How Experiencing Reincarnation Has Changed My Life by Dr. Barbara Condron

How Experiencing reincarnation has changed my life




How Experiencing Reincarnation Has Changed My Life

For some time now I have been considering the wide range of ramifications the knowledge that reincarnation is the means by which man's soul can mature has upon my thinking. Twenty years ago, I learned the difference between reincarnation and transmigration; an important first step because a mature soul returning as an animal or plant — which generally- speaking are lower on the evolutionary ladder — had never made sense to me. I learned my expanded thinking brought me into very good company as great minds from Voltaire to Henry Ford, from Cicero to Benjamin Franklin considered returning to the earthly schoolroom a part of man's development. 

During my early metaphysical studies and disciplines I moved from accepting the possibility of reincarnation to knowing that reincarnation is the means by which the soul of mankind matures toward compatibility with his Creator. Learning how to access and read the Akashic Record erased whatever doubt remained in my thinking. I perceived what had occurred in the past, as you might recall present-day childhood experiences, and could trace the influence and impact of that past to the current experiences. In this way, the reality of reincarnation and karmic indentures began to affect the way I think and the way I act.

The acceptance of individual responsibility for learning and soul progression has had broad influence in my life. I found I could answer the "why?" questions of life; they were no longer over my head, left only to the mind of God. Everything in life — from the newborn who will eventually be a king to the person who is fired from his job, from the babe born with birth defects to the person whose life is spared while many others are killed — has a cause that can be identified and a purpose, a reason, to exist. Possessing this awareness is much of the reason why I dedicate my life in service to the progression of humanity. 

My knowledge of reincarnation has made me more responsible for the quality of my thinking, particularly the intention I hold for my actions. I now have more than sympathy or pity to offer someone who is less endowed than myself. I now value the indominitable spirit and will of every man to learn, to grow, to mature. I also realize I have experienced in many times, in many places on the earth, in many physical forms. Although most of my incarnations have been in female form, I have also experienced as a male. I have been Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid and many combinations of the three. I have been rich and I have been poor, master and slave. I have been Buddhist, Hindu, Zoastrian, Christian. It is this awareness that lets me see life from my soul's perspective. It helps my consciousness to transcend the limits of the physical body because I realize its impermanence. This awareness frees my consciousness to be devoted to what exists beyond the physical — the spirit that is the Real Self. 

I trust you will find this message helpful during this time of gender and racial upheaval and discord. Have faith that there are far more of us who embrace the learning opportunities our souls have chosen. Do not allow a few malcontents to stimulate worth-less and emotion-laden reactions that impede your quest for peace. Maintain your equanimity and cultivate your love for your neighbor. 

I send you my Circle of Love,
Dr. Barbara Condron
©1995 Vol. 13 No. 4




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