What is Your Creative Potential?

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What is Your Creative Potential?

What would you do 
if you were absolutely assured of being successful?

It's a question sometimes asked during School of Metaphysics lectures and workshops to stimulate the head and heart so the mind can begin to encompass possibility. Removing the dark spectre of doubt, fear, and failure frees consciousness

to believe,

to hope,

to reason,

to intuit,

to create.

The Creative Mind Portrait, provided during a School of Metaphysics' Spiritual Focus Weekend called KUNDALINI RISING, gives an amazing look into the inner workings of your consciousness. How does the career you desire, the family you've always wanted, move from being a daydream to something you do everyday of your life? How does thought become a manifested reality in our lives? Is it haphazard, a fluke, a whim of some unseen force?



You capacity to think lends itself to creativity. Some people seem to be better creators than others. Some people seem to always get what they want while others never do. Why? A Creative Mind Portrait describes the quality in your thought patterns which promote and inhibit creative ability. This unique look into the workings of your inner mind tells you the origin of thought patterns – be they fulfillment-producers or self-effacing.

Because there is so much all of us can learn from this research, we offer this glimpse into the nature of Creative Mind.

Creative Mind Portrait 1

"This one has many understandings that are at his command that this one does have the capability of setting into action. We see therefore this one has many different uses for the creative mind in terms of physical expressions of it, and we see that this one derives great enjoyment and a sense of thrill from the utilization of these.

"We see that this one has difficulty when the emotions become involved in this one's creative endeavors. We see that the degree to which this one moves the focus away from the creation at hand and directs it toward the emotional activity of the creation is the degree to which this one loses sight of the use of the understandings he possesses, the gaining of more understandings to add to the Self to become more complete, and the postponement of the manifestation of what it is that this one desires to produce.

"We see that this is true in all aspects of this one's life for we see that it is the emotions which are this one's major distraction at the present time, and we see that this has been a repeated pattern throughout this one's life. We see that there are times that the emotions are used in a conscious manner with awareness, but we see that more often this one expects the emotions to perform whatever function they need to and this one re-acts to the creation in the emotions rather than acting. We see that this would be changed by this one learning how to gain a perspective deeper than the emotions themselves. We see that this would begin by this one beginning to identify thoughts or concepts in regards to their creative potential rather than the feeling that they have, or bring, or stimulate. Would suggest that this one purposefully define experiences with all the senses. For in this way this one will become more cognizant of direct perception which is what this one desires.

"We see that there is some difficulty in regards to the creative process. When this one initiates something new there is an inertia that this one seems to again and again need to overcome. We see that this inertia is the manifestation of the lack of direction being given to what this one would understand as emotions. Would suggest to this one to begin to consider that the emotions are much more than what this one has given them credit for and they are much less powerful than what this one has given them credit for. They are merely one part of the expression of thought and as this one would begin to develop this kind of perception, there would be a great freedom that this one would have in not only using his creative abilities, but in also manifesting what this one images. This is all. 8997BGC1\


Creative Mind Portrait 2 

"We see a retarding of the mental energies at this time. We see that it arises from an attitude of being burdened. We see that in many ways this one's creative mind is chained. This one is not allowing it to expand, grow, nourish and to respond. We see that much of this one's creativity is engrossed in unconscious patterns of thinking. We see that the imagination is being tossed from one extreme to the other. We see that there are times when this one is capable of imagining and freeing the consciousness to be stimulated to imagine very complete ideas that affect many, many people. We see that there are other times when this one's imagination becomes bound by this one's own doubts, fears and misconceptions. At those times it does create that which works against this one and keeps this one chained to unpleasantries in the past.

"We see that initially this one would need to recognize that what this one imagines is totally up to him. It is not up to someone else, it is not a factor of someone else being in control of this one's emotion. And we see that to the degree to which this one allows the imagination to be trapped in the unconscious part of this one's thinking, the emotions then become the predominant factor in this one's life. This then creates a barrier, for it is the emotional reactions that this one becomes trapped in and it is a barrier to this one being able to utilize the full potential of the mind and the creativity.

"We see that this one has a great capacity for growth, for expansion, for influence. This one is highly charismatic in regards to this one's creativity. This one needs to control the emotions, bring forth what is unconscious into the forefront of this one's awareness so that this one can either use it with intelligence, discard it as not needed, or come to terms with it where there is understanding that needs to be made. It is only this kind of activity that will free this one from the bondage that is presently being experienced. This is all."8997BGC4


3 Creative Mind Portrait

"We see there are movements of sporadic activity in the creative mind which are quite insightful and quite volatile in regards to this one, in regards to this one's concept of herself, in regards to this one's capabilities. We see that there are moments in which this one surprises herself. We see that these, although they have become more abundant, they are still slow in coming. We see that this is primarily because this one has a certain idea of the Self that this one is fragile and can easily be hurt. Therefore, this one holds onto, very tightly, a persona that she has built. It is in essence her armor. It is the way that this one tries to protect the self from imagined hurt.

"We see that it is based upon memories where this one was hurt, therefore it does have some foundation. However, the perpetuation of it has merely been a means by which this one has caused her own pain, not that others have stimulated the pain, but that this one has caused her own pain. And we see that it is time for this one to become cognizant of this for it is hampering this one's ability to move forward, to transform herself, to learn and grow to the degree to which this one is capable.

"We see that within the creative mind this one can produce ideas very easily and very quickly. It is in the nurturing, the caring for the idea which will enable it to expand and to grow and to take on physical substance where this one becomes lax. This one has some difficulty in what this one would describe as following through or completing projects. We see that this one is capable of doing this and when it is done, these are the moments of surprise. We see that for the most part, this one tends to be cursory in the way this one views and treats her own creative mind. There is much more depth to this one that she is capable of, there is much more acute reasoning which this one is capable of. There are understandings in that regard that this one can call upon to aid her.

"We see that this one can be highly intuitive but we see that the intuition often becomes confused with this one's fears whether real or imagined. As a result, the capability of using the creative mind is diminished. We see that as this one would use the will to keep the attention where this one desires it to be and would cultivate the sense of love that this one very much wants, there would be a great freeing in the creative mind. This one would find that these two concepts fill her time, give her a means to use her energies and do unfold her creative abilities. This would be replacing that which holds this one back and down, that which keeps this one tied to the past and to the old concept of the self. This is all." 8-9-97-BGC-5

Creative Mind Portrait 4

"This is consumed by this one's attachment to beauty. We see that because of this attachment the creativity within the Self can both flourish and disappear. We see that the moments in which this one does call upon the creative abilities within the Self become like rivers of consciousness for this one. We see that they are small and gently flowing. We see that it is the manifestation at once of this one's concept of ease and beauty and this one's tendency toward distraction and laziness.

"We see that much of how this one utilizes the creativity within the Self is dependent upon the environment. It is dependent more upon how this one believes that others see who this one is and what she does; rather than how this one envisions the Self and who this one wants to become. Therefore the creative mind in this one at this time is very much restricted by the perception of the environment. In some cases this is inaccurate where it is really her own limitations placed upon her Self and they actually have nothing to do with the environment. This one will believe that the environment is judging her a certain way when it is merely a figment of her own imagination and is not rooted in other's ideas or concepts or opinions at all. We see that this one needs to realize this in order to free her consciousness to begin to create in ways that this one is capable of.

"We see that there is a secondary way in which this one does restrict the creative abilities and it is through the attachment to the past. This one hold on very firmly to memories, particular memories from the past and replays them again and again and again in her mind. We see that this occupies her energy and her time where more creative endeavors that would be pertinent to the present and the future could be being created. The degree to which this one is held in the past is the degree to which this one is failing to utilize the creative mind that she possesses.

"We see that it is this one's fleeting conception of that which is transcendent that can aid this one greatly, for we see that the attachment to beauty is actually this one's desire for love, order, and discipline. Once this one ascends to recognize this this one will begin to have something more productive to direct the creative abilities toward and to utilize to bring them to fruition. This is all.

Would you clarify what was meant by the statement, "That which is transcendent."

"This is in regards to glimpses of truth that this one experiences. We see that this one has a great capacity for receptivity and can receive into her Self great manifestations of beauty. We see that this can be experienced by this one when experiencing a piece of music or art or interaction with children. We see that this one tends to link them to what this one is physically experiencing rather than to pursue the consummate joy within the consciousness that it produces within her." 8997BGC9


After describing the state of creative mind, this question is asked…

1 You will also relate that which will foster a movement in the energy exchange between the ethereal and the material for the cultivation of genius.

"Since the major disruption in the flow of creative energy within this one has to do with his emotional reactions to his creations, it would be of the greatest benefit in pursuing the fruition of creative potential and this one being able to become more cognizant of how this one utilizes the other creative parts of mind. We see that this one has a great capacity for expansive thinking and also to become very specific in identification. We see that the mastery of movement would aid this one greatly in being able to utilize more of the potential, to ease the experience of creation itself and to foster a deriving of deeper meaning to what it is that this one creates.

"We see that this one very much uses the physical manifestation as a gauge for this one's creative ability. This is an inaccurate perception upon this one's part, for it is what this one has understood, what this one has added to the Self in regards to not physical things, but in regards to more spiritual things such as compassion, security, courage or autonomy. That is the reason why the creative process is even valuable to this one. It is in these four areas where this one can grow the most. This is all."

What is meant by the phrase mastery of movement?

"It is very difficult for this one to initiate. We see that although this one will initiate, it is not easy for him. We see that once this one has initiated something or the environment has initiated something this one can move at a very rapid speed of creation. It is in the beginning and the ending that this one has the greatest difficulty and therefore there are many starts and stops in this one's creative processes; therefore the mastery of movement, the understanding of how to perpetuate movement is very important to this one."

You will also relate that which will foster a movement in the energy exchange between the ethereal and the material for the cultivation of genius in this one.

"This one does have the capacity to both imagine and remember in a subconscious fashion the experience of surrendering the Self to a greater good, surrendering the Self to a concept of deity, surrendering the Self to that which is sacred. The degree to which this one allows the Self to be engrossed in the outer mind is the degree to which this one is away from this understanding and these memories. In order for this one to draw upon these understandings, to make them usable in his present existence, this one must release the attachment to physical verification and validation.

"This one is capable of great depths of spirituality and these can be experienced as this one is willing to surrender himself to the concepts that are familiar to him. It is from the surrendering that this one's eyes will be opened to an entirely different way of experiencing, of understanding. It is in this way that the imagination will be stimulated to new heights of creativity that will border upon that of genius but more importantly will serve as a living example of a holy existence. This is all." 8997BGC4 


You will also relate that which will foster a movement in the energy exchange between the ethereal and the material for the cultivation of genius.

"We see that the greatest difficulty for this one at this time in this regard is the concept of responsibility which often manifests itself in blame. We see that the degree to which this one seeks to place responsibility outside the self is the degree to which this one does not own her own creativity. Therefore this must change in order for this one to find fruition in her creative abilities, to begin to experience the inner levels of consciousness in a much deeper sense with more awareness, with more security and with more ease. We see that the acknowledgement of when this one is looking for a place to place credit or blame outside the self will be the first step to this one being able to free the self to change, although it in itself will not cause the change. Therefore the initial suggestion given and assessment made in regards to this one's need to transform herself, to become different herself, is the true means by which this one will begin to accept her own creativity and her own genius. Until this comes this one will not even entertain much less believe and pursue the idea that genius is hers. It will continue to belong to someone else." 8-9-97-BGC-5

You will also relate that which will foster movement of the energy exchange between the ethereal and the material for the cultivation of genius.

"The release of the past by directing this one's consciousness into present-day endeavors that will lead this one forward toward what this one envisions. The development of discipline as has been related is very important to this one. This one rejects or rebels against discipline because there is not the understanding of the nature of order and the amount of control that it brings." 8-9-97-BGC-9


Then the individual's questions are posed and responses given…

Any suggestions for this one building the quality of decisiveness within the Self?

"To release the attachment of the emotions being a profound factor in the decision-making and to begin to bring the deeper meanings that would feed the soul as a point of reference. It would aid this one to transcend the tendency to become engrossed in temporal matters." 8997BGC1

Any suggestions for work activities or career activities that would most foster the creative abilities?

"There are none. We see that any physical manifestation of man's creativity could be utilized by this one, this one has no limits in this regard. Would suggest he not place them upon himself." 8997BGC1

This one says, "How do I bring forth that which is unconscious?"

"It is not a matter of bringing it forth for it operates within this one daily. It is a matter of this one bringing forth awareness so that it is no longer unconscious. This would be through utilizing and drawing upon the skills that this one has built in utilizing attention, concentration and memory — purposefully. It would be through this one's efforts to find the truth in anything. This would be particularly in regards to interactions with people. To discover both in a direct fashion through physical interaction but also in a direct fashion through intuitive subconscious rapport what the truth is in the thoughts and the ideas and the actions." 8997BGC4 

Any further suggestions for this one to be able to realize this one's full mission this lifetime?

"This would be in this one abandoning the excuses that this one holds on to. This one believes that they provide him with protection or a false sense of security. We see that in actuality these are what hold this one back. They are the burden to his consciousness that has been described. Therefore the release of these would aid this one greatly in utilizing the full potential." 8997BGC4

Any suggestions for this entity becoming more honest about what those excuses are?

"To become more acutely attentive to listening. This would be listening to the Self for when this one cannot identify his thoughts, this one can hear his own words. Therefore this one would be listening mentally and hearing physically the negations that this one promulgates which in effect destroy what this one most wants, rather than creates it." 8997BGC4

Any suggestions for this one in learning how to claim her understandings and capabilities?

"It is not so much a matter of claiming. For this one's concept of claiming is relative to the difficulty with responsibility that has just been given, the tendency to place credit or blame somewhere. Therefore this one needs to let go of that concept and be willing to embrace an entirely new one. It would aid this one greatly to review what this one's concept of creativity is and to find new meaning in it. To begin to allow the imagination to play, to extend, to dance, to sing, to experience creation in ways that this one never has before. It is this kind of opening of her own consciousness that will produce what it is that this one desires and misidentifies as claiming."

Any suggestions for deepening the learning in the activities, in what this one does?

"Would suggest this one release the concept of learning and embrace the concept of transforming herself. Would suggest that this one fall in love with the idea that in any experience in her life at the end of the day or at the end of the experience this one will have been touched in some way that she will be transformed, that she will be different than she was before. For it is in this difference that the benefit, the joy, the growth, the progression is measured."

Any suggestions for changing the ideas this one has in being fragile?

"To determine that this one will grow up, that she will be an adult. Even in the way that this one thinks of it although this will be transformed as this one makes the change. Would suggest that this one keep in mind that she is far too stubborn to be fragile."

Any suggestions for this one in learning to nurture and care for her creations more?

"To fill the Self with love for where love exists, that is all that can be experienced by the Self or by what is being created or by how it affects other people." 8-9-97-BGC-5

What are some specific examples of past attachments that this one has had or does have?

"For the most part the ones that interfere with this one's creativity are in regards to memories of what this one has been told or how this one has been treated in the past which she reacted to in a most hurtful manner. We see that this one has in part embellished these memories each time they have been brought forth in her consciousness and actually do not resemble what had actually occurred originally. We see that it is accepting this and beginning to recognize the misplacement of her own imaginative powers that will greatly change this one's capacity for creativity in the present. We see that these were statements that were made by those that this one trusted regarding her capability of being able to accomplish. This is primarily the ones that are operating in this one's consciousness, both in a conscious fashion and in an unconscious as well." 8997BGC9

This one says, "Once I get past all of this stuff what's the best way I can extend my creativity?"

"It is through the coming to terms with what holds this one back or restricts this one that she will find the expansion of creativity. It is not a matter of doing one and then the other; it is a matter of being committed to the creativity in the present moment and for this one it means coming to terms with that which has been related, particularly the past and this one's attachment to her ideas of what others think." 8997BGC9

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