Experiencing Timelessness by Dr. Barbara Condron

experiencing timelessness


Fruits of Meditation



It has always seemed an odd concept to me. When I was a child, it took forever to pass. Each unfulfilled desire arose to still the hands of the clock, when one would tire another would appear in its place seemingly not letting time proceed. I did not know patience easily, I was much friendlier with restlessness. 

Yet when pursuing something I enjoyed – hands moist with oil paints or feet singing during an afternoon of skating or mind soaring as the ocean rushed over me carrying my young body toward the shore – there seemed to never be enough time. Three hours would escape my grasp. Surely three minutes had passed, but not hours. Suddenly I knew the pain of not having enough time. 

Gratefully, in my young adult years, I studied meditation at SOM. This was a different meditation than what I had been taught earlier in my life. I had known meditation as a series of deeply contemplated thoughts, usually religious in nature. I had not realized how busy my mind was during these meditative periods. This different idea of meditation was akin to prayer, but a lot quieter. What I learned to add to my idea of meditation is the concept of conversing with the Creator, actually communicating. 

I was not often at a loss for something to say. All prayers come down to five general categories: uh-oh! please! ouch! thanks! and wow! We need to come to terms with our mistakes, perfecting ourselves is a constant duty. We need to ask for what we need, clearly forming the image of what will fulfill that want. We need relief from pain when we do not yet understand a hurt, reestablishing a center of love and peace. We need to express our gratitude for what is good in life, to acknowledge the divine hand in the good fortune of our lives. We need to express awe and respect for the prosperity we enjoy as we abide in God’s creation. We need to give. 

And we need to receive.

This was what I learned as an adult to add to my meditations. The ability to receive enabled me to in time listen to my Maker, to hear His thoughts, and progressively to know His mind. Communing with God is the most enriching part of my existence. Meditation has brought me sorely needed serenity. 

The Bible says, “Be still and know that I am God.” The power to still my mind has produced a rich harvest throughout the years. Stilling my mind has enabled me to unite with others in friendship, to give and receive expansive ideas, to create life-changing ways of thinking, to commit to a lifelong marriage, to give birth to a first child in my forties, to heal and be healed. 

Meditation has touched every part of my life and enriched my being. These times spent in paradise have given me a command of time. Living in the moment is always preferable to dwelling on experiences passed, no matter how pleasurable they were, or to entertaining imaginings of future experiences, no matter how attractive they are. Meditation has taught me to exist fully in the now and has enabled me to realize I Am the connection between the past, the present, the future. 

This is the year of our Lord ninteteen hundred and ninety-seven. Esoterically this year resonates to the qualities associated with the mathematical numeral eight. The Year of Infinite Abundance. 

I am reminded of a man who was a master of meditation. He was also the richest man in the Bible. King Solomon was rich in every way conceivable: in position, authority, power, wives, children, love, fame, loyalty, money, possessions, compassion. Everything he wanted, and more, was his. Why? During communion with his Maker, God told Solomon He would give him anything he asked for. Solomon asked for wisdom. And so God gave him wisdom. Because wisdom was all Solomon asked for, God gave him all else besides. 

Solomon understood the Universal Law of Proper Perspective. There was no doubt, confusion, or hesitation upon his part. He knew what he wanted, what would fulfill his soul. He knew what was most important, and as a result infinite abundance was his.
Many years later, Jesus the Christ taught the multitudes this perspective when he said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all else will be given unto you.” This is inifinite abundance. 

And now, two thousand years later, the truth that is universal remains constant. Be sure to make time for God each day this year.

I send you my Circle of Love,
Dr. Barbara Condron
©1997 Vol. 15 No. 1



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