Kundalini Poetry section called Synchronizing

Kundalini Poetry section called Synchronizing


A Glimpse at what you'll find in Kundalini Poetry

from the section called Synchronizing…..


The Verses

The Dance
Erika Scholz, age 34

–James Jackson, age 22

–Christine Andrews, age 33

–Barbara Condron, age 37

Come to the Water
–Barbara Condron, age 48

The Fountain of Youth
–Damian Nordmann

Sabbath Day Awakening
–Adam Campbell, age 25

Raphael’s Galatea
–Barbara Condron, age 38

Fire Goddess
–Damian Nordmann, age 26

A Good Deal
–Dr. Daniel Condron

Poem 1999
–Hezekiah Daniel Condron, age 4



The Dance

Your sound slips into my soul
Its pulse moves through me, around me,
Into me

I wait

Low whispers vibrate
Memories made real
You call me close
From across the sea

I surrender

Floating weightless
In the nectar of your tone
Kaleidoscopic rhythm chants the call
Musky music
The covenant of immortality

And I your partner
Sweep and swirl
Caress I can’t resist
Long and low
Our threads unite
I AM the yin and yang combined

One heart One breath One soul

I stand naked in the light of your sound


–Erika Scholz, May 2002



Flying, floating…. free
Soaring in, out of the ribbon of music.
The rhythm of truth.
The melody of love.
These are the currents nourishing
my gift of love to a misunderstood world.
And my dream is realized,
So take this little bit, the peace
that I have.
Let it float far above the clouds,
the strife, the pain.
Let it drift to become of the whole,
an ocean of love.

–James Jackson



A challenge before me lies
And I decide that it will be
Far beyond where I’ve gone before
I stretch and reach to know.

At night I lay my head to rest
Sinking deeply into reverie.
From my inner mind I see
this unfold in front of me.

Green grass and tall trees as
I gaze from a grand house and
Snakes on either side tangled,
voracious with energy.
In a moment they change and as if
Preordained each one slides to meet another
In the middle and before my eyes they
Twist together in pairs and rise to stand on the tip
Of the their tails and form a beautiful column
Through the yard

Deep peace moves through me as I wake
And reality of great creation moves through my
Whole being.


–Christine Andrews February 2002




How do I answer the knowledge of the universe?
For it is the Holy Grail I possess
when my mind lingers with you.
Little did I know the artistry of making love
until inner level eyes caressed me midst the fire flies
Like the moon pulling oceans, effortlessly drawing me in
over, and over, combing waves of desire, filling an endless shore.
I am a canvas, needing a long awaited master’s strokes
to articulate the colors of what is perceived
in need of a musician to use me as his instrument
to taste harmonies in beauty, grace, ecstasy.
Lithe and pliant, anticipating the power of our love
On every relevant occasion, a masterful blueprint disclosed
Compelling desires like requisitions past due
freed from denial, quarrying in four dimensions
expectant, inquisitive, delighted, and amazed
Motion that cannot cease, only be given dual guidance
Cooperation sanctioned when holding the Grail
no fear that it will ever dry leaving us unfulfilled.
We exist beyond the physical
Yet there are times when what I want most
is to feel you inside of me
to experience the physical balance that only comes
from the exchange of dual chemistry.
Yes, there are times when it seems
that physical release is all I want or could need
but I promise that alone, will never satisfy.
I won’t lay claim to exclusivity
even though at times I will wonder
about identities you’ve known, or know.
Yet we will bring these to each other
as gifts laid before the altar
And I will mark your soul
as you have marked mine…
a psychic vampire drawing Truth
a willing prey dedicating energy
giving from timeless richness
receiving the abundance of being whole.
Resting in the quiet of thoughts exchanged
once either, now belonging to both.
I know what it is to be cradled in our embrace,
drinking in the warmth and security
that can be had from flesh
as minds meld in somnabular visions.
Peaceful surrender in slumber.
Knowing a passion with you,
when all senses are blinded to anything
but the object of obsession.
No doubt, I will experience moments unbridled
erupting creative energies seeking partnership
only in the the tantric union of duality
expressing each quality from levels of consciousness
in ways vaguely familiar and starkly well known.
Electricity that cannot be curbed
only conducted into arcs of Light.
My mind is drawn to how I can be
because I know how we already are,
capable and whole when apart
brilliant and unified when together.
The die has been cast, the plan already made.
All that remains is involution
and drinking from the Grail
with you.

—Barbara Condron, 1990


Come to the Water

River of Life

rising through the Sphinx’s brow

She can answer the ancient question

that only oracles ask.

Stream of Life caressing time’s sand

Mesopotamia is your name.

The tiger chases its mate in the bulrushes

to hear the Phoenix sing.

Ra travels on the clouds to Lanka

where Sita awaits her mate’s fire

and peace can be known.

The Indus inspire what the Ganges must cleanse.

Come to the water.

Drink from her veins.

She is Life.

She is.



Sita. Sita. Sita.

Waiting for Rama.

Waiting for you.




For Rama.

For Ram.

For Ra.

In Egypt.

In Name.

–Barbara Condron 2/02


Sabbath Day Awakening

In the woods
a woman, robed in white,
Gives a sermon
in the service of the Goddess of the LIGHT.
Deep inside, the REAL ME breathes,
soaking in the light like the leaves of the trees.
I see the plan of life as a stage and the phases of growth that’ve led to this age.

Age doesn’t matter ‘cause our soul’s are getting fatter,
Fatter with the wisdom that we’ve earned through the ages.
We’ve been priests, monks, nuns, lamas, shaman, and sages.

I’m amazed by everyone I see.
We’ve come so far to reach our destiny.
One lifetime left, maybe two or three,
It’s a flash in the plan of eternity.

Tears flow from superconcious mind,
as love and acceptance I soon find.
My eyes washed clear by my heart’s pure love
and the grace of Kundalini risen up and above.
Now, I see how close we’ve come to be,
To just be,
To just be…

– Adam Campbell


Raphael’s Galatea

And now where are you Raphael?
Riding on the breath of Zeus
Holding court with gods and mortals
Dancing to the descant of the muses
and I, as Pandora, tempting fate,
Longing to become with you
for in you I hold the passport to Olympus.
Standing humbly before God himself
Knowing this openness is sweet reward
I marvel at the duration of postponement
ever appreciative that the time has come –
this season of petitioning
with stark honesty that sears the mind
and encompassing love even angels do not see
From august heritage we have come
into a present enamored with devotion
to independent destinies intersecting by design.
Such freedom permeates the fiber of my being
in countless ways I can respond
no barriers remain to curb the flow
of giving and receiving in our divine and human affair
Sacrificing all energies I Am, at last, accessible
Nothing would I refuse you now.
Everything I possess I bring to your altar
thrice flaring its flames
to give life to this cryptic Galatea
formed by a man, awakened by a god.

—Barbara Condron, 1990


Fire Goddess

She waits for me at the base of my being.
She rests at the foot of my soul.
She calls to me to quicken my thinking.
I call to her to rise and be free.
Percolating up my spine she tickles me,
Tingling and causing muscles to contract.

And I hear her whisper

Her essential essence pours from my brow,
Pooling and making a multidimensional portal,
A portal of potential and power most vast.

In the portal I vision my patient.
Cells and tissues regenerate, organs mend.
Emotions are released to flow and flow.
Consciousness is elevated, expanded, made sacred.

And I hear her whisper

In the portal I vision my people, my plan.
Hands joined, hearts and minds connected.
Supreme symbiosis achieved.
Karma and Dharma in perpetual motion union
Love, in blissful beauty magnified.

And I hear her whisper


In the portal I vision my God, my Goddess
I know my Lord, my Liege, my Honor, my Divine Lover.
I entrain, I align, I attune, and I resonate
With my most high and holy Godhead.

And I hear her whisper

–Damian Nordmann


A Good Deal

The kundalini energy is a really good deal
The Chakras it works
which are energy wheels.
The creative energy in
the heart you’ll feel
When you still your mind
and you get real
The still mind is the answer for those
who want to know
The still mind is the solution to the
kundalini glow
The still mind refreshes with
great inner LIGHT
The still mind enables
kundalini inner sight
So away we go into
the great beyond.
The kundalini energy
will bring us along.
It rises up the spine
and is incredibly
It opens the crown
like a heavenly
I am happy to give
you this little story
I hope it makes you good and very
The kundalini creates a burning desire
to quench your thirst in the Living Fire.

—Dr. Daniel Condron



Poem 1999

When you listen to the angels
you’ve become wise, like you.

All the people
deep inside they’re good
deep inside everything’s good
because it doesn’t hurt
Whenever you flow along that
stream of light
God leads you to light.

When you go – ever you came from
that’s only matrix
Nagi flowing through the steam of light
on and on Franklin goes
Up up up the river flows up the
stream of light
Franklin goes up as it twirls around
this is what it looks like
as it dances the sun.
Go to through the deepest truth
this is the problem to star

Well, it’s almost ended
Just some more words
That’s it, a changing crystal
from the top of the mortal gladons
to the teal of the sun

Born free!

–by Hezekiah Daniel Condron, age 4


The Inspiration


I had this Kundalini experience when I was experimenting with sound, vibration, and pitch. I was seeking to understand how different tones stimulate different chakras and different levels of consciousness. I was amazed at the unity I felt as I moved deeper into the experience.


I wrote this poem about a Kundalini experience which let me experience my love and innate understanding of music and the beauty and power it possesses. I am twenty-three years old, a black Pisces man headed down a path of spiritual enlightenment, the SOM being my guide.


This is a dream the night I finished nine hours of transcribing an interview – a task I had not anticipated on a day that I was to travel to another city. I set my mind to completing the goal and as the hours passed I gained more and more energy instead of feeling depleted. It was a whole mind experience.

Come to the Water

This syllabic poem came in response to an intuitive breathing session I describe in the book Remembering Atlantis. While breathing I found myself inside the Sphinx in a geometric configuration of energy that was simultaneously mine and cosmic, belonging to neither of us, yet both. Reading this poem is what it feels like to channel this ancient cosmic energy.

Fountain of Youth

This poem is about the reality of immortality. I am rapidly realizing and understanding that physical immortality is easy, it is simple when you understand how to cause learning, growth, creation, giving and receiving, healing, and connection with God and all people. I have healed my physical body of everything from headaches to heartburn, from poor eyesight to a debilitating reproductive disorder. I have accomplished this by changing my thoughts, my thought patterns we call attitudes, and by transforming the way I live my life. This has opened my consciousness to the doors of everlasting life. I now imagine how healthy I will be and what I will be creating when I am fifty years old, one hundred years old, two hundred years old, and beyond. This power is within everyone’s grasp. I hope this poem inspires you to know your Self and immortal soul and Spirit.

Sabbath Day Awakening

I wrote this poem about a Kundalini experience I had at an Interfaith Church of Metaphysics service.. Many spiritual teachers had convened to focus their minds on the highest spiritual thoughts. As I looked around at this group of people, I realized how close we all were coming into Enlightenment.. I marvelled at the idea that some people here would properly become Enlightened in this lifetime and that others maybe next life or the one after that. The joy this awareness brought me erupted in tears. My body shook. I felt no control over this energy that seemed to open my soul.

Raphael’s Galatea

Major transitions were occurring in my life during this time. I knew the Universe was opening to me in ways beyond my imagination, and I had to yield myself to the expectations I now felt. Freedom as responsibility reached new heights. I was free of restriction and separation, able to love and unite in ways previously unknown.

Fire Goddess

What can I say? This was the first poem I wrote when I found out about this book of Kundalini Poetry. These are the ways I deliberately and purposefully use Kundalini energy. She is my Fire Goddess and I love her dearly. She is my powerful ally for my passion which is healing, for leading humanity into Spiritual Man, and for Becoming like my God. I look forward to the time when each of you knows how to court the Fire Goddess.

Poem 1990

One day Hezekiah began saying these words that sounded like free verse dictated from the angels. It all came out in one exhalation of profound innocence. So it is with the cleansing power of Kundalini.

copyright 2003 School of Metaphysics



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