The Tao Te ChingInterpreted & Explained

The Tao Te ChingInterpreted & Explained

by Dr. Daniel Condron





From a lifetime of research into the world’s holy scriptures, Dr. Daniel Condron presents an easy to understand interpretation of this ancient chinese holy work. With deep and powerful insight, this book contains an explanation of each chapter, bringing to light it’s inspiring message of how you too can gain the awareness of Lao Tzu and know the mysterious Tao.





"As I experienced this book I felt an opening sensation from my heart area. I have begun to look at my world differently. I am noticing how everyone and everything is connected and how the receptive quality and aggressive quality works together hand in hand. After each passage I am filled with a stillness in my mind, heart, body, and soul."
-Laurie Biswell, 31-year-old college student, sales associate

"The experience that I have with hearing the Tao is one of resonance. I can almost imagine myself as being the boarder guard asking Lao Tzu to teach me. It invokes in me a feeling that is mysterious and stirs a longing in me for the peace that it can lead to. In joy you shall depart, in peace you shall return. The Tao is my way home to peace."
– John Harrison, 46-year-old computer programmer and instructor

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