First Opinion Wholistic Health Care for the 21st Century by Barbara Condron, B.J., D.M.

First Opinion

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First Opinion
Wholistic Health Care for the 21st Century

by Barbara Condron, B.J., D.M.

First Opinion, Wholistic Health Car for the 21st Century
copyright 1998, School of Metaphysics
ISBN: 0-944386-18-0 


Dr. Barbara Condron's latest book offers an expansive view of what health is and the truth, insight and wisdom that intuitively-guided health analyses grant to the patients seeking a first opinion on their health condition.

an excerpt from First Opinion

Intuitive Analysis
The Coming Revolution in Health Care

When I was seventeen years old, I had what every teenager dreams of – living quarters separate from their parents.
Actually, I lived only a hundred yards away from their small one bedroom house, but the one gigantic room above the family business made for a great attic apartment for me. One Friday evening a few friends and I returned from a movie to share opinions and secrets until our curfew alarm sounded. At one point, the discussion became particularly engrossing, and I found myself seeing what looked like a light surrounding my friend's head. It was as if he glowed. I wouldn't call it a halo, after all the discussion was not particularly holy, but there was this emanation of what seemed to be light.
This was not the first time I had seen the light. I can remember this phenomenon occurring while talking with people. But for some reason this night I decided to pursue it further.
"It must be the lighting in the room," I thought. This was my first hypothesis to prove or disprove. There must be a simple physical explanation. To this point in my life I had sought to make sense of life by seeking logical, physically-rooted reasons for my experiences. This arose from a foundation of loyal belief in the purposefulness of everything. I thoroughly believed no sane person every does anything without a reason, and that everything has a reason for being, even when I don't know what it is or when upon finding out do not like what I discover. So I got up and turned on a floor lamp. And then a hall light. The artificial light did not make the light I was seeing go away.
My next idea was perhaps I saw the light because of where I was sitting in relationship to the person talking. So I moved to another chair. Then I tried the floor. I found it didn't matter where I moved in the room. It might not happen right away but pretty soon I would begin to see this light again.
My next thought began to bridge the gap between a physical reason and a nonphysical one. I thought, "my eyes are playing tricks on me. Maybe I am just bored and getting sleepy." But I knew that wasn't true, I was very interested in what my friend had to say. Nevertheless, I got up, went to the restroom to wash my face with cold water, served colas to my friends, and sat back down. I was wide awake. It didn't take long for the light to reappear.
Having exhausted the physical possibilities, it was now time to enter into the halls of psychology. Was I crazy? No. Was I making it all up? Not likely, after all there was no reason. Then what was it? I didn't have an answer, and that was bothering me. A new idea occurred to me, "maybe I'm not the only one who could see this light."
The thought was exciting. I was ready for camaraderie, for shared experience, for answers. For the first time, I ventured to ask someone else if they also saw the light. Each one said no. Had they ever seen a light around someone's head? No. The wind went out of my sail as quickly as it had come. Given the response I received it was quite a while before I spoke of the light again. Although the experience kept recurring and even began taking on new dimensions of color or size.
It wasn't until I started studying metaphysics that I learned what this is and what it means. I had no idea that this was an intuitive insight that could, and in my case would, be refined and honed to aid thousands of people in their search for wholistic health. At the time I knew little about intuition, and even less about intuitive skills. What I knew about psychics was not complimentary. I was less than a novice, I have to admit for a college graduate I had volumes yet to learn.

Each one of us emanates energy.
How we have fashioned energy, what we have used and left unused, creates vibrational patterns. Part of that vibratory pattern is the residual release from the electrochemical exchanges occurring in the body. In the mid-1900's cameras were invented to photograph this energy as it emanates from living forms. This type of work is called Kirlian photography. The radiation of energy from life forms impresses itself directly on film negatives. This is quite different from commercial photography which reproduces scenes by recording the light reflected off of the people or objects photographed. Kirlian photography requires an absence of external light because it records the light radiating from the subject. What is registered on film is auric energy.
When I first saw Kirlian photos I was intrigued. These photos of a hand reminded me of pictures of lunar eclipses where everything is black except the crown of solar flares outlining the moon. The light in the Kirlian photo seemed to emanate from what was obviously a hand. Like the moon's crown, the light seemed to move around the fingers, flaring at the tips. I remember thinking to myself, that's like what I see!
I had no idea that something called etheric energy even existed. But I was learning that there are many planes to our existence, and that if answers are not forthcoming from the physical world they might very well be found by exploring these other ones. All these years I had been seeing beyond the physical sense of sight, perceiving the auras of people, trees, and even furniture. Only now was I learning that this kind of extrasensory perception is an innate part of the mind's ability, an intuitive skill that can be refined as an art. I didn't really appreciate the extent of that skilled artistry until I discovered that what intuitive reporters perceive and describe during an Intuitive Health Analysis is the aura.
What the metaphysician calls the aura, the physicist terms an electromagnetic field. These terms describe the energy emanating from every living thing. Both the physicist and metaphysician desire to understand the field. They define and manipulate the energy. Both attempt to remain objective, apart from the energy so they will not interfere with it. This in fact is the mark of a true scientist. For this reason, a team of a conductor and reporter unite their efforts to give the Intuitive Health Analyses. The conductor serves as the objective scientist, directing the analysis, fielding and asking questions for the person requesting the report, while the reader relinquishes conscious control to the conductor entering a highly developed state of intuitive consciousness where the aura can be perceived, identified, and described. The conductor determines what will be examined and the reporters gives what is seen.
When the health analysis was being developed in the later 1960's, early researchers wanted to help people answer the questions they had about their health. Initially these were questions of desperation, how to end pain or supply answers medical doctors could not give. By seeking a way to use developed intuitive skills to report on isolated health problems the means to access information about the health condition was discovered. Eventually the information took on the form of the analyses currently provided for those requesting intuitive assessments.
The desire to aid others, provide them with intuitive answers to their questions, help them solve their problems and become whole, continues to be an urgent calling for those who give their time in this labor of love. In fact intuitive reporters and conductors accept no financial reimbursement for their work. This has been true from the beginning. The teams that provide the analyses do so on a volunteer basis, and this produces a consciousness conducive to clarity of intuitive perception. All contributions are made to the organization; there is no conflict of interest for the reporter or the conductor because the element of personal physical compensation is not involved in the work they do.
Through the years, the Intuitive Health Analysis has become a one of a kind, invaluable resource for people all over the world. What it can tell you about yourself is quite amazing. Much of this is owing to the way the information is related. In the early years of refining the Intuitive Health Analysis, a structure was developed that most easily describes anyone's state of health. In its most abbreviated form we say the health analysis examines the mental, emotional, and physical condition of the individual.
The report begins where the disorder begins, in the kind and quality of the person's thinking. What the client first hears is an assessment of his mental condition, the problems both past and present that are disrupting clear thinking and interfering with his or her ability to completely use mental faculties and cultivate mental potential. Here are the seed ideas that set up the emotional and physical conditions for disease. Here are the ideas, concepts and ways of thinking that limit Self. Upon examining the problem patterns, what is needed to resolve them becomes apparent. Suggestions for new ways, healthy ways, of utilizing thought energy are given.
Next how that seed idea matures into the life is described in the emotional condition. Here the more psychological aspects of the person often arise. What began as an idea of insecurity in the mental system for one person becomes in the emotional system a bout of self-pity. For someone else it expresses as jealousy. What started as criticism expresses emotionally as blame in one person and loneliness in another. Greed expresses emotionally as resentment or hatred. Connecting threads, patterns of cause and effect, can be readily seen and suggestions for productive change are given for the emotional system.
Generally speaking these are "negative" patterns of thinking. They push people away from us. They interfere with our sense of well-being. They rob us of peace. And they destroy our Self concept, our relations with others, and ultimately our bodies. I keep thinking the doctors of a century ago who traveled to your home, knew your kids' names and most importantly your hopes and fears, were closer to the truth of health than their modern counterparts who are surrounded by machines and too often only know you as a name on an insurance form and one of many bodies they examine in a day. The difference is astoundingly obvious. In many ways the past is our future, but with the many advantages that we have gained in 20th century science and technology. The mental and emotional assessment of the Intuitive Health Analysis can empower the health practitioner of your choice, in any field, with otherwise immeasurable insight into what is causing your pain and how to alleviate it – permanently.
Finally, the aura of the physical body is examined; detailing any malfunction of systems, organs, or cells. The aura of every system is reviewed as the reader seeks to isolate and describe disorders and their correction. Suggestions for symptomatic relief are given as well as recommendations for appropriate treatments that will alleviate suffering and correct offending conditions. Sometimes what will bring balance is as simple as more sunshine or a chiropractic adjustment or adding a food to your diet. Sometimes what was believed to be the source of a problem is revealed to be the effect of something else or not even a problem at all. Whatever the condition of the physical body, it is reported. And the reports are astounding.
Intuitive Health Analyses enable us to understand the connections between mind and body in ways others are still speculating. This research goes far beyond describing mental processes as "negative" or "stressed". It isolates the exact pattern of thinking that is causing specific malfunctions in the body.
This is phenomenal.
The use of intuition in this fashion portends an inspiring future for humanity as we open ourselves to what connects us to each other, to the world around us, to a common Source. Intuitive Health Analyses are just the beginning of what man will discover about those connections in the next hundred years.
The ideal use of an Intuitive Health Analysis is as a first opinion. They are best understood as given in their entirety for they present a wholistic image of the person. Each analysis reflects its subject. Similarities in universal thought patterns or in the commonalities of body functions are apparent yet no two analyses are ever alike, just as no two people are exactly alike. We all may find benefit from the suggestions given, but the analysis is tailored to restore optimum health for the person receiving the reading.
The best way to become educated is first hand experience, and so we begin a series of analysis transcripts with commentaries by those who requested the information. These are people like you and me, of varied ages, all walks of life and several countries. What they have in common is the desire to know what they can do to ensure a healthy, fulfilling life. Here is what they discovered.

A general awakening comes when the person receiving intuitively-accessed knowledge honestly considers what it reveals about him or her self as you will see through John Clark's eyes. John was in his early thirties when he received his first intuitive report. For years he had been struggling with a chronic condition that very few people knew about although that was not his reason for requesting a health analysis. That reason was addressed in his analysis' opening statements:

We see within the mental system there is a great deal of frustration that this one is holding on to mentally. We see much of this is the formation of this one's own ideas as to what this one needs to battle against concerning the environment. We see that there are many ways where this one does try to escape this one's own responsibilities.

"When I had this reading I felt a great relief. I felt that I was searching for reasons to follow through with what I had started, reasons I was in situations in my life at that time. I was at that time living with my girlfriend and was very frustrated with the relationship and frustrated with the kind of responsibility I had chosen to take in that situation. I wasn't really sure if I was going to move on in this relationship or if I would be running away from it or if I was doing what I needed to do for myself, so I was caught in my own little mind games and traps of "should I or shouldn't I?"

We see there is a battle which is occurring in that this one is not responding to what it is that this one does want to accomplish and does want to do. Would suggest to this one that by making the environment and what this one considers to be the expectations of society the scapegoat for the self and the excuse as to why this one is frustrated with the goals or the lack of being able to achieve those goals, there will continue to be the frustration that is spoken of.
Would suggest to this one that each day this one set out to do something that this one wants to do solely for the self. Would suggest that in initiating this, this one could begin to see that there is the time if this one will cause it to be available to the self. Would suggest also to this one that this one begin listening to the ways where this one uses such phrases as what this one "should", "ought to", "needs to" or "has to" do. Would suggest that in this way this one is setting outside of the self and away from the self any freedom because this one is likewise setting aside from the self the responsibility for the action on the part of the self, therefore putting it in the hands of others. Would suggest doing something this one wants to do each day will aid this one in understanding that it is to the self that the responsibility does lie.

"When I heard this reading it gave me something immediate to practice as far as doing something for myself each day. I was in the midst of carrying some old habits around with me from adolescence that were irresponsible, destructive and not very caring and nurturing to myself. So in order to change some of these habits I decided that instead of putting money into things that weren't going to help me or weren't going to be something lasting or fulfilling, I would spend that money on something that was going to be something I could use; a good piece of clothing, maintain my car, improve the building I lived in.
"In a very short period of time I felt myself start to gain momentum as far as being much more directed, much stronger; stronger will power. I really started to change fast. Things that I had considered big dilemmas were now places where I could make a decision and go with that decision. In doing so I felt great about myself. I felt I was taking my life in my own hands rather than letting someone or something direct me."

We see that concerning the emotional system the resentment and the anger that is oftentimes used to repel others from the self and oftentimes used as a way in which to belittle or chide the self, is also used to motivate the self. Would suggest to this one that as there begins to be the formation of desires and the responding to this, this one will not necessarily need to hold on to the resentment and the chiding. Would suggest that this one replace those areas that this one finds fault with the self with areas of what this one wants instead.
We see within the area of the physical system that there is a difficulty within the stomach area, within the esophageal area and within the small intestines. We do see for the liver to be affected. We see that there is inflammation that is occurring in the esophageal area and within the stomach itself. Would suggest that there be taken into the system that of a sage tea. Would suggest also that this body would benefit from the intake of carbon, also the use of lysine, the use of vitamin B complex. Would suggest the intake of dairy products, particularly the use of buttermilk, the use of yogurt. Would suggest that this one eliminate fried foods, but not to eliminate that of the red meats. We see also that this one could benefit from the use of chewing of the food more completely as it is taken into the system. We see there are times where there is a build up of a gaseous reaction here and would suggest the intake of baking soda diluted with water.

"I also saw in the reading there were places in my mind and in my body that I was unaware of as far as problem areas. I started to figure out how the type of choices I was making were causing my body to fall apart really quickly. Places I wasn't even aware of were becoming areas of concern and so it did wake me up to the need to use what I know about nutrition and to get more exercise, to take care of myself."

We see concerning the area of the liver there is a build up of scarring in this area. We see that this affects the blood vessels within this area. We see that there is some effect upon the major arterial system to this area as well. We see that this is a breaking down. Would suggest that it would be important for this one to become honest in developing a worthiness as to this one's existence and a direction to be taken to fulfill this one's own purpose for existence.
We see that there is some sluggishness within the lymph system. We see the spleen is affected as well. We see the intake of goldenseal would be of benefit to this system. Also increase in water. Would suggest some mild type of exercise which would stimulate the lymphatic areas throughout the body. The use of massage can be of aid in this regard as well. Would suggest the intake of fruit juices particularly that of the citrus fruit juices. We see there is a lacking of potassium within this system. Would suggest that this one would benefit from the intake of bananas.
We see there is some difficulty in the transverse, descending and sigmoid colon area. We see there is a type of scarring where there has been inflammation and ulceration in the shape concerning the descending and the turn of the transverse colon area. Would suggest that the use of calcium, potassium, and phosphorus would be of aid here. Also the use of those foods which are rich in bulk but an increase in the fluids that are taken in at the same time. We see that within the area of the prostate that there is some inflammation within this area. The use of vitamin A, B, C and E would be of aid here. Would suggest that it is important at this time for this one to initiate action as opposed to being a victim of circumstance.
We see within the area of the spinal column there is difficulty in the discs in the 4th and 5th thoracic. We see also difficulty within the cervical, of the axis and 4th cervical, difficulty in the 9th and 10th thoracic. Would suggest chiropractic or osteopathic attention. This is all. (6-1-87-GBM-1C)

"I was aware of digestive upsets, but I attributed them to my chronic condition, not realizing that this was affecting so many parts, stomach, esophagus, liver, colon. I felt very much exposed, exposed to the extent that I was hiding a lot, or at least I thought I was. I was hiding a condition, hiding an illness from others. With the reading I started to open up, to admit and to communicate about where I was, to openly dream about being able to heal myself, to be healed.
"This was a time I began to embrace my learning. I was very anxious to take steps to learn how to be a teacher, to continue and follow through with my learning in this class in metaphysics that I had been in for three or four months. Even though I was very active in my profession as an actor, I just was not stimulated the same as I was when it came to learning about myself, learning how to grow. I appreciated the kind of ideas that stimulated me to follow through on clearness of thinking that started me moving forward and making decisions and changes about who I was going to be and to really get going on them. I became brave and started to really add on to my level of courage in making the kind of choices that were going to really make a difference."
John's story in some ways was just beginning when he received this analysis. It was in many ways the opening of a new chapter of his life. He had taken great pains to hide his diabetic condition from others for years and to deny it in his own thinking. By requesting intuitive analysis John was affirming a new willingness to understand and take control of his physical health as he had refused to do since his diagnosis as a teenager. Rather than embrace the information and act on the suggestions with a sense of necessity and commitment, John set a new pattern. He would procure an Intuitive Health Analysis, be momentarily inspired – or frightened – into action, and then after days or sometimes months his motivation would wane and he would return to old patterns of thinking and action. After several years, John placed the analyses in the same category as doctors and drugs: when he was in trouble he needed help, a quick fix, be it another drug, surgery, or intuitive identification. What began as a means to change the quality and kind of life he lives fell prey to the same patterns of thinking that produced his ill health originally.
However, John's desire for a different life, however fleeting or undisciplined, has given him knowledge, experience, and hope far beyond the norm. It has tripled his life span enabling him to work, marry, and most importantly learn. It is that desire to learn that continually returns him to Intuitive Health Analysis for that is where he sees a complete picture of himself as a whole being. As a result, John has procured a dozen readings over more than a decade. Although it was not his intent at the time, each successive analysis documents the progression of disease in his body and as such gives invaluable wisdom for those of us who know of someone battling chronic disease or who experience it ourselves. John's story as revealed in his analyses is told poignantly by his wife Dr. Laurel Clark later in this book.


How each person responds to the information received in an Intuitive Health Analysis is truly individual. Just as the ways in which we are open to instruction vary. Some constantly seek to improve themselves and so they invite sagacious criticism, while others wanting things to remain the same reject it. The grace with which compliments are received or the ingratitude which snubs the bestower, reveals the attitudes often described in these readings. The open-minded, learning individual gains the most because he embraces growth and change. While the latter does best to remember the Biblical counsel, "The truth hurts, but the truth will set you free."
Upon receiving his analysis, John gave it serious thought allowing the information to stimulate him into action. The report encouraged him to use what he had learned about good health through his life, and he now realized some of his aches and pains were the effect of taking that knowledge for granted. He was a little shocked to find out how far-reaching those effects were in his own body. The truth didn't hurt John because the truth was what he wanted and it freed him, if only for a short time. The health analysis offered him direction mentally, resolve emotionally, and physical treatments to pursue.
This was not the case for the marketing specialist from Kansas City. Although she immediately verified the analysis' description of her physical body, she also immediately rejected the mental and emotional descriptions. "It's not me!" she repeatedly declared, virtually ignoring what she didn't like about the information for months. What she did like she told others about, often sharing the details of her analysis.
"The clincher for me," she writes, "was when my mother heard my analysis and responded so strongly. I did not tell her anything about the reading. I simply played it for her. When it was done playing she said, "I don't know who that person is, but that person just said many things I know about you because I am your mother, however I know you don't see that in yourself. That is remarkable." Indeed the information was truly transformational."
Once this woman relaxed her defenses, she was able to hear the complete thoughts being conveyed in the report rather than isolated words or phrases. The analysis saying she "didn't listen" was actually "Would suggest to this one to practice causing the mind to be still and to practice listening for this one does have difficulty in listening to this one's own Self as well as listening to others." "Being gullible" and "controlled by others" was actually "this one is very subject to the environment and that due to the lack of control that this one does practice with this one's thoughts, this one is very much influenced by whatever stimuli are around the Self." She had convinced herself that the analysis was a personal attack when it was not. After all the person giving the analysis did not know her, had never even met her, and so had no bias toward her and certainly no animosity against her. Her ideas of being personally attacked were indeed her own and the first place for her to admit the harmful ideas she herself created and perpetuated.
Getting to the point of hearing her analysis as if it was not about her but about someone else, aided Lori greatly to become objective with the information she had received and put it to good use. "When I first received an Intuitive Health Analysis, I was open to the idea of someone, a total stranger being able to identify the condition of my physical body. I had a vague idea that my mental thoughts and attitudes may be related to my health, but I had not been able to make any clear connection between my thoughts and my physical health. The analysis very clearly did this for me."
One question and answer that exemplifies this is the following:

This entity asks, what is the reason for the sinus congestion?
We see that when this one is scattering the attention, this one does have difficulty in receiving information that is brought to the Self. We see that this one does interpret this as being overwhelmed, when in fact it is not that there are too many experiences within this one's life it is that there is a need for this one to give attention to one thought at a time, to one thing at a time and to one experience at a time. As far as symptomatic relief would suggest the use of acupressure, this would be the area in the brow bone and the inner corners of the eyes. This would relieve the pressure." (2-12-91-BGO)

"When I received my analysis on a cassette tape, I listened to the tape over and over because the information was so revelatory to me. When presented with the physical conditions of my body, it was right on target for what I was experiencing.
"When I heard the mental and emotional attitudes a piece to a puzzle was set in place in my mind."

…..We see a constant scattering of ideas. Because this one has many thoughts, many desires, this one does have difficulty in causing the mind to be still. Would suggest to this one to practice concentration. Would suggest to this one to practice causing the mind to be still and to practice listening for this one does have difficulty in listening to this one's own Self as well as listening to others. Would suggest that with exercise this one could cause the mind to be still but that this would involve this one admitting and practicing that this one is the director of this one's thoughts, therefore, this one can have this kind of control.
We see within the emotional system that this one's emotions fluctuate widely. We see that this one is very subject to the environment and that due to the lack of control that this one does practice with this one's thoughts, this one is very much influenced by whatever stimuli are around the Self. Would suggest to this one to practice separating this one's thoughts from this one's senses. For this one is not even aware what causes the distractions within this one's mind. Would suggest the practice of concentration exercises; would suggest the use of some type of exercise that does stimulate this one to identify this one's senses would aid this one in forming this kind of discrimination.

"These words described things I had "felt" yet not been able to clearly identify and communicate. Still more of the information became useful to me in later months as I could use and apply the insights given to me on a deeper level. These were insights I may never have discerned on my own.
"I scattered my attention due to fear and emotional outbursts. The reading suggested exercises in concentration, dream interpretation, and meditation. I was able to enroll in a class to teach me these skills. Within three months, through following instructions and taking these classes, I changed my life dramatically. I was able to excel in my career and received considerable notice from my manager and peers. I resolved conflicts I had with my co-workers. I began to sleep restfully at night. I learned to be more attentive, productive, and reason using my new acquired concentration skills.
"I had been under a doctor's care for allergies and painful tension in my jaws. I no longer need medical care or medication after three months of applying the mental and physical suggestions provided to me. This has saved my insurance company and myself thousands of dollars in the past seven years.
Her analysis also allowed Lori to dispel falsehoods accepted as limitations she would have to learn to live with: "I thought allergies were a way of life and that my jaw pain would be something one "tolerates" as a sign of "aging." This absolutely changed my life, inspired me to dream a bigger dream of myself, and be genuinely happy for once in my life."

"I am a Registered Nurse," says Linda Jones, a middle-aged, divorced mother of a grown daughter. Like many people sincerely interested in helping others in need, Linda is devoted to doing everything she can to restore people to good health. Because her work does not provide all the answers to the problems she sees, she is often willing to learn something that will assist her in her work. And like many health practitioners over the years, Linda was quite surprised by the scope and clarity of Intuitive Health Analyses.
"I became a nurse to aid people to become healthy. I found myself at work in the position of "putting out fires" – taking care of very sick, acutely ill people. Yes, they would get better but nowhere near what I considered to be healthy, happy and productive.
"Here I was, for the most part healthy and productive, yet the year before the reading had been the worst for me as far as health was concerned. I started out getting strep throat then a recurrence of the flu three times that year. I attributed that to an allergy to the flu shot I took that year. I had continual bouts of sinusitis and unless I took Seldane in the morning and Benadryl at night along with other sinus medicine I had a hard time breathing.
"After the strep throat I developed high blood pressure and then had PVC's, (premature ventricular contractions or skipped heart beats) and heart palpitations. Inderal and hydrochlorothiazide were prescribed for that. Then I needed potassium to make up for what the water pill removed. At the point of the reading I could say I was in a state of desperation and open to try anything to get off the medicines. The medicines were just a panacea for the underlying disease process. The more I read and studied the more confused I got about nutrition and exercise and herbs. One philosophy said milk was bad for you and the other said drink it. Another said even vitamin C could hurt someone. I didn't know what to believe and I wanted some answers which the doctors were unable to give me. They just kept prescribing more and more medicine to cover up the symptoms not a cure. I continued to move farther and farther from the state of health I desired to have.
"At the time of the analysis I was able to be present. I wrote out a list of around thirty questions I had about my health. These people didn't know me. I knew what was going on with me and I wanted to make sure that everything was covered at least physically. I began crossing off question after question as they were answered by the reporter. I only asked seven questions and most of these had been answered in the main part of the analysis."
The body of Linda's first Intuitive Health Analysis given in May, 1986, read like this:

We see within the mental system that there is a form of doubt that is being conjured up by this one. We see this one uses this as a type of insurance in regard to this one's viewpoint as to how this one can fail. We see that in doing so however this one is attempting to keep all bases covered. We see that it makes it difficult for this one to be able to build a trust and respect for the self.
We see that there are times where this one is somewhat secretive as to this one's motives and as to this one's methods and we see that what is produced in this can be of benefit to the self. We see the way it is being approached at this time is through a means of doubting this one's own motives. The use of meditation can be quite beneficial to this one not only in learning how to hear this one's motives but learning how to expand this one's ideas, not to try and live according to the ideas of others but to develop authority in learning from this one's own experiences.
We see that it is quite important for this one to use review as a form of evaluation instead of as a form of justification. We see that in many ways this one tries to reach the past as a means of justifying or as a means of looking for a certain process but we see that instead this one will use this as a way in which to cause a forcing action within the self. Would suggest that this is a beginning for this one. It is a way for this one to determine specifically the image that this one wants to build of the self and [to] use the conditions and circumstances on a daily basis in order to practice this. We see that there is a starting action and then a backing away or a waiting that keeps this one in that state of self doubt. Would suggest instead that this one reach further [ahead] instead of backing away or thinking that there is a need for rest.
We see that in the area of the emotional system there are times when this one causes there to be what would be seen as an evenness in this area but instead it is actually a suppression. We see it is a way that this one fools the self into thinking that there is an element of control. We see there is a desire to understand control at this point but we see the methods this one chooses to do so oftentimes leaves this one quite empty and frustrated. Would suggest to this one that the control can be gained as this one will choose to experiment both in communication and on purpose with the use of the emotions as well as in the communication of this one's thoughts. We see that it is most beneficial for this one to use determination. This can only be achieved when this one is reaching toward something as opposed to holding on to something that is stagnant.
We see within the area of the physical system there is some difficulty within the esophagus and we see that there is some difficulty in the polaris area as well. There is inflammation present within this area. We see for the pancreas to be affected at this time. There would be a benefit to the taking-in of buttermilk and also the use of Jerusalem artichoke.
We see for there to be a fluctuation in the thyroid at this time. We see that there are attempts made of stimulating the rejuvenation of properties that are part of this action here. Would suggest to this one that this would have to do with the stop-start action or the forcing which occurs. Would suggest to this one causing there to be a beginning of an action and the following through, is where this one is already reaching for the next step; as opposed to coming to a point of conclusion and then waiting. There is a need for shellfish and green leafy vegetables.
We see that the use of vegetables would be quite beneficial to the whole digestion and eliminatory system at this time. We see that there is need for an increase in the B complex that is taken into the system, also the use of that of lecithin. We see there is some reaction at this time within the area of the liver. This has some degree of interference in the purification processes of the body and there is an effect that is occurring within the area of the liver. The use of the lemon water would be of benefit and also that of the lecithin that has been recommended. Would suggest that there be increase in the intake of vitamin C and that this be used throughout this one's day. We see that in regards to this area [it] would benefit this one to use honey periodically in this one's diet and to use pineapple juice.
There is a build up of mineral deposits in the kidney and this causes there to be some interference in the filtration process. We do see that because of some imbalances of the hormones there is a dumping of what would be seen as proteins by the system. We see therefore that the use or intake of the proteins is particularly important at this time.
Within the area of the muscular system there is some waste being trapped. Would suggest that the tension and relaxation of the muscle groupings of the body is beneficial to this system as well as the use of visualization – seeing the breaking free of the trappings of certain hormones that have not reached, or been as accessible to, the areas that they were intended.
We see that there is a fluctuation within the heart muscle. There is some corrective action occurring here but there is also some stress that is being placed on this area. We see that this one becomes angered quite easily. This does have an immediate effect upon the circulatory system and the heart as this one will involve the self in blame and forget what it is that this one is seeking to learn or understand. This can be corrected.
We see within the area of the spinal column there is some difficulty in the lower thoracic and lumbar area that would benefit from chiropractic attention. There is also misalignment in the fifth and sixth thoracic and the third and fifth cervical. This is all. (5-10-86-GBM-10)

"Wow! As the reading continued I felt like I was being dissected inch by inch, molecule by molecule. I was taken apart and put back together again in minutes. I learned the cause – the mental cause – of the difficulties I had been experiencing. Now all I had to do is to take action on what I heard. I had to prove to myself whether the answers I received were true or not and the only way to do that was to do what the reading told me to do. I first began with the physical symptomatic relief.
"Mentally I needed to be decisive, and to set goals and create what I desire. My oversensitivity to what others said to me had brought on the sinus problems. I needed to be creative in positive ways instead of creating fears and restrictions. Most of all I needed to become useful to the Self.
"Years before, after my divorce I could think of no reason to live except for my beautiful daughter. She needed me, but not as much as I needed her. I began living through her. If she did well, I was okay and if she didn't, I wasn't. What a burden to place on a four-year-old child. I needed to understand the anger and release it. To learn to be at peace with myself.
"Physically, I went out and bought the herbs, vitamins, and minerals suggested. I ate Brazil nuts, shellfish, green vegetables. I had chiropractic attention and massage."
Linda began studying applied metaphysics where she learned how to breathe properly and how to meditate. She also learned how to use the power of her mind to direct life force in the body for vitalization and for healing. "I noticed a huge difference in a month. My sinuses began clearing up and slowly I came off the sinus medicine. Then I began noticing my blood pressure staying on the lower side of normal. During the analysis I wanted to know about the medication for blood pressure I was taking. The conductor asked, "Are there any suggestions as to what this one can do in order to decrease the medication?" and the reader responded, "Fulfill this one's own desires, and become responsible for the learning in the process." I went to see my doctor and received guidance in coming off the blood pressure medicine. At the end of 3 months, I was off the water pills and potassium and after 6 months I was off all medicines. I was taking herbs, meditating and changing my attitudes instead. I began backing off the herbs by listening to my body.
"I received my second health analysis in 1988. By then I had made many changes in my thinking. I was learning to become responsible for my learning and for my desires. I became a control freak. I went from creating fears and limitations to conjuring up doubt."

We see within the mental system that there is a very strong desire on this one's part to be creative and also to be useful. We see this one's difficulty however is in this one being responsible for what this one creates, for what this one does desire. We see because of this, this one will attempt to create fears and attempt to create restrictions – purposefully – so this one can see this action in process. Would suggest however it becomes very much a distracting element in this one's life and in this one's ability to learn.
We see that in many ways this one looks for struggle as being something that would indicate this one's ability to have confidence within the self. However, we see that this develops a mistrust within the self at this time. Would suggest that this one give attention to how this one causes action physically, also in the action in the mind and in this way to cause learning on purpose from the experience, not after this one has had to go through the ordeal, as this one would see it, of the experience and then assume that there has been some kind of learning. Would suggest to this one that the mistrust occurs because this one does not decide and does not willingly become responsible to the experience and how this one will change regarding using that experience.
Would suggest to this one that decisiveness would be most beneficial at this time for this one to develop, also an image of worthiness regarding the self. We see there is a very strong urge for importance but there is not seen where this one is needed by others to achieve that importance. Would suggest that this one is needed but it would be most beneficial if this one would become important to the self.

"No I hadn't learned how to be positive in my creations yet. I did have quite definite ideas of what I wanted though. I was more decisive. In the area of causing action on purpose I was misusing the past as a means of justifying or finding cause and forcing myself to do things based on the past instead of creating an image of myself that I wanted to live up to and be. It was important for me to follow through on my decisions.
"The way I was dealing with my anger and other emotions was to suppress them. I thought this was keeping me on an even keel and balanced. After all, I didn't explode or get angry as often and I thought I had healed this area. I discovered through the reading that this was not so."

We see within the area of the emotional system that there is a great deal of guilt and fears that this one will build out of proportion. We see that this is done because of this one's urge to create and to become creative. Would suggest that through this there can be equally as much excitement as this one begins to identify those things which this one does have and has experienced and understands. Would suggest that also the guilt be recognized for what it is, a diversion and a way for this one to understand this one's own importance. Would suggest, however, that [not] until this one accepts the learning in these experiences day to day will this one understand the usefulness of the guilt.
We see that there is a great deal of resentment as well and that this is because of this one's attention continually being on the outside or the external situations as being the impetus or stimulation for this one's changes.

Linda comments, "I began learning to express emotions purposefully. This was difficult at first. A more recent analysis said I play with my emotions. I considered at that time that I had come a long way. Now I know how to cause emotions on purpose and to use them effectively. My next step is to learn from the emotion at the time I experience it."
The physical assessment a year and a half later showed some conditions remaining the same while others had changed. The hormonal imbalances described in the first analysis centered on fluctuation in thyroid function. The follow-up reading described the further impact of Linda's indecisiveness, the start-stop action she perpetuated and had yet to change:

We see within the area of the physical system that there is a difficulty in the endocrine system concerning the pituitary, hypothalamus, and the thyroid. We see that these imbalances cause there to be a hormonal imbalance within the system that also causes some difficulty in the way that this body responds to heat and cold. We see that regarding the thyroid, it would be of some relief to take in that of shellfish, and that of the green leafy vegetables, and the use of zinc, calcium, manganese and magnesium, as well as, vitamin B complex would be helpful to the endocrine system as well. Would suggest that regarding the difficulty concerning the pituitary, it would be important for this one to learn how to think or reason rather than to live in the reactions that have been spoken of.

Hormones were still trapped in muscles, with similar recommendations for symptomatic relief:

We see that there has been trapped within the musculatory system some different hormones that cause there to be waste trapped within the musculatory system as well. Would suggest the use of Brazil nuts to be taken into the system. Would suggest that this one involve the self in exercises where this one is tensing and relaxing the different body groupings independently.

Linda's efforts to restore her mind and body to health were now causing a release of energy and waste materials, causing the lymphatic system to work overtime. Suggestions were given to lighten the burden and ease the strain in her body's cleansing system:

We see within the area of the lymphatic system that there is a build up of toxins and waste here. The use of lymphatic massage would be most beneficial. The use of goldenseal tea would be helpful and niacin in the vitamin B that has been recommended would also be helpful in stimulating a flushing action and a cleansing action within these areas.

There were the basic areas covered in the body of the analysis. Linda was curious about her progress in other areas not mentioned because they were no longer primary disorders. Her first area of concern was the condition of her heart and circulatory system. The first analysis had described "fluctuation within the heart muscle" resulting from Linda's anger and tendency to blame. After a year and a half of striving to redirect her thinking toward learning and her emotions toward understanding, and of daily meditation sessions, the analysis found the heart still being burdened:

There is some stress that is being placed upon the area of the heart. We see that there has been a build up of some deposits, not only within the heart area but within the arterial system as well. We see that this causes there to be the fluctuation or difficulty in the circulatory system, but the major difficulty in the circulatory system is due to the central nervous system and the way that there is anxiousness purposefully produced, which has been related. We see for symptomatic relief the use of fish oils, garlic, mushrooms, sassafras, and ginseng could be of some benefit.

"For the most part I am in better health now years after my first analysis than I was in 1986. I take herbs and vitamins occasionally as needed and I have health analyses done periodically to check my progress. There are longer and longer periods in which I do not experience sinus difficulties. I have continued to keep my blood pressure controlled without medicines.
"From my own and others" experience I can testify that Intuitive Health Analyses are the most beneficial for healthy people because they aid one to become optimally healthy by learning what the underlying cause is and change it. This causes permanent lasting healing."
Of all the valuable insights she gained in both analyses, Linda still talks about the response she received when she asked for suggestions to aid her to honestly give and receive. The answer was so penetrating that now years later she still finds it profoundly descriptive of how she thinks and lives. She is ever grateful that the analysis brought it to her attention for it has enhanced her understanding of herself and deepened her relations with others:

Would suggest to this one that this one's action of giving oftentimes is not giving but is trying to create a dependency upon herself of others; therefore, having some way to receive by there being a need of the self by others. Would suggest to this one that this one place the attention upon giving as being an action whereby this one is offering something of the self for the purpose of offering it. Not for the purpose of what it will create in another, but [for the purpose of what it will create] in the self. Would suggest likewise that in receiving this one see that the difficulty in receiving is associated with [what] this one creates in accordance with this one's desires as opposed to this one's fears. (1-7-88-GBM-10)

Sharing what you learn in an analysis with those closest to you can speed your healing.
They can support your efforts toward change and gain understanding of why you are like you are. This can open new lines of communication, deepening your association. A true friend, one who has your best interest in mind, can be a powerful healing force in your life as computer programmer John Harrison discovered.
"When I received my first health analysis I was getting it to check on my state of health after an attack of diabetes. I expected to receive a physical report. I was shocked when it started out talking about how I was avoiding responsibility."

We see within this one there is a fear of responsibility. We see that this one desires responsibility in that this one desires to be important, this one desires to make a contribution, but this one views responsibility as something constricting and entrapping, and therefore, this one shies away from opportunities to increase this one's skill level, experience level, talents and understandings. Would suggest to this one that there is a need for this one to expand this ones idea of responsibility to go beyond the idea that there is something expected of this one by others to the idea that increased responsibility means increased understanding, experience and freedom for this one. Would suggest that this one admit to the Self that there is a desire for expanded experience and for this one to respond to this.

"My first thought was, Where did that come from? I didn't pay for this. Let's get back to physical problems."
"I knew I had been avoiding responsibility. The analysis said I thought responsibility was a burden. It pointed out that I desired freedom and that responsibility could provide me with that freedom. The reading explained that by putting myself into positions of responsibility, I would have the freedom to do more things."
"The one thing the analysis left out was my ability to avoid confronting problems in my life. This is where my teacher in the School of Metaphysics stepped in since she was committed to my soul growth and development, she continually challenged me to confront my limitation to responsibility." By trusting someone, in this case a teacher, John was acting upon the counsel in his analysis:

We see within the emotional system that this one is somewhat reserved emotionally and this one views the emotions as something private and personal and therefore, does not share his emotional experiences with others. We see that at times this produces a kind of sadness for we see that this one does desire inwardly to share the Self with others but consciously keeps the Self away from this. Would suggest that this one choose particular individuals to share the Self with and by gradually doing this with particular individuals, this one can then expand this to include all people which will aid this one in changing the loneliness and the isolation to experiences of joy and peace. (2-20-96-LJC-1)

John's choice of his teacher as a confidante was a wise one. He describes his teacher's vigilant instruction: "This loving assault on my limitation broke down my resistance enough for me to intuitively receive the second reason why I was avoiding responsibility. I didn't want to be in a position where I could hurt someone. My teacher then went to work on showing me how I could use it to help people. I decided that in order to become the person I wanted to be I would have to quit running from it and embrace it.
"Today I am not wild about taking on responsibility. I don't run as fast away from it like I used to. I do take on a lot more of it and have begun to notice the pain I cause myself in my life when I avoid it. Embracing change is the key to enjoying life along with creating a purpose for that change. The analysis helped bring to my conscious mind a major obstacle to my being happy and free. It pointed out the positive benefits of embracing and using what I was avoiding to help me to receive what I desired."
In light of what John learned about himself, and how he was able to use the information to enhance his life, the physical part of the analysis faded in its importance to him. This report described a "swelling in the heart muscle, high blood pressure, and restriction in the circulatory system" as well as addressing stiffness in the joints of the body, spinal misalignments, urinary tract infections, and prostate problems.
A second analysis just seven months later revealed the effort John was putting forth for there was some progress in all areas. But what concerned John the most was the diabetic condition. And this is one of the most common uses of the Intuitive Health Analysis: the detailed screening of how the energies of the body are being used, abused, or misused, and what can be done to replenish and redistribute them. The physical part of John's analysis began by describing the condition of his endocrine system, including the pancreas:

We see within the physical system there are imbalances within the nervous system and the endocrine system. We see that there is a incrustation that is beginning to appear in the pituitary. We see that there is slight swelling in the right side of the thyroid. We see that there is restriction in the pancreas and its functioning. We see that there is restriction also in the adrenals. We see that there is a need for the change in the way that the thinking is used as has been described. This one needs to reason much more and to direct the action of the imagination consciously. This would aid in stimulating the action of the pituitary and would release the incrustation that is beginning to build around it. We see that this in turn would ease much of the nervous disruption and it would aid in a greater flow of emotional energy into the body and the flow of the energy from and to the senses. We see that the direction of the attention upon what is at hand would aid the body greatly. This one can deny the physical part of the Self very easily and it is very important for this one to appreciate the physical and the body. Would suggest that any kind of activity, a sport or dance where this one would, out of necessity, direct the attention upon moving the body and appreciating the movement itself would be of great assistance in this one beginning to change his opinion of his body and therefore, to change to the image of health this one holds and therefore, the quality of the health of the body itself. We see that there is a need for vanadium in the body; there is a need for chromium. These would aid in the functioning of the digestion and it would compensate for some of the disorders in the pancreas.

This part of the report went on to describe other digestive and eliminatory disruptions and suggestions for their relief.
The mental and emotional attitudes described in this analysis were like continuations of those identified in the first report. The fear of responsibility identified initially in the mental system and the tendency toward emotional reserve which fueled isolation and loneliness took on a whole new meaning in the context of the second analysis which dealt head on with how those fears had been dominating John's self-concept and his life:

We see a high level of lack of confidence that this one perpetuates within the Self. We see that there is much this one has to offer other people and indeed wants to, but this one has not disciplined the Self to place the Self in appropriate conditions for the gifts to be given. We see rather this one has allowed the imagination to be undisciplined and therefore, this one has perpetuated false ideas of insecurity in himself of unworthiness and of rejection, which in reality have not occurred.
We see that in reality when this one has given most of the time it has been well received by others, it has been embraced by others and this one has even been encouraged by others. Yet, this one has not acknowledged it and denied it, therefore, has perpetuated this one's loneliness, this one's selfishness and this one's sense of being rejected by others. Would suggest that it is time for this one to recognize that it is of his own making, that it is through the power of his own thinking that this one has created the kind of isolation and loneliness which he often experiences. There is no reason for this one to perpetuate this. There is no cause for it and it does not produce anything that is valuable to himself and to other people.
We see that there is a great need for this one, and this one is becoming more aware of it, of being able to put to use the skills and talents that this one has and to refine these and to add upon them. It is very important for this one to challenge himself in the present. It is important for him to set his ideals high and to strive for them without fail. It is very important for this one to be able to recognize the sense of power, the sense of discipline, the sense of dedication, and loyalty, which this one often finds lacking toward himself and would like to have demonstrated toward himself. Would suggest that if this one wants other people to be certain ways toward him then the easiest and most expedient way to accomplish this is to be those things himself. This is the place for this one to start initiating the kind of change of consciousness which would bring this one what this one has desired.

John was ready to hear this. He had spent months actively working on himself. New thoughts had arisen in his mind and old thoughts had become more pronounced. This analysis accentuated this, like holding a magnifying glass to what is already seen so its composition can be studied. The detail with which the patterns of thoughts are described is quite astounding. The more reflective and Self-aware the individual requesting the analysis, the more easily report are the attitudinal patterns.
John was in his mind too familiar with the state of the art medical response to diabetes. Following the regimen forced him to make physical changes, and mental and emotional ones. But Western medicine didn't answer the question that kept burning in his mind, "Why me?"
John knew from his first experience that the Intuitive Health Analysis was a place where he could ask why and expect an answer. So in his second analysis John asked, "What was the situation that stimulated the attitudes that have led me to the manifestation of diabetes?" The answer was forthcoming:

We see that it is the holding onto, the imaging and holding onto, the insecurity that has been spoken of. This action in and of itself is one of selfishness and therefore, takes from him the manifestation of this one's assignment for living, this one's purpose for existence. It does steal from those in this one's environment because this one does not give what this one is capable of. (11-8-96-CM-1)


Verification of the analysis by a medical doctor eases some people's minds.
And quite a few physicians around the globe have not only read or listened to Intuitive Health Analyses at the behest of their patients but copies of analyses are often included among patients' medical records. The most readily obtainable is x-ray confirmation. Subluxated spinal vertebra are seconded by osteopaths, teeth and gum irregularities are confirmed by dental x-rays. More sophisticated, and costly, technology such as CAT scans and MRI's have duplicated the findings reported in Intuitive Health Analyses.
Karen Low, an entrepreneur from Dallas, describes her experience this way. "In December, 1995, I was diagnosed with three fibroids in my uterus. Soon after that exam, I requested an Intuitive Health Analysis, in which I asked about the fibroids, the presence of which was confirmed. I asked the cause of the fibroids and was told:

This is also a manifestation of the anger and the harshness that this one has towards the self, specifically in regard to the ways that this one has been angry with the self in this one's relationships with men. Would suggest to this one that this one learn how to love the self and to practice this and cause this daily. (12-19-95-CM-1)

I found it very interesting that there were three fibroids, and I had experienced three long-term unhappy or unfulfilling relationships with men.
"In September I had another analysis done in anticipation of my annual gynecological examination. This one told me that there was fibroid tissue in the breast area and in the uterus. I then realized that for a while I had been experiencing a pulling sensation deep in my left breast, and recognized that must be the location of the fibroid tissue.
"When I went to my gynecological exam, I took a copy of the health analysis with me. Before he examined me, I showed my doctor the paragraph in the report that indicated there was fibroid tissue in my breast as well as my uterus. I also told him about the pulling sensation I felt in my left breast. He was very skeptical about the reading. I asked him to simply consider the information as he examined my breasts.
"After the breast examination, he told me he didn't feel anything unusual, and he didn't think there was anything there. However, since I had just turned 40 years old, he said that I needed to have a baseline mammogram done anyway, and that would reveal the presence of any fibroids.
"Before my doctor left the examining room, and much to his chagrin, I requested that he place the copy of the health analysis in my medical file. He argued that the file was only for medical records. I advised him that as far as I am concerned, an Intuitive Health Analysis is a medical record. He placed the report in the file.
"A week later he called me and told me that the mammogram had identified a fibroid nodule in my left breast.
"I greatly appreciated the information given to me in the health analysis. Even though my doctor says that fibroids are "natural" and non-malignant, he says they bear watching. Although the doctor probably would have had the mammogram done anyway because of my age, without the mammogram, he would not have known of the presence of the fibroid tissue in my breast except for the information from the health report.
"Although he says the fibroids will continue to grow until I reach menopause, I intend to use the suggestions in the health analyses to heal myself of this problem. My doctor will be examining me every six months, so it should be easy to chart my progress. I'll keep you informed on the results."
Those who rely upon a medical doctor as their health authority expect that professional to support their seeking other opinions. This does not always happen. Doctors who bear the burden of life and death choices are often disinclined to experimentation. Their prescriptions must be followed as given for that is how they have known them to work in the past for most people. They believe trying a different treatment will result in the loss of valuable time, taking herbs or even vitamins may interfere with the drugs they've prescribed, or like this woman's doctor that for any health information to be valid it must come from a source he is familiar with. That may sound a bit self-centered but when you rely upon someone else as the authority for the condition of your health, you expect them to be certain. Most of the time they are not because they cannot be.
Intuitive Health Analyses do not have all the answers either. What they do have is the capacity to educate and thereby empower each individual to think and act in ways that will produce health. The authority moves from someone or something else to you. You decide. You learn. You change. You heal. You grow. You become the person you've always imagined yourself to be. When you need help, you enlist the aid of others who can offer assistance, guidance, expertise. You have the authority and you have the responsibility. Health analyses encourage the former and make the latter easier to understand.
In my many years of research, what has proven enlightening to me is realizing how technological advances attempt to duplicate the workings of the human mind. This is man's way of seeking certainty in his world. The latest medical machines produce three dimensional pictures for doctors to study. These physical reproductions enable those who perform surgery to see what the intuitively skilled directly perceives. This is also true of a healer. A healer uses his mind – his intelligence and wisdom, the energy and even substance of thought itself – to perceive, evaluate, create, and restore healthful balance in his patient. As we see a progressive increase in the number of people who can heal we will see a proportionate decrease in the number of these machines.
There have been times when people have spent months undergoing extensive technological testing in an effort to diagnose the cause of a problem only to find no answers. This does not mean the pain doesn't exist nor unfortunately does it make that pain go away. It does mean the root of their suffering is not detectable by these means. The Intuitive Health Analysis identifies the cause.
Consider this information concerning what causes tinnitus, the sudden onset of an incessant low grade sound that medical science has yet to explain. Although personal to him, the analysis does reveal the universal cause of this condition. A gentleman asked "what causes the incessant ringing in my ears?" The response referred him to information given in the body of his reading concerning the condition of his nervous system:

…There is great difficulty in utilizing the senses fully. We see that there is a significant drop in the electrochemical movement to the auditory system, and to the visual system. We see that in large part this is due to the denial of the emotions that have been spoken of and this one pulling back and away from life experiences. In order for the body to change, this one will need to find a renewed willingness to look and see, to hear and listen, in the experiences. (4-17-93-1-BGC)

The emotional denial is one way to describe what Dr. Daniel Condron lists in Permanent Healing as the mental cause for tinnitus: "refusal to hear the thoughts of Self". The analysis had earlier described this gentleman's refusal in this way:

…We see that emotionally this one becomes stagnant in what this one would identify as approval or rejection. We see that in reality however this is a way for this one to deny his own standards of accomplishment, his own code of ethics, his own ideas of morality. It is much easier for this one to both live up to as well as fail to live up to these codes of standards as long as this one believes they belong to someone else and not him. Would suggest to this one however that this one's thinking creates the self. It is the identity of the self. Therefore whatever code of ethics or standards that this one has entertained, even when this one has tried to put them off on someone else, is his own. Whatever this one has lived up to this one has earned – this one has made a part of the self and will benefit from. Whatever this one has not adhered to, this one has not fed the self and will not have this to draw upon. This is the honesty (in the mental system) that has been spoken of.

This man could immediately understand what the intuitive report described. He was able to respond to his analysis with life-changing ways of life. His line of business had been in conflict with his own beliefs for years thereby creating inner conflict. He got out of the business, initiated long postponed projects and began new ones. The new ways of thinking did not totally release him from the incessant ringing in his ears but it has significantly lessened, enabling him to think more clearly and sleep better at night. As he says anyone who has experienced this condition knows, this is a Godsend.

Lack of medical diagnosis has been a common reason people first pursue an Intuitive Health Analysis, but increasingly another reason is moving to the forefront: autonomous insight. People want to know what they can do to take control of their health. They want specialized insight not generic textbook descriptions. They want natural ways to be healthy. They want to permanently restore balance in mind and body rather than have temporary, symptomatic relief for a condition that still exists or will return. This is the area where the Intuitive Health Analysis is outstanding.
Many people look at Intuitive Health Analyses as others consider yearly visits to a medical doctor a necessary part of life. There is no doubt that the intuitive analysis gives information beyond what medical science affords. For this reason increasing numbers of people assume a balanced approach to health maintenance. Consider Terryll Nemeth's experience.
"I had my first health analysis from the School of Metaphysics in April, 1986. I had been experiencing recurring sinus infections, blood vessels breaking in my eyes, popping in my ears, shortness of breath and a nervous stomach from increasing fear and a sense of foreboding. I felt like my body was falling apart. I went to aerobics and did some weight training regularly so to look at my exterior, I looked like a picture of health, but something was very wrong.
"I had a very good job as an electronics engineer with the Federal Government, a condo, and money but I was still unfulfilled. I had began experiencing much unknown fear and had difficulty being happy with the responsibilities of life. I wasn't sure how this breakdown of my identity and spirit had come to such a head, but I believe I had not learned to cope with the break up of my marriage. In fact, I blamed myself for having made what I termed the big mistake of marrying Matt in the first place. I did not realize it before I had the analysis, but later came to recognize how negative I had become in my thinking."

We see that in the mental system this one has many perverted ways of thinking. We see that a part of this is due to some brain damage that this one has caused. We see that a part of this is also due to this one's own hatred and we see that this one has much difficulty in relating to life as it is.
We see that this one has some very destructive ideas. We see that this one has much difficulty in being responsible for this one's own self without causing detriment to this one's self and others. We see that there is need for this one to begin changing these attitudes, for we see they are not only destroying this one, but are creating a great deal of karma in most unpleasant ways for this one. Would suggest to this one that what this one has considered to be desirable and perverted manners do need to be rethought. Would suggest to this one that this one's emotions have developed the habit of becoming excited only with detrimental emotions such as anger, fear, denial, greed, harm and so forth.
We see that this one has much difficulty in relating to the more beautiful things in life. We see that this one has much difficulty in recognizing much light and in recognizing any truth any more. We see that this one has chosen dishonesty and perversion as this one's thrill and way of life. Would suggest to this one that it is this one's choice what this one does, but would suggest to this one to remember that this one is also the one who experiences and will experience the consequences.
We see that the physical body is having much difficulty at the present time. We see that there are small blood vessels all over the body that are breaking. We see that this one is developing emphysema and this one is experiencing a cancerous condition in the pancreas.
We see that there is a kind of yellowed substance which is a type of infection that acts differently from most infections which is attacking the brain stem, surrounding the brain stem and we see that this is affecting the ears to some extent. We see a similar substance is beginning to form around the liver. We see that some of the components of this infected substance are some of the same components that are found in fat, body fat.
We see some of the blood vessels to also be breaking in the eyes.
We see that the calcium is being used up in this body. There is a need for large intakes of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese. We see that there is a deficiency of vitamin A in this body, but the body will hardly accept vitamin A, and it does produce a strong reaction in the body because it is so needed by it. This is all. (4-29-86-BGO-1M)

"After receiving that first analysis, I was shocked. I was experiencing conditions of emphysema and worse, cancer. I did not understand the reference to perverted thinking at the time, but I did relate to the fact that I was having difficulty living life, and most of the physical symptoms described in the reading I could relate to.
Terryll was stunned. She immediately sought counseling. "I called my [metaphysics] teacher and she arranged a meeting with her teacher and supervisor. It was pointed out to me that I was killing myself in a variety of ways. I needed to decide if I wanted to live or die. What did I want?
"I decided I wanted to live and started the healing process.
"My counselor, Dr. Laurel Clark pointed out that I had gotten in the habit of stuffing my emotions and that this was unhealthy and growth-limiting. I knew this was true. I judged myself harshly, and to keep from making mistakes I had decided limiting my expression was best. I then recognized that way of thinking as being perverted. So this was one of the ways of thinking the analysis pointed out that was detrimental.
"As a result of learning to still my mind and recognize my thinking, I also realized I had created a habit of thinking negatively. Thinking of the worst case scenario first. Bingo, another perverted way of thinking became visible.
"By creating new brain pathways through the use of concentration exercises practiced daily, and strengthening this concentrated mind through daily experience, I learned to create more positive ways of thinking. I healed my physical body, while I learned to heal my mental attitudes and imaging, using the Kundalini energy, our creative energy which I learned about in classes in Applied Metaphysics in the School of Metaphysics.
"I learned how to change my thinking and how to express my emotions more productively within the year period of time between my first and second health analyses. I had some very profound healing experiences in which I got in touch with the understanding I have in healing as brought out in the analysis. The conductor had asked the reporter if the cancer in the pancreas was reversible at the present time and the reporter stated, "This one could reverse it and could live." My teacher stated that this indicated that I had understandings in regard to healing that I could draw out of me this lifetime and use these understandings to heal myself. This statement bolstered my spirits and I used it to enhance my belief that I could heal myself. During a healing experience, I knew the cancer was no longer in my body, the thing I was unsure of was how I knew this.
"Eleven months had passed and I determined that it was time for another analysis to gauge my progress. I believed the cancer was no longer present in my body, and I no longer experienced the symptoms described in the first one."
The next analysis confirmed Terryll's belief and reported on her progress. Physically the infection was still present now centered in the colon and stomach, and the lymphatic system was carrying on a valiant effort to rid the body of the invader. A need to purify the lungs of excess mucus and toxins existed but the condition was no longer described as emphysematic. The circulatory system also needed further cleansing but pressure in the capillary system that had caused breaking blood vessels had been eased. No mention was made of the pancreatic condition or of malignancy. What had come so quickly, had eroded just as fast. A sluggishness in the thyroid which was nonexistent a year before was now apparent. Suggestions for further change were given for all areas noted.
Terryll had spent the past year engaged in thought-transforming activities. Daily concentration and meditation exercises had brought flexibility back into thinking. As a result of her desire for wellness and her willingness to change, new light was shed in the second analysis on the construction of Terryll's thought processes. These details about her thinking enabled her to see how she made her recovery more painful than necessary. The attitudes sabotaging her sincere efforts to heal were clear:

We see for this one to be refusing to listen to this one's own inner thoughts, particularly those regarding this one's own inner authority. There is a need for this one to give more attention to meditation, and receiving from this one's higher Self.
There is a need for this one to pay attention and to get honest with the fact that this one is reacting to all authority figures within this one's life as well. And for this one to begin learning to cooperate with the inner and outer authority in order to know balance within the Self.
We see this one is flitting from one extreme to another at the present period of time due to the refusal to listen to this one's own inner Self and to cause balance within the conscious and subconscious minds.
We see that there is a need for this one to recognize that in this one's adolescent attitudes there is a turning against the good for the whole. We see that there is a need for this one to stop being malicious to regard to this one's own attitudes towards those who are somewhat different than this one at the present time, or in a different position. We see that there is a need for this one to draw forth this one's own love and compassion to deal with this one's Self as well as others, and to begin removing this cloud of resentment from this one's eyes so that this one can pursue the goals that this one does have.
We see that this one's emotionalism needs to be directed in the direction of this one's goals rather than them being a distraction to them. (3-17-87-CR-1M)

Terryll so valued the information she received that she uses Intuitive Health Analyses almost yearly as a means for self-discovery and to promote wholeness and well-being. "The health analyses I have received from the School of Metaphysics down through the years have aided me to reach for greater and greater health. From 1986 to 1995, I received eight analyses. These analyses have proven to be a way to seriously and accurately chart and cause individual growth when used. They helped me to zero in on limitations in my thinking and address these immediately with suggestions by the reporter that promote mental, emotional, and physical healing. Each health report provides the individual with a particular quality of thinking that needs to be changed to cause the Self to be more healthy or heal.
"With most of the analyses I received, I was excited because the information communicated to me that I was making progress in my quest for wholeness. Because I used this information, I noticed in most cases that the next health analysis I received gave more specific details regarding a limited way of thinking than the one previous to it. Each successive Health Analysis gave me a way to see limitations in my thinking from a different perspective. These health reports have allowed me to more easily discover the core thoughts, or the cause for misunderstandings so that I could make productive changes thereby creating growth. With the analyses, I feel as though I am peeling away outer expressions and thinking that no longer serve me as if I were peeling layers off an onion. Revealing the core of the onion is like revealing the core of my soul or subconscious mind.
"In the second analysis I received, the report made reference to a tendency to be judgmental in regard to self and others and to blame others instead of taking greater responsibility: the maliciousness and need for compassion.
"Amazingly enough, I found out from the third health analysis I received a couple of years later that the criticalness or criticism of myself and others was caused by a laziness in regard to my use of imagination. The report communicated that because I did not imagine enough, I entertained fear or insecurities. This gave way to a defensiveness because I thought I needed to defend my ideas and excuses, instead of directing my thinking forward and so that I manifested my ideals. The next step was a type of blame or criticism or excuses where I misjudged what was actually occurring, thereby distorting my ability to put things into proper perspective.
"Identifying the cause of the criticalness, defensiveness and blame, gave me a way to recognize the habitual patterns in my thinking and change them. I have not yet learned everything there is to using my imagination better, however, I have improved some so that I am not as defensive or critical. I have improved my ability to use proper perspective, and thereby my ability to create.
"I identified from the 1986 health analysis that I cling to ideas about myself that are from an earlier time period. I have not always brought myself up to date in assessing the level of experience I have gained and adding this to the identity that I form about myself. I know I improved on this thereby gaining a clearer perspective, however, I did not make it a part of myself. It reappeared in the last report I had in 1995.
"The next analysis in 1990 revealed that I had taken some steps to reform my perception of myself. The main mental attitude was frustration surrounding my quest to build a new identity. It revealed that I was having difficulty fashioning an identity that I would find pride and respect in. New information came in the form of how I could release these old patterns of thinking. I was told that it would benefit me to begin to separate those ideas which I was taught, and those ideas which "This one has created and has caused to be her own." The analysis stated that living with these many different thoughts, some of which I did not claim, caused there to be frustration and confusion, and this in turn caused there to be difficulty in my being able to have true perception. It also stated that this jumble of thoughts caused me to become prejudiced and judgmental in regards to the self and others. This aided me to see how I could also change the judgmental tendency that has been pointed out in the two previous readings.
"I became very excited as I worked with my health reports, because I could very easily see that as I continued to take steps in causing my growth, I earned the right and awareness to recognize, receive, and use cause to continue growing.
"All of the analyses gave me the information that I need to transform the way I create by improving my use and understanding of imagination (reasoning), along with productive use of memory. They also informed me of how I had a need to transform my identity and perception, and use the power of my emotions productively and expansively. The last report I received seemed to tie the transforming of my thoughts and identity together with my desire to fulfill my ideals. I knew there were certain physical things that I had always seemed to create easily at times. However, there were things like the ideals to teach large classes, direct large number of students in the schools I directed, and having fulfilling relationships with men. I found it difficult to have these ideals manifest in my life. I had come to the conclusion, while analyzing my thoughts in this regard, that I had not truly received the idea into myself that my thoughts create and draw circumstances and people of corresponding desires to me. The report helped me to see in what ways I needed to change my thinking to develop understanding in this matter. It stated that I need to imagine what I want, not only physically, but in regard to the state of being that I want to have. It seems I have much experience imaging physical results and causing them to occur, but that now I need to apply this to imaging the way of thinking that I want to have and cause it to occur. The analysis did talk about the conclusion I had come to stating that I was very attached to the idea that I had little control over what I think and that I know this is not true.
"Once again, I am called upon to sort through the thoughts I have to bring myself up to date with the experiences I have had physically, proper perspective and use these to aid in my mental maturity. This analysis has tied together many pieces of information I received in earlier ones. I can see that the ideals I have had difficulty bringing about are ideals that are dependent upon my changing the way I am thinking and fully embracing the power of thought."
Whenever health concerns are important in your life, regular Intuitive Health Analyses are a welcome addition to and in some cases replacement for yearly visits to a medical practitioner.

Parents often request Intuitive Health Analyses for their young children.
The peace of mind it can bring is immeasurable. Most discover the immense benefit for themselves as a by-product of requesting the analysis rather than the reason for it. In other words, most parents have questions about their child: why is John inattentive at school, does he have attention deficit disorder; why does Jane refuse to play with children her own age, is this retarding her social skills; what causes tantrums, bed wetting, rashes, allergies. Parents are concerned about their child's health in a wholistic way. They want to know about the physical things but they also want to know what's going on in the child's mind. What is he or she thinking? An intuitive analysis gives parents the feedback they are seeking and much more. No one understands this better than my colleague Dr. Pam Blosser.
A graduate of the Maria Montessori Institute in London, Dr. Pam has taught adults and children for over ten years. When people write to the School of Metaphysics concerning our intuitive consultations, she is the one who receives the requests, schedules them, and directs volunteers to respond in a timely manner. During the summer she directs College Preparatory Camp, a summer camp for young adults held on the campus of the College of Metaphysics. She also mentors First Teacher, a spiritual initiation session designed especially for parents. All of these experiences make Dr. Pam uniquely qualified to describe the familial benefits of children's health analyses. Here are some of her thoughts, printed with permission from Thresholds Quarterly, Vol. No. XX.
"I have often thought that disciplined, mentally and emotionally healthy children are one of the most delightful sights to behold. They have a curiosity as well as a respect for life and those around them. This does not just happen. Although the child is naturally curious he can quickly have it squelched out of him by the attitudes of the adults around him. As an adult you have the duty to aid children to develop a sense of self control as well as a sense of freedom to explore and discover what life is all about.
"Children are souls in little bodies. When born they are functioning from subconscious mind. They look at life from the soul's perspective. Yet they are in the process of feeling at home in the new vehicle they have chosen, their physical body, and developing the outward thinking patterns in the conscious mind. Their brains and conscious minds are ready and open to receive the stimuli of their environment. It is very important at this time to give children a place to focus, to bring their attention out into the physical. That is why colorful mobiles float above a baby's crib or why there are objects of different textures available for him or her to touch. This aids young children in isolating their attention into one of the five senses. Have you ever wondered why babies tend to put everything in their mouths? It is their way of exploring the physical environment around them, placing another piece of information in their brain for the conscious mind to use in the future.
"Although children are in the process of gathering information in their brains and building their conscious minds, they are still functioning from their subconscious minds. They are receiving the thoughts and emotions of those around them. While in the process of building an identity separate from their parents they are still very much connected to their parents' thoughts. Bringing the attention outward through the senses gives the child a place to develop a sense of autonomy, physically separate from those around him. With any outward experience they can identify the impression of the experience as separate from themselves. The puppy's fur is soft. The puppy and the way it feels is separate from me. Mommy is feeling sad. Mommy and her feelings are separate from me.
"Parents or adults can aid children by directing their attention toward objects or people. Talking, singing or making sounds to the child is an effective way to aid them in bringing their attention into the physical. This means communicating what you and the child are experiencing, have just experienced or are about to experience and what you think and feel about it. Asking them to communicate their experience and thoughts about it gives them the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings as valid and separate from yours. Any sensory stimulation gives children an opportunity to draw their thinking outward. This is the beginning of the child learning how to use the physical existence more productively and even the beginning of teaching goal setting. Setting a goal gives anyone a place to reach. Anytime you stimulate a child's attention he must reach out into his physical existence to experience and then bring back into himself a conclusion or judgment about that experience.

We see that emotionally this one is bombarded by the emotions of the ones around the Self and this one has no defense for it. We see that this confuses this one. We see that it is not an awareness of confusion but it is a confused state and we see that it does not aid this one in terms of this one's ability to respond easily to the environment. Would suggest that there be tactile exercises for this one, objects that this one can actually feel physically as well as see and hear. As many of the senses as can be used would be of benefit in bringing this one's attention outward and this would aid this one in building some sense of identity and autonomy apart from the environment. (2-4-92-4-BGC-1M)

"As the child learns to direct the attention into the physical it is important not to overload her with stimuli but to teach her to hold the attention on a single activity for a prolonged period of time. This would be the beginning of concentration. Here there are many opportunities to build concentration. Direct the child to complete activities. Go for leisurely walks taking time to watch animals, to examine the grass or flowers. Read a story. Draw a picture. Sing a song. Have the child be your assistant in one of your projects making sure you complete it. These activities give the child a chance to slow down her mind and learn through concentration the beauty of creation from start to finish.
"Above all, the best way to aid the child to develop a healthy mental and emotional sense of being is, for you, the adult, to continue to improve your own thoughts and emotions about yourself and life. Children have you as their models not only in your actions but in the way you think. They reach to be like you as they grow up because you represent adulthood to them. This doesn't mean you must be perfect. It means being open to change and growth and striving to live up to your ideals. A suggestion in a reading given to parents was:

They tend to be over conscientious at times in terms of their own doubts and fears in relationship to their ideals of parenting. Would suggest that this is a waste of their time and it does take away from the joy and the excitement and the discovery of being able to guide this one through the existence. Would suggest that these ones make the change by removing the attention from the doubts or fears and directing the full attention upon who this one is, who they are and how the interaction that they desire can transpire. (3-3-92-3-BGC-1M)

"Life is full of discoveries, and having a child is one of the best ways to learn about life as creation. Guiding another soul, with discipline and love is a duty to be held with greatest awe and respect. As you aid another to unfold you are causing an unfolding in yourself as well leading to healthy individuals and healthy relationships. Viewing children as souls desirous of becoming productive adults gives you the freedom to nourish their growth with discipline, keep high expectations of them and appreciate them as unique individuals with unique expressions."

The scope of what is covered in an Intuitive Health Analysis is staggering.
Some questions are mundane, tied to the physical trappings of modern life. Like the person who asks, "Do you see coffee intake being detrimental to this body?" For someone savvy on the topic of caffeine the response is probably not surprising:

We see that it does create some pressure in the nerves when this one is failing to relax. It does create a physical condition where this one is trying to offset physical fatigue when in reality this one needs mental adjustments that the release of denial, particularly, that would free much of the energy mentally, emotionally, and physically. Would suggest that this one be aware of how this one is using this substance. (9-15-92-BGC-5)

This question and answer however are by no means generic for in another analysis performed the same day the answer to a similar question from another person is a simple "No." Time and again this kind of detail directly pertinent to the individual being assessed appears in analyses.
Some questions are the kind we all ask at one time or another. For instance reproductive questions, whether from a male or a female, are quite common. One woman states she experiences a type of dull headache prior to menstruation. The response reiterates the information already given in her analysis concerning mental struggles for independence and conflicts about her importance, and emotional doubts that lead to both dependencies and defensiveness:

We see that this is a variety of physical reactions most of these are in regards to the nervous system. The difficulties in the head that have already been given. Part of it is due to hormonal changes that occur in the action of the pituitary. Would suggest to ease the conflicts within this one mental and emotionally would be of great assistance. (4-17-93-BGC-1)

For physical, symptomatic relief suggestions for massage, acupressure, and adjustment of the head plates are given in the basic analysis. Another woman asks about the cause of a white discharge from the reproductive area, often an alarming condition from fears of what it might be and an embarrassing one for what the truth might say about the woman and her lover. In this case the culprit is a chemical imbalance, often precipitated by antibiotics, that fosters an overpopulation of candida:

We see that this is a yeast infection. The suggestions already given are adequate for this time, particularly the goldenseal and the dong quai would provide some symptomatic relief here. There are other external applications that can be used in causing there to be some killing of the fungus and the bacteria that tends to build in this area. (4-17-93-BGC-6)

One person discovers recent weight loss is not due to a potentially debilitating disease but to an overactive thyroid. Another learns the pain in the abdomen is from gas trapped in the intestines. A person learns that stimulating the nerve trunks in the spinal column will improve his eyesight. Another asks if there is malignancy in the body and discovers the answer is none, but there are areas of collection of dead tissue that could become "easy sites for malignancy were this one to produce the attitudes conducive to that." From diet to exercise, from physical environmental hazards to homeopathy, information is forthcoming on the primary disorders existing in the physical body.
Those who are acquainted with the importance of attitude, seek intuitive information to enhance self-knowledge. They expect and receive a depth of insight and understanding into issues they are cognizant of yet are finding hard to change. A young man asking, "What is the cause of having difficulty in learning intimacy, was it something I learned this lifetime, if so where or from whom?" discovers his problem is not with others, it is with himself:

Because this one believes that he is less than, he is afraid that others will discover this should this one become open and real and honest. This is a fallacy, for when this one becomes open, real, and honest, releasing the past and seeing it for what it is, beginning to respond in the present, this one will discover that he is no better than and no less than any other person. He can only be less than or better than himself. Until this one makes strides in resolving this, this one will continue to be afraid of people. (8-10-93-BGC-4)

Learning why gives this man a place to start, a new beginning in his associations with others. A similar question concerning "overcoming the fear of being intimate with people" meets with this response:

Would suggest to this one that there is nothing for this one to lose when this one blends with another. We see that in order for this one to understand this, there is a need for this one to form complete thoughts. We see that because this one skims over the surface of the thinking, this one becomes very easily influenced by others and is very susceptible to the thinking of others. Would suggest that rather than this one considering this to be a fault or defect, this one learn to appreciate the ability that this one has to blend with others. In order for there to be security in this, there is a need for this one to complete this one's own thoughts so even when blending, in which there is a merging and enhancement of the self, this one knows that the self is an individual and that this one has an identity that is whole and that this cannot be lost. (10-25-92-LJF-12)

Some questions seek peace from what haunts us. Life and death, love and loss, yearning and fulfillment. A woman asks, "What are the unresolved issues concerning my father's death when I was fifteen?"

We see that much of this one's pattern of losing is involved with this experience and the parts that this one has not understood or come to terms with. We see that it directly relates in regards to this one's feelings of security, this one's feelings of authority, this one's sense of well-being, in being safe.
Would suggest for this one to realize that this one was not abandoned purposefully. Would suggest that this one cease judging and trying to place blame upon this other one for what this one believes was lost. For it is only in reaching this point of admittance of grief that this one can begin to rebuild a sense of inner confidence, a sense of inner security, inner safety, inner authority. (1-25-94-BGC-6)

In every stage of life, through every rite of passage, what is gained from intuitive assessment is incomparable and immensely valuable to those wanting to know what they can do to ensure well-being. Whether seeking a simple answer to a complex problem or the sagacity that will initiate healing spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, Intuitive Health Analyses bring to the world much more than another alternative. They bring unity. They bring cooperation. They bring answers.
They bring spiritual revolution.

from First Opinion by Dr. Barbara Condron, copyright 1998, SOM.

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Humanity's destiny lies in the evolutionary consciousness known as intuition.


When I was a child, I remember the doctor coming to our house, his medical bag in hand, to treat my little sister who was sick in bed. He tended to my grandpa and grandma's health. He put stitches in my jaw when I was four and fell off the swing-set glider. He delivered my baby brother and he was at my grandma's bedside when she died. He knew my family and we knew his. He was our family doctor.

The insight and trust of the family doctor has given way to second and third opinions. Is this the future of health care? Imagine the General Practitioner of the 1950's graced by the healing know-how of centuries; versed in the knowledge of acupuncture and chiropractic, psychology and psi counseling, herbs and nutrition, ayurvedic and allopathic medicines, massage, homeopathy, aromatherapy — this is the Wholistic Practitioner of the 21st Century. And it all begins with intuition!




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