Permanent Healing by Daniel R. Condron, M.S., D.M.

Permanent Healing

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Permanent Healing

by Daniel R. Condron, M.S., D.M.

copyright 1992, School of Metaphysics
ISBN: 0-944386-12-1 

“This book contains new insights into diseases and their remedies for the modern world, and points out to the fact that everyone has within him the potentiality to heal himself.” — Swami Joytimayananda, President Yoga Research Foundation, Miami

Excerpt from Permanent Healing


At a very early age I discovered the power of my thoughts. My early childhood was a continual battle with illness. Each week I was given a shot by the doctor at the hospital. I was given pills. I experienced times of dizziness and times when my body would “freeze” into an almost paralyzed state.
Two weeks before my seventh birthday, while sitting in the waiting room of our family doctor’s office with my mother, I found myself unable to catch my breath. I was rushed into the doctor’s office where I was given a injection which aided my breathing. I was then taken to the hospital and placed in an oxygen tent where I remained overnight. That night I endured many more shots. This was not a very pleasant day for a seven year old. This episode was preceded by two weeks of sickness and absence from school.
The next day, my parents took me home. I recovered. I turned seven years old a couple of weeks later. After my seventh birthday I never had a problem with my breathing again. In fact, I was one of the healthiest children throughout the rest of grade school and high school. As a senior, I was captain of my high school basketball team, all conference, three sport letterman and still found time to serve as president of the student body of my school.
What caused this miraculous turn-around? The power of thought. A child, up to the age of seven, is like a sponge in that they absorb information from the environment. This is not only information received through the five senses, but also the emotions, thoughts, and attitudes of those in the environment.
By the age of seven, the child has enough data in the brain to begin the process of reasoning. The child begins to think for himself and to exert his own free will more and more.
This is exactly what occurred with me. By the age of seven, I was forming many of my own conclusions. I had begun the process of correlating an experience stored in my brain’s memory with an event I was currently experiencing. At other times I would perceive a relationship between two events separated by time. These two events were both being stored in my brain as memory.
This ability to choose my own thoughts created a freedom in my thinking and therefore in my life. This freedom from restriction in thinking processes produced a freedom from restriction in my ability to breathe easily.
I was able to think my way to health, as well as success in life. The steps I used then, as well as the many steps I have discovered and used over the past thirty years, are the subject of this book. You will find this to be a sourcebook for thought and attitude difficulties which create physical disorder, dis-ease, and illness. Even more importantly, you will find within these pages the answer to the question “Why did this happen to me?” You will find the mental attitude cause of your physical disorder. I have also provided mental and physical steps that may be applied to give the user a method to develop the new, more productive thought form and attitude.
I am happy and excited to be able to give this information and experience to the world for it has the potential to aid in not only relieving pain and suffering but to lift mankind to a new level of awareness of the power of thought. With this knowledge and awareness we can create a better world.
-Rev. Dr. Daniel R. Condron

Cause Always Begins with a Thought,
Everything Else is Sub-Cause

I enjoy reading and learning about various areas of the field of health and healing. I also enjoy talking to people in these areas because each experience is an education.
Today, there are many different fields that anyone can investigate in order to learn about the wholistic approach to healing. Since each individual is unique, their needs are also unique. Various fields may provide relief to some, while others may benefit more from another field of healing. Naturopathy, naprapathy, herbology, acupressure, acupuncture, foot reflexology, nutrition, and homeopathy are all areas that attempt to aid the person to find relief so he can lead a more productive life.
I also love history. In high school, history was my favorite subject. I enjoy reading about the history of chiropractic. I enjoy reading the history of osteopathy. Although I am not a homeopath, I enjoy reading about and discovering more of the history of homeopathy. It seems that during the latter half of the nineteenth century and the early part of the 20th century, homeopathy was a very predominate area of the health and healing field. At that time over one-fourth of all practicing doctors were homeopaths. In fact, there were even homeopathic hospitals.
History is full of examples and in many ways is a record of the efforts people have made to improve their way of life. The field of healing is no exception to this. Chiropractic was founded because a person discovered a way to relieve people’s suffering and aid them to better health. Acupuncture, although it has existed and been used productively in China for many thousand of years, is now available in the West because it offers relief from suffering in ways that some individuals had not been able to find before. Herbs had been used since ancient times for man’s well-being. Civilized man had until recently forgotten about the beneficial effects of these. I appreciate and applaud these individuals who are making this knowledge available to the common man. Naprapathy was developed from a person’s desire to improve the ability to aid others by treating not only the bones, but also the ligaments, tendons and muscles.
Thoughts have reality. Therefore, your thoughts affect your whole life and the physical reality around you, not just your physical body environment but your outward environment too. Fortunately, for most people, the manifestation of their thoughts is not instantaneous. Thoughts require lag time to become a part of our physical lives. There is usually a delay between the time you think a thought and the time it occurs in your life. This delay time affords you time to prepare your Self for the repercussions of your thoughts. Ask your Self, “What was I thinking about ten minutes ago, ten hours ago, and ten days ago?” If you cannot answer these questions, then you will have difficulty understanding why situations, circumstances, and events occur in your life. You will constantly be asking your Self, “Why did this happen to me?”
When you have a thought or attitude, it becomes stronger and stronger as you think about it. If you think thoughts of hate, those thoughts will become stronger each time you dwell on hate. Eventually, the thought will become so strong that it affects your emotions. You will become emotionally irritable. You may react with anger or Self pity easily. Gradually, the anger or related emotion will become so strong that your emotions can no longer contain it. It then must move out into your physical body as illness or disease. From here, it may affect your whole life reducing your productivity, driving away friends and costing you your job.
The physical body is the second line of resistance to unproductive thoughts. The first line of resistance is your emotions. The third line of defense is those around you. All fields and studies of healing fall under this category of treating these lines of resistance or defense. The closer they get and the farther they go to treating first cause, which is thought, the more directly they effect permanent healing.
How can we aid the body to repair itself? The speed or quickness of repair depends on what has been learned concerning the causal factor of the illness. In order to have a healing that is lasting we need to treat both the specific illness and the whole system. The specific illness gives us the first indication, like a meter reading, of what is occurring both with the physical body and mental attitudes.
For example, suppose you are preparing to drive a car. You look at the speedometer noticing it reads 0 miles per hour. The speedometer gives an indication of the speed of movement of the car. Now, imagine you have your foot on the accelerator, you press down and the car goes forward. So you say, “Eureka! I have discovered the cause of the car moving forward.”
One day you find that acceleration is very sluggish when you press the accelerator with your foot. Upon further investigation it is discovered that the spark plugs are corroded and need to be replaced. Accomplishing this, you find the car accelerates very well. Now you say, “I have found the cause of my car going slow! I understand how to fix it and make it run fast so I know the cause of a car running fast is good spark plugs.”
Until one day you have problems with the transmission. You engage the transmission, putting the car into gear, and you hear a sound that goes clank-clank-clank. Something drops on the ground and you can’t go anywhere. So you say to yourself, “Maybe I ought to get this fixed.” You take the car to somebody who knows how to fix transmissions. You help them to fix the transmission in order to save yourself some money. In the process you learn all about transmissions. Your transmission is fixed and the car runs smoother than it ever did before. You say to yourself, “Now I know the reason why my car moves so fast because I see the connection between the motor and transmission. They work together to cause the tires to move and propel the car. Now I understand why the car goes forward.”
I could go on and on with examples of your personal discovery of why a car moves forward. What is the cause? Which one of these is the cause and reason for the car traveling at high speed?
Is the driver the cause? You can go into a junk yard and sit in a car. Put your foot on the accelerator and see if you travel at 55 m.p.h. Are you the cause in this case? Are you the cause of driving a working, functioning car? Does the driver determine how fast the car will travel? If this is so will your car travel at 250 miles per hour? Only if you possess a car that will travel that rate of speed. So you see there are a lot of different ramifications with this idea of “cause”. If we wanted to search for original cause, we might research the early pioneers of the automobile industry. We could discover that before the automobile was developed, the bicycle with a chain drive was invented. The older type of bicycle with the front wheel larger than the back wheel was more like a two wheeled version of our modern day tricycle. The earliest cars used the technology that preceded them. So instead of a transmission, these earliest cars used a chain drive like the bicycles that preceded them. In fact, the earliest cars looked like buggies without horses. They were referred to as horseless carriages. Instead of being propelled by a horse, they utilized the internal combustion engine. Nowadays we refer to the power an engine develops as horsepower which is the unit of measurement for that power. The factors that lead to the development of the automobile began before the horse and buggy, the bicycle, and many other inventions.
Your physical body is not a car, yet, it does have many working parts. In order for you to experience health, all these parts must be in working order and functioning in harmony with the whole system. Just as the modern automobile is the result of over one hundred years of evolution and contains thousands of parts working together, so the human body is a product of millions of years of evolution and product development. To perform efficiently, the body and its constituent parts need to be in peak working order.
There were hundreds and perhaps thousands of inventions developed before an internal combustion engine could be developed to propel the automobile. Why is a book on permanent healing presenting the history of the automobile? The answer is a car is a vehicle that you use to move your physical body from one locale to another while the physical body is a vehicle the soul or inner Self uses to move from one locale to another for experiencing, learning, and growth in our physical life.
There is a cause for you, the thinker, having a physical body. Evolution is this process of development. We read the records the anthropologists discover concerning the bones and fossils of ancient man and the records the biologists present of DNA and the genetic code. We trace the evolution of man’s physical body back through earlier ancestors called homo sapiens, Neanderthal, homo habilus, homo erectus and others. We continue to discover that the evolution of the physical body as we use it today has been in the process of developing for many millions of years.
So it is with the automobile. The similarity is the automobile for the past one hundred years has been undergoing a process of evolution and development to meet the needs of a developing humanity. You can abuse or mistreat your car as you can refuse to take care of your physical body. You neglect your body if you don’t get enough food, water, shelter, clothing, or sleep. If you don’t eat enough food, after a while you won’t have the energy to be able to function on your job or other activities you desire. You won’t have enough calories which is a unit of measure of energy. If you refuse to drink water or some type of liquid then in a very short time your body will not be able to perform for you, the thinker.
In looking to discover the mental cause of physical illness or dis-ease, look at the thoughts a person has about their physical body and taking care of it. Now suppose you are given a car for the first time. You don’t know anything about it, but you are given a car and something breaks down. You don’t know what it is. You call somebody to fix it and, believe it or not, this is the way most people are. They don’t know much about their physical body so when it breaks down, they call somebody to fix it. They contact someone who will cut or sew or give a shot or just say, “Eat chicken soup and stay in bed for three days.” But, if we know when the body breaks down what specific area is the difficulty, then we can find what the cause of the difficulty is.
My investigations show that cause always proceeds from a mental attitude. For example, you might say, “Well, I’ve got a cold because it is cold season and everybody else’s cold got around and I’ve caught it from somebody.” This is very true. It seems to make all the sense in the world, doesn’t it? An outside virus carried by someone else is the cause of your current malady. But just like the car, pushing on the accelerator, it seems like the cause, but there is a deeper cause. You need to look at the engine.
Why is it that Joe, your best friend, two desks apart from you at the office didn’t get a cold and you did? Why is it that everyone in the office got a cold but you didn’t? If a cold is a virus doesn’t it seem like you should be able to withstand a virus if you are in proper mental condition? After all, mankind has spent millions of years developing this body to be able to withstand viruses.
Did you know that if your immunological system didn’t function, you probably wouldn’t live twenty-four hours? So there seems to be a cause, an attitude, that relates to the defense system breaking down.
As another example, let’s say you have a pain in your back and you desire to get the misaligned vertebra in place. So you say to yourself, “Okay, the misaligned vertebra is the cause of my pain. I’ll get my bones adjusted.” Again you are correct in your statement. The last time I went to a chiropractor, he put some needles in me and then, at the end, he adjusted my neck, never touching my back or spine. He said, “Well, I could adjust the other parts but the needles work with the energy to balance your system.”
So evidently there are causes other than those we have heretofore examined. There is a reason for vertebrae to shift out of place, out of alignment. We can look to discover what these causes are. In a like manner, we might look to discover the cause of a weakened organ in the body. We could look to see what attitudes would cause disorder in the kidneys. Now consider, if you’ve earned the right as man to be a thinker, you must have earned the right to choose the thoughts you have, productive or unproductive, especially since we all seem to have free will. If you can choose thought and if you can cause your mind to be productive, doesn’t it make sense that you, driver of your vehicle (body), is capable of causing productivity in that body?
This is the basic premise of this book: thoughts have power, thoughts are real, and you create your physical body each day by the thoughts and attitudes you create and maintain. Attitudes are particular thought patterns repeated over a period of time.
As one progresses and grows, the individuality is improved and enhanced. Each of us becomes a greater creator in our own right and in our separate creations we form a truly unique individuality. As we progress and grow, we gain in uniqueness and diversity. Our differences are seen to be only temporary steps to understanding our common goal of wisdom and enlightenment.
Each of us holds two abilities that were gifts when we were created. These are free will and individuality. Each one of us is an individual. You can recognize this individuality in the physical body because we are not connected at the head. We are individuals. You make decisions each day that have nothing to do with me. We are individuals and we have free will. You make decisions that are personally your decisions. If everyone on this planet came one step away from spiritual maturity, would we all look the same? The answer is no. The answer is no because we would all have super-powerful creative thought forms and our body would respond to these powerful thought forms. Since we would determine our physical body, this would include our looks or appearance.
A woman I knew said she was having some problems and it had begun to affect her physically. She knew her body didn’t feel quite right so she sat down and started writing. She wrote 18 pages of hand-written material which was something she normally did not do. She said she felt such a relief afterwards. Next she went into the bathroom to wash her face and looked at herself in the mirror. She said, “You know, I looked at myself and I actually looked pretty.” I had never thought of her as being anything other than pretty before but evidently she had and the important point is that she noticed a dramatic physical difference in her face. My response was, “Well, that makes all the sense in the world because your face will show your identity. Your face represents your identity. If you release the pressure you are holding inside yourself, your face is going to relax. The muscles in your face will relax instead of holding tension and there is going to be a prettier look immediately.” A change in attitude can bring about a very rapid change in the body. The color of your eyes also can change depending on your thoughts.
I have been asked if I think we will ever get to the point in our evolutionary development where we will lose our individuality. My answer is no. In fact quite the opposite is true. The further we progress on the evolutionary or spiritual ladder of self development, the greater awareness and understanding we have of ourselves as individual creators. Individuality is maximized as we grow. We find the greatest fulfillment in our individuality as we are creators. We have the most to offer others who are learning and developing their understanding of Self as creator. Would we all think the same and look the same? It would never happen. The more creative you are, the more you advance as a creator, the more you evolve, the less boring you are and the more exciting you are.
If you have gaps in your learning there will be a tendency to repeat the same mistakes. Why? Because you don’t have memory of the past. Even more important, most everyone has experienced making the same mistake more than once. You knew better, or you saw it when it came up twice, saying, “I should have changed back then, but I didn’t, and now I’m going to change.”
Donna always seemed to have problems. She was always either getting beaten or beating someone else. This beating usually was emotional, mental, or verbal, but sometimes physical as well. The effect on her body was staggering. She had heart problems, gall bladder problems, cranial and spinal problems, and other physical disorders. I observed her receiving physical treatments and in a matter of hours the symptoms would return because her attitudes remained the same.
When life hits you in the face or you get knocked down a few times, you can change for the better. Another example is finding out about a success story and being aware of the factors that caused that success yet failing to use what is known when the opportunity presents itself. Much later, after many pains and troubles, you decide it is worth the effort to practice and repeat the success.
Another question I have been asked is why would anyone choose to be born into a deformed body. For example, why would a soul choose a deformed brain providing very little capabilities for reasoning? In that situation, there couldn’t be a great deal added to the Self without the reasoning factor, but there could occur a balancing process. The balancing occurs in giving freely because we know as you give, so shall you receive. In order for learning to occur there must be giving present. Imagine putting yourself in a situation where there would be just one or two ways that you would be able to give.
Consider, if you were existing in a physical body that was so restricted you could only give to others in one or two ways. One of these ways would be love. Your body would not function properly so there would be a need to be taken care of by others. Suppose you are a very loving child, but the physical body does not function well. In this condition, the child would have the opportunity to give unconditional love. There would be few distractions from giving so it would be focused on one specific area. You might have the opportunity to practice receiving also because people would be taking care of you most of the time.
You are here in the physical environment with a physical body for one reason and one reason only, for your learning. It does so happen that under universal law, you learn the fastest and quickest when you are aiding others. In fact, as reasoning man, we must have people around us for we couldn’t become enlightened on a desert island. You have to give to others because it is through giving to others that you learn more about reasoning. When you give, you have the opportunity to add to your personal storehouse of knowledge. This is why it is so important to give. All the great spiritual teachers throughout history have led a lifetime of service. They offered their teaching in service to humanity. Each recognized they would complete their education in the physical classroom by aiding others. Why are you in high school? You are there for your learning. Why did you attend grade school? You attended for your learning. Why attend college? The answer is for the learning. If you were going to try to teach the teachers or professors what would be the purpose of attending? Rather, you attend these institutions to further your learning and to learn from those who have gained in understanding of the subject matter. The earth is a schoolroom. When you complete your education in the earthly school, you progress to the next cycle of giving and learning.
When there is no entity in the body, it dies. It is not machines attached to the body which keep it alive and functioning. Left alone by itself without food and attention, the body will cease to function.
Coma is a type of prison. You can’t go back and you can’t learn anything where you are. It is like being put into solitary confinement. You can’t go forward to do what you want with your life. The soul is trapped. You can’t use the present to move and learn, nor can you move onto the next step which would be preparing for the next incarnation. It would be a very unpleasant place to be because the learning opportunities would be very scarce.
By pushing away opportunities for growth, restriction is created. Over time your opportunities become fewer and fewer as you restrict yourself. This is the way a prison is. When you miss out on the ways to be productive in life, you tend to destroy and take, destroy and take. After a while, your world of opportunities gets smaller and smaller until you are in solitary confinement, losing all opportunities in life and eventually dying. You create a specific restriction so that you can learn you have the ability to overcome the limitations of your environment. This usually relates to having passed up opportunities in the past and having restricted your Self. Therefore, there is a need to place your Self in a situation to show or prove to your Self that you have accepted this limitation before.
Any child that rises out of poverty to have great success says, “I will prove to my Self and others I am somebody. I will become more than what my environment says I can become.” Have you ever had anybody say to you, “You’ll never amount to a hill of beans,” or “You can’t do that.” Later you went on to accomplish that great task, becoming somebody or doing something important. You proved to your Self that you could be more than your environment provided. You can be more than your parents were. That doesn’t mean your parents were bad. It means that you can advance beyond your parents’ level of learning. You can go beyond their accepted limitations. Regardless of being born into the richest or the poorest family situation, with the kindest or the meanest people, there is an opportunity as long as you are a reasoner, to go beyond the limitations of the environment.
I have been asked, are all pains and aches reversible? I don’t know of anyone who has ever had their hand cut off who grew another one. I have heard of sewing hands back on, reattaching them or putting a tooth back in that had been knocked out. But I don’t know of anyone who has grown a whole new arm or hand. I believe it is possible. In fact, there are animals that do it. Certain amphibious animals can regrow body appendages. Mankind has not learned to do this yet. For man, regrowth of organs or appendages has not become a part of our evolutionary pattern. There are certain limitations we accept merely by the fact that we are housed in a physical body. As we evolve, the body will also evolve but more importantly we will learn the body is not a limitation.
When people ask, “Is it possible to grow a new leg?” I say, yes, it is possible. Do I think there is anybody in the vicinity who can do it right now? No, I don’t. There have probably been individuals throughout history who could accomplish something of this nature, and it is a distinct possibility as man evolves.
Consider the difference between repairing a car engine versus going to a garage and telling a person, “Here is some steel, here is some iron and some metal, plastic, wood, and rubber. Now build an engine.” Try telling this to someone who has never built an engine before. It would be impossible for all intents and purposes.
When we have some disorders, to whatever degree, in an organ or part of our body, we want to repair it rapidly in order to stop deterioration and cause quick improvement. It is desirable to cause the body to be in proper balance and full functioning capacity in order that it may serve us. In this manner, the body provides a productive vehicle for man, the inner Self, to learn and develop as a soul.
Often there is the question of young children dying. Parents and friends want to know if a child dies before the age of three, do they have time to learn anything. The answer is yes. There is an inner thinker in a baby’s body. The soul brings life force to the body without which it could not exist. The inner thinker also gives attention to the body which it also needs. You know if you walked off and left a car running it would not be long before the engine would cease running for lack of gasoline. Also, if you leave a car out in the open and never start it, it begins to deteriorate. As long as the body is in the mother, it is attached to the umbilical cord and it is living off the energies and fuel of the mother. But once the cord is severed and the baby takes the first breath, then it is leading its own separate existence although it is a dependent existence.
At that point there needs to be attention from the inner Self to the body. When the baby begins to focus the eyesight is when the inner Self resides in the body and has made the full commitment to use the body. There is a real person behind the eyes. This occurs very early in the life of the child and is usually within hours or days of the birth of the child. In the example given of the child with the malformed body, the child can fulfill part of its learning even if the lifetime is a short one such as three years or less. There may be one area of learning that needs fine tuning. Learning needs to be balanced with the older learning. Learning of the quality of love can be practiced enough to add to the whole self in this short time period.
There has to be attention from the inner Self in order for the physical body to be functional. The body has to have a driver. It is as simple as that. Since the soul is providing the driver, which is the inner Self, the conscious mind must give something in return. What is given in return? Permanent learning that we call understanding, stored permanently in the inner Self for all time, is what is given in return. So it is your duty to learn and grow, experience and gain awareness and Self-knowing so you add to the inner Self. Therefore, the duty of the conscious mind is to build wisdom and understanding called permanent learning. A Metaphysical teacher will use all the resources at their command to aid the student in learning permanent healing.
What is a method a teacher of mind and Self could use to aid another to discriminate between the inner and outer mind, particularly if they have a mental handicap? You can start by giving them a puppy to play with. A puppy is something physical that will draw the consciousness or five-sense attention of the child or adult. They will enjoy giving attention to the puppy and it will draw their attention more and more out into the physical environment which is what the introverted individual needs. The puppy provides something physical that can be experienced with the five senses. It has motion that aids the person in giving full attention to the puppy. It would be easier to remove the attention, allowing it to wander, from an inanimate object. You see the puppy. You smell the puppy. You feel the puppy, and you hear the puppy. The puppy is non-threatening, lovable and enjoyable. The puppy provides a reason or purpose for the person to be alive. They have a place to give and receive love.
When you can love the experiences of your life with every ounce of energy you have available right now (mental, emotional, or physical) you are ready for the next stage. Knowing occurs when you practice and apply a new, more expanded way of thinking in your life. Even if a thousand laboratories and a thousand test tubes have proven a theory to be true, you will never know it unless you have directly experienced it with the five senses or with the mind. The words may make sense, you may reason with it and it is all the truth in the world, but as far as making it a permanent part of the inner Self there is always some type of physical practice that needs to occur.
You can read all the best books in the world on riding a bicycle, but when you get on one, you are probably going to fall off a few times. It takes some practice time to master. Collect much information from many difference sources and people who know and have experience in the area about which you desire knowledge. Focus your mind while you are accomplishing the activity so you can begin to perceive mentally what is going on while you are practicing. Instead of depending on the five senses, use the five senses, to learn to perceive with the mind. You can learn to see with your fingers or hear with your eyes. There is a world of difference in the feel of different people who touch you.
The manner in which you embrace your life and the people in your environment, the way you reach out and touch someone instead of seeing the world as something to be feared or something that restricts you, relates to the health of your lungs and respiratory system. The reason the lungs keep filling with mucus when cystic fibrosis is present is due to respiratory diseases and this is connected to the attitude of restriction, caused by indecision and putting off decisions. A refusal to cause physical action on desires of Self will cause respiratory difficulties. When the Self refuses to face and use the physical environment, the attention holds onto the past. There may be a desire to live in the present, but there is little effort to cause this to occur.
When a child experiences epileptic seizures there is an emotional overload occurring. For example, a child under seven years of age who has absorbed emotions from the people in his environment and who mentally receives and absorbs thoughts of those around him, can experience an emotional energy overload. This can cause the child to experience a seizure. A child can outgrow this difficulty by learning to form his own thoughts. If the inner thinker is strong, the child learns to develop individual thoughts and attitudes.
At age seven, the child begins to have enough information in the brain so the reasoning process can occur. By this time, the child has learned the attitudes of the parents so that illnesses in many cases are a reflection of the parents’ attitudes that the child is absorbing and mimicking. As the child grows older, there is more time to practice limited thinking or to break away from this limited thinking if the child is strong enough and willful enough to do this. At this point the child is making many of his own decisions and formulating those thought patterns himself instead of absorbing them from his environment.
At times a child may develop allergies after a younger sibling is born. How are these two factors connected? When the parents give the younger child much attention, then the older sibling feels that he doesn’t have any control in his life and environment. When a younger child has an allergy to food, such as milk, then look to the attitudes of the parents. Look for attitudes, not toward milk, but rather in the way
the child limits him Self by allowing the environment to control him. Watch for the way he holds back on saying what is on his mind or expressing what angers him. Identify what he has always wanted to say but never has due to fear. Perceive specifically what he is angry about or afraid of, and what he is holding inside that nobody knows except the child. Remember, the child absorbs the attitudes of the parents.

How to Use This Book

In order to understand an illness or disorder, you will need to find out everything you can about it. Therefore, when an illness or dis-ease presents itself to you or your friends and loved ones, first reference the attitudinal illness section provided in this book, going directly to the section concerned with your specific disorder. Upon reading the attitude-cause and the remedy, you may desire further information. Next, consult the disorder-attitude for illnesses in this area of the body. For example, say you have a cold. First, you read the attitudes and remedy under this section. Next, you remember that when you have had colds in the past it has affected your sinuses, so you turn to sinus disorders and read the pertinent information. You also remember at times a cold can be associated with a sore throat. Turn to throat in the glossary and read the appropriate attitude and suggestion for remedy.
In addition, recognize a cold affects the respiratory system. Therefore, you may want to look up respiratory system and read the cause, which is a mental attitude disorder, as well as the remedy or suggestions for improvement.
Remember, the sinus area, throat, and respiratory attitudes will hold secondary importance to those given under the first category known as cold. This is because this encyclopedia of disease-attitude remedies is specific. If you have a specific pain, illness, or disorder there exists a specific attitude, a habitual thought pattern, producing the disorder.
The important point to remember is that the human body is not a group of isolated parts. Rather, the body is designed to function as a whole unit with every part working together and in harmony for the total well-being of the whole. Therefore, whenever an organ, gland, or area of the body is experiencing pain, discomfort, or ill health, that section of the body will also affect other areas. In fact, it will affect the system as a whole. The common cold may affect the sinuses but it also affects the whole body, leaving you feeling achy all over.
Stress is a term that has come into common usage recently to indicate that the mind of the individual does in fact have a causal effect on the bodily health. However, we can and must go far beyond this generalized and simple truth. We must realize that for every illness in the body there is a causal mental action and that cause is you. You create and affect your body every single day, mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Do not underestimate this. Every thought you have has reality. Thoughts have energy and are real. Thoughts repeated for a length of time gain in power and force, gradually making themselves more and more known in our everyday life.
When an unproductive thought pattern is produced continuously for weeks, months, or sometimes even years, it can have far reaching effects. The physical body can begin to show the effect physically of the emotional and mental wear and tear. Soon, the weak link in the body snaps or breaks down and we have what is known as dis-ease or illness in the body.
The physical body has many systems. Some of these are the endocrine system, the nervous system, the skeletal system, the muscular system, the reproductive system, the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system, the respiratory system, the urinary system, and the digestive system. A specific mental attitude is necessary to create disorder in each of these areas.
For example, the specific attitude that creates disorders in the digestive system is a refusal to embrace situations occurring in the life. This attitude creates a limitation in one’s ability to gain knowledge and Self awareness. If we want to further identify a specific area of the digestive system such as the intestines as the center of the physical disorder, we move through the glossary of disorders locating the word intestines. To the right of the physical disorder is the associated attitude which is, “holding on to or rejecting ideas whether past or present opinions”. It is easy to see how a refusal to use the present, due to mentally living in the past and replaying in the mind painful experiences from an earlier point in your life, will align with the attitude which creates disorders in the digestive system, “a refusal to utilize situations in the present for learning and assimilation of experiences.”
Another part of the digestive system is the gall bladder. The attitude associated with gall bladder difficulties is “trying to control others due to a fear of being controlled and a fear of being out of control.” If one is to live in fear, then the fear is what one will create. The fear of being out of control and/or trying to control others translates into difficulty in using each experience every day as an opportunity for Self improvement and Self fulfillment. Put another way, if you are afraid of people, then all of your attention is on this fear leaving little or no time for learning, sharing and Self fulfillment.
The stomach provides another example of how one area of the body system with an attitude disorder can relate to the whole system. The unproductive attitude associated with stomach disorders is difficulty in receiving new information. This in turn is due to thinking of unpleasant events that could possibly happen in the future. We call this type of thinking, worry. When one’s attention is on creating mental pictures of what you do not want to occur in the future, then there is very little or ineffective use of the present situation. Therefore there is little learning and growth in the present.
Consider the case of the attitude associated with the liver which plays a vital role in the digestive process. The unproductive thought pattern associated with the liver is an attitude of worthlessness and a need to create a purpose in life. Again associating this attitude with the whole, it is very difficult to learn, grow and utilize any experience where there is an absence of self worth. Self value is the foundation on which we build our whole lives.
The attitude associated with that part of the digestive system known as the pancreas also connects with the attitude for the digestive system. When disorders occur in the pancreas, they are due to restricted giving. In order to learn and gain from our experiences in life, it is necessary to give to others and remove the selfishness. As we give to others we create a space within ourselves so we may receive. Until we are ready to receive and have deemed ourselves worthy of receiving, there is no way we can create, learn, and grow. The process of maturing as a creator is one of giving to others in the environment in order that we may receive in return. The greatest gift we can give is our Selves. Clear, honest, open, and deep communication is one of the highest forms of giving one can attain. It provides the opportunity for some of the greatest learning.
The endocrine system provides another example of how you may use this book both with the specific area of the body in which you experience discomfort and also to note associated and generalized unproductive attitudes working with the entire system.
Now suppose if you are female you have a disorder in the ovaries or, if you are male, a difficulty concerning the testicles. You look up the disorder in the glossary provided in this book finding the mental attitude for the ovaries relates to difficulty in use and power of the feminine expression and receptivity, while for the male the attitude is a difficulty with the masculine expression and a misunderstanding of aggressiveness.
Suppose you desire to understand more about creating and the essence of sexuality. In your research you discover the ovaries and testicles are part of the endocrine system. The thought pattern concerned with the endocrine system is difficulties with change in regards to the transformation of energies. This thought attitude is linked with the creative ability and the need to move forward with one’s creations both aggressively and receptively. The two factors of any creation are the aggressive quality which means to initiate and sustain activity, and the receptive quality which is to open one Self to receive with the whole mind and being.
Also included in the endocrine system are the pituitary and thyroid glands. The thyroid, adrenals and gonads are mediated and influenced by the hormones of the pituitary gland. Hormones affect the activity of tissues within the body. These hormones can enter the bloodstream affecting the entire body. Hormones adjust the equilibrium in the body enabling it to respond to the stresses of life in a coordinated manner. Many times when one of these is affected, it will in turn affect the ovaries and testicles as these are part of the same system. The pituitary gland’s associated attitude is the need to use the thinking process productively. To focus one’s attention and to visualize goals and ideals for one’s life is a must in order to reason and be the cause of one’s life. Without the thinking process being used effectively, little or no creation can occur which is the overall theme of the endocrine system.
In a similar connected fashion, the mental attitude disorder of the thyroid influences the capabilities of the endocrine system. Will is the connecting attitude associated with the thyroid gland. A misuse of will affects the thyroid gland, for you see without will, the ability to choose and act, there can be no creation. The attitude-disorder affecting the endocrine system is an impairment in creating or creation. Reasoning and will are required for the thinker to create and build, to add to and improve.
Today, heart attacks and vascular problems are major diseases for thousands of people. The cardiovascular system provides the important duty of supplying the body with life-giving blood and carrying away toxins and impurities from the system. This system includes the heart as well as the veins and arteries. Arteries leave the heart and connect to the organs of the body. Veins leave the organs to return blood to the heart.
Today, many people are worried about the condition of their heart. When difficulties with the heart are present, there is an attitude that responsibility is a burden. There is a misunderstanding of responsibility as a burden. Often there is the mistaken belief that it is one’s responsibility to keep up with friends, family, and neighbors in the amount of possessions one can accumulate. This competition with others for specific material possessions is often in direct conflict with what one actually wants to achieve in life. This discontent in leading a double life results in conflicting signals to the body that may eventually result in heart disorders, including heart attacks.
Difficulty with the veins of the body, for example varicose veins, is the result of an attitude of difficulty with responsibility or responding to conditions to the point that little forward motion is produced in the life.
The life energy is distributed by the blood to the various parts of the body. The heart acts as the pump for the circulation of this energy. The blood system responds to the needs of the body.
Nervous system disorders affect many people no matter what their age or background. The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. Difficulties occurring in the nervous system indicate a need to give attention to receiving and using information productively which requires directed attention. When a person refuses to create a purpose for living, there is little correct use of the senses in gathering input, therefore, the nerves and nerve endings begin to deteriorate. The solution to correct this condition is to set new goals with new purposes in life. Seek out new exciting and fun adventures. Initiate action on that desire you have been putting off for so long. Listen to your inner urge, your inner bliss that nudges you to try something new.
The brain is also considered part of the nervous system. Images, impressions, and inputs received through the nerves and sensory organs are transferred to the brain. The brain processes the information it receives, correlating it with previously stored information called memory. Then plans are created for future strategies of action. This is called imagination.
Difficulties in the brain arise from misuse or incomplete use of the thinking process. Scattered attention or incomplete use of imagination has major effects on this area. The brain is dependent on the nerves to supply it with information and experience in order for reasoning to occur. Therefore, recognize that controlled and directed use of the attention is of primary importance in improving and maintaining any area of the nervous system.
The skeletal system consists of the many bones of the physical body, including the cranium, the spinal column and vertebrae, and the pelvis. The skeletal system provides the structural framework for the body. Difficulties and disorders in the skeletal system will relate to an attitude of thinking Self is incapable of using structure to cause forward motion in the life. This structure may be your job, club, organization, or marriage for each of these require a structure in order to function.

from Permanent Healing by Dr. Daniel R. Condron, copyright 1992 SOM

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