A Whole New Meaning to…TALKING TO YOURSELF by Dr. Daniel Condron



A Whole New Meaning to…TALKING TO YOURSELF

by Dr. Daniel Condron

Dreaming is Universal because the subconscious mind of the dreamer desires to communicate with the conscious mind of the Self. Your inner mind wants to communicate with you in the waking state in order to give you feedback on your experiences and attitudes. Your subconscious mind will never lie to you. Your subconscious mind only knows or identifies with forward motion. The conscious mind, if undisciplined, will accept limitations, habits, and restrictions such as doubts, fears, worries, guilts, anger, negativity, and self pity.

All dreams are commentary on the state of awareness, in the conscious mind, of the dreamer. You may dream of a prominent sky in a dream which symbolizes superconscious mind, an attic or third floor in a house which symbolizes superconscious mind, or you may dream of a parent which symbolizes a superconscious aspect and still be referring to the conscious mind. This is because all dreams are feedback from the previous day’s experiences. Since all three divisions of mind — conscious, subconscious, and superconscious — are related and interact with each other, you experience a sense of satisfaction where you remember.

Similar things with similar functions symbolize the same things in dreams and the Universal Language of Mind. For example, a car, a boat, and a small airplane all symbolize the physical body of the dreamer. Therefore, a canoe will signify the dreamer’s body in one dream while in another person’s dream a car will signify the same thing. This is because the different vehicles perform the same function of transporting a person from one point or place to another place. The reason one person dreams of a car and another person dreams of a boat or plane is familiarity in the conscious mind. The person who dreams of a car may drive a car to work everyday. The person who dreams of a canoe may be an instructor or student at a summer camp that is by a lake where everyone takes canoe rides everyday.

The best way to become more aware and awake in dreams is to be awake in life because the dream state always reflects what is going on in your waking life. It is feedback on the previous day’s experience. You will need to practice being awake all throughout the day. This means you can’t live in memory. You can’t live in habits. You can’t live in limitations. But you’ll need to be fully in the now, so that all your self and all your mind is exactly and fully conscious of where you are at every second.

When you or some aspect of yourself is crying in a dream it is because your inner Self is in pain. You, in the conscious mind, are not learning and growing. Therefore, you are not giving to your subconscious mind. Your soul is not being fed and you are not being fulfilled in your waking life. Armed with this information you can begin to rectify this on the very day in which you wrote your dream down. Choose to learn in every experience. In addition, create experiences and opportunities for learning that provide you with the most and fastest growth possible.•
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This excerpt called "Why is Dreaming Universal" is taken from Understanding Your Dreams
by Dr. Daniel R. Condron. The book is available through SOM Publishing.

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