The Emptiness Sutra by Dr. Daniel Condron

The Emptiness Sutra

The Emptiness Sutra is the golden thread that connects all the great holy scriptures of the world.

The Emptiness Sutra is the connector and unifier of humanity's hearts and minds that is needed as we progress into the year 2012 and beyond.

The Emptiness Sutra prepares consciousness for a quantum leap in human evolution.

Rarely do new holy books come into existence.

From time immemorial there have been great teachers who have reached into or aligned with deep and high levels of consciousness. Some have written or recorded their discoveries and given them to humanity. Often scribes or disciples would write these Truths down. Sometimes they would be passed on orally for generations before being lost or written down.

The Emptiness Sutra came from the Inner Levels of Consciousness. It was received by a teacher who wrote it down and shared this Truth.

This book, The Emptiness Sutra, is for humanity. The Emptiness Sutra is for you. The Emptiness Sutra is more than just reading. The Emptiness Sutra is an experience in consciousness and being.

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