Believing and Knowing The Magic Twins by Geraldine DeMate Hatcher D.M., D.D., PsD.

Believing and Knowing

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Believing and Knowing
The Magic Twins

by Geraldine DeMate Hatcher
D.M., D.D., PsD.

copyright School of Metaphysics: First printing 1977, Tenth Printing 1997 No. 100117

"I dedicate this book to my children,
who have made these words truth for me."


Throughout history the great strides of humanity have been spearheaded by men and women of vision.
These individuals seemed to have that certain "magic" that set them apart from the human throng; a strength, confidence and inspiration that drew others to them and influenced the movements of our progressing existence.
We know of many men and women who have not gone down in history, but who have overcome what might have seemed to be monumental difficulties. They have risen like the Phoenix from the ashes of personal tragedies and re-directed their lives to personal triumph.
What is that flame in an individual that lights the way for others and seems to illuminate his own vision clearly?
Perhaps in the pages of this book, you will begin to find the answer – and perhaps – you will begin to Believe and then – to KNOW – you have that "magic" in YOU!!!

The First Step – Believing
Step Number Two – Knowing
The Merging of the Minds
Your Mirror Reflects Your Self
Watch Your Wishes Come True
The "Feeling" Key
Solving Problems
Healing Yourself With Mind Medicine
Your Emotional Personality
The Reflection of Mind in Body
Putting It All Together


Believing and Knowing
The Magic Twins

How would you like to be a magician? I don't mean a simple pull-the-rabbit-out-of-the-hat type magician. I mean a worthy-of-going-down-in recorded history magician.
How would you like to say to yourself, "We need a new house, because my family has grown so much we're beginning to develop fins from living like sardines," and with a certain working of your magic and no luck involved, you would have it?
The only things you will need in your magician's kit are the MAGIC TWINS – BELIEVING AND KNOWING. These MAGIC TWINS are the keys of mind that cause those golden, magical doors to the abundance of the Universe to open wide!
You may feel that to be a pretty broad statement. Wee it is – but it is not a false or unreachable one.
All right, you say – put your money where your pen is. Agreed! So let's begin!

The First Step – Believing

There are two major divisions of this great mind of ours that we use to establish the Believing and Knowing quality in ourselves.
Before we can thoroughly understand and utilize the Magic of Knowing, we must work with and establish Believing.
The part of our mind that we use for Believing is the Conscious Mind. This mind is our outward expression, our antenna, so to speak, with which we observe, involved ourselves and react to external situations and environment.
We extend this mind antenna from the time we are born; seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling, hearing all that goes on around us. Through this method we formulate ideas, opinions and most significantly, desires.
We assimilate the results of all the kinds of activity that touch our lives. Through this observance and assimilation we build our houses of belief.
As children we observe our parents walking and talking, encouraging us to do the same. This stimulates a desire, and as we begin to gain coordination and strength in our bodies, our desire increases, and soon we achieve the belief that we too can walk and talk. At this point the child takes its first independent step, forms its first words.
He also comes to the belief that parents and home represent security. As he advances in age and enters his schooling years, the results of his mental and physical efforts establish belief in his ability to accomplish the goals set for him by parents and school.
A pattern then is formed in his conscious mind of the sense of satisfaction and gratification in accomplishment.
This is the groundwork or foundation from which we, as individuals, begin to develop our belief. As we initiate our own goals, stemming from the desires created by our contact with the world, we use this foundation to measure our successes and failures. If our activity results in a sense of satisfaction – a "job-well-done" – we add stature to our confidence. If not, our foundation of confidence is somewhat shaken, and often we hesitate to strike out again on what now may seem the rocky road toward achievement.
This is the point where we must retrace the steps taken when striding the paths which led to achievement, no matter how small or large they were.
Jog the memory to recall the persistence, the anticipation and the determination you called forth as you made your way to the goal and success. Recall the stimulation and expansion you experienced as you saw yourself fulfilling a desire, whether it was for some material object or for the development of an abstract quality you wished to have as part of yourself.
Command your attention to focus entirely on this positive mental activity, taking a firm stand to bar any negative thought or remembrance from your mind.
The phrase "Today is the first day of the rest of your life" can well be applied here. The unpleasant, negative activities and attitudes of the past which led to failure or lack of fulfillment have no place in your thinking. Only the recognition of the understanding and the wisdom gained from those experiences can play a winning rose in this confidence-building exercise. Any thought of a negative nature must go!!

Step Number Two – Knowing

Now we must call upon Sub-Conscious Mind to provide the second Magic Key – KNOWING!
First it is necessary to come to some understanding of why we, as individuals, have the right to have the things we need and desire as we live our human, physical lives.
Each thing that exists has, as an integral part of it, the essence of its Creator. A house, for example, has, in its original design, the intention and personality of the architect who envisioned and then recorded that vision as a blueprint. As the blueprint took shape in the hands of the contractor, his personality became also a part of the developing structure of the house.
The workmen, carrying out the orders of the contract, finally added their own expression to the fulfillment of the work.
All through this whole process, the original design of the author of this work, the architect, continued to be the dominant factor in the achievement of the finished structure.
The house was built according to his intent and his vision, and for his purposes, and ultimately to be used to express that purpose.
Everything that went into building the house was a part of that original intention and purpose.
As a part of the plan, the contractor had the right to expect the plan to be a workable one, and that the materials called for would be available. The workmen, in turn, had the right to expect those materials to blend together as they worked with them and to be available in sufficient supply to enable them to produce a well-formed, finished structure – a physical manifestation of the thought of the architect – complete in every detail.
Now, considering the preceding example, let's put the Creator in the position of the architect and Mind, our mind, in the contractor's place. As we live our physical lives, we assume the roles of the workmen.
That great architect, our Creator, had intention and purpose as he saw us in his own image and likeness, a blueprint of love, fulfillment, and perfection. Our Minds, forever in the supervisory and directing position, hold the Keys that unlock every door of that overflowing storehouse of life's material.
As the workmen, producing, through our activity, the visible expression of the architect/Creator's plan, we look to mind to open those storehouse doors.
Because we are so conditioned to believing only what we see with our physical eyes, it is often very difficult to reach that stage of confidence in the ability of mind, an abstract, nonphysical part of ourselves, to open those doors for us. We say, "How can I believe or know a thing that I have not experienced as realty in my life?"
I'll give you some very good examples of how often you do —
When you are thirsty and get a drink of water, you not only believe, you know, that the water goes down your throat and into your stomach. How many of you have every seen that happening?
If you have a rock in your hand and you drop it, you believe and you know it will fall to the ground. Have you ever seen the magnetic force of the earth or the part of Universal Law that causes that to happen?
At night, when you turn on a light switch and you believe and you know that the light bulb will come on. If it does not, you examine the bulb to see if it is burned out; you may check the switch or the wiring for defect or you may wonder if the electricity bill is unpaid. But do you ever doubt the presence of electricity? How many of us have seen the currents of electricity flowing around the wires to provide the light in the bulb?
How many of us have seen of felt the complex movements of nerve and brain in our bodies as they perform their constant receiving and sending motions? Yet we believe and know that it happens.

The Merging of the Minds

The Conscious Mind, our antenna, has already provided the necessary stimuli to trigger the beginning communication between itself and its partner, Sub-Conscious.
Subconscious Mind indicates that which is beyond, not below, physical consciousness. Sub-conscious mind contains within itself the memory of every experience in our achievement of understanding, whether it be of an individual with whom we have associated or a situation existing in our lives.
Each action, reaction and interaction leading to this point of understanding is indelibly inscribed in this magnificent mind.
Pythagoras, 6th century father of numbers, taught that everything that exists is a vibration. Each type of existence vibrates to a particular rate or frequency.
Our aim, then is to tap the mind-power of the accumulated information in our subconscious mind to help us achieve our desires.
In order to do this, we must bring the vibratory rates of conscious and sub-conscious minds into a harmonious balance.
This is accomplished by giving the subconscious mind a special kind of attention.
We live in a physical world and therefore most aptly relate to physical activity. Our first steps in urging the sub-conscious mind to step forward are going to be physical movements combined with mental manipulations.
We are a race of "Doers" and merely sitting back quietly thinking our desires is not enough to establish "KNOWING" within us. There are several ways to "Do-and-Think" ourselves into the result we want.

Your Mirror Reflects Your Self

Stand in front of a mirror – look at yourself. What do you see?
Is the image looking back at you reflecting confidence and achievement? Do you stand with a posture that suggests success? Or are you slumping forward, shoulders rounded?
Your head should be erect; your eyes reflecting determination, your facial expression one of the pleasure and satisfaction that comes from accomplishment.
Imagine that you have just received recognition from someone you admire for completing a difficult assignment of work. Imagine that you have constructed a beautiful piece of furniture and your friends have openly admired and praised your workmanship.
Imagine that you have spent a lot of time working out a new idea that you feel will benefit your job and your company. Your boss has just called you in and informed you that your idea is to be adopted by the firm, has congratulated you and gives you a raise in pay.
See yourself as having counseled a friend in trouble and have just received a grateful call telling you that your suggestions and advice have made a truly positive change in his or her life.
By this time your reflection should be actually glowing back at you with confidence and the look of achievement. Notice here how you feel upon assuming this attitude.
Your body feels alive!! Your creative imagination is working at top speed!! Your genuine concern and consideration for others is at its peak!!
You can tackle anything that comes along with this attitude, this mental acceleration and this physical regeneration!!!
Now begin talking to your positive Self. Explain to yourself that this look and this attitude is going to be yours from now on. Smile and be firm as you inform yourself, OUT LOUD, that you are truly possessed of great strength of mind and body; that if you have it right now, there is absolutely no reason for you to ever be without it.
Every word that you express begins in your mind as a thought. Every time you think, that thought is imprinted in mind. If you continue this type of thinking on a regular basis, that mind will become a whirlwind of positive activity, working its Magic in Your Life!

Watch Your Wishes Come True

You desire to obtain something in a material sense; a car, a new boat, a new house, etc.
First you should decide what kind of car, boat, house or whatever you want. Decide exactly what it must be, down to the smallest detail; the color, shape, size, and so on.
Look at pictures of the object, cut them out and place them where you will see them often.
Look at the real thing, notice the design, the way it looks and feels. Do this until you can actually "see" what you desire clearly in your mind even with your eyes closed.
Imagine yourself driving the care, feel it responding to your touch. Feel yourself in the boat with the wind on your face, the smell of water in your nostrils, the excitement and pleasure of being on the water. See yourself in the house, the comfort and sense of pride and security it brings you and your family.
Now comes the most important step!
As you imagine yourself driving the car, think of all the ways your life will benefit from ownership. Think of the enjoyment your family or friends will receive as you take them driving. Think of the feeling of safety and assurance you will have from owning an efficient and beautiful car.
As you feel and see yourself in your new boat, include the sense of contentment you will have through this means of recreation. The enjoyment received in sharing with others the times of fun and relaxation. The inner peace and calmness that comes from being close to the beauty of nature as it is reflected in the water and the out-of-doors.
As you envision yourself in your new house, feel the presence of your family around you. Notice their secure attitude in this home you have provided for them. See your friends feeling welcome and comfortable as they visit you. See your home as a haven of love and stability, and expression of your concern, value, and mature sense of responsibility.
You should realize, through these examples, that the most important part of this technique is to include in your mental imagery, the attitude, emotion and quality of Love! It really is "what makes the world go 'round!"
What are you actually doing as you create these mental images and accompanying emotional reactions?
As in the mirror technique, each time you create a mental image, you are imprinting messages in your mind. The more intense and detailed your thought, the more deeply it is implanted in the substance of mind. The activity that results form this mental impregnation creates, through its momentum, a field of magnetism. This field of magnetism vibrates in harmony with the pattern of your visualization, whatever it may be. Every other thing in your environment that is also vibrating at the same rate will invariably be attracted too you.
Work with this technique, and you will be amazed as you watch people, places, and things – seemingly gravitating to you, each movement providing the means by which you will realize your desires.

The "Feeling" Key

One of the most important keys you must have on your Believing and Knowing key change is a "feeling" key.
How do you "feel" right now? Are you satisfied, happy, do you feel productive? If not, why not?
Even though your activity gives you evidence of a degree of gain and productivity, do you continuously question this inside yourself, needing repeated reassurance from others?
Are there days when you feel no one hears you when you say something? Your voice is the same as it was yesterday, you are the same height, weight, etc., and yet you begin to wonder if you might be transparent judging from the reaction you seem to be getting from those around you.
Look for a moment, then, at your present feelings. The way you are feeling right now isn't the result of what has happened at this very minute. What has caused this attitude or feeling happened before now – ten minutes ago, this morning, yesterday, last week, last month, last year!
The manner in which you are working with the conditions of your life, and even those very conditions themselves, are the results of past activity and your reaction to it.
Maybe you have been separated in one way or another from someone very close to you. This resulted in an attitude or feeling of loss, unhappiness, grief, loneliness, etc. You dislike feeling this way, of course, but you just haven't been able to remove yourself from this mental depression or restriction.
Are you not still the same individual that you were before it happened?
Maybe you have moved from one location to another, making it necessary to form a new circle of friends. You feel like an "outsider", isolated, "peered-at", by those around you. Again, you are now the same individual that you were before the move.
You have completed your educational years, and the world out there seems very large, cold and uncaring compared to the relatively small world of school activity, teachers who knew and helped you, and friends doing the same thing you were. now you feel too young again, the confidence gained through scholastic accomplishment is shaky and beginning to waver in the face of seeming indifference from "out there".
What you are failing to remember in each of these cases, is YOU!!
The word "you" is a singular word, denoting by itself one individual, just as "I" does. It is a unit of one we are dealing with, and that one, that I, that YOU, always has been and always will be innately whole unto itself.
When we allow ourselves to be deluded into thinking we are whole only through companionship, support or approval of others, then we open the wrong mental doors. Those doors hold the feelings of isolation, loneliness, anxiety, immaturity and incompetence. We mentally have divided ourselves from one whole functioning person into pieces and parts of other persons, things and places. When those are removed from our environment, the unpleasant, negative feelings have room to move in.
Your awareness of yourself as one whole person, regardless of environment and the changing situations in your life, closes that door of negative feelings and gives no room for their entry into your thoughts.
I have know couples who were very attracted to one another, to the point of contemplating marriage. Yet their relationships were very stormy and unsettled. Each felt threatened at the thought of a close relationship such as marriage. Why? Because they did not realize that no matter what the change in their life style might bring, each one could and would remain a single, whole individual, even though they might choose to combine that individuality and function as a unit. They erroneously thought one or the other must surrender their one-ness to the other through marriage. Only after coming to the realization that they could and should still be individuals, respecting one another as such, did they achieve the right balance of harmony to continue into a happy marriage.
In each example presented in is Chapter, failing to recognize the Self as being whole, as always retaining the abilities, the personality, the intellectual developments, was the factor that resulted in unhappiness or confusion.
Separation from a loved one brings sadness, yes, but it does not separate you from your Self. Those qualities that allowed you to create one type of life are still there to create another!
Moving from one location to another separates only your physical body from its old surroundings. YOU, the you whose personality attracted your old friends to you, are still all there to bring warm responses from new friends.
Leaving the orb of school and study does not wrench YOU from the Alma Mater of life. The accomplishments and years of training are needed by that world out there. Each one in it experienced that same "moment of truth" that you now have. So why push the panic button? Pack up your sense of humor in the satchel where your books used to be, and take that whole YOU to the school of life!!
Once you gain a true perspective of that "YOU" and give your SELF the respect you deserve, that "feeling" Key unlocks the right door – the door to the recognition that YOU, can release those unpleasant feelings of past experience, and through your reclaimed awareness of being "all-there" can begin right now to build the feelings of tomorrow.
The "all-there" consciousness lets you know that your capabilities rely on no one else for action.
With this recognition as part of yourself, the external conditions and situations in life will not leave an unwanted residue clinging to your life in our tomorrows, but will result in a future just as whole, self-sufficient and centered as YOU are!!!

Solving Problems

If you are an artist, there are certain basic materials you use each time you paint, even though each picture is different. As you develop your artistic talent, you commit to memory certain techniques, combinations of colors, etc., that provide you with the desired effects, textures and designed to give the desired results, a beautiful picture.
Using the subconscious to aid us in solving the difficulties encountered in our conscious existence is essentially the same thing.
Remembering the wealth of information stored in Subconscious Mind, we can repeatedly utilize many of the understood winning combinations and blendings of our past activity to again achieve a beautiful, harmonious life picture.
Begin by reviewing in your mind the situation of difficulty confronting you. Placing yourself in a physically relaxed position, consider all ways you can consciously conceive of reaching a satisfactory solution.
Continue this activity until you have virtually exhausted every avenue of conscious thought and until you feel actually fatigued and unable to present any further suggestions to yourself.
Now gather all of those conscious thoughts into a round container, like a ball, and throw it away from you, completely releasing it!
At this point it would be a very good idea to take a short nap, go to sleep for the night, or immediately engage yourself in some activity with such concentration that you will take your entire attention away from your problem.
Your Sub-Conscious Mind  the the most ready, willing and able player you will ever have on your team, will reach out and catch that ball of thought you have thrown.
It will when begin to sort and sift the conscious solutions you have provided, adding the wisdom of past experiences and taking away the errors in judgment you have made. It will rearrange the whole thing into a harmonious, reasonable solution to the existing situation. When you awaken, or complete whatever activity you turned to, and return your attention to the situation you are confronting, that solution will be startlingly and clearly revealed to you.
The great genius and inventor, Thomas Edison, realized some of this greatest inventions after becoming so thoroughly fatigued in experiments that he fell asleep. Upon awakening, the workable answers to his experiments were clearly obvious to him. In falling asleep he had thrown the ball of conscious, mental activity to his Subconscious Mind. We use the results of that inner wisdom of Edison each day of our lives!!
The Subconscious Mind of Edison had no greater ability than your own. He initiated his own desires in conscious mind just as you do – his Subconscious responded – as yours also will most certainly do!!

Healing Yourself With Mind Medicine

Because we are human beings, we are ever concerned with these bodies that follow us wherever we go. As long as they function as they should, our concern is indirect and matter-of-fact. When they being to misbehave, we are immediately anxious to put things back in order.
As our physical age advances, this condition of disorder seems to appear more frequently, yet since every body cell and tissue renovates itself periodically, this state of disorder is not technically reasonable or necessary.
It has long been an accepted fact that certain physical difficulties such as allergies and asthmatic conditions are primarily the result of mental attitudes and are termed psychosomatic illnesses by the medical profession.
It is now becoming gradually accepted that many other kinds of physical illnesses or disorders are also the results of our attitudes or emotional reactions to our environment.
I would not like to go another step further in this idea and suggest that every condition that departs from the balanced and healthy function of the body stems from the same source – the MIND.
We will being the introduction of this concept with three theoretical situations:

1) Your husband comes home from work and announces that, after twenty years with the same company, he has been fired.

2) Your teen-age child has been out with the family car, comes in bruised and alarmed, announcing that he or she was involved in an auto accident, was at fault, and the party in the other vehicle was killed.

3) Having cashed a sizeable check, you went shopping. You could not decide on all the items you intended to purchase and came home. The paper boy comes to collect, you reach for your wallet. It's gone!

What happens? Do you feel cold all over? Do you faint? Do your knees feel weak and you begin to tremble?
You hear the words, your mind registers the thought, the brain takes in the information, and your body reacts with a variety of physical sensations caused by impulses sent from the brain to various parts of the body.
In traumatic situations an increase in adrenalin release stimulates energy for needed defensive, aggressive action. The body energy becomes concentrated, so to speak, for this action, and during the period of time the action is needed, the normal distribution of body energy in an overall pattern ceases. When the crisis or situation is dealt with, the mind releases the thought and regains composure. The body then relaxes, the energy returns to a normal flow, and the physical sensations brought about by the crisis are no long felt.
As we view this in a clinical fashion, it becomes apparent that all though this sequence it was truly that which the mind perceived that caused all of this body movement and sensation through the emotional reaction to external situations.
Each cell within the body vibrated at a certain rate and contains within itself a type of mind which directs its existence, causing it to function according to its purpose. For example, a cell of nerve tissue contains the proper sensitivity and make-up to register physical sensations and send them to the brain for assimilation, computation and the resulting activity of receiving direction from the brain.
Organic cells, vibrating at a different rate, are accordingly structured to perform their individual tasks. The minds of all these cells receive their direction from the brain, which sends out electrical impulses, carried through the nerve system to each part of the body. The brain tells each cell's mind what the body needs from the cell to continue to function properly.
The brain receives its direction from the pineal, pituitary and thyroid glands. These glands are the Receiving and Reasoning Team, which collect, balance, assimilate, and decide what is needed by the body. This information is then given to the brain, and the transmission to the body is released.
Remember, it is first the Mind, YOUR MIND, the REAL YOU, that is the Director and Controller of all this activity. It is the manner in which your mind receives what happens around you and reacts emotionally to these environmental circumstances that determines what your body will do!
When a person continuously reacts in an extreme manner to external situations, the superfluous secretions of adrenalin and other such substances eventually wear and inflame the intestines to the point of ulceration. You have ulcers, a "nervous stomach", brought about by too much acid and digestive fluids in the digestive tract.

Your Emotional Personality

Your Emotional reactions to your life style, your environment, at home and away from home – the way you react to the people with whom you associate – these reactions become your mental attitudes or personality, and are the key to the doorway of good physical health.
Mental attitudes are generally divided into two groups:

1) "Individual Attitude" brought about by the manner in which you, as an individual, perceive and react to things. It is this individual attitude that we will primarily work with.

2) "Family Attitude" brought about by the manner in which your family unit, as a group, merges the individual thinking patterns of its members. This creates an overall attitude centered from the lifestyle particular to your family and its collective reaction to external circumstances. This "family attitude" is an extremely subtle expression, and is often carried within a person's mind and incorporated into his "individual attitude" without the conscious awareness of its presence. It carries through in many cases from one generation to another in varying degrees and manners of expression. Because of this it is more difficult to discover and observe. It does, however, play an important role in tracing hereditary physical difficulties and family inclinations to certain physical weaknesses.

The Reflection of Mind in Body

Your point of view, as an individual, is shaped and formed from the time you are born. It develops according to how you mentally register and react emotionally to your environment. within the family, for example, the same external situations, lifestyle, disciplinary techniques, etc., will cause different reactions and result in the forming of different points of view for each child within the family.
The reasons for this are many. Astrological influences play a major role in the manner in which you react. Your individual type of sensitivity to the way those around you express themselves is significant. And, most important of all – the subconscious compulsion to accomplish a particular overall purpose during your lifetime this last being the most truly individual part of you!
So, as your physical age progresses, and you move in your life from one stage to another, you, as an individual, accumulate, shape and form mental attitudes. These attitudes are the reason, the cause, the factor that will indicate why you think as you do and subsequently act as you do.
If your mental attitude about your life now includes a strong feeling of being restricted – of not expressing yourself as you inwardly want to – of having to perform certain actions through a sense of duty only, not because you want to – WATCH OUT!!! You are laying the groundwork for restrictive physical problems – arterial sclerosis, angina, arthritis.
If, through lack of understanding, you are carrying feelings of guilt for actions in your life – you can look for kidney problems. If you continuously allow yourself to feel tension; to worry over whether or not your actions will meet with approval from others, your gall bladder will begin to be disturbed or your spinal column will be out of alignment.
Let's examine these examples and see how much logic there is in this.
Remember, I told you that each cell has its own type of mind directed by the brain. The brain takes its direction from the Receiving and Reasoning Team which is activated by your mind. If you are constantly thinking and feeling "restriction", doesn't it follow that this is going to be a part of what is directed to the brain? This then, will be incorporated into the brain's transmission to the individual parts of the body, saying to them, "restriction", and the resulting body action will be restriction – of arteries, joints, etc.
If unwise past actions of your life have not been eliminated from your thoughts, and you are still experiencing emotional reactions of guilt and regret, this attitude will manifest kidney problems; the kidneys being the major point of cleansing and eliminating unwanted material or waste. If you are retaining waste in your mind, you will retain waste in your body.


I can present endless examples of mind and body relationships, and you may either feel that what I'm saying makes sense; believe me altogether, or reject the whole idea. But, even if this is making good sense to you, the best and really the only way to find truth of this so that you can begin to use it, is to test it yourself. You need to do a bit of research.
This is not always as easy as it may sound, but I am going to give you some suggestions that will help.
The first step is to examine emotional reactions, those that are temporary and those that have become integrated into yourself as a part of your present personality. Since it is often very difficult to see these things in ourselves, it might be wise to being your research by observing others who have specific and obvious physical disorders.
You will absolutely need to detach yourself from any emotional judgment of the person you are observing. I am certainly not suggesting that you descend upon Aunt Sophrena, unzip her character like a suitcase, and go probing into her mind. This type of observation will obviously get you into serious trouble! Remember that you are here as a scientist observing others for the purpose of gathering information only!
After you have conducted your investigation of illnesses and their causes for a while, becoming accustomed to the detached manner of observation, turn the limelight on yourself!
At this point, complete honesty is the order of the day. You must really desire to get at the source of the problem; then be willing to admit the truth of your thoughts, motives and reactions to yourself. If you can accomplish this, you have made a giant step in the right direction.
As you correlate your mental attitudes to your physical problems, you will soon be able to see the changes needed. Acting upon these discoveries, a change will take place in your thinking. The messages that will then be directed to your body will say, "Harmonize!! Balance!! Restore!!
You will assume the attitude of a conductor leading a great orchestra of blending, beautiful melody, and Magician – you will truly HEAL THYSELF!!!

Putting It All Together

The difficulty we encounter in releasing our doubting selves to the recognition of this great power of mind is caused by the manner in which we limit our view of the world. We are reluctant to broaden our vision; to reach out for what we need, whether it be inner peace and harmony – material needs and comforts – or strength and health for our bodies.
The image of ourselves as the developing likeness of the Creator is very dim, vague, and even fearful. We often see ourselves as small and insignificant in the great world, blown about like a speck of dust by environment and circumstances.
Through this idea we allow ourselves to assume passive, resigned, resentful and angry attitudes in regard to life and our part in it. What an insult this is to our designer, who imbued every part of our being and our world with his perfection.
We are like some of those in the Book of Numbers in the Bible, (Chapter 13); those chosen to reconnoiter the "Promised Land" before the entry of the Israelites. Some brought back glowing reports of a land "flowing with milk and honey", carrying back as visible evidence the abundant fruit of the land. Even though they noted the presence of the giants and opposing forces there, they did not hesitate to take this fruit from it. They used this evidence to prove to the others waiting behind that it truly existed. They BELIEVED and they KNEW that the land was their to fulfill their purposes.
Some of the Israelites, however, even though they saw the abundance available, disregarded the fact of its availability, and could only see the difficulties that were to be encountered; the giants – the opposing forces – to them overwhelming obstacles, denying them entry.
These doubts and indecisions weakened their strength, destroyed their confidence, and resulted in their remaining in the barren desert and ultimately in the destruction of themselves and their children.
Only those who set their sights on the positive side – who maintained their thoughts to the purpose, retained the outer strength and inner support of the Creator to realize that goal of the Promised Land!
Why allow yourselves to be intimidated by viewing this life only as an obstacle? Why view the situations and environments which you encounter in your life as overwhelming giants, keeping you away from the attainment of whatever you need to fulfill your purpose in living?
Begin right now to form in your mind that image of yourself as it mirrors the perfection of our Creator. Look at your Self in the mirror every day. See there your TRUE SELF – MIND – expressing through your eyes. Build, everyday, through your desire and your persistence, the image of strength, of positive action, of determination, of love, until that image truly reflects the living, developing, physical expression of the Architect!
Reach out and take those MAGIC TWINS – BELIEVING and KNOWING – the Golden Keys of Mind – turn the locks and begin to open those great doors of the Universe one at a time!
Begin with the things you desire in your life, recognizing them as valid; a part of the materials that you, the contractor, and workman, need to complete your work.
It is most necessary here to realize your responsibility to use this material wisely and according to the part it plays in your developing plan.
Make a list of these things, examining them carefully and formulating your own blueprint with great detail and purpose.
Read this list daily at the time you have selected to do your "image-building" mirror exercise. As you read your list and observe your reflection, tell yourself, OUT LOUD, that the things you desire are part of the building materials necessary to complete your work.
Each time you use the Keys and obtain these needs (and I assure you, you will have them), you will find your confidence growing. Your reflected image will become clearer, and your ability to manipulate those Keys to open more and more doors will be greater!
Finally, you will look in that mirror and be astounded at the stature of your SELF!! You will see no obstacle that is insurmountable; no force with strength equal to your own; and no giant greater than you have become!!!
The results of your work will mark you as truly a great Magician, using the MAGIC TWINS – BELIEVING and KNOWING – to manifest the dwelling of Infinite Life in beautiful, love perfection!!

Work your Magic, friend —-


Believing and Knowing: The Magic Twins, Copyright 1977, School of Metaphysics

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Copyright© 2002, School of Metaphysics

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