Dharma: Finding Your Soul’s Purpose

Dharma: Finding Your Soul's Purpose

by Dr. Laurel Clark



Now you no longer have to wonder why you are here or wander from place to place to discover your soul's mission. You can find out definitely through an Intuitive Dharma Portrait offered through the School of Metaphysics. This book brings you stories of seekers who have found their purpose in life through this important intuitive research.

You too can find your soul's purpose. This book will tell you how.







"Learning about my Dharma was one of the major turning points in my life." – M. Hourmozdi, Organizational Transformation Consultant

"Dharma: Finding Your Soul's Purpose answerS the question of how to fulfill your destiny. You will seE your life in a whole new way. We all influence the lives of others. Knowing our Dharma can help us to realize what that influence is, how to weild it, and how to be truly great." – John Harrison, actor who portrays Martin Luther King, Jr. in The Invitation

"My life changed as a result of the Dharma weekend I spent at the School of Metaphysics. I returned with a sense of purpose and of knowing who I am that has guided me ever since."

– Stephen Hawley Martin, author of KEYS TO THE KINGDOM AND THE LIFE YOU WANT

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