Atlantis II

Atlantis II

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The History of the World Volume One

by Drs. Barbara and Daniel Condron




"The most beautiful thing we can
experience is the mysterious.
Recognition of the mystery
of the universe is the course
of all true science."
-Albert Einstein

Mankind has sufficiently progressed in his physical sciences to tell us that the human genus has existed for several million years and human cultures for tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of years. Most history books say it is only within the past 10,000 years that cultures have reflected civilis, Latin meaning “relating to a citizen or a state.”
For the most part, our collective concept of civilization has been limited to findings in the physical world. Until now.
A civilization is a culture characterized by the building of cities, the development of a complex social and political structure through stratification, and the evolution of a formal economic structure through the division of labor. Civilization implies the willingness of familial groups to embrace outsiders. Their stories, histories as the Greeks called them, are narratives of past events. This is one of the chief ways we fashion our notion about what came before us, through records of eyewitness accounts. Homer’s Iliad, the gospels of the Bible or the Dhammapada, and the autobiographical accounts of countless modern authors (as well as censuses and tax rolls), are among what historians call “materials produced in the period under examination.”
Such records are a historian’s primary source. We rely heavily upon these stories for insight into who we are and how we have developed as a human race. History is not only a record of civilization, but also civilization’s way of reflecting on itself.
When history moves beyond the realm of the physical world, when it enters the realm of quantum science, what it imparts is magnified exponentially. Consciousness is opened to a different kind of memory, always present in humanity, but rarely embraced and only now being developed into a science.
Intuitive investigation and intuitive reporting is this new, meta-physical science.
In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s people at the School of Metaphysics, in an effort to explore and develop Human spiritual potential, began experimenting with subconsciously-accessed information in response to an inner urge to know. This infancy of self-discovery was often self-centered and sensational, but it was blessed with a transcendent destiny that kept it growing and evolving into a science. Some of the information reported here is from this earlier time period, partly for content and partly in an attempt to give a frame of reference for the timelessness of what has been and continues to be revealed through intuitive research.
Since 1970 records have been kept of Intuitive Reports given for people from all over the world. These transcriptions of intuitive wisdom span three decades and are the world’s largest collection of such knowledge. About half of these reports are Health Analyses, examining the mental, emotional, and physical state of health, an intuitive diagnosis as it is referred to nowadays.
Excerpts from intuitive reports given by over a dozen reporters and conductors show the broad scope of intuitively-gained history. These intuitive historians range in age from early twenties to early sixties. They were from many walks of life; from government cartographers to graphic designers to housewives to salesmen. They had wide backgrounds in religion and education. Many never met one another. Yet the information gleaned over 30 years is remarkably consistent in what it reveals. So much so, examples of this are included in this book.
Perhaps the most important truth is intuitive reporting is an alive science. It has continued to evolve and grow beyond its originators. And it continues to grow and evolve in those, like Daniel and I, who have been devoted to this service throughout our adult lives. Through the years, we have received glimpses of the incredible power in this kind of knowledge. Daniel has written books on the nature of evolving consciousness, including my favorite which one newspaper called “the most explicit book on enlightenment as exists today.” I’ve written my own share of books, specifically elucidating relationships, health, and soul progression as revealed in intuitive reports, for the purpose of sharing with others the enormous potential for enlightenment inherent in the Akashic Records, a kind of collective memory in all souls’ Subconscious Mind.
We, and a handful of other world servers, have spent decades preparing the public at large for revelations such as these. It is telecommunications – an Atlantean type energy itself – that is playing the biggest role in preparing people. Think about it. Movies and television have made ESP, past lives, and extraterrestrial life a part of our vernacular and our consciousness. We’ve come a long way since Jules Verne, and box office receipts for every Star Wars picture proves it. As a planet we are ready.
For us that meant it was time to begin asking the right questions. Daniel and I prepared ourselves over half a century. This research is something we entered into with high ideals and morality. What we are discovering rivals every theory and deduction made by scientists and explorers throughout history. It verifies and reconfigures existing theories of how humanity came to be.
I feel including some of the Atlantean reports from the 1970’s, ‘80’s, and ‘90’s gives you a more complete picture of what has come to light in our research at the School of Metaphysics. I believe they place the work Daniel and I are doing now in context. Our decision to pursue history in this manner is one that has come as a result of decades of learning, practice, and service. It is a natural unfolding of the purpose of the School of Metaphysics rather than a superficial inquiry of some curious mind.
People familiar with School of Metaphysics’ intuitive reports will be aware of this more readily than those unfamiliar with the scope of what has been generated through the years. Those familiar with the work of nineteenth century lawyer and politician Ignatius Donnelly or twentieth century prophet Edgar Cayce will find what is given here fascinating. If you are new to all of this, you have just hit upon a treasure trove of mental stimulation and mind expanding revelation that disciplined intuitive exploration provides.
What has come from posing direct questions are some astounding answers. Answers I did not imagine or anticipate. It is only now as we transcribe reports and put them into a readable form that I am beginning to digest what it is, and allow myself glimpses of what it means to us all.
-Barbara Condron

Intuitive Research Part I

In order to understand Atlantis, the interested person must first come to understand that life is motion. What we view, think or perceive as physical substance is in fact a bundle of energy, a collection of molecules, atoms and subatomic particles of energy that are in constant motion. The physical body is an energetic body. It is an electrical body as are trees, animals and the planet Earth.
This energy in its myriads of forms leads to the emotions, the mental self, the spiritual self, and to consciousness itself.
This book will examine the evolution of body, emotions, mind and spirit, for the Self, for humanity and for the planet Earth.
There is a scientific theory which is not a fact that is called uniformitarianism or uniformity. Uniformitarianism is the idea that the evolution of the Earth, people, places, things, and the solar system evolves at a certain uniform rate. 
For example, there is the theory that continental drift, which is the movement of the continents, is occurring in the present time period at the same rate of speed as in the past. This is not the case. When the Moon was expelled from the Earth, a huge hole was created in what is now the Pacific Ocean. This hole had a slope to it. Water filled this hole, and the planet Earth – seeking to achieve a balance – redistributed mass. Continental Drift is a part of this ongoing process of balance. 
The Earth in its earlier ages was more moldable, more plastic and somewhat less dense than in the present time period. Therefore, there was a greater fluidity of motion as the continents drifted or moved closer to the present time period. A greater balance was achieved and there was less need for motion to fill in the void or space. North America in the present time period is drifting westward into the Pacific and towards the area where the Moon was expelled. 
Some land masses such as Antarctica have drifted or moved across the earth’s surface at a much faster rate in the past than they do presently. This explains in part why events thought by academia and standard texts to have occurred million of years ago have, in some cases, occurred within tens or hundreds of thousands of years.

The Conscious Mind words directly with the brain and five senses to enable us to perceive, experience, and reason thereby promoting evolutionary growth.
The Subconscious Mind is the abode of the soul. The soul enters a physical body, a baby’s body at or near birth in order to gain experience and mature as a creator. After the body dies at the end of a lifetime, the soul – which is you – withdraws its attention from the physical world, physical life, and the life of the five senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight. The soul then integrates and assimilates the learning from the just completed lifetime. Learning for the soul and for the whole Self always entails and involves understanding creation and the maturing process of Self as a Creator.
The Superconscious Mind is the abode of the High Self, the Christ Consciousness or Buddha Consciousness and Spirit.
Mind is the vehicle that I AM – which is the real, individual identity that is the Self – uses in order to grow into an enlightened being and gain compatibility with the Creator.
Body, mind, spirit then encompasses everything you as an individual need in order to become a mental creator.
The evolution of humanity is proceeding at an accelerating rate and this is the study of Atlantis and humanity.
Atlantis was a time period when the souls or people became entrapped in physical bodies setting into motion the reincarnation of the souls.
There are many levels of consciousness. The levels of consciousness are sometimes called planes of existence or different dimensions. These different dimensions operate at different vibrational frequencies. For example, our physical world is a three-dimensional world. Those three dimensions we know as length, width and depth. These three dimensions allow one or more of our five senses to locate an object in space. These three dimensions also give rise to the concept of physical time and distance and the illusion of separatism. This illusion of being separate must be overcome in order for the Self to know the true reality of connectedness leading to oneness.
The fourth dimensional has been described as time by some. A more accurate description of the fourth dimension of Mind is greater connectedness and even greater or higher levels or dimensions of Mind may be described as the overcoming of the illusion of separateness leading to greater awareness, perception, understanding, and knowing of connectedness leading to the truth of oneness. 
A four-dimensional world is invisible to most. As each individual raises their consciousness to a higher vibrational frequency, new fields of experience and perception become available to one’s awareness.
These different levels of mind or different dimensions or vibrational frequencies are interspersed within the same space just as a dry sponge can occupy a certain space. Yet when the sponge takes on water within itself, it still takes up the same space. Yet now throughout the sponge is water. Another example is radio waves that travel through the air and on into space yet we do not see them.
In order to understand evolution, it must be viewed not just as the evolution of a physical body but also as the evolution of consciousness and energy. Holding these concepts in mind will help the reader more clearly comprehend the knowledge of evolution presented in these pages.

The History of Atlantis



To the coalescing of elements there was the opportunity and the establishment of Natural Law the capacity for there to be an alteration of experience in the forms which were available upon this planet. There was the attractiveness, primarily due to the balance of the elemental qualities themselves, that were making themselves known. We see that there was a strength that was seen in the integrity of the elemental experience and there was the evolving of the curiosity toward the blending and merging of these.
It was through this impetus that the spark for alterations began and through this there was the defining of new forms, different forms, different combinations of molecular structures which could be used and could be mobile in ways which had previously not existed. There was the capacity for there to be the strength of sustainability in the reproduction of form in ways that had not been prevalent.
Therefore there was the freedom for there to be the movement according to the thoughts that were present.
The impetus of the intelligence to be able to move itself forward through the creative process was very strong and in that it was quite pronounced. It did cause there to be forms manifested that were not anticipated or expected. Many times there would be a reaction to this which would then lead to a further denseness in the experience.
It was through this that there was the separation of consciousness and the polarities which did correspond with the elemental polarities which were existing that the intelligence or consciousness itself became caught in. This was on some parts. It was not on the part of all life forms, there were those life forms who had recently come to this planet and in doing so had come for the purpose of sustaining it, stabilizing it, of being able to produce it for future life.
There was a sense of integrity and a sense of awareness that was not present in the other group described. Therefore there was a distinction within the consciousness and also the forms. There would be times when the indigenous forms would come upon structures or residue of some sort that had been left by the others. Even though they tried to keep their presence insensible, or undetectable, this was the case for much time. As the others began to become more familiar with their denseness, there was a more keen capacity for that which would be reasoning, or being able to remember and to then note differences whether they were in climate, or in surroundings or in the atmosphere itself.
This then eventually led to the intermingling between the two. There were many who became more and more dense that had at one time been free of the matter, had merely been energy beings.
This then created three types of life forms that were developing during this time. There were the energy beings. There were the dense beings. And there were the products of both.
Through time, it would be the product of both that did continue to utilize the planet for experimentation, exploration, discovery. [42001bgc/drc]



The elemental experience referred to here is the experience of nature, such as air, rocks, plants, and animals. 
The word “form” as used in this Intuitive Report indicates the forms of nature such as animal or plant.
During the time of Atlantis, there was much experimentation in the use of creating different animal structures, bodies, or forms that could be used by an energy being. These bodies were to be physical yet energetic.
The beings that came to planet Earth in most cases were energy beings. Later on some of these beings created physical bodies that would be used or inhabited. These human formed physical bodies were created by manipulating the genetic code of the indigenous population. In other words, life had evolved originally on this planet on its own, independent of outside planetary influence. The indigenous population was the Neanderthals. 
These forms were adapted by these beings from other star systems for their needs and uses, much like man builds cities today by removing the natural habitat and replacing it with one made in his own image, or building a new city or civilization on top of an older one.
This is why mankind possesses such a high proportion of similar genetic coding to the animals of this planet. Yet at the same time there are obvious differences. The absence of body hair is a prime example. The slowness of healing as compared to other animals is another. The size and proportion of the brain is another.
This change in 2-4 percent of the chromosomes produced the necessary adaptations for these off-planet visitors to produce the kind of intelligent brain capacity and humanoid body structure that they would be able to use and inhabit. These created bodies produced Homo sapiens and the Human Race, while Neanderthal was of the indigenous population and was produced by the natural evolution of the planet. Neanderthal is the name given to the fossilized remains of a humanoid type creature or person in a valley of Germany by the same name. These type of fossils have since been found throughout Europe and the middle East. Once thought to have been Homo sapiens direct ancestor, Neanderthal now is seen to be a distinct lineage of its own. It probably had greater psychic or connectedness abilities and less reasoning than Homo sapiens.
Homo erectus dates to a time supposedly prior to Homo sapiens or Neanderthal. It is thought by some to be a direct ancestor of Homo sapiens. Intuitive inquiries indicate Homo erectus was created by the Centaurus. It is entirely possible that the Beldane and those of Sirius may have used genetic material from both Homo erectus and Neanderthal to form Homo sapiens.
So in looking for alien life out in the Universe on other planets, in other solar systems, we have until now missed the obvious. WE ARE THE ALIENS. Or more exactly, we were created by the alien life forms as a combination of the indigenous gene pool and mental-genetic experimentation.
Part of our ancestry is from other planets in other star systems. Four different star systems. They influenced not only the development of the human race but also of the planet itself.
In order to understand the history of planet Earth, it is necessary to accept that there are intelligent beings that do not have physical bodies. This is not hard to accept if you believe that each person is an immortal soul. But if you believe there is no God and the physical world and physical universe is all there is and you are only a physical body, then there arises a difficulty in understanding the energetic nature of Earth’s and mankind’s history.

Intuitive Research April 2001



Conductor (Dr. Daniel Condron): Where did these people who came to this planet come from?

Intuitive Reporter (Dr. Barbara Condron): Other stars. Other planets. 

Conductor (Dr. Daniel Condron): More than one planet?

Yes. There were a total of four. Not all of them were here at the same time, they did not coexist upon the planet simultaneously.

Were these beings who came from these four planets, were they in dense bodies or in light bodies?

One group had no body at all. Two were energy forms and the other was dense when they were within the planet.

The group who were dense, what was the star system of their origin? 


The ones who had an energy body, what was their star system origin?

The most enduring was Sirius. Of a shorter duration was Beldane.

And the ones who had no form at all, what star system were they from?


How long were the ones from Sirius upon the planet? Til what time period?

Would be the third cycle (of Atlantis).

Why did they leave?

The intermingling had made it available for those who wanted to stay to do so and had in reality been their own effect in that once the intermingling had occurred there was not the availability for leaving. The bodies were affected in such a way that in order to sustain the consciousness they required the physicality of the elements of the earth itself. 
The ones who did not intermingle did not want to remain within this land area for it was not progressing as they had expected and therefore would not give what they had wanted. However, they had been able to sustain and to build that which would be necessary for their own kinsmen to continue to survive. 

Are the ones from Sirius a part of the human population today, the whole population or just a part?

For them who intermarried have primarily been within what is termed the Indo-European land areas. 

Did any beings or entities come to Earth from the star system referred to as Pleiades?

This is where Xena is.

What did these ones provide to the Earth?

There was not interference, therefore, they did not influence.

Were there any beings that came from the Orion system?

This is where Beldane exists or emanates from. [42001bgc/drc]


There were four different planets in four different star systems that enhanced, quickened, changed, and developed the planet Earth’s evolution and human evolution as a species. 
It is also important to understand a truth, a Universal Truth, in order to understand the history of Atlantis and the world. This Universal Truth is expressed as “Thought is cause.” It may be explained as thoughts are things, thoughts are real, and thoughts are the causal point for any creation in the physical world.
For example, someone had to have the idea or thought of a chair before a chair was created. The same is true for your house, car, clothes, and jewelry. Look around you and you will see that thought or idea is cause. 

The Final Cycle of Atlantis

At this time there had been many adjustments or changes that had been made in consciousness both in energy and what had become matter. There was the beginning of the faculty of imagination which was much stronger within the awareness and therefore there was the pulling apart or further delineation in a movement from two dimensions into three. We see this was most pronounced in most people.
There was a heavier and heavier grossness in the experiencing and there was the confusion that did often arise because of it. There was the floundering that would occur between the choice of forms and the availability of forms that could be used by consciousness and the tendency to move from one to the other without there being much awareness. It was during this period that there was the settling of the formation of the genetic code which could be utilized and expected to form a kind of progression that would serve as a stabilizer, in essence. This was provided through thought transmission from Xena but it was employed by those of Beldane in order to affect the matter that was present at the time.
Once this did occur, there was the separation into the physical forms which would be conducive to the growth of consciousness and maturity of spirit. Because the consciousness had been stabilized, it then did effect the Earth itself. There was the settling into the rotational pattern which made it more conducive for the learning which could now take place and the resolve of the confusion which had been prevalent for much time.
As the stabilization came into being, the actual movement of Earth mass was occurring as early as the Second Cycle. It was at that time that portions of the mass itself were let go of and there was the cooling and changing of the atmosphere in radical ways. By the time the third cycle had been endured, there was the beginning on the part of those from Sirius to effect the pyramidical structures or temples which were in place by the end of the third cycle. This was the beginning of the stabilization that then throughout the fourth cycle did create what has commonly been seen as land changes.
This was all coincidental, coinciding with one another and over some period of time. There were tidal waves. There were earthquakes. There were volcanoes that were dead and alive. There were these kinds of changes as the earth went through its stabilization because of the changes in the magnetic fields. This was the result of the polarity that had been set into motion by the consciousness throughout this entire period so it was not new.
What was different was the response or awareness of it by those who were in the dense forms. They were becoming progressively more fearful, or more ingenious in regards to responding to those occasions. [42001bgc/drc]



Energy is real. We don’t see air but it is real. When air moves because of energy we call this air-energy: wind. In the same way, there are higher dimensions of consciousness that are not perceived by the five senses. All matter is frozen energy. Matter is energy that has been slowed in vibration to such a rate that it is perceivable by the five senses.
Day length has changed during the Earth’s history. Year length has also changed. This is why it is difficult to give accurate measurement of the very ancient past. This is also part of the reason that estimates of the age of pyramids, very ancient civilizations, dinosaurs, and ancient time periods are usually incorrect.
One example of this is the age of the Sphinx. Recently it has been been ascertained that the weathering on the sides of the Sphinx is due to water erosion, not wind erosion as long believed. The last time there was water erosion in Egypt was over 10,000 years ago, according to modern measurements of time, when Egypt was not a desert.
Day length has changed. Year length has changed. There is not uniformity over time. This is a reality most science has yet to accept. 
The alignment of certain parts of the Great Pyramid to the stars points the way to a much greater age for civilization than we see in the history books. These universal measures may well be one of the keys to the truths we have been searching for.
The Intuitive Report states that the actual movement of the earth’s mass was occurring as early as the second cycle of Atlantis. Therefore, the second cycle of Atlantis was concurrent with the supercontinent Pangea and the early breaking apart and movement of that continent. Pangea is the name given by modern day scientists to describe what has been known for thousands of years as the end of Mu (Lemuria) and the beginning or First Cycle of Atlantis.
Pangea is the one and only continent that existed on the planet in Earth’s ancient past. Following the exhalation of the Moon from the Earth, the supercontinent of Pangea or what has previously been referred to as Lemuria or the First Cycle of Atlantis began breaking apart. This was in an attempt by the Earth to rebalance itself.
What most people think of as Atlantis and what has largely been referred to as Atlantis, were just the final years in the last cycle of Atlantis. By the time of the last cycle, the large continent of Atlantis had been reduced to an island in the north Atlantic.
Some people think the atmosphere of the earth is getting very polluted now, but at times in the past it was even more so. This is why often people migrated to the higher elevations where the air was cleaner.

Where did the people go, what colonies did they establish in what land areas as the earth changes occurred and Atlantis was submerged?

Some of them migrated, indeed, but many were merely upon the land masses as they broke apart as if they rode on an island. Momentary movements would come, sometimes even with the phases of the moon, where the people even integrated it into their beliefs, into their way of life. It was quite natural. 
They tended to be in mountainous regions where they believed they would be safer, although this was not always the case. Areas closer to the sun. Part of this was because the atmosphere was better there and it was warmer.

What modern-day continents were once part of Atlantis?

Parts of Western Europe. Parts of the African side of the Mediterranean through Turkey and into the Himalayas. Parts of mountains in the Eastern United States, into Mexico, into parts of Brazil, Cuba.

Was Antarctica part of Atlantis? 

At one time, yes. During the first and second cycles, but its movement was coinciding with the large changes that began to unfold as the rotation of the earth changed and there was a losing of mass and shifting. [42001bgc/drc]


Many students of Atlantis believe Egypt was a colony of Atlantis. The Intuitive Reports present a different scenario. The Egyptian civilization was created by the Siriuns, those beings from the star system of Sirius. This is why the royalty and priesthood of the ancient Egyptians have always been such a mystery to us. They are from an alien race from another planet or to be more exact, they are the descendents of those Siriuns, who did not interbreed with the indigenous population of the Neanderthal or Homo erectus. This is why, when looking at pictures of this royalty which are on temple walls and artifacts, to this day you will notice their heads bulge outward at the back giving them a very definite nonhuman appearance. 
The pyramid complex at Giza including the Sphinx was built using alien technology. The structures themselves work together to tap the power of the earth itself and the cosmos, particularly the solar system of Sirius.
This complex could not only transmit energy but also communication from planet to planet and at a rate greater than the speed of light. This is because this technology was used as both a teleportation device and a time machine. When the limitation of physical time is overcome, distance ceases to be an obstacle. Because both the Beldane and those of Sirius were energetic or energy beings, there was no need to transport physical bodies or physical matter from planet to planet. Instead, what was transmitted was energy and high knowledge.
Re-examine the Mind Diagram given earlier.
There are Seven Levels and Three Divisions of Mind. There are three divisions of Mind that hold within them seven levels. The Seventh Level of Mind is the physical level, our physical universe. The lower the number, the higher the level of Mind, the greater or more rapid the rate of vibration. This means that the Sixth Level of Mind vibrates at a more rapid rate than the Seventh Level of Mind. The fifth level vibrates at a more rapid rate than the sixth level, and so forth. The First Level of Mind vibrates at the most rapid rate of all. 
In order to vibrate at more rapid rate, the stroke must be and is shorter.
Consider the following:

A _______________________ B

The time that is required to move from Point A to Point B may be 60 seconds. 
Now suppose the distance from Point A to Point B is one-half the distance so that the distance from Point A to Point B looks like this:

A ___________ B

Now the distance between Point A and Point B can be traversed in half the time.
The deeper one moves into mind or the higher one moves into consciousness, the less distance is involved in any movement, whether from Point A to Point B or to anywhere. Thus the key to overcoming the limitations of time and distance is the ability to operate in higher levels of Mind.
The civilization that was in ancient Egypt appeared highly evolved and deteriorated from that origination point. In other words, the peak of civilization and technology for ancient Egypt was at its beginning. There is no trace of ancient Egypt having developed over millennia. This is because this was a colony, a planned society, from an earlier civilization and that civilization was off this world. This civilization was developed by those from Sirius who came to this planet as energy beings and took on physical bodies.
In some ways ancient Egypt was related to Atlantis in that both were connected to beings from other planets. However, Egypt was more specifically created by and used exclusively by the Siriuns.
The Sphinx is older than the Great Pyramid at Giza. However, both of these structures or engines are vastly older than currently held by most that study them.
The Sphinx was built during the time after the Moon was thrown off the Earth. The Sphinx and the Great Pyramid and to a lesser extent the other pyramids around the Earth were and are still being used to stabilize the geomagnetic and structural integrity of the Earth.
The beings from the solar system Sirius, the Siriuns, desired and hoped that in creating the Giza complex that it would aid in someday raising the consciousness of the beings on planet Earth to a level close to equal to that of the mother planet. 
You see the Siriuns were able to transmit energy over vast distances just as Nicola Tesla demonstrated in the 1800’s. They would send more than communication. They would send energy through space. 
Nicola Tesla was probably the greatest scientist in the history of the United States of America. He came to the U.S. from eastern Europe in the late 1800’s. Tesla invented alternating current electricity therefore making it possible for houses throughout the U.S. and the world to be illuminated. He invented and patented the radio, and the fluorescent bulb. He also invented the Tesla coil which is used, among others things, to take photographs of the human aura. 
An electrical, vibration, and energy genius, the modern, technological world as we see it is due probably more to Nicola Tesla than any other scientist or inventor. His genius was certainly in alignment with that displayed by the Siriuns millennia ago.

What is the origin of the Egyptian civilization? Who was it started by?

This is primarily from Siriuns. There were some that did not return, but stayed. They did not interbreed but they did maintain a physical-type of energetic form. There were some who had to stay in order to energize and stabilize the Earth through the use of the pyramids on the plane of Giza and the Sphinx. 

Did they build these?


What was the method of building?

Energetic manifestation. 

What is meant by energetic manifestation?

The utilization of molecular construction. 

Is there any other purpose for these other than the stabilization of Earth?

They were communication stations between the mother planet and the colony. They were a means to transmit and receive intelligence and energy. 

What then is the connection between this pyramid complex at Giza and the Sphinx and the pyramid complex with the large stone face on Mars at Cydonia, Mars, which has the same geometric configuration as the one on Earth at Giza?

When there was not the usability of this planet….

Which planet?

The Earth. There was a seeking out of others that might be more readily adaptable. As has been stated most of the Siriuns, those who did not inbreed or intermingle, did leave. Some went to other planets, still seeking a place to colonize. 

Which were built first the pyramid complex at Giza or the pyramid complex on Mars?

The one on the Earth was built first.

What time period was the one on Earth built?

When it was active is over 100,000 years.

From the present time period?


Is the Sphinx older than the pyramid?

Yes, it was the stabilization, communication energy connection between here and the mother planet.

How old is it?

Approximately 50,000 more. It is difficult to describe in years because the measurement of the year itself was not the same. It was built at the time that the throwing off of mass ceased and the Earth began to quiet becoming condensed where it was stable enough in itself that the energy form could be sustained.

Can the Sphinx be used once again as a communication device with the mother planet Sirius?

There would need to be a re-energization of it. Although the energy is present within the Earth, it is not yet harnessed to do so. There could be some discoveries or illuminations made from utilizing the substance of this structure for what is commonly astronomical purposes, but the true purpose of it being energetic, there would need to be more evolvement. This was the hope of the Siriuns in creating it, that this would or could someday occur.

What was the energy source originally for the Sphinx?

The mother planet. The structure was a receptor. Then it became a sender as well.

When it was a sender where did it get its energy from?


Did the pyramids have any factor in the energization of this?

Some. The energy would be received and then would be given to the Great Pyramid which would in turn internalize it into the center of the Earth. At a later time it would then bring it back out and direct it back toward Sirius.

Was there any teleportation involved?

A great deal. Particularly by those who created the Egyptian race.

How was the Egyptian race created?

Thought form manifestation. It was frozen energy.

Was there any teleportation of people between the mother planet and the Sphinx?


Was there teleportation between the Sphinx to other areas of the planet?

There was the attempt to do so. Most failed. [42001bgc/drc]

The Egyptians, since they weren’t a colony of Atlantis and were set up as a distinct race to function with the Siriuns, did not wish to be controlled or overrun by the Atlanteans. 
The Atlantean civilization was heavily influenced by the Beldane. The Atlanteans had become entrapped in physical bodies and engrossed in physical matter. The Egyptians were still energy beings. The Atlanteans civilization was in large part created by the Beldane.
Pyramids had the effect of stabilizing the Earth and still have that effect to the present.

Are there records describing the history of the planet and the use of the Sphinx still stored in the Sphinx?

There is a history there, yes. 

How is it inscribed?

At this point in the actual matter of the Sphinx itself, the structure itself. There would need to be the energization as has been spoken of for it to become active or alive at which time it would be like a hologram, light moving.

There has been some suggestion that there are records buried beneath one of the front paws of the Sphinx, what is here?

There is a chamber here. It was created by those who are other than Siriuns.

Who was it created by and for what purpose?

It was related to the Egyptians. It became part of their way of keeping the Atlanteans away from this area. It was a way to control their movements. Therefore the records that are here are Egyptian in nature.

Why did the Egyptians wish to keep the Atlanteans away?

They were very dense, and therefore, unpredictable. 

What were the race of Egyptians?

They were of the energy beings that wanted to remain pure and wanted to remain on the planet. So they did try to effect a way to do so. 

The Beldane, many of which were in Atlantis early on, became entrapped in physical bodies and thereby lost or gave up their existence as energetic beings. The Siriuns attempted to keep their lineage pure and thereby continue to exist as energetic beings on planet Earth, free to come and go therefore not trapped in physical matter.

What happened in later time periods when Egyptians had physical bodies?

It was through the attempt upon their parts to sustain energy bodies that over a period of time there was a quality of density or matter they were trying to avoid that did cause there to be some mutations. The practice of embalming the bodies was actually to leave a physical form where these beings could come and go. And did so for millennia.

What is the connection of the Siriuns to the planet today?

They are in the present, much like those of Xena, where there is less involvement through energy. The involvement is through thought or intelligence. Through presence rather than a form.

Why is it that there are pyramids all over the Earth as in Yucatan and Tenochitlan outside Mexico City, Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon, in the South Sea Islands in the Pacific and other areas?

This was in the intermingling of the Siriuns and the dense ones. At times it was a kind of imitation of what the others were doing with the Great Pyramid and the recognition that in order to stabilize further during the Third Cycle and Fourth there would need to be these points which would help stabilize the polarities which were beginning to become pronounced within the character of the elements itself. Therefore, they did perform that function of being able to cause there to be a progressive stability so that the learning could be made possible or available. [42001bgc/drc]



In other words, these pyramids were secondary stabilization centers or structures. The pyramids found around the world are imitations of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Yet, even though they imitate, still they have had great power and influence in causing our planet Earth to stabilize thus providing a safe home for mankind. They functioned to help stabilize the life form known as Earth in order that the planet could mature in such a way as to allow life forms of all kinds to thrive and develop……..


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