Larry Hudson

Larry has been studying in the School of Metaphysics since 2004. As a father, husband, and grandfather, Larry enjoys family and children and participates in many events and creations in this area. He understands the value of the Intuitive Reports offered by the School of Metaphysics and has aided many people through recommending this service and teaching students how to transcribe these reports. He and his wife Debbie often attend Spiritual Focus Sessions at the College of Metaphysics.  Larry retired from a St Louis Construction company in 2014.  Before he retired Larry aided in sponsoring a communication workshop presented by Dr. Laurel Clark at his company.

Larry retired at the age of 57 to study and teach Metaphysics fill time.  He is currently working with the Indianapolis, In and Maplewood, Mo School branches as the field director.  Larry also service as the National Treasurer for the School Of Metaphysics.  He has a generous and giving presence.



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