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Atlantis I

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The book that only the School of Metaphysics
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The History of the World Volume One

by Drs. Barbara and Daniel Condron



I like trees. When I was a child I bought fruit trees and planted them with the help of my father. When I was a teenager I bought pine trees and the planted them. You see, I love this world, our planet. I enjoy improving the soil, so that plants grow better.
I love history. World history was my favorite subject in high school. I wanted to know what had happened on this planet in ancient times before I was born this lifetime.
I love geography also, because I want to know and understand myself, my planet, and the universe we live in.
I studied the theory of continental drift. The man who in 1912 discovered continental drift, German meteorologist Alfred Wegener, was scoffed at and ridiculed by the other scientists of his day. Today, many years and several generations later, we know what he said is true. The continents do drift, or move apart over time and that at one time all the continents were connected together into one supercontinent called Pangea. We know this continent split apart into the several continents we see today. We also know these continents continue to drift apart.
It has been said that when a new truth is introduced into science (and probably everywhere) the old guard – the scientists entrenched in power – never accept a new truth. Rather the old generation has to die off in order for the new idea to be accepted. The new idea is accepted by the new generation. 
When I was studying history in high school, it wasn’t known what happened to the Etruscans in Northern Italy. The Etruscan civilization was a highly evolved culture before the time of Jesus Christ. Today, we know that the Romans, a less civilized people, destroyed them and wiped out all traces of them from the history books.
When I was in high school history class, we were told that the Aztec’s of pre-Colombian Mexico did not have a written language. Today we know they did have a written language, a picture language much like the Chinese symbolic written language or like Egyptian hieroglyphics. It was always there, painted in frescoes on their buildings and included in their sculpture, but the scientists were too closed-minded to see the truth right in front of them. The conquering Spanish made this doubly difficult with their practice of burning the books of the people they conquered.
They had a preconceived bias that American Indians or the indigenous peoples of the Americas were savages or primitive. Therefore they thought, and believed the Aztec’s could not read or write. This was not true.
The capital city of the Aztecs on the site of the modern Mexico City was at the time of the Spanish conquest, the greatest city on the face of the planet with canals and boats to move from one part of the city to another. Bridges crossed the canals allowing dwellers to move on foot about the city.
They used the canals to raise fish and plants for human consumption. Therefore, the city itself produced food, unlike modern cities that are completely dependent on the countryside for food. 
The city was clean and prosperous unlike the cities of Europe which had no sewers and where refuse was dumped into the streets.
The Mayans also had a written language. They had libraries of books. The Spanish burnt them. The Spanish destroyed anything that was more intelligent, beautiful, or productive than what Spain had because it was different.
Thankfully, we are now living in a more enlightened age where new truths, new ideas and new creations can appear in the world. 
Technology has progressed rapidly in the last century. Yet there seems to be a suppression or restriction of new energy sources. How else can you explain the fact that the internal combustion engine is over 100 years old and has still not been replaced with a newer technology. This would be similar to never having had the transistor or computer chips and still trying to operate radios, televisions, and computers with vacuum tubes!

When I was growing up we were taught that possibly Eric the Red and Leif Ericson may have visited North America coming from Scandinavia to Iceland to Greenland to Nova Scotia or Labrador down the east coast of the United States. 
Today we know that not only did the Viking accomplish this feat but that they set up colonies, they penetrated into the Great Lakes area where they mined copper. They reached Minnesota and recorded their arrival on the Kensington Stone. 
The Vikings went into the Southwest also.
We now know that many peoples came to the Americas before Columbus. English fishermen were fishing the banks of Newfoundland.
Celts from England came to the New World before the time of Christ and Chinese came to the West coast of what is now the United States.
The point is, history is always changing as new truth is brought to light, and accepted. It is not enough that new truth be discovered. It must also be accepted, and not suppressed as have been many of the inventions and discoveries of Nicola Tesla. 
This book is written for the purpose of bringing more truth of the history of the planet and the human race to the light of day and to the public’s awareness in the hope it will find general and great acceptance as revealing to the world greater truths.
When I was growing up, I was told in high school history class that civilization arose first in Egypt about 2000 to 3000 B.C. It seems like every year, the age of ancient Egypt gets several hundred years older.
Now most Egyptologists think ancient Egyptian civilization goes back to 4000 to 5000 B.C. Yet, author of Serpent in the Sky John Anthony West and Aristian philosopher Swaller de Lubiz, who wrote the three-volume Le Temple de l'Homme, have found – and geologists have confirmed – that there is water erosion on the Sphinx. The last time Egypt had a rainy climate instead of a desert climate was 10,000 B.C. This dates the Sphinx at approximately 10,000 years old, minimum, and possibly much older. 
It has also been ascertained that the Sumerian civilization is older than the Egyptian civilization.
In reading this book I believe you will learn much about the Earth’s history and about mankind’s history. History that has never before seen the light of day or been presented to the world or general public.
I believe this history book helps give a more complete and coherent picture of mankind’s evolution as both mental and physical. There was physical evolution and there was directing intelligence.
A human is more than a physical body. A human is more than a brain or a heart or a liver. A human is a soul or mind inhabiting or entrapped in a physical body. 
To view humanity as physical only and to assign physical evolution as the primal cause is to miss out on the fact of who we really are. Each of us is an energy being not a matter being. All the ancients knew this. All the ancient schools of wisdom and learning taught this. It was only Western civilization and its physical scientific method, struggling out of the ignorance of the Dark Ages when most if not all of the ancient high technology wisdom and knowledge had been lost that men came to believe in physical evolution only. In ancient times science and religion recognized both mental and physical evolution because they caused both to occur.
When I was in high school history class I was told that the American Indians, who inhabited what is now the United States at the time of the coming of the Europeans, could neither read nor write. Yet it is now known that upon first contact with Europeans many of the Indians and their children sat down and took notes on bark and other materials about these meetings. There is also evidence of Pre-Colombian writing all over the American Southwest.
The truth is, over time history changes. This book is an opportunity for history to change again. This change is mostly about the history that occurred in the ancient times of which our current history books tell us little or nothing. It is an opportunity for all humanity to understand to a greater degree who we are, where we came from, and what our real purpose in life is. This book also presents an opportunity for people to understand their connection with Earth and the universe in ways never before known.

-Daniel R. Condron
May 10, 2001

Eternal Questions in a Seeking Mind

Every Holy Scripture in the world speaks of light. 
Fervent prayers and devoted meditators often describe an inner radiance, a brilliant light that fills their consciousness. Many accounts have been recorded of people declared clinically dead who return to life telling stories of deceased loved ones and a brilliant light. When we have an insightful, intelligent thought, we say we have a bright idea. The bride and the new mother “glow”. Holy figures are depicted with haloes or light emanating from them; they are the source of illumination. Light has a rich role in mankind’s history.
Light is the essence of creation. It is within us and around us and through us. Light’s journey through creation is the story that is called evolution.
Intuitive research reveals this evolution as it pertains to this planet. Gleaned from Universal Mind, the memory of all is open to us. These records read almost like stories, histories, of the soul’s quest for completeness. 
What was life, existence, like in the early stages, before human bodies encased the soul? It is beyond comprehension for some people. This was certainly true for the middle-aged woman receiving this Past Life Profile [6067531114] in the mid-1970’s. The report uncharacteristically opens addressing the woman’s current state of awareness. Instead of relating the significant past lifetime from the Akashic Record of this one’s existence, the intuitive reporter begins by saying: 

Intuitive Reporter: This one is seen in a state that this one would not understand at this time.  
Conductor: Present what is seen, please.  
Intuitive Reporter: This one is seen in a very intense energy state, the form is white. This is before entering into the physical. This one had a very strong purpose. This one desired manifestation into the physical. This one related upon this level of existence to other entities very well, related in terms of thought transference upon this level.  This rare description of existence apart from the body gives us a clear picture of life before physical life.  What comes next is an intriguing dialogue between the intuitive reporter and her conductor, a series of questions and answers that lead us into the world of possibility beyond our wildest conscious imaginings. 
Intuitive Reporter: This one was involved with those ones in Atlantis. This one had a particular ability with the understanding and use of sound, which at this point, in existence, could also be related in some way to the ability to communicate upon this level. This is as it was before entering into the physical. At this point, there was an entrance into the physical.
Conductor: There was an entrance into the physical?
Intuitive Reporter: Yes. 
Conductor: What form did this entity take on?
Intuitive Reporter: This one was not limited to any one form at this point.
Conductor: Was this entity able to enter and leave at will?
Intuitive Reporter: At this time, yes. 
Conductor: Did this entity take on the human man form?
Intuitive Reporter: At this time, much experiencing was done within animals, not only the animal man, but also other forms of animals.
Conductor: What was to be learned through the experience of that for this entity?
Intuitive Reporter: Through observation, to learn the functioning of these forms, to relate what was learned to self, and hopes to gain better understanding of how to progress self. 
Conductor: Was there a time during this time period in which this entity could no longer enter and leave at will?
Intuitive Reporter: After many years, yes. 
Conductor: What form did this entity become entrapped in?
Intuitive Reporter: This one was trapped within a mutation of what we would term as that of half animal and half human man.
Conductor: How would this form be referred to today? What was the animal form?
Intuitive Reporter: Related to centaur.
Conductor: Is there a way to tell which time period this would be experienced in?
Intuitive Reporter: Was in the time that reasoning was coming into being.
Conductor: Did this entity have a vibration of a name in which this entity was referred to?
Intuitive Reporter: Hu-La-Na (this was sung with first two syllables the same note–the last syllable was a higher note). [6067531114] 

Here is a different view, an intuitive perspective, of what has become for us the myths and fables of peoples more primitive than ourselves. Can it be we have mislead ourselves thus abandoning parts of our own history? Parts that might answer the eternal questions of man.

Where did I Come from?

Before the time of Atlantis, and simultaneous to its very early existence, there was a land called Mu (Lemuria). Existence before Mu was something like this:

Intuitive Reporter: We see this one in form not relative to physical plane existence. We see this one as Light. We see the vibration of this one corresponding to that of sphere with inner designation of minute sphere. We see this one to be a part of a group desiring physical plane existence. We see, however, at this time physical vehicles not suited for experience. We see impatience on the part of this one in particular, not so concerning this entire group. 
We see this one to set forth, prematurely, to the accomplishment of the experience within seventh level plane. We see this one not fully understanding the ability of Creation in this endeavor, relying only upon avenues open and not allowing Self the opportunity of manifestation through avenues which would allow this one to experience properly according to this one’s needs. We see this to result in manifesting in the physical plane in lower physical form and experiencing much frustration. 
We see this one realizing why the necessity of patience and desiring withdrawal to remanifest Self in more suitable form, but not having the understanding of Creation necessary to perform this manifestation properly. We see this existence on physical plane to be rather short for reasons of material structure, rather than the desire of this one, although this desire contributing in lesser degree–time period of earth plane to be referred to as very nearly–pre-Lemurian.

Conductor: What was the form in which she experienced?
Intuitive Reporter: Description would be difficult to relate and one must understand life forms of that era, being evolved with much effort on the part of those not experiencing within the physical. We see this one, however, to have taken the form of sea life, erect-life, with much need still for existence within sea. [91474101111]


As light entered into the Atlantean period of its evolution, progression took on many forms. One of my (Barbara’s) own past experiences was between the first and second cycles of Atlantis. It was a time where I was free to enter and leave the physical at will. This wisdom came through in regards to my association with a fellow classmate:

Intuitive Reporter: We see for the first direct association to be one of particular excitement and joy for these ones. We see for this to be within an Atlantean time period. We see for these ones to experience most closely the vibrations and love for each other. We see for this to be a period of time before these ones were entrapped in the physical. We see for this to be a type of rest period for these ones and for the learning to be of a particularly important nature, however for it to be much in the learning of receptivity within their environment. We see for the environment to not be restricted in attitude and for there to be complete freedom, however for the manner in which these ones learned to be restricted in a sense of a discipline to only certain places, so to speak. 
We see for there to be a particular school which each was involved within. We see at this point for there to not be the learning of the entry into the physical and for this to come later and for the learning of this time period to be a usage of the inner vibrations in a very experimental manner as to learn the correct combinations for the producing of harmony. This is not limited in speaking of harmony but that there are many vibrations, an endless number, which can be used for certain results and creations which these would now see as attitudes, and within each one there was to be the production of harmony to produce the refined result. 
We see for there not to be the experimentations upon forms at this point, but only the experiment within the vibration and then the destruction of the vibrations or change into a form which could be reformed again at this point in which they were working…

Conductor: How was this school referred to that these two entities were in during that past time?
Intuitive Reporter: We see for the outer vibration to be referred to as Ladim. This was the name known by those not accepted into this place of learning. The inner name was only known by those who were accepted. This is because of where each was at, in their learning, and that the vibration as what they were learning produced certain results within these individuals.
Conductor: In which time period of Atlantis did this learning take place?
Intuitive Reporter: This was not within the Atlantean continent or time period as in relationship to the physical. This was a learning which was taking place within a different time relationship but which was in correlation to the period of physical time between the first and second destruction of Atlantis. [2057731116]

The relevance of this past experience lay in the knowledge and tools my friend and I both had available to us. In the present time these could “bring about a further development of what has been started.” The report said, “this is a beginning for these ones in realizing the reality and the form of the vibrations of colors and sounds, and that within each one there is a perfect harmony or seed which must be planted by the individual.” 
This perfect seed already exists within the superconsciousness of all. What I have come to know thus far is that it is up to each of us to manifest that seed in our consciousness. Remembering where we came from is a part of this process.
A 1973 Past Life Profile [1113737141] describes the movement of light into physical form. Here is the Biblical Lucifer, the egoic expression of Light, and scientific photon (the electromagnetic particle of light) bearing life in the form of man. Imagine, if you will, spirit with no means of expressing in the physical world. Like a ghost, you exist in a dimension, a plane, which cannot be identified with the physical body. It must know itself through other means. Put yourself in the frame of mind of dream experiences. Now imagine not being able to wake up, being trapped in the dream world. This was the experience of many during the Atlantean period. The stimulus to become aware, to create, to experience and understand motivated these entities, these lights.

Ituitive Reporter: We see female incarnation. We see this one in earliest Atlantean period, that which overlapped that of the Lemurian period. We see this entity involved in the transformation and application of the light vibration which was utilized by the entities and which sustained their existence. At this point this particular expression of light was being transformed so its application could be properly projected into the physical plane to ensure proper balance and harmony in the seventh level or physical plane. At this point the physical plane was incomplete in its creation for use of dense matter. 
Those entities experiencing in the nonphysical state were at this point in process of refining and preparing that part of matter which was densifying for actual use in the projection and manifestation of physical bodies to be used for experience and learning purposes…. 

Think of this as the different states of matter: gas, liquid, and solid. Take water. Water is a liquid. Heat it and it evaporates into steam, the gaseous form of water. Freeze it and the water becomes ice. In any of these it is only the form that changes, not the water itself. In other words when ice melts it becomes water again. When steam reaches the lid of a pan or someone’s face it returns to its liquid state. 
What is described is similar to this. At this time the individual spirit, or light vibration as it is identified in the report, is seeking ways of expressing similar to water manifesting as a gas, liquid or solid. This is the reality of thought on a subatomic level creating the means to express itself. Thought moves from the mind of the artist to the canvas or block of wood in the same way thought moves to create the health or disease of the body. 
In our current existence thought manifestation is becoming a known science. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, during the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, the process was being invented by creative minds. Like the creative movement that began with the Wright brothers’ biplane and culminated with man walking on the moon, the invention of a sustainable physical body evolved over time through trial and error. 
To explain evolution, Darwinists study the physical development, labeling the creative process natural selection and selective breeding. Creationists describe the same process from the perspective of the Creator, the initiator of the form. There is another viewpoint. This perspective includes both, seeing the place each holds thus validating each. In this light, the ideas are reflective of the dual nature of consciousness itself; the Creator and the created as the Koran describes it, the awakened and the sleeping as described in the Dhammapada, the tree of knowledge of good and evil from the Hebrew teachings. To understand the whole, the parts are united.

Intuitive Reporter: …We see this entity to have existed partially in the physical and partially in the non-physical state at this point …

A good example of this dual state is the different experiences while awake and asleep. You are very familiar with your physical body, how tall or short you are. How much you weigh, what you look like. Now think about how you appear in your dreams. Often this is different. Some people appear younger, more attractive. Those experiencing handicaps in the body are often free of them in the dreamstate. World renowned (blind) author Helen Keller spoke of being able to see in her dreams, and (paralyzed) actor Christopher Reeve has spoken of being able to move freely in the dreamstate. The outer mind experience is markedly different from the inner mind experience.
Take it one step further in your thinking, ask yourself, “Where does my dream-body go when I wake up?” Now you are entering the world of aware consciousness. 
The evolving dual nature of man is a fluid state, a creative state of being. It is a function of experimentation. During the Atlantean period, elemental thoughts were being created that would allow the thinker to image and reproduce. The connections needed to be built between wanting and acquiring, desiring and experiencing, perceiving and understanding. Expecting a certain outcome then going about the decisions and movements to produce verification is an ancient science better known as reasoning.

Intuitive Reporter: …Entering the physical state to determine whether or not the projection of light or vibration emanating from the light was of proper intensity and balance to ensure harmony and the correct evolutionary process in the dense matter forms. We see this one to have been most dedicated to this projection and worked with others also in this process. We see the need growing greater for experience in the physical through those misunderstandings and errors of these entities at this time period. Also due to the fact that the particular age or era of existence in the elemental matter forms had come to a conclusion for this entity and others, and as a collective group they were most desirous of advancing to the greater stage of progression….

Existence in elemental matter forms is a reference to the configurations light has experienced, root races as we term them. These root races are seven in number. Five have already come to pass, the sixth is coming to pass even now, and the seventh is yet to be realized. The elemental forms are commonly referred to as gas, mineral, plant, animal, man, spirit, and God. Each is the answer to an imagined need upon the part of Light to become compatible to its Creator. The era of existence that has come to an end for this soul and others is the need to experience through animal form. The greater stage of progression will be realized in man, and cultivated in the development of reasoning. 

Intuitive Reporter: …We see this one lacking somewhat in the understanding of the essence of time itself in relation to the physical state. Was given opportunity at this point to receive instruction in order to relieve this compulsion to accelerate and to complete these experiments. We see this one dedicated self and turned (her) attention therefore to experimenting rather than receiving adequate knowledge and understanding of all elements needed to correctly complete this projection. Therefore parts of these projections of light vibration were not totally balanced in their projection into the dense forms of entities, of which this one was a part…

Some paleoanthropologist might describe this Atlantean woman’s experience as “the missing link.” She simply did not yet have adequate experience to create the bridge from animal-man to reasoning man.
Many people now experience an impatience with wisdom. They turn away from those who have learned through experience while holding themselves back in search of perpetual youth. When one is attached to their own view, they have a limited perspective of the world and life. When one opens to the experience of others, he becomes free to perceive more of the whole. 
Think of it in this way, look at what surrounds you right now. This may be a room or an outdoor setting of grass and wood. This is the totality of the world as you experience it this moment. Now imagine you are aboard the space station. What would your experience of our world be? 
The first is defined by the limits of your mind and your physical body. The second includes the benefit of many minds and many bodies. This is the reality of standing on the shoulders of giants, each of us have the privilege of benefitting from what and who has come before, we need no longer learn what is called "the hard way." By receiving others’ experiences our ability to learn becomes vertical as well as horizontal. Thus we correct errors that might arise in our own judgement. This kind of highly developed reasoning was not yet available to this woman.
The description of that lifetime continues:

Intuitive Reporter: …The report that the experiment was complete was premature and the entities waiting at this point to involve themselves again in dense matter in the physical form proceeded with their evolution. These ones entering into these physical forms then at this point, found them somewhat inadequate for the purposes of that time period, and for the experience needed by themselves. We see this error on the part of this entity not to have been with the intent of causing harm but rather through the lack of giving attention to the complete accumulation of that which was necessary. 
We see therefore the time needed for experience in the physical at this point exceeded that which normally would have been needed for these ones. They were involved in a time period in the physical of manifesting themselves within the physical that part of light vibration which was needed. We see this to have been accomplished, ultimately by these ones. 
But these ones, particularly this entity, were left with an emotional area which indicated a lack of fulfillment. We see this not to have been resolved in that particular incarnation, nor in any subsequent incarnation. As the fulfillment of this would have needed complete understanding of the process involved…. [1113737141]

This process, the fine art and science of reuniting the soul, has been achieved by individuals throughout man’s history. Now, with the accumulated knowledge of humanity, with the fruits of many journeys through this physical plane of existence, it is possible to understand the relationship of the inner mind and the outer mind, and the common ground where they come together – the emotions.


Who Am I?

The development of the emotions, both the thinking ability and the vehicle or emotional body, was brought into being during the later Atlantean period. The following excerpt describes one woman’s experience in a manner that was quite common for many during the Atlantean time. It sheds light on the development and function of the inner, subconscious mind.

Intuitive Reporter: …We see the vehicle of the emotional body having been firmly formulated at this time, and we see because of the fluctuation and adjustments made between this and the mental body, this one functioning from both areas. We see this one highly intuitive at this time and directing the mental forces subconsciously for the most part. We see as this is an innate quality of this one, it is taken for granted, and we see this one to not fully understand its formation or purpose. We see at this point, as stated, the emotional body having become fully formulated, and we see, for this reason, this one becoming quite confused, at times, particularly through the relationships with other individuals.

These words could describe a contemporary person who is experiencing emotional upheaval from an unexpected promotion or upset over the loss of a loved one. Those with active minds capable of great insight can become very confused when mental energy becomes emotional energy. This is what was occurring with this woman millennia ago in Atlantis. 
The passing of time is a great benefactor, however. For the key lies in an ability of the outer, Conscious Mind. The report continues:

Intuitive Reporter: …We see this one tending to be passive in her own nature, and we see because of this the influences of others to be quite strong upon her. We see this one has not formulated to the point of reasoning, and we see this one to absorb the purposes of others within her and to follow this function into activity, causing her to, at times, become quite confused, for we see she does not readily understand why she has created situations as she has. ​

Here we discover what is missing and therefore what is needed to alleviate this woman’s confusion. What modern man takes for granted — the ability to reason — has yet to be developed at the time this woman exists. She is at the mercy of others’ emotions. Like a child, she has no defense, no means to separate what is her own from what belongs to another, and so like a child she is unaware of why she is experiencing much of what is in her life.
The report goes on to relate that the woman receives thoughts projected to her instantaneously. “Because she has not developed, or has not chosen to use her own will in formulating her own conclusions, (there is) the continuous fluctuation of thought, activity, and desire.” 
Eventually she is placed into a working position whereby her intuitive faculties are used consistently. She becomes a “tracer” of other vibrations, what today might be a psychic detective, or medical intuitive.
The suggestions given to this woman can be as helpful to us as they were to her, particularly those who are attuned to others often to their own peril.

Intuitive Reporter: …We see again this one has tendency to attune self to vibrational frequencies of other individuals, and to absorb into self the tendencies and predispositions of these others. We see this can be a very beneficial quality and attribute for self, but we see at this time period it is not being used positively by this one. We see, for the most part, this one tends to push aside her conscious desires when doing this, and becomes so engrossed in the others that she loses her perspective, both emotionally and through reasoning. We see, for the most part, this is done in highly emotional situations and there is not control of it.
Would suggest to this one to formulate clearly her desires for the present time, and to recognize that she has these abilities which can work for her to gain her desires, and then begin consciously placing into activity the things necessary to bring these desires to her. Would suggest each day that she consider an area of physical activity which can be pursued in order to create and manifest her physical desires. Suggest as she attunes herself more to her own desires, she will be strengthening her own will in making these decisions, and she will be able to have greater control over her receptive ability to others.
Would suggest also to this one to pay very close attention to the times when she is receiving vibrations from others and observe her ability to control this. Would suggest this can be used as a beneficial tool if she allow the reception of only enough vibration to perceive the situation correctly, but then to stop the flow whenever she decides it is necessary. Would suggest also to this one that she has developed well the passive nature previously, and at this point it is necessary to begin balancing it with a more dominate type characteristic. [91176101232]

The connection of mind and body is in the process of becoming part of the collective consciousness. This began in earnest in the 20th century in large part through education and media. Doctors recommend meditation and relaxation, educators recommend concentration and visualization, corporate managers recommend inventiveness while counselors recommend emotional bonding. Our world of today is ripe with growing awareness that thoughts are things.
Another Atlantean report [1002761013234] addresses this by examining emotional development and its connection with the physical body. The parallels with common experiences today are startling. The reporter sees a male experiencing in what would today be called a physically impaired body. The soul “formed the body from birth with a certain nerve disorder.” The reporter notes the value of this: “We see this causing this one many physical difficulties, but we see it triggered strongly by the emotions.” When the emotions become involved the physical disorders become pronounced, not unlike many of today’s neurological disorders, such as tics or spasms. Thanks to media we have collectively learned that those experiencing such disorders, for instance Parkinson’s disease, can be effective actors (Michael Fox), attorney generals (Janet Reno), and religious leaders (Pope John Paul II). 
The report gives details of the learning this kind of experience affords. 

Intuitive Reporter: We see this one to be highly intellectual and to use his intelligence in the work aspect. We see this one to also be extremely sensitive because of the condition he has brought through from birth. We see for this reason this one is quite cautious with his activity in order to remain in a state of calm… [1002761013234]

The stimulus for Self control, to learn how to create and maintain a moderate, balanced frame of mind comes in the form of wanting to control his body. It is quite common today for people to seek ways to control their body, more often through physical substances like foods or a drug rather than realizing the energetic power of thought.
This Atlantean deals with work pressures. He travels a great deal, establishing certain electronic, scientific, research stations in different areas of the world. He then serves as the liaison personnel between those who live in the new stations and those officials of the homeland. He is effective at this, it is reported. But in time, he weakens.
During times of physical disturbances, he begins to become distraught and difficult to work with. He begins to experiment, using chemicals in the body to try to control the condition. The result is passivity and a lack of control. The man becomes mentally deranged. Because of his high intellectual capacity to distort many of the facts that he has retained within the mind, he reaches a point of complete collapse. 
This man is strong, his recuperative powers are great and after a long period of convalescence he returns to work. His duties are reduced in an effort to assist him in controlling his situation. He reacts with bitterness to what he sees as a reduction in his status which aggravates the physical disturbances once again. He resorts to chemicals again, feeling out of control of his body and his environment. This is entrapment, confined to a place you do not understand nor know how to gain freedom from. 
A different viewpoint of the emotional development is reflected in a profile which could easily be a synopsis of a typical employee. It begins:

Intuitive Reporter: This one is at an energy state that is not of what is known now as the physical. This place there were many entities for a learning situation. This particular entity was dealing with the study of thought and in particular recording information as to thought and its effects on physical beings such as specifically lower forms of plants.  This one considered the job quite unstimulating. This one was aware of others which this one felt had much more important jobs. This one saw recording information as being quite menial. This one felt this one had more potential and more ability that could be utilized than at the job this one held.
This one became quite dissatisfied. This one began resenting, this was the ultimate reason for removal of this one from her job. This was not understood by this one. This one was quite aware of negative thoughts and vibrations, and it was simply interfering with her job. This one was quite ashamed of the situation, quite humiliated, for the job this one had been dismissed from was considered very menial. This was not misunderstood.  This one felt so much shame and humiliation that this one decided to leave this plane. This one left this time with misunderstandings, bitterness, and humiliation towards those who had dismissed her. The attitude and condition of self is reflective of many lifetimes. Because this plane is not in the physical as now, much more misunderstanding took place that this one put into motion through her decision that this reoccurs in many lifetimes. Much is to be learned.  

Conductor: How is this time period referred to? 
Intuitive Reporter: Third cycle of what is commonly called the Age of Atlantis.
Conductor: How was this entity referred to?
Intuitive Reporter: Lay-shng-Ma. [11097420183]

The long standing effects of choices made, experiences rejected and left in ruins, is emphasized here. The woman in Atlantis is like a child, with limited experience. She does not know the import of her work. She has yet to realize thoughts create her world. Like a child who only becomes interested in a toy when someone else is playing with it, she begins to want the job she resented only after it is taken from her. The import of her work continues to allude her but she leaves a legacy of misunderstanding.
The report reveals resentment, bitterness, and humiliation have become repeated experiences, patterns of learning that are rejected. Imagine if that child grows up, retaining the same frame of reference, the same attitude of selfishness. As an adolescent she might be prone to compete for the affection of others, only wanting friends when they show others attention. Such a person would be completely caught up in the outward show of friendship, missing the deeper, fulfilling attributes of divine love. Because of emotional and egoic reactions, this woman misses the true purpose of life.
The significance of her Intuitive Report begins “This is one of those lifetimes to be used for understanding the situation that was given. Perhaps it would be helpful for this one to review humility.” She is encouraged toward Self awareness through examining how she had formed her identity, her concept of who she is. Suggestions are given for improving Self esteem in relationship to ambitions and goals. “Perhaps for this one a realization of the physical and the responsibility of being on this plane…Understand balance.”
She is given a koan to explore: “The most glorious person still is in the physical and has menial tasks to perform. They should not be looked down upon for they are necessary and as much a part of the physical as the glorious aspects.” It is reminiscent of the Buddhist teaching: Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water. We are all seeking the transcendent point of view where we will experience freedom from the suffering of the physical world. Our journey there is like this woman’s.
Understanding the nature of existence and the part we are to play in it is the key to freedom. We release attachments by fulfilling desires. Desires are fulfilled as we understand the need which births each desire. By understanding consciousness we learn about the levels of existence, why they exist and how they may be employed to fulfill our purpose of soul progression. This is made possible by the advances in the development of the mental, emotional, and physical systems made during the Atlantean period.
Sometimes these advances resulted in losing sight of the reason for experiencing. This is referred to through these reports as withdrawal, meaning a removal of the attention from the physical world and energy from the physical body. When the energy which sustains the body is cut off, the body ceases to grow and change.
A description of this descent into matter is found in an Egyptian incarnation during the last cycle of Atlantis.

Intuitive Reporter: …We see this one to have been involved in a position which might be termed as advisory. We see her working with many individuals who were troubled and having difficulty. We see them to have had much turbulence within the emotional body. We see this to have been the result of difficulties and mutations of the developing form of themselves. We see this to have occurred as the result of a combination of the forms being developed into the man form and that which was relating more to the animal state. 
We see therefore, these ones had much difficulty in balancing the emotional selves and adapting themselves to continuing in a prominent expression as a human individual. We see them to have been greatly troubled and that it was necessary to isolate them from the rest of the population of the civilization at that time. We see these ones to go through a special course of renovation and restoration, and we see the final stage of this to have been the balancing and harmonizing of the emotional states of these ones.
…We see during this time, that she kept herself in a supervisory position and worked from a more detached perspective with this activity.

Over time, the female “began to experience much indecision and much sympathy for these ones, realizing that she must remove them from their positions.” She became ill herself for a short time. She recovered and returned to her work finding it more and more difficult for her to maintain the emotional detachment and balance necessary. 

Intuitive Reporter: …We see that also there were changes in those who were coming to her and we see that they were dealing with different kinds of instabilities. We see that as she recognized this and began to be more involved with her work and in her interactions with these clients or patients, we see that eventually a certain individual came to her for counseling, and we see that as she worked with this one, she became totally emotionally immersed in the situations involved in his life. We see that she was becoming more and more inefficient in working with him and we see her recognizing this at one point and directing him to another counselor for the continuation of his treatment. 
We see the recognition of this within herself was so intense that she made the decision to remove herself altogether from this position and from this work. [1114781111]

Feelings of inadequacy, guilt and great sadness filled her for she missed her work. She also worried that her counseling techniques might be ill used by some she had trained. Finally the accumulation of concern and anxiety became too great for her to bear alone and she returned to the place of her work spending her remaining days in an unfulfilling advisory capacity.
She withdraws from this lifetime (dies) at the age of 71 years.
All of the Past Life Profiles offered through the School of Metaphysics are relevant lifetimes to the present, the karmic traces are revealed in the body of the report itself. In the second part of the report — the significance — the relevance of the former life to the present life is given. Here are the ideas, emotions, desires, loves, hates, lacks, misunderstandings, gifts, hurts, all the thoughts that make us who we believe we are. Here we are presented with how our thoughts and actions, alone and with others, are the expression of a greater underlying cause, imperceptible to the physical eye. This cause is the individual’s karmic indentures – the reasons for experiences that resonate with the laws of the universe for that soul’s progression. 
A window into the universal nature of karma, the law of compensation and balance, for every human being was given during one profile: 

Intuitive Reporter: We see this one to have been quite active in that incarnation, to have been aggressive, to have been greatly dedicated to the purposes of the physical part of existence at that point. To have been aware during the time of physical experience of the error made by her self, particularly toward the latter part of this period. We see this installed within self an additional difficulty of regret, to some degree, or remorse to feel that others had suffered through the lack of self in understanding. We see progression made, however. [91176101232]

And so personal and universal evolution progresses, one lifetime at a time. The Golden Rule, existing in every culture in some form, serves as the means by which we become aware of our own karma, our lessons to be learned. 

Why am I Here?

Some might wonder why light beings – spirits or souls you might call them – free to roam the galaxy, would come to desire a physical body on this planet. This is a logical question. One Daniel and I wanted to explore. Direct questioning on the matter gave mind-expanding responses that are covered later in this book. 
Research through the catalogued Past Life Profiles unearthed this 1973 Atlantean report [050873191026] which sheds incredible light upon this question. It begins in a way different from any other report I’ve read or seen, addressing the individual directly on a topic of universal learning. This report speaks more to us now for it speaks of what blinds us to different points of view, the lines that tether us to the limits of what has been. In this way, it paints a vivid picture of how the emotions have become subject as much to the physical part of man’s consciousness as an actively creative part of the inner man. 

Intuitive Reporter: There is advice to this one. 
When one seeks information, it is usually from a subconscious desire for understanding of self. When one seeks information, there may not be the restraints of fear placed about it, for fear will bring to self misunderstanding of the information. The conscious mind at this time is enveloped in fear of self and is involved with misunderstanding of those processes that take place within self for own involvement and development. 
Fear is of the conscious and it is the desire of the conscious to shut out any information that may bring stimulation to self for fear that the conscious mind might have to make adjustments. Fear is of a desire within self to protect self from understanding. Whenever this desire is allowed to present itself there will be defense mechanisms, such as fear — there will also be emotional overtones to this. For though there is the desire to search forward and understand, the fear stands in the way of the completion of this understanding for the constant protection of self only brings about fear and misunderstanding. 
If this information is to be given in order that this one may completely understand and grow, there must be no fear. For if fear is allowed to envelop the information, it is to no use and will be to no growth process. 
Would suggest that this one at this time sit down to think of the word ‘fear’. To think of all that it has kept self from understanding. To think of fear and what it does to men in great high positions such as those of the president of the U.S. (Richard Nixon at that time) and his fear of discovery as to his involvement in political matters that are shunned and are viewed by society as being unacceptable. To realize what fear does to men in war, when men kill out of fear. It is of great destructive forces. When a war springs, it is out of fear. All destructive elements will generally spring from fear. 
Man became entrapped in the physical out of fear. These must be contemplated on and realized. 
If one is afraid of self, one is destroying self. For why should self be afraid if self is of all of the universe and is connected to the creator in its completion and understanding. And if the creator knows no fear, then how can fear be compatible to growth? … 

“Entrapped in the physical” describes the condition of separation natural to the physical world; male-female, hot-cold, sweet-sour, rich-poor, up-down, in-out. These expressions of duality exist for the spirit’s learning. Master the Self and the physical world no longer holds power over you. 
Within Subconscious Mind thought progresses in development toward physical manifestation. In order for thought to move from its expanded mental state it must contract. When this occurs, it is like a light through a prism, one singular ray divides into the colors of the rainbow. This same point of separation transforms thought so it may adapt itself to the slower vibration, more dense expressions of energy, characteristic of the physical world. 
It is the experience of viewing a drop of water through a microscope. What to the human eye appears to be a single drop is actually teaming with activity seen when magnified many fold. So it is with perceiving into the mind. In the inner levels beyond the physical world the inherit unity of all can be seen. As in our dreams, the deeper in mind, the lighter the people and scenes, the more etheric or “ghostly” their appearance. 
Believing we are separate in our own minds, naturally produces a compartmentalized view of our relativity with others. We hold others at bay, erecting fences between ourselves and our neighbors. Soon we no longer know our neighbors, and what we don’t know becomes strange to us. What is foreign is not understood. Fear now has a place to root, quickly overtaking the innate nature of connectedness.
The individual receiving this profile was ready to receive this insight. It is a reminder to us all to seek with the intention of finding, to learn with the intention of increasing our soul, to open our minds to the possibilities. In this man’s case, what was to come would test the limits of his own beliefs and transport him outside the comfort zone he had created with his physical mind.

Intuitive Reporter: We see this one in the form of man in the area referred to as Eurach Atlantis. We see this point of existence to be in a most progressive form. We see at this time great mental stimulation and great growth for many entities within this area. We see within the Atlantean continent great minds, great physical manifestations, are in the process of developing energy states to a very, very high degree. We see these ones to desire to experience within pleasant and unpleasant animal forms, unpleasant and pleasant man forms as well as mineral forms for the understanding that the entering and leaving of the body may be for the use of the absorption of information for growth.
We see this one at this time to enter and to leave the body freely. To however, become fearful upon the inner levels, to greet those energy changes that manifest themselves in strange forms, strange colors, with great fear. To see these without the understanding that they are in the process of development. 
We see this one to meet other high minds and to discuss this at great length, realizing that this fear is not of self, realizing that this fear is a threat to self, in some sense not understanding the full process. Being advised that this is the emotion necessary for the experience of the physical. We see this one to begin delving into this emotion greatly, trying most diligently to understand its purpose to the man. We see however an engulfment in this, an attachment to this survey and this understanding so greatly, that the fear becomes the greater tool of the two. 
We see this one to begin experimenting with this fear, to begin experimenting with this emotion as to the affects it has upon the physical, the mental, and the spiritual realms. We see this one to project this emotion into others to see how they respond to certain circumstances when this emotion is present… ​

What for this Atlantean male began as experimentation for learning, became a trap of his own making as he lost sight of that original purpose. Like the little boy who cried wolf, he began to generate emotions to provoke emotions in others, even to the point of doing harm. 

Intuitive Reporter: Realizing that this is a great and powerful tool, we see this one to begin using this for destructive purposes. It is of this that the submissive group begins to pull at the high counsel for destruction for fear of lack of understanding this. We see this one to be one of the great leaders of this, for fear would be the greatest emotion influencing those minds with the desire for understanding.
Before this emotion was present the desire for understanding was well met, and the progress and development of this understanding was being met by the high council with steps for development in order that these minds might understand. However, upon the introduction of the emotion of fear, this took a complete about face with the high council and at this time period to realize the great power within the understanding of this emotion – fear. However, the completion of the understanding was not met, it would not have been used as a tool. 
We see this one to use this fear for own power and gain, feeling that to use this fear would be in a way to tap the high council for understanding in order that release may be of this emotion and the release of the body. However, the high council realizing this emotion of being most primitive, ignores the pleas and so the fear engulfs this one greatly… 

Fear is taught. In the animal it is survival instinct, but without the human element of judgement. A rabbit flees from a prowling tiger to continue to live, were fear present the rabbit might have a more human reaction, thus stay and fight to protect its young. Fear is practiced avoidance transmitted from one human generation to the next until a child refuses to accept the training or an adult realizes how it crushes the spirit thus determines to leave it behind.
One of the greatest insights this report offers is the eradication of fear as necessary for understanding. For centuries man has confused fear with respect. The reasoner harnesses the power of memory so learning can progress. He knows how to view a thing again, how to re-spect. Those who fear forfeit this power of respect. Think of the many stories you have heard of conquerors who ruled briefly with fear only to come to a fitting end at the hand of those they tyrannized. Then consider the wise ruler who makes a friend of his enemy, thus no longer providing the breeding ground for fear. 
Now this male must experience what he has caused to come into being.

Intuitive Reporter: We see among the submissive group to realize that this one is a threat to themselves and to begin a destructive process through mental exchange for this one, desiring for this one to withdraw from the physical and this area. We see this to have become so pressured to this one at such a high degree of mental exchange, this one withdrew from the physical at this area and left to a higher area within the Atlantean continent, there to exist solitary and alone, living in fear of those who might discover self and from any exchanges of energy necessary for all understanding. 
We see this one to have stagnated self at this point with fear and the emotions connected around fear. To have allowed self to become totally void of communication with others, for fear of discovery of true nature of self. We see this one to have existed in this area for 14 cycles. To have withdrawn from this area through the exchange and breakthrough of other mental forces, dissolving this fear to the degree that this one could escape. We see this one to have withdrawn at this time at the age of 54 cycles, to have allowed much energy to flow out of self, to expand its self little, to have dissipated self much from this emotion. [50873191026] 

When this person became caught up in the fear, he lost sight of his purpose for experiencing. This is an illustration of entrapment of the spirit in matter. The expression of lower heart energies, emotions reacting in the physical, are entrapping energies that breed the need for further learning. In this way the physical world becomes a schoolroom for learning the lessons to become proficient in consciousness and manifestation. 
In this report, for reasons we can only surmise, the significance was given first. My experience tells me it is because of the universal nature of the significance to the development of human consciousness. Here, in one person’s significant intuitive report was the cause of humanity’s entrapment and its relief.
Whether in the days of Atlantis or now, the work to be done remains the same, remembering where we came from so we may know where we are going.

Where am I Going?

One of the most profound intuitive reports from the Atlantean time period gives an answer to this question. Clearly significant for the man receiving the report, its universal flavor shines. We include it here in its entirety in reverence to its power to illuminate the destiny of humanity.
This profile [060373191323] like the one preceding it begins in an unusual fashion. Unlike the one previously which addressed a universal concern, this report begins by addressing a very personal concern on the part of the person requesting the report, then proceeds to progressively become more universally revelatory.

Intuitive Reporter: There is advice at this time. This information will be given if truthfully desired. The concern is such at this point of despondency toward information, if this is not acquired soon, the attitude at this time is such that there seems to be great need for the information; however, there is also a great need expressed for the information to be developed within self. This choice is to the individual. The information is readily at hand. This choice must be your own truthful desire, as to the understanding it will develop within self.
Conductor: We ask that it be given.
We see this one in the form of creative light energy influential in vast circumstances developing in the hemispheric areas for land mass development. We see this one forming at this point the eye of understanding. We see this eye to be at this time in a very elementary state of development. We see this one at this point concerning self greatly with other entities and energies interested in this particular bond – this surrounding the area mass – for the energy state for this mass, without the understanding within the intelligent form, would at this point explode, creating much disharmony within the creativity processes within the land masses. We see this one in great need of communicating those energy forms together. However we see this one, through the development of the eye of creativity, to have that individual will which is at a point most disruptive in this cord.  We see this belt to be developing quite strongly, and creating great masses to be exchanged with energy forms for those universes to mingle and create among themselves. We see this great band to be in the process of separating self from other bands of great energy state in order that each individual expression may be in a universality form, creating own land masses and own gaseous states through the creative forces exploding from the original into many sources. We see this great band to be made up of elemental structure at this particular point; having great energy states concerned with the compactness of the bands. However, within the bands, the individuality and the intelligent structure in order that it may be through self-expression that the universality of these land masses may be experienced.  We see this one with the development of the mind creativity image to be at this point most confused, for the action of that self is presenting so rapidly that the observation points have become most weakened. (We see) this one becoming involved in the action rather than in the absorption of the creative processes becoming used, rather than expressing own individuality. We see this use to become the weakening link within this bond. We see this bond to begin compacting self upon this weaker link, trying to form a greater bond, compressing this one’s own individual expression into a most brittle form of life, giving off diffused and inert expression. This inertia create(s) somewhat of a disruptive quality within the bond.  We see this bond to begin movement away from the original. With this, individuality becoming weaker within the linkage. We see this linkage to begin expanding. We see this to begin disruptive forces creating much disharmony with mind, and individuality also, within the compacting forces, and entities on a surrounding level at this time supporting each other for the expansion of the universe. We see this to explode this individuality. To send this individual mind and concept into a void in which there is little absorption and little understanding.  We see, however, collective processes in order that this individuality may regain self expression. However, this creative ability (is) being quite hampered through lack of understanding of mental image.  We see the band to have brought about most disruptive elements within the system. We see this system to begin a slow declination into an inert state. We see this state to begin stagnation. We see this individuality to have created most disruptive qualities; those other individual expressions to withdraw from this method and to return to the original level of understanding and experience. (We see them) as leaving this most dormant – the creative process – at a point in which there was no culmination of true energetic form.  We see this to have brought about to this individual expression great pain. Great confusion. Disruptive qualities within. That expression of own will and understanding to have been exploded to have left the original source in order that collectivity may take place with the understanding of redevelopment from the individual energy state into mass activity once again.  We see no withdrawal, we see culmination of forces to begin upon the second cycle. We see this cycle of activity to begin upon the creative mind imagining this responsiveness, once again within this one’s own individual expression.

The intuitive counsel offered in the significance of this report addresses the battle each of us wages – the light against the darkness in all its forms – until awareness transcends the limitations of ignorance. It is counsel valuable to us all for its depth and clarity concerning what separates us and what unity will ask of us.

Conductor: What would be the significance of that to the present lifetime?
ntuitive Reporter: We see this one in a most disruptive state in accordance with entities surrounding self in order that development of mind may take place. We see this one in constant expression in order to claim own individuality rather than learning the harmonizing properties necessary for progression and understanding. We see this one struggling greatly to bring about in self, self reassurance and understanding through own individual expression. We see this expression to be met with great defensive mechanisms rather than learning through harmonization individual expression takes place.  We see this one struggling within the seven systems to express self from an original source as individual rather than unified, for this universality has not applied within the mind at this time. We see this one searching at this time, acquiring greater powers in understanding; however, to be misusing greatly that individuality process brought about through will and control, for at this time this process is bringing about confusion on the inner levels of understanding to own progression and regression back to the original source. We see this progression and regression to be in a disruptive circle and at this point energy being sent out in misdirected forms creating some disturbance within the mind. We see this one’s lack of understanding of the physical and own responsibility within the physical to be reflective of those states within the mind. This must be developed for understanding not through the exertion of individuality and the assurance of perfection, but through the experience of perfection through lack of concern with individuality. Learn the individuality through the expression of perfection within the universe. The individuality will express itself by its own harmonization with the universe, for at this point this connecting link is missing, as are other entities at this point concerned so greatly with own individual expression.  Would suggest to this one at this point, to realize the great necessity of understanding that of the ego. For the ego at this point is crowding and stagnating those images of self that are so necessary for understanding. For the ego at this point is becoming most brittle and is shattering within the inner levels, concerning self so much with individual expression.  Suggest this one consider each entity at this time concerned within the earth cycle is the separation from the universality. Once this is recognized and received with great love and rejoicing this will become compact into the universality and the individual expression will be recognized through own importance in this system of creation. [060373191323]

copyright 2002 School of Metaphysics

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