Dr Sheila2Dr. Sheila Benjamin is presently a board member of the School of Metaphysics, a not-for-profit educational and service organization. She has been teaching since 1979 and is presently teaching students in the 1st ad 2nd cycle of lessons. Dr. Benjamin has directed and supervised Schools of Metaphysics in Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado. She is a charisma speaker and has given, lectures, workshops, presentations and sermons to health practitioners, civic organizations, public schools, colleges and universities, senior groups, professionals groups and businesses since 1979. Dr. Benjamin holds all of the degrees honored by the school of Metaphysics. She is a teacher. certified counselor, an ordained minister in the Interfaith Church of Metaphysics, and an Intuitive Reporter. She has devoted her life to serving and uplifting Humanity. She has contributed essays to the books Lucid Dreaming, How to Raise an Indigo Child and Total Recall.

Doctorate of Metaphysics, College of Metaphysics, Windyville, Mo 1994
Doctorate of Divinity, School of Metaphysics and Interfaith Church of Metaphysics, 1992
Certified Psi Counselor School of Metaphysics 1990
Qui Docet Discit (Master’s), School of Metaphysics 1986
Respondere (Bachelor’s) School of Metaphysics 1978
Bachelor’s of Science, with a major in Recreation, specializing in Therapeutic Recreation , from the Southern Illinois University, in Carbondale, Illinois in 1977.


Board Member
1983- present Board member of the Board of Governors of the School of Metaphysics
1983-1997 Treasurer of the School of Metaphysics
1997-2001 President of the School of Metaphysics

Dr. Benjamin has taught applied metaphysics courses for over a decade and has also taught healing, Holy Scriptures and yoga class. She has also taught continuing educational classes through universities and colleges.

Area Director
Dr. Benjamin teaches teachers and directors in The School of Metaphysics in four cities. She supervises the opening of other school location and has been an active part of opening the Fayetteville, Arkansas branch. She is looking towards opening schools in the Minneapolis / St Paul area. She teaches ongoing teacher certification seminars, providing guidance and instruction to those that are actively teaching with in the School of Metaphysics structure. She does through lecture and hands on experiences.

Ordained Minister, Interfaith Church of Metaphysics
1992- present
Reverend Benjamin offers sermons, spiritual counsel, and officiates at marriages and other spiritual rites of passage. Dr. Benjamin has participated in musical cantatas ( The Power of Prayer in the World, Revelation, Christmas and Easter)

Intuitive Reporter
Dr. Benjamin serves in partnership with a conductor to provide knowledge from the inner levels of consciousness: Intuitive Health Analyses, Past life Profiles and Past life Crossing as well as Time of Birth.

Presenter, “The Invitation
Dr. Benjamin embodies Mother Teresa along with eight other people who portray Nobel Peace Laureates who come together across time and space to discuss their ideas of peace. Their words come from the acceptance speeches they gave when receiving this prestigious award.

Lectures and Presentations

•Johnson County Community College, Kansas City, “Understanding Your Dreams”
•Blue Springs Academy High School , Blue Springs, Mo., Dreams to a Psychology class
•Women’s Rosary Society, Des Moines, Iowa, “Power of Prayer”
•Business Women Association, Des Moines, Iowa “Power of Communication”

•University of Kansas, Lawrence, Ks “Intuitive Arts”
•Lawrence Public Library, Lawrence, Ks “Universal Language of Mind…..Dream Interpretation”
•Unity Church of Fayetteville, Fayetteville, Arkansas, “Heart of Forgiveness”

•Barnes and Noble, Rogers, Arkansas, “How to Raise an Indigo Child”
•Barnes and Noble, Roger, Arkansas, “Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery
•Barnes and Noble, Fayetteville, Arkansas, “Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery”
•Interfaith Church, Columbia, Mo “Heart of Forgiveness”
•Unity Church, Springfield, MO “Power of Prayer”

•National Dowsing Association, Fayetteville, Ark. “Understanding Your Dreams”
•Jones Center, Rogers, Ark “Essential Life Skills”
•Fireside Yoga, Des Moines, Iowa, “Heart of Forgiveness”

•Special Olympics Conference, Lake of the Osark, Mo, “Wielding your Intuition”
•Missouri Universities Alumni Association, Kansas City City,Mo, Mo. “Dreams of the Soul”
•Mercy Hospital , Des Moines, Iowa, “Physician Heal Thy Self”
•Tulsa Regional Hospital Grand Rounds, Tulsa, Oklahoma “Management of Stress”

•Inservice at Mercy Hospital Des Moines, Iowa “Stress Release”
•Inservice at Okmulgee Memorial Hospital, Okmulgee, Ok “Time Management”
•Springfield High School, Springfield, Mo. “Dreams”

•People to People Conference Kansas City, KS
Blue Cross Blue Shields •Wellness Program,
Des Moines, Iowa “Permanent Healing”

•Dallas Texas Public Library, Dallas,Tx, “Intuitive Reports”
•Wholistic Fair, Springfield, MO “Power of the Subconscious Mind

•International Peace conference, New Deli, India Peace Panel
•Parliament of the World Religion, South Africa
“Universal Peace Covenant”
•University of Kentucky, Louisville, KY, “Learning How to Learn.”

•Tiger Tales Bookstore, Columbia, MO “Permanent Understanding”
Tiger Senior Care, Columbia, MO “Increasing your memory through concentration”
•Okema Senior Center, Okema, OK Yoga Classes

•Parliament of the Worlds Religion, Chicago, Illinois, “Power of Prayer”
•Borders bookstore, Tulsa “Spiritual Astrology”
•Tulsa Public Library Tulsa “Learning How to Learn”

St. Mary’s, St. Louis, MO

•Boulder Police Department, Boulder, CO “Listening to your Intuition”
•Win Win Forum, Ft. Collins, Denver and Colorado Spring, “Power of Communication”

•Attended the College of Metaphysics

•Parents without Partners, (Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, MI, South Bend, IN) “How to Find Your Soul Mate”
•Toledo Public Library, Toledo, OH “What is Metaphysics”
•Do something Different, Detroit, MI on Dreams, Meditation, Permanent Healing, Listening

Attended the College of Metaphysics

•Chicago Public Library, Chicago, IL on Dreams, Meditation, Intuitive Arts, Permanent Healing
Parkway Bank Chicago, IL Using Your Imagination
•Praxis Continuing Education Tulsa, OK on Meditation, Dreams, Permanent Healing, Numerology
•Tulsa Park District Tulsa “Think Yourself Thin”


Dr. Benjamin has been a guest on radio and television since 1979.
Some of the places she has given of her expertise are:
WGN, Chicago, Illinois, KCMO, Kansas City, Missouri, KMOX, and KEZK St Louis, MO
FOX TV Kansas City, Missouri

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