Coincidence to Clairvoyance Using the Inner Senses of Your Intuitive Mind

The Inner Senses



Coincidence to Clairvoyance

Using the Inner Senses of Your Intuitive Mind

You need to be at work at a certain time and you forgot to set your alarm. You are about to oversleep when you hear your name being called. You wake up to find that it is time for you to get up. Who called you?

For no apparent reason you start thinking of an old friend who you haven’t seen or even thought about for years. That same day you walk to you mailbox to find a letter from that old friend.

We often take these experiences for granted, passing them off as coincidence. Perhaps there is a deeper significance to happenings such as these. Have you ever asked yourself why you heard the voice and who that voice might be? Or wondered if you were mentally “hearing” your friend thinking about you? Man is more than a physical being. We can, as we expand our consciousness, experience our life through more than our five physical senses. These events or supernatural experiences provide us with a glimpse of the spiritual world.

We are spiritual beings, souls reaching to progress and evolve. Our physical bodies are the outer shell or vehicle in which we move our consciousness through our life’s experiences. We experience the realms of our soul more frequently then we might think. One way is through our nightly dreams. When we understand our dreams and their importance in our life, we can bridge the gap between the outer visible world and the inner invisible world and see them as one. This awareness can lead to greater Self awareness.

Each night as the physical body and the conscious mind are asleep, our consciousness is projected into the inner realms of the subconscious mind. Sleep provides the physical body with the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate while the soul has the freedom to evaluate and absorb the experiences of the day. The soul may choose to preview the experiences to come. This can produce a dream which we call precognitive. Precognitive means “knowing beforehand”; we use the term to refer to a clairvoyant perception of a probable future event. Our soul uses images to convey a message in symbolic form about our state of awareness. These images may come from past events or future probabilities. We then receive a dream which gives us information that can aid us to understand our thoughts and actions which have led us to our present situation. Our soul may choose to communicate to us about disharmonious thoughts which if continued will lead us to illness. These dreams are called health dreams. In each dream the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind. As in all communication the message only makes a difference in our life if we receive the information and act on the message.

The greatest use of our time here on earth is to receive learning from every situation we have and to build understandings as well as strengthen the understandings we already have. Each of these steps aids us to gain a greater awareness of our true nature.

Dreams are a wonderful adventure. We are able to experience what we desire, want to be, and want to do. We are freed from our conscious limitations during our nightly trips to the inner subconscious of our Self. It has been known of those who were physically blind to be able to see and those that were physically paralyzed to be able to walk in their dreams. In a recent interview, Christopher Reeve (an American actor whose horseback riding accident left him paralyzed from the neck down) stated how he enjoyed dreaming because he could walk and sail his boat in his dreams. He was experiencing the freedom of his true nature. Inwardly and spiritually he has the ability to move as shown by his positive attitude and his willingness to make a difference in the world in his present condition.

When you are flying in your dream, this symbolizes freedom. Flying dreams symbolize the mobility the dreamer has within the inner levels of consciousness. If someone dreams often of flying they might research and investigate astral projection. Astral projection is an opportunity to become intimate with more parts of ourselves every night as the conscious mind and physical body are asleep we astral project. We are unaware of how this is done. We do know that when we wake up and recall our dreams during the time we were asleep our attention was somewhere else. Developing more command and conscious control of astral projecting takes spiritual discipline and practice. Recording your dreams and having at least one dream memory each night is a beginning step. Learning to interpret and apply memory each night is a beginning step. Your desire and growing recognition of yourself as a Spiritual Being will increase your awareness of your true nature. You will begin to notice that you are more often aware of psychic or supernormal events in your life and this will reflect in your dreams.

Dreams can reveal your soul’s purpose for existence. During our National Dream Hotline, a woman called with an alarming dream. Inwardly she knew this dream was powerful but she didn’t understand it:

I was arguing with my husband’s former girlfriend on a balcony off of our apartment. She had been in the apartment stealing things. All of a sudden I saw a great light come down from the sky. The light was rotating and as it got closer to the street I could see that it was three large hands of blue light. At this time I knew they were the hands of God. I turned to my husband and his former girlfriend and said, “No we cannot fight now or anymore. It is time for us to love because he has come to take us home.”

The dreamer was experiencing conflict within herself because she was stealing from her true self. This woman was becoming more aware of a higher purpose within her life and knew that there needed to be harmony within herself and the many aspects of herself. She embraced the interpretation, finding it relevant and useful. She pursued study with the School of Metaphysics in order to receive the spiritual discipline she needed. The dream brought her attention to the powerful desire to fulfill her life’s purpose and assignment. 

The importance of our dreams is to relay the message of our soul to the outer part of our self. Translating these messages offers insight which can change our lives. Sweet Dreams!
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