Cannibal Universe by Jerry L. Rothermel

Cannibal Universe

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Cannibal Universe

by Jerry L. Rothermel

copyright School of Metaphysics First printing 1976, No. 100108

The cannibal universe is the universe that you actually live in. It may be hard to understand how we can call our universe cannibal, but it actually is. I believe you'll see how and why as you keep reading.
Our universe as you can see it here, in the physical, is but the outer shell of the real universe. And the universe which you see is the one that is the real cannibal. It has a demanding appetite and we, as human man representing the creative intelligence of our universe, are responsible for the correct nourishment of our universe.
A cannibal is one who devours his own kind. It doesn't matter whether you are a man, a fish, a wolf, or a tiger– a cannibal is one who devours his own kind. It is possible for man to eat nothing but vegetables and still be a cannibal, and I say he really is a cannibal. But even cannibals have standards to live by. Man's standards as a cannibal is the most unique of all cannibals. His is a double standard of cannibalism– one for the eater and one for the eatee, a sort of his and hers arrangement.
When the Creative Intelligence, our Creator began designing the blueprints for our physical universe, at the end of each step or at the end of each day God looked and saw that it was good. I understand the word "good" in Genesis to represent working in harmony with the Universal Law. So the word "evil" would be the opposite, or inharmony with Universal Law. At the end of each day or progressive step of Creation, as presented in Genesis and in most holy books you'll read, God looked and saw that it was good.
If you'll notice as you read Genesis, God created something out of something. He did not create something out of nothing. Remember there was no form but there was water. "A mighty wind swept across the waters." There was darkness in the abyss, but a mighty wind swept across the waters. I've never seen anyone create something out of nothing. And if we are representative of our Creative Intelligence and of the Creative Intelligence that brought us into being, then we must create something out of something also.
In the physical, we create out of the physical substance. For instance, if you want a clay pot you use clay to mold. But what about the real Creative Intelligence that's you? It must use the substance from which it was made– mind substance, or the water that is spoken of in the Bible. So when you create out of mind substance it must come from a place. We'll go into more detail with this later.
Have you ever watched someone draw a blueprint? I have. They'll sit and think. They'll create a picture with their mind and begin to put it on paper. That's called a blueprint. I think the first chapter of Genesis is basically just that. The first chapter is the blueprint our Creator designed for Light to mature. The opportunity to mature so that Light could become compatible with Him–with that Creative Intelligence.
A drawing always starts in mind first and it begins to take form on a blank sheet of paper. In Genesis, "And darkness covered the abyss." There was nothing to reflect light, and finally God said, "Let there be Light." This was the first complete and total idea.
Do you know that within the acorn there is a perfect, complete idea of the mature oak tree bearing fruit? Isn't that beautiful? Jesus said that if you would have the faith of a mustard seed you could do anything. Do you know that within that tiny mustard seed there is a complete total idea, a perfect idea, of the mature plant? I think this is what Light was, as represented in Genesis, that perfect idea.
Always, when God looked He saw that there was harmony working within what he had set in motion. Always, the same correct ideal and purpose was being worked out for the action that was to take place as represented in the second chapter of Genesis. The seed idea for Creation and the purpose and reason for Creation was always within each step or day of the development or maturity of the begotten sun called Light.
To clarify this, all is a building foundation for further development of what is to come. Each step of creation or existence is based on what has been taken from previous existence or previous energy forms. Creation. Creator. Those are beautiful words.
We like to think of ourselves as being important, but there are few who realize how important they are. There isn't one of you who realizes how much of your own kind you devour. It's not really bad. How can I tell you that you are devouring your own kind because you are Light? Everything in the universe is made of Light. You are made of mind substance.
Do you remember when God drove Adam out of the Garden? He said, "From the dust you were taken and to the dust you shall return." From mind substance you were taken to mind substance you will return.
When will that happen? Let's take an oak tree. An oak tree springs from the seed. It grows and it sprouts sending roots out so it can gather nourishment and moisture. What's happening all the time it's doing this? It's devouring its own kind. It's absorbing water– the water that was presented in Genesis or mind substance.
It's devouring energy. What's the oak tree? Nothing but energy. What's the calcium? Energy. All is one substance. Water. Mind Substance. As the oak tree continues to grow, it begins to draw also from the atmosphere. What's the atmosphere? Energy, in a different form, but sill light.
In Genesis, once mind substance was established for subconscious man, for the Adam, it was separated and brought into a single basin, into a single unit, so the dry land could appear in the individual mind. Once that dry land had appeared or form had taken shape in subconscious existence, It began to bring forth other forms of existence.
Remember, I told you in the beginning you cannot make something out of nothing? You make something out of something. Let's take the Light, the begotten Son of our Creator, and see how far it's come. In the beginning, there was mind substance forming mind. Then subconscious mind began experiencing in the mineral form. What is mineral form? Nothing but energy. From mineral into vegetable. What is a vegetable? Plant life, energy. From that into the animals , the birds, the fish. What are they? Nothing but energy. And then man. Man, the thinker.
What is man, the thinker? If you go back as far enough you find that man is Light. What creates Light? Energy. Do you know that man is actually devouring his own self continually in his expression of energy. Remember that within each acorn is the perfect idea of the mature oak tree. Does that help you to answer the question, "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" I think the egg is first. It takes a perfect idea first before you can have a mature object or a mature living substance. The difference between physical man and the physical oak tree is the Creative Intelligence, that thinking process. It has basically the same purpose, it has basically the same end; returning to dust. Once the oak tree has finished it's expression of energy and no longer produces, it falls and becomes dust again.
What happens to the perfect idea when it has become a reality? The perfect idea is carried on in the seed isn't it? Then the seed again begins devouring the substance around it. Can you begin to see the cannibal universe?
Let's take for instance hydrogen and oxygen. Put them together in the proper manner and we have water. Neither atom of hydrogen or oxygen is destroyed, only changed into another energy form. A grain of calcium becomes a part of water forming a solution. Neither is either, and yet both are still expressing energy. And along comes a blade of grass. The roots of the blade of grass reach out and absorb the calcium, the moisture and other nutrients. The blade of grass is made of the same substance as the water and the calcium, the same basic substance; energy. Energy in the process of expressing itself. Yet it has been absorbed into a blade of grass. The calcium and moisture don't fight to hold back from the blade of grass. What happens to the energy expressed in the blade of grass? Has it been withheld from the rabbit? Not one bit. Everything was given freely– all was given. Then the rabbit takes that form of energy and stores it within itself.
Can you see each progression of energy as it gives all that it has, presenting it with all affection possible. There is no holding back any portion of its energy. All energy is given freely, offered because it wants to give to a higher form of energy or Light. And this might give you a clue to what love really is.
The rabbit sustains its life by taking life from a lower form of energy. And then along comes man and eats the rabbit for the rabbit has its form of expression of energy. It has the blade of grass expression of energy, it has the calcium expression of energy with the other mineral plus the moisture. Each of these in its turn has taken substance from the atmosphere. It's taken substance from the sun which is not a part of our immediate environment, and yet that part of Light is needed for the rest of energy to express itself. Then man eats the rabbit.
The rabbit in its individual expression of mobile energy will try to run until it's caught. Have you ever seen a rabbit caught by a fox? Or a hawk? Or have you ever seen a frog that has been caught by a snake? They'll struggle for a moment then they relax giving all their energy to a higher force. When the rabbit offers its energy, it gives all of it. It doesn't hold back one bit. Man consumes it, and we've made a full circle back to man, or Light now functioning through the law of reasoning.
The forms of Light, to subconscious man, function through the law of compulsion. Man, the thinker, is the first form of Light that can experience contrary to harmony with the Universal Law. In Genesis, second chapter, nineteenth verse, the Lord God formed the animals, etc., bringing them to the man to see what he would call them. To me, this shows that man or Light has earned the right to reason and until this time the expression of energy was through instinct. Before animals, the expression of energy was for experience ( Genesis Chapter 2, verse 9). Each energy gives to the next higher expression of Light; the lower having the higher for a predator.
Man has no predator as yet. There is no predator to devour man except man. Energy was set in motion and created in total at the onset of creation. If Light is man and man is Light, then man in turn as he eats the vegetables and the meat, the substance of the earth, is devouring himself, Light.
Where will man present his energy? Man has an obligation to keep energy in circular motion. In order for Light to maintain it's self as it uses its lower form of energy, it must return the used energy back to the source or to the water. Man has within his physical body energy transformers, known as chakras. These chakras, when functioning correctly, will return all forms of used energy back to the original space, their original place, the original time.
Man physical man the thinker, is the only one who has this capability of giving freely or withholding the energy. Man also has a very high form of expression. We call it the Superconscious intelligence or the Superconscious mind. The Superconscious mind exists only on used physical energy. This used physical energy can only come from your expression of energy. As subconscious man expresses himself, the purpose of subconscious man is to fulfill all conscious man's desire. The purpose for conscious man is to add understood experiences to the subconscious mind. Conscious mind or conscious man drawing energy from the subconscious and Superconscious depletes the energy source from the higher form of energy.
So as the conscious man begins drawing from the inner self, the inner self begins to deplete, creating a vacuum. Again the chakras of the physical body are a means of returning the energy back to those places of existence. Physical, conscious man, because he is responsible, must desire to return the energy back to the inner levels of consciousness. So conscious man and his expression of energy must desire to return the energy willingly–with no reservations–with only the highest ideal and purpose for existence.
In the fourth chapter of Genesis, Cain and Abel made their sacrifices to God. This is the beginning of subconscious reasoning man returning the energy to the higher states of awareness. If you'll remember, Abel's sacrifice was acceptable and Cain's was not. Consider this , Abel in his expression of energy in working with the animals was returning energy willingly, but Cain in working with the soil still needed more understanding of giving freely with no strings attached–without any reservations.
Man had grown, man had expressed himself in a most beautiful manner to this point, but man began desiring expression of self as a complete, total creator without experience. And man the thinker– like all thinkers– began to reason with what was harmonious with Universal Law and what was inharmonious with Universal Law. Then man discovered those things that were good and evil. All energy must express itself completely in the physical level of consciousness in order to return to the Superconscious level of existence.
Think back in the early 1800's when buffalo hunters were massacring the animals for hides. They left the meat to rot or be eaten by animals which expressed the same energy as their own. The buffalo could not give its energy completely to a higher form. As a result, in the same area in the late 1800's, plagues of locusts appeared. The energy form in the buffalo, still needing a complete expression, returned in the form of insects to find completion. In the middle 1900's similar incidences began occurring in Africa with deadly red ants. Each expression of energy needs to give to a higher form of expression for evolution to continue in its upward swing.
Each day you take with your substance– within yourself– not only of the physical earth but of the mental earth also. Energy and its expression must stay in motion. As it pushed outward form the inner levels of consciousness you work into the very essence of love itself. A pushing outward and a receiving into.
I think when Jesus said, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, " he was saying I am the coming towards this point and the continuing on. I don't think Alpha and Omega mean beginning and end; it means that point at which you are this moment. Otherwise, there would be new substance made and there would be substance destroyed. No where in our physical or mental science can we find any substance created new or completely destroyed–only changed in appearance. As the grain of mustard seed grows and produces it becomes a mature and functioning self. The mature functioning life force has its purpose to fulfill in the earth. All energies are continually in the process of expressing their energies.
Man is in one steep of expressing his energy in total. We haven't talked of who man has as a predator because man has no predator as yet. The thinking man who has reached responsibility, responsibility to reason, has reached a point in his existence to be responsible for his thought and desires. So man must decide what to give his energy to.
In all of creation that we can see, there is only one thing greater than man and this would be our Creator. The Creator in His expression of energy gave life. We in turn give life and each form of life as it looks down the ladder of soul evolution gives in its turn to the next higher form. As we return back to the thinking man, we must find thinking man desiring to give all of his energy to humanity in order to find completion. Humanity in itself is only partially the thinking man. Part of humanity is the animal, part of humanity is plant life, part of humanity is the elemental life. Continually and purposefully, life expresses itself. The reasoning or conscious man with his capability to determine how his energy is to be expressed, will in time, create a predator called spiritual or intuitive man. We can see signs in the earth cycle now of the emerging of intuitive man. More people are now relying on their intuition than ever before, and when the full understanding of intuition is instilled in the masses, we will see the birth of intuitive man. This will give reasoning man a predator.
With the even flow of energy, the body bulb or the outer extension of Light burns more brightly, more beautifully, and presents a way for others to see, a way for others to find their purpose in existence.
Throughout the writing of this book there has been a ideal and purpose within the activity. Within the cannibal universe that we see in the physical, it's hard for man to see his purpose. The cannibal universe serves its purpose by bringing man to his full awareness of creation and his own creative ability. With knowledge and wisdom and in each expression of life force, Light progresses closer and closer to its original purpose, that of compatibility with its Creator.
In many discussions on this topic questions frequently come to mind. The following are the most commonly posed.


How can you summarize this briefly?

Well, it's close to the shortest verse in the Bible, "God is Love". God–being Creative Intelligence, is–his ideal and purpose, Love–gets actions and gives creation. This is the thing that I'm trying to get across to you. As long as there is an ideal and a purpose and action, love is expressed–energy can express itself and all forms of life force can exist. Once you begin to withhold your energy from humanity, you stop the flow of energy, you stop the cannibalism and there must be cannibalism for there to be life force here in the physical. At no time can we stop this because at that moment life ceases to exist in all forms in all levels of consciousness in each of the universes. Without motion there is no life force. The motion that I speak of is love and it has a magnetic attraction to all forms of life force.

So man gives his energy to the higher self?

This is true but that's only a part of it. Man's high self is a higher form of energy but it's still a part of the same self. Energy must be given to a higher form of intelligence because it is collective rather than individual. Do you know that our world is also a part of the cannibal universe, and is just a cannibalistic as man is? The physical earth has gone through four changes in formation. The first was changing form gaseous form into a liquid form. Then in that same change form liquids to solids as mineral form. The minerals had to take from the gases first. Then the other changes came about, The beginning of the formation of earth chakras. They also had their purpose in existence.
As long as man has need of a place to learn, the world will continue to exist. If it's true that man has gone through five days of creation coming to the point of sixth day of creation, then our world, our earth, is one step behind us. Our world has gone through four steps of changes and is in the process of coming that point of changing into the fifth change. At one time the land masses were close together all forming one continent and, as a belief of my own, I think the earth spun with an east-west axis rather than a north-south. But in the process of change, the poles were moved by the earth's rotation. This brought about the first two chakras set in motion, the north and south pole chakras. These chakras also return energy back to the inner levels of consciousness of the world. Then there was a need for another chakra–when the plant life came into existence, so a chakra was set into motion in the Gobi Desert. When animals came into existence, maturing into the thinking animal man, there was a need for another chakra. That chakra was set into motion in the area referred to as Atlantis. We now find it in the Bermuda triangle; that's where the chakra functions now. We have the thinking, reasoning man chakra at that point.
Now there is a need for a new chakra to return the intuitive energy that is used, and that chakra has also been set into motion. Its location is not now for publication, but it has been set into motion. It was tried once before and it failed, but there is a chakra set in motion that will return the energy for the intuitive thinker.
You see even as you reason there is a certain energy being used and that used energy must return to its origin. Unless you use the intuition, that energy also, because it is different from the reasoning energy, must be returned to its origin. So our world is one step behind us, it's in its fourth round of the cycle and man is in his fifth stage of soul progression.

When talking about the progression of energies in Light, I was given a lot of progressive positive feelings, and I'm wondering if the negative or the opposite polarity is true.

The negative polarity is the returning back to the higher form of energy.

You were talking about energy in terms of love, what about in situations where energy is being transferred in non-loving ways or in harmful ways?

If you have a water hose and there are no obstacles, the water flows through smoothly and the hose remains cool. Then you begin pinching off the water. You build pressure creating friction and the energy flow is hampered, isn't it? That is your non-love, the lack of harmony. If the energy is not allowed to flow through, it builds up a friction and creates problems.

It's not so much of an undoing as a problem?

Right. Man, because of his reasoning abilities, has the ability to decide whether to give with no restrictions or to give with limitations and conditions. Man is close to becoming compatible with his Creator, very close is the thinking, reasoning man. And that's physical man now, or human man. There really isn't the evil, negative flow. There is always the receptiveness of one form to the next. You see the blade of grass must have a receptiveness to receive what the blade of grass has to give. Man in turn, must be receptive and yet he must be aggressive also. I think this is the reason for the male and female expression. It's the only way I can see that we can find balance in receiving and giving without conditions.
Within the physical man there is also the receiving with conditions. Many of us have been conditioned that it is better to give than to receive, but I don't believe this is true. If you don't receive, the person that wants to give to you is unable to give. And if you don't give, there is no way that there can be a receiver from yourself. Both are equally important, the same as each physical body, the male body and the female body are very important in their expression of energy. And when the understanding of the expression of that particular body's energy has been understood, there is both the receptive-aggressiveness for the male and the aggressive-receptiveness for the female. You find a balance.
Nowhere in the history of our world is there a place where a great teacher existed that did not express both aggressiveness and receptiveness. Neither one is more important than the other because without each of them, the other would not exist. There can be no aggressiveness without receptivity, but at the same time there can be no receptiveness without aggressiveness–each has its own purpose.
A water pond has to draw into itself before it can push farther out. A whole functioning self–a mature self–that would be compatible with God must be both aggressive and receptive. It must be able to receive and to give before it can be compatible. If it's lopsided, if it expresses only aggressiveness, it would express like a Hitler or a Genghis Khan, and if it's only receptive, you would express as someone who doesn't go anywhere. They sit still.
Look at Mahatma Gandhi, someone of our own time. He demonstrated receptive-aggressiveness to remove the British rule from India. He began the passive force that caused Britain to release her authority.
Gandhi–someone you can remember consciously. Now this was a man who understood the aggressive and receptive qualities of expression of energy, and right now his followers are trying to make his memory into that of a god. We're not ready to be gods, for it is time for us to be the thinker or to be man. It is time for you to think and be responsible for your thinking so you can graduate to the spiritual man's expression of energy.

Is it possible to love and receive love and not feel personally involved?

Yes, it is possible. It is the freest and most perfect expression of love that I know. Some of you have heard this story but I'm going to tell it again. My youngest daughter who is a Taurus, thought that I didn't love her because I didn't give her special, individual attention over the other children. She found herself in a problem and called me in St. Louis. I said, "Well, I've taught you everything I know, you have a good head on you and I think you'll be able to handle that situation." But she wanted me to come and solve her problem so I would give her special attention. I know this was the reason.
She told me she did not feel she could find any manner in which to handle that situation herself. So she said, "I'm going to kill myself." And I said, "All right, honey, I love you. How are you going to kill yourself? I've got a gun that shoots real straight, I've got a brand new razor blade and a friend that's a pharmacist and I'm sure he will give you some pills. How do you want to do it? She said, "Daddy, I'm going to kill myself." And I said, "I know it. How?" And she hung up on me. You know that a few weeks later she wrote and said, "I realize now how much you really do love me, if you would allow me to do that."
That's indifferent love; indifferent too the action, indifferent to the things that an individual will do but still love, still that mental concern. I wouldn't have taken away that experience from her if she really wanted it. And If she didn't really want that experience, than it was a threat and she was misusing me. So I had to give her the opportunity to understand the full expression of love, to express her energy and responsibility for what she was saying. That problem turned out well. She solved it and she is doing fine now. And I'm pleased with it.
Love is mental concern for anyone. When we say, "I love you just because you are" there are no conditions, there are no strings attached. That leaves you free to be as you are. But it also gives the other person freedom to be as they are. Love is a beautiful expression of energy. Love is the magnetic attraction that holds all things together. Love is the magnetic attraction of creation, the pushing and the pulling, the positive and negative factors of creation. Without love there would be no creation, there would be no manu or thinker, there would be no earth, no world. There would be no God without Love.

Would you explain a little more about the Cain and Abel story in the Bible.

The Cain and Abel story is basically concerning the right to choose freely to give that energy in the expression of the physical self to the high self, to that superconscious part of mind. This is what I think it's talking about. Abel gave his expression of understanding, Cain held back in his progression into the physical with the plant expression without understanding, therefore he gave his energy without full understanding. This will be explained more in depth in another book called Genesis.

How is this applied to meditation?

Meditation and prayer are the first expression of real love, the first expression of compatibility that the physical man can experience. First you're giving to the Creator your desires or thanks, then you sit receptively listening. You see you have the receptiveness and the aggressiveness. It's the total expression of love. For the person that gets up in front of a lot of people praying loud and long is only displaying one form, that's the aggressiveness. Most of those individuals demand recognition, they demand things and yet they never give time to see if they're even heard. I think meditation and prayer are very necessary for understanding existence, ideal and purpose. Praying is aggressive, that is when you're speaking; meditation is receptive, that is when you listen.

In giving to humanity I see and inward giving and an outward giving. What is this?

This is true, but I think that it has more of a bearing on giving to the high self rather than it does to humanity. The high self will wait, humanity will not. Humanity will pass you by. Opportunity knocks many times because of reincarnation, but for the physical self it knocks one time, and than many times passes us by. No, I don't think it's the same. Humanity is more demanding. It has more cannibalism than the high self does. The high self cannot fulfill any part of your desire unless you replenish its energy.

Is it the Superconscious that is receptive to the desire of the aggressiveness of the conscious and the conscious is receptive to the aggressiveness of mankind?


The Cannibal universe that man can see is only one of many that few can see. More and more individuals are beginning to recognize the inner cannibal universe and are dealing with them in harmony, As this awareness is expanded to the masses, intuitive man will become more apparent. Reasoning man has just matured and now it is time for is seed to begin to sprout.
It is my hope that more individuals will become aware of their intuitive abilities thus bringing about the dawning of the Sixth day of Creation. I look with great expectation for this time, knowing that complete maturity and compatibility is just around the corner. The sixth sense we hear so much about is that intuitiveness we all long for. Be a good cannibal, and devour your own kind, but use the abilities you have, with understanding in order to develop new ones. Completely express your energy to its fullest and with understanding that you also may climb the ladder of soul evolution.

Cannibal Universe copyright 1976 School of Metaphysics.


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