss, spouse, employee, friend than before. They do not compete with others, they compete with themselves, always wanting to add to themselves. This is the Law of Evolution in action.

Because successful individuals respect and use their free will, they live with no regrets for the past. They realize that what has already occurred cannot be changed and so their attention is firmly placed in the present while holding their ideals firmly in mind. They are willing to be responsible for who they are and the choices that they make. They recognize that being in the physical plane means making choices on a daily basis. Learning means that we are approaching something new, something that we haven’t yet mastered, and so we cannot know ahead of time all the right answers. Making mistakes is a part of the learning process. Successful individuals make a note of what hasn’t worked and they imagine what other options could accomplish the desired result. Then they move forward by trying the new ideas, until they find the one that works. They respect their own choices and the choices of others. They look for what is productive in every situation.

People are attracted to the charisma of great individuals who appreciate what they have and who they are. They are content with who they are at the present moment, while always looking to improve themselves. In recognizing that they are part of a whole, they strive to aid others in whatever way they can. They realize that they are like a grain of sand on the beach. They are not the beach, but they make up the beach, and without them the beach would not be the same. They believe in teaching rather than preaching. They lead from the front rather than push from the rear. They teach and lead by example. As one great leader, Mahatma Gandhi said, “My life is my message.” 

Joe Batten talks about two flocks of sheep and their shepherds in the desert. The flock that was herded from the rear by the shepherd became nervous, always looking over their shoulder, not eating well. The flock that was led from the front by their shepherd were healthy, content sheep with a good attitude. People respond in a similar way. They want to aspire to something greater than themselves. The successful individual aids others to become the most that they can be. They always have the time to give to those in need. Gandhi exhibited great leadership by spending time each day talking to individual followers about their daily challenges and domestic life. This did not limit his ability to aid heads of state and world leaders, he gave wherever he could give. Successful individuals are open to all kinds of people. They welcome diversity as a place to learn more about themselves and others. They embrace different physical origins, knowing that we are all part of a greater family. They look for the good in other people, and they appreciate what is good about themselves. They practice the Law of Abundance in their lives.

Successful individuals are very serious about their ideals and mission in life. They do not take themselves too seriously though. They have the ability to laugh at themselves and use humor on a daily basis. The Dalai Lama who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize exemplifies this. Even while facing the obliteration of his native Tibetan culture by the Chinese, His Holiness harbors no hatred. He practices discipline to still his mind and lives with compassion, giving him an endearing charm. People who have learned how to be happy at whatever they do know how to create purpose for their life. They have given attention not only to their physical desires but also to their emotional, mental and spiritual desires. They are individuals who balance their time and endeavors to lead a balanced, well-rounded life. They understand how to use the Universal Law of Proper Perspective. They know what area of their life needs attention at any time and they respond to that.

Successful people come in all shapes and sizes. One quality that is common to all of them is that they give their love and their life blood to whatever they set out to accomplish. By learning from their attitude toward life and emulating their example, we can all embrace the Universal Laws and the Principles of Success.•

A teacher and public speaker, Kathleen Rainbow has had a successful career in business and sales, and through her pursuit of applied metaphysics has become aware of the Universal Laws which govern abundant living. Kathleen has interviewed many prominent people for Thresholds Quarterly and is active in public relations. She is the Director of the Dallas School of Metaphysics. 
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